January 2008 Workshop "What will be the next big thing for the Training Market?"




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Trends and Possible Surprises in the IT Training Market

Importance of Trends Questionnaire

(David Pardo, IT Skills Research)

Second Life and its Relevance to Training

(Dave Taylor, Imperial College)




Second Life as a Training Environment

A webinar by Karl Kapp and Tony O'Driscoll giving a tour of Second Life.

This one-hour session explored the basics of Second Life and how it facilitates learning. Find out why 3-D environments make a difference in learning and how learning professionals can leverage Second Life to facilitate valid, meaningful learning events. In this session, we'll answer the questions:

  • What is Second Life? (and how does it work?)
  • Why are 3-D learning environments different?
  • What type of learning makes the most sense within Second Life?

How do learning professionals use the 3D environment of Second Life to facilitate learning?

Part 1 (40 Mb)

Part 2 (25 Mb)

Part 3 (35 Mb)