Day 1 Thursday 5th May 2005



Coffee and Welcome



Mike Dowsey, CEdMA Europe


Introduction and Pulse of the Industry

Please come prepared to share your current hot topics, and to give a quick summary of the state of your business, and the key issues you face today. This session is intended to help introduce everyone, and help with networking during the event, as individuals explain what their key interests are. It will also help to identify potential topics for future conferences.




1145 Sue Vine IBM


A 21st Century Vision of Learning

"The greatest challenge we face is that the very nature of innovation itself is changing; the basis of innovation is less focused on things, and more on ideas, collaboration and expertise." - Sam Palmisano, Chairman and CEO, IBM.

What factors shape the future of learning? Will it be driven by Market Factors, Technology, Learner Lifestyle? We shall discuss the possibilities and look at what  collaborative learning means for our businesses.




Mandy Geal Learning Partners


Influencing across the Organisation without Authority

In the role of Education Manager, we are rarely in the position of being the main owner of the relationship with our customers.  The more likely scenario is that a colleague from elsewhere in the organisation takes on this role.  This dependency on someone else who, in the main, will have very different KPIs than our own, requires us to have excellent influencing skills.  In the first instance we need to be able to influence the individual to ensure that they are considering Education, even though the benefits to them might not be immediately obvious.  We need them to be able to understand the component parts of the Education solution and be able to articulate the value proposition. In this session, we shall get an opportunity to discuss and review influencing models.





Mandy Geal Learning Partners

Influencing across the Organisation without Authority (cont)

Following on from what we have just learnt, we shall get the opportunity to apply the models.






Evening social event

Wicked Tour of Warwick






Day 2 Friday 6th May 2005


Jeff Berk
Knowledge Advisors

Measuring the ROI on Training

Demonstrating a return on training investment is a high priority for many of our customers. Jeff Berk is working with SAP in this area and will present case studies setting out the approach.





Jeremy Keohane Tidal-Wave

Marketing Training to Customers in the 21st Century

Tidal-wave will introduce the idea of "trigger-based" communications and share the status of how this concept is benefiting HP Education Services.

Trigger-based communications is a new way to engage the end user that for the first time brings together advances in Variable Data Printing, IP technologies and traditional marketing expertise to deliver results in a predictable and above all accountable framework. Tidal-wave will introduce its CONNECT service and demonstrate how it is being applied to increasing the awareness, volume and penetration of HP's training courses from existing HP Direct sales motions. This case study will lift the bonnet on CONNECT, it will show the process undertaken, the benefits of this type of communications and ultimately the results being delivered. They will also demonstrate how CONNECT allowed them to apply an ROI based cost model to the campaign which means that there is shared risk and that HP Education Services is paying a fee based on Tidal-wave delivering results!





Mike Dowsey, CEdMA Europe


What can CEdMA Europe do to raise the Value of CEdMA Europe?


We have introduced our Newsletter and half-day workshops in 2005, as well as updating and extending our website. However, we really want to know what you our members think we might do to raise the value of CEdMA Europe to you.

Please come prepared to contribute your views.

1400 Phil Lawman HP

Planning the next conference



Annual General Meeting



Coffee and close

5 6 May 2005

IBM Warwick UK

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