Selling and Marketing Training

Day 1 – Wednesday 18th May 2011



Coffee and Welcome





Mike Dowsey, CEdMA Europe


Introduction, “Hot Topics” and Routes to Market – What Works for You?
(You will be asked in an online survey in advance for Hot Topics along with the other “Pulse” input.)
Your input to the online survey has been collated and will be presented during this session. This will highlight the key issues and market challenges that you face today. The aim is to aid your understanding of the other companies in the group and facilitate networking discussions during the course of the event.







Phil Lawman

Routes to Market for Selling Training – Discussion and Breakouts

This session first discusses the many and varied ways we go to market – HW/SW/Services Sales, Education Sales, Education Consultants, Response Line/Help Desk, ISV’s, Resellers, HW/SW Agents, Training Agents. Based on Pulse input, or personal preference, attendees will join breakout groups to discuss what works, what doesn’t work, hints, tips and best practice. Each group will record their findings and report back to the whole group. Findings will be published on the conference webpage.

This is a discussion session so please come prepared to contribute your views.






Mike Dowsey



Education Packaging - Easy to Sell, Easy to Consume?
This session covers the features, benefits and challenges of the four main types of "packaging":

  •  “Volume Commitment” Models

  • The “Bundle"

  • The “Prescription”

  • The “Subscription”






Petra Brown

The Leader of the Pack?
As an educational leader, the pressure is on to facilitate changes in learning demands, skills and behaviours, and at the same time deliver improved performance. Here, you won’t get a magical solution, but what you will get is an insight into ways that a simple user-friendly psychology tool can help transform performance and enrich relationships, at work and in all aspects of life.
Packtypes™ describes its concept astransformational play” – will you play and become part of the Pack?  Decide for yourself....










Day 2 – Thursday 19th May 2010


David Patterson and Gillian Broadhead

Learning Light

Selling e-Learning
This session describes the main findings of the Learning Light 2010 Europe-wide Market Survey, especially buying patterns, and suggests the best approaches for selling e-Learning to corporates and SMEs.

This is a discussion session so please come prepared to contribute your views.







Richard Lane

How do Customers Buy Training?
This session focuses on the customer’s perspective on training, how they approach requirements and where they turn to satisfy them. Here's an internal customer who is responsible for interacting with outside suppliers like us so we can find out what they look for in such a relationship.

This is a discussion session so please come prepared to contribute your views. 




Mike Dowsey

The CEdMA Europe Barometer

The Board is proposing to run a quarterly survey with only seven questions to get a better “pulse” of the industry, comparing the past quarter with the corresponding quarter last year. It will replace most of the pulse survey sent out before each conference and allow us to have more informed discussion at the conference. We’d like to present the current status with a view to getting a consensus view from the membership.

This is a discussion session so please come prepared to contribute your views. 








Simon Maskrey

Up-selling - How do we grow the opportunity?

We talk about "big ticket" sales but how can we enlarge the sales order with our customers and gain a more significant commitment upfront? What does it mean to create "high-value" offers and can we achieve it through the bundling of multiple educational deliverables. Will educational consultancy enable us to engage earlier in the sales cycle and grow the scale of the opportunity? We shall explore the group’s experiences.

This is a discussion session so please come prepared to contribute your views.

Philip Bourne, Chairman

Conference Summary plus
Planning the events for rest of  2011 – Workshops & Conferences



Coffee and close

18-19 May 2011

The Marriott at Swindon

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