CEdMA-Europe Members' Newsletter - January 2005

Welcome to the first CEdMA-Europe Members' Monthly Newsletter, which will be send out at the end of each month. Here you will not only find out about our forthcoming programme of events, but also be able to browse through a collection of recent articles whose content is consistent with the important topics that you our members voted to cover in our recent Conferences.

But before I go on, I must tell you about our totally revamped and up-to-date website, All the resources mentioned in this newsletter reside on the website. This includes descriptions about our forthcoming events and a history of previous conferences.

There is a "members-only" section, where you will find presentations and attendee lists from previous events and (in time) a growing library of articles that can be accessed by topic. The password for this section will be sent to you in the next few days. If for any reason you don't receive this, please send me an email.

2005 Programme of Events

For over 10 years, our flagship events have been our conferences which are two days long, have a strategic theme and allow plenty of time for attendees to network. The annual membership fee of £785 covers the attendance of two individual members at both the conferences. Additional attendees are charged £195 per person. The Spring 2005 conference (more of which later) will be held in Barcelona on 05-06 May.

In 2003 and 2004, we experimented with two-hour virtual conferences in an effort to bring short, focused topics into members' offices and provide continuity between conferences. Attendances were not high, probably because it's all too easy to "no show" on the day. So, we are switching to "live" workshops. These are afternoon events in the Thames valley with an emphasis on members presenting on "how that worked for me" or an outside expert bringing us up-to-date on a particular area of interest. The first workshop is planned for Tuesday 15 March at SAP in Bedfont, when the topic is "Managing Instructors, Course Materials and Quality".

And, of course, there's our monthly newsletter. Here's the challenge - the articles that will be included are based on my own personal need to keep abreast of the IT Training industry over more than 20 years in IBM and JD Edwards (which became PeopleSoft and is now part of Oracle). If you have any news or know of any published articles to contribute which may be useful to the membership, then please let me have them. This newsletter will go out at the end of each month, so any item can be distributed very quickly. Over to you!

The CEdMA-Europe Board

The board is responsible for formulating the organisation's strategy then putting together and executing a programme to achieve this. There is always a session at each conference when the membership is invited to suggest new programmes and the theme and individual sessions for the following conference. However, if you want to be involved on a more regular basis, please contact a member of the board to discuss the possibility of becoming a board member.

Penny's role is to manage all the tasks involved in the administration of the membership and the conferences. She also makes sure that we are solvent and pay the VAT man, so please make sure that you pay your annual membership fee promptly!

Because the board members are all very busy with their "day jobs", a new position was created in mid-2004 to stimulate existing members and recruit new members by offering comprehensive, consistent information and a participation service through totally coordinated face-to-face conferences, half-day workshops, an up-to-date website and a regular newsletter. If you can think of anything else in this area, please let me know.



--- Announcing the May 2005 Conference ---

"Learning in the 21st Century"





We are delighted to accept AspenTech's offer to host the Spring 2005 conference in Barcelona on 05-6 May 2005. As an added incentive, we have also arranged to have the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix take place in Barcelona immediately afterwards during the weekend. Rooms are booked for the nights of 04 and 05 May at the Barcelo Hotel Sants in the city centre (shown above) at €113, including breakfast and VAT. A few rooms are reserved at that price for the weekend if anyone wishes to stay on.

As usual, we shall start with "Pulse of the Industry", where attendees come prepared to share their current hot topics and give a quick summary of the state of their business, and the key issues they face today. It is intended to help introduce everyone, and help with networking during the event, as individuals explain what their key interests are.

This is followed by Sue Vine of IBM giving her company's "21st Century Vision of Learning".

Following the successful session "Why should customers buy our training?" in November 2004 when we were introduced to a consultative selling model, the board decided to include a topic on "Personal development for training managers" at future conferences. An area challenging many of us is being able to influence our colleagues from other parts of the business who actually own the customers we need to work with. We shall therefore spend the afternoon of the first day discussing, reviewing and applying influencing models.

Jeremy Keohane of Tidal-Wave will follow up his November 2004 session and introduce the idea of "trigger-based" communications and share the status of how this concept is benefiting HP Education Services. He will also demonstrate how this approach allows Tidal-Wave to apply an ROI-based cost model to the campaign which means that there is shared risk and that HP Education Services is paying a fee based on Tidal-Wave delivering results! 

Following this ROI theme, Lisa Clark of SAP will describe how demonstrating a return on training investment is a high priority for many customers and will present a case study setting out an approach she is piloting with her customers.


To get the detailed agenda, please click here.





--- Announcing the March 2005 Workshop ---

"Managing Instructors, Course Materials and Quality"





The first CEdMA Europe half-day Workshop (x) will take place on 15 March 2005 1330-1700 UK time at SAP Bedfont. The topic for this workshop will be "Managing Instructors, Course Materials and Quality".

Please let me know ASAP if you or any of your colleagues will be attending, so that we can make sure we have enough seats, coffee, biscuits, and so on.

We will send out joining instructions on Fri 4 March 2005.

(x) These workshops in general will consist of several short sessions given by members on the theme "This is how we do it".





Recent Articles from the Education and Training Press






Inevitably, this section will be large for this first issue of the newsletter.


Training Manager Development


This section will contain articles about skills needed by training managers. It complements the introduction of such topics in the conference programme.  


Managing Virtual Teams

Mike Willets, head of leadership development for MaST International explains how setting a few ground rules can help promote trust and lead to effective team working, even when team members have never even met (©TrainingZONE, 07 May 04).


Learning "C-Speak" – The Language of Executives

Ideas for selling your learning initiative by targeting your message (©1995-2004


Current Trends


Here you find articles which address the state of our industry. Ranking of the top 50 by revenue is followed by articles on selected profiles and rising stars. For completeness, I've included the results from two previous years. Finally, we have updates on both the business climate and professionals' views.


2004 Top 50 IT Training Companies (from IT Skills Research)

IT training providers continued to suffer tough market conditions in 2003 but hope for better times in 2004 (©IT Skills Research/Pardo Fox Ltd 2004, last modified 8 July 2004).


2004 Top 50 IT Training Companies – Profiles

Following a year of consolidation and sharper focus, how is the outlook for your preferred training suppliers (IT Training July/August 2004)?


2004 Top 50 IT Training Companies – Rising Stars

Snapping at the heels of the current Top 50 firms are smaller but enthusiastic companies that could make it into the future charts (IT Training July/August 2004).


2003 Top 50 IT Training Companies (from IT Skills Research)

How IT training providers fared in 2002 (©IT Skills Research/Pardo Fox Ltd 2003, last modified 1 July 2003).


2002 Top 50 IT Training Companies (from IT Skills Research)

How IT training providers fared in 2001 (©IT Skills Research/Pardo Fox Ltd 2002-2003, last modified 5 February 2003).


Market Monitor 2004 Q3 (from IT Skills Research)

© IT Skills Research Programme 2000-2004, last modified 15 November 2004


Prospects for IT training improve

The hard pressed IT training sector received some welcome good news this week. UK IT budgets are expected to increase in 2004, according to a recent study from IDC. And wherever new IT spend leads, training is usually sure to follow. (Institute of IT Training, 06 May 2004, © Institute of IT Training)


IT Training Professionals Climate Survey

The key findings of a major survey looking at the working lives salaries and benefits enjoyed by IT training professionals were made public by the Institute of IT Training in May 2004 (©2001 - 2005 The Training Foundation).


Number of women working in IT falls by 3%

Research shows that senior IT management needs to promote flexible working, and highlights the fact that women seem to be voting with their feet and fleeing the sector (Institute of IT Training, 18 March 2004, ©2004 Institute of IT Training).


Selling and Marketing Education


At the November conference, we identified the need to know more about the legalities of using email in marketing. Here are three articles on that. The first gives some basic definitions while the others refer particularly to UK legal requirements.


Spam or Direct Mailing

In America, spammers are liable for a $500 fine if caught spamming. In some states, it falls under the definition of illegal faxing without the recipient's permission. In the UK, it falls under the Criminal Statutes regarding unauthorised alteration of computer data or theft of computer resources (theft of access time and disk space). (Business Bureau UK, ©2002 Advance Internet Services)


You've got (unsolicited) mail?

The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 ("PECRs") contain additional rules on privacy where personal data is processed by providers of telecommunications or electronic communications services (which includes the use of electronic communications (email, SMS, MMS etc) by commercial organisations). This article covers “Direct Email Marketing: New regulation in the United Kingdom” (Jun 2003, © Kemp Little LLP 1998-2004).


Guide to the PECRs for Marketing

The use of electronic communications for direct marketing has perhaps been one of the most controversial aspects of the PECRs. This guide describes how the rules impact on organisations using electronic communications for marketing purposes (Jul 2003, © Kemp Little LLP 1998-2004).


Learning Media


This is an area of enormous potential, copious activity and voluminous writing. Whatever we do, we can't ignore it as customers are demanding more and more "non-classroom" training. We start with a UK government paper about setting up learning centres then look at what the learners think. Then, there's a couple of articles on trends. However, you cannot get away from mentioning "LMS" in this area, so there are several articles on this particular topic. This is tempered by a view on whether they are actually needed! Finally, we look at a couple of technology and development issues and end it with what we need to know about copyright!


Learning Centres – A Guide

This booklet provides a guide to setting up or reviewing and running an effective learning centre. It highlights best practice and draws upon the experience of a large number of organisations who have made successful use of learning centres. It is designed to be practical. (DfES, 2003, ©2003 Crown Copyright)


People actually like e-learning

New research is providing compelling and disturbing evidence that learners actually enjoy e-learning. (First published June 2004 in IT Training)


What do Employees really think about e-Learning

Kevin Young, managing director of e-learning provider, SkillSoft, reports on the findings of a major international survey into employees’ perspectives of e-learning (©TrainingZONE, 05 Jul 04).


Trends in e-Learning

Dr Amy Finn Chief Learning Officer for Centra Software identifies five key trends in e-learning and what these will mean for your organisation (©TrainingZONE, 26 Jul 04).


Rethinking computers in the classroom

Computers are powerful and flexible tools yet their potential is hardly touched in the way they are currently used in the classroom. Here are some ideas for ways in which this situation can be remedied. (First published April 2004 in IT Training)


Technology Based Training and Online Learning

An overview of authoring systems and learning management systems available in the UK (DfES, December 2002, ©2002 Crown Copyright).


LMSs and LCMSs Demystified

Learning management systems (LMS) and learning content management systems (LCMS) really have two very different functions. It's unfortunate that both have such similar names and a shared acronym, which only serves to confuse e-learning buyers even more. (©1995-2004


Build your best Learning Management System (LMS)

This white paper from Pathlore describes the seven basic components of an LMS and the selection strategies to find the LMS that’s right for you (©2001 Pathlore)


Selecting the right LMS

Bruce Duff senior vice president of Pathlore sets out 10 steps to securing a learning management system that fits your organisation's needs (©TrainingZONE, 22 November 04).


Learning Management Systems – must have or waste or space?

LMS's are a much talked about subject but how important are they to the successful implementation of e-learning? (The e-Learning Network, 2004, ©Technologies for Business and Learning)


Less plugging, more playing

If we can achieve plug and play, then e-learning will have removed the greatest obstacle in its path, QL, Spring 2004, Issue number 3 (©British Learning Association).


The Future for e-Learning

Steve Dineen, CEO of fuel Group, predicts that mobile technology will revolutionise the way we are e-learning (©TrainingZONE, 12 Jul 04).


Oh reason not the need (10 tips for TNA)

The 10 tips are designed to help keep focused on the bigger picture. The emphasis is on breadth of vision not microscopic analysis. Adherence to this framework will produce programmes that truly make the difference (e-learning age, October 2004).


Object Lessons

People want the right learning in the right place at the right time – and at a sensible price. Let’s look at objects, QL, Winter 2003/04, Issue number 2 (©British Learning Association).


Intellectual property issues in online learning

This covers all that you thought you knew (but didn't) about intellectual property rights, The e-Learning Network, 2004 (©Beachcroft Wansbroughs).


Education Projects


At recent conferences we have started to look at the larger opportunities, or projects. These articles do have an e-learning bias but give us some good advice for projects.


Change Management and e-Learning

To successfully implement e-learning, forget what you know about change, by Tom Werner, (©1995-2004


e-Learning Guidebook

Six steps to implementing e-Learning (©2004


Measuring Education Value


Another hot topic of late is the whole area of "value" and "ROI". We start with and IBM paper which emphasises why measurement is so important. Then, we look at how and when measurement should start. Finally, there is a discussion on whether ROI is indeed the most important, followed by a suggested different approach.


You can’t manage what you can’t measure

After a few tough years focused mainly on corporate survival, top executives today are shifting their sights to improving performance. This paper introduces a new results-focused approach to measuring and managing learning to achieve maximum impact. IBM Learning Solutions white paper (©2004 IBM Corporation) 


Augmenting Kirkpatrick

Market research and customer satisfaction specialist Lorien Customer Focus has developed a measure of ‘customer satisfaction’ that could augment or even provide an alternative to the Kirkpatrick method to assess the effectiveness of learning materials, QL, Winter 2003/04, Issue number 2 (© British Learning Association).


How much training do we waste?

Evaluation starts on day one, not after the training has been completed, QL, Summer 2004, Issue number 4 (©British Learning Association).


Assessment of Value

ROI exercises tend to be carried out once the outcome of the training is known – so the exercise is more of a justification for celebrating what has already happened rather than a way of predicting whether a particular strategy will be “beneficial”, QL Autumn 2004, Issue number 5 (© British Learning Association).


Creating the Business Case for e-Learning

This white paper from Pathlore describes the 10 steps you can take to improve the ROI of your e-Learning programmes proactively and systematically. It also shows a detailed case on how to work out the ROI based on programme goals (©2001 Pathlore).


Evaluating online learning

If online learning is going to make a real impact in your organisation, you'd better have better reasons to justify the investment than "well, everyone else is doing it". Evaluation takes a bit of work, but then nothing was every achieved without a little effort. Here's how it's done (© 1999 Fastrak Consulting Ltd).


ROI – the wrong argument

It is not easy to establish the return on investment from learning. Here are some suggestions, The e-Learning Network, 2004 (©Technologies for Business and Learning).


The value of after-course care

A look at why it’s important to measure the impact of training and demonstrate its value for money and return on investment, QL, Summer 2004, Issue number 4 (©British Learning Association).


Instructor Resourcing


This debate has raged for years. Here's a view by a panel of experts.


Freelance v in-house trainers

The use of temporary trainers is rising. The panel discusses the pros and cons of relying on freelancers over staff (IT Training March 2004).


Education Administration


If it's not outsourcing instructors, it's the back office!


Survey reveals growing inclination to contract out training administration

HR practitioners are warming to the idea of freeing-up their time and resources by using external providers to undertake training administration tasks, according to a new survey, Institute of IT Training, 27 September 2004 (©2004 Institute of IT Training).


Skills Gap


This articles questions whether there's even a need for IT Training!


The new IT training

We're fast reaching the point where conventional IT applications training will be unnecessary, because the majority of people will be comfortable enough with computers to manage on their own. The emphasis needs to shift from using packages efficiently to using them effectively, where they make a real impact on your work objectives. First published December 2003 in IT Training


And, Finally.....

  A message from Aesop (if you try to please everyone, you will achieve nothing) - The miller, his son and the ass.

A miller and his son were taking their ass to sell at market, when they passed a group of girls, who laughed at how foolish the miller was to have an ass and yet be walking. So the miller put his son on the ass. Further down the road they passed some old people who scolded the miller for allowing his young son to ride, when he should be riding himself. So the miller removed his son and mounted the ass himself. Further along the road, they passed some travellers who said that if he wanted to sell the ass the two of them should carry him or he'd be exhausted and worthless. So the miller and his son bound the ass's legs to a pole and carried him. When they approached the town the people laughed at the sight of them, so loud that the noise frightened the ass, who kicked out and fell off a bridge into the river and drowned. The embarrassed miller and son went home with nothing, save the lesson that you will achieve nothing by trying to please everyone.


Feedback, please!


As I have mentioned above, I would really like to get input from you, the membership. This first issue of the newsletter has coincided with the launch of our 2005 programme and the re-launch of the website.


I am also trying to create a library of useful articles on the website, all of which will appear first in a newsletter. If you have any article to contribute, please do it.


Mike Dowsey

Business Development Manager