CEdMA-Europe Members' Newsletter - December 2005


Welcome to the twelfth CEdMA-Europe Members' Monthly Newsletter, which will be sent out at the end of December to CEdMA Europe members and to European colleagues of CEdMA USA members.

As usual, you will learn about updates to our forthcoming programme of events (see below), and there is the collection of recent articles whose content is consistent with the important topics that you our members voted to cover in our recent Conferences.

The News section contains not only articles with the whole month's news but also individually dated press releases.

In Reviews and Current Trends, look out for a very interesting piece on e-learning market consolidation, with a superb graphic showing what has happened over the last few years, together with an article on e-learning trends in 2005.

Among the Training Manager/Director Development articles, there's one which discusses why the "extended" enterprise should be educated (external sales channel partners, suppliers, subcontractors, distributors and even customers) while another suggests 10 ways to make it to the top if you are a woman!

Learning Media has a review on the use of games for assessment and learning, and several on the "newer" technologies. Of interest to some of you will be the review of Questionmark Perception Version 4.

The whole of the Measuring Education Value section is taken up by the presentations and minutes of the KnowledgeAdvisors User Group Meetings which took place in Sep-Nov 05.

Finally, in Education Administration, there are two surveys by KnowledgeAdvisors on Training Operations Best Practices, one directed at commercial providers and the other at corporate universities.



Workshop on 24 January - Trends in e-Learning Course Development




The winter CEdMA Europe half-day Workshop will take place on 24 January 2006 1330-1700 UK time at Avid Technologies, Pinewood Studios (here's directions). Car parking is plentiful but we all need to get a visitor permit from the security gate. The final list of names will be forwarded to Security. There's no camera allowed, but you might, just might, see someone famous......

The speakers will be Mike Dowsey and Chris Brannigan, CEO of Caspian Learning. Before the break Mike will cover what the recent surveys are saying, what's new in e-Learning and what rapid e-Learning is all about. Then, Chris will cover the education psychology principles involved as they relate to e-Learning, memory science and engaging minds. After the break, Chris will lead a practical session with hands-on.

For more details, look here and enrol NOW.

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Workshop on 14 March - End-User Assessment with Learning Analytics




The spring CEdMA Europe half-day Workshop will take place on 14 March 2006 1330-1700 UK time at SAP Bedfont.

The speakers will be Mike Dowsey and Martin Roche of SAP Education. After an overview of Learning Analytics from Mike, Martin will describe SAP Education's recent experiences in carrying out our first Training Impact Survey. The topics covered will include:

  • Applying the Phillips ROI Framework in practice
  • Working with an external consultancy
  • Preparing for the exercise
  • In future, what would we do differently?
  • What benefits did we expect? Did we achieve them?

For more details, look here.

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Advance notice for 2006 Events
We now have dates for the workshops and conferences in 2006, so please have mark the dates below in your 2006 planner! Please note that all workshops will be on Tuesday afternoons, as in 2005, and not as originally announced for Wednesdays.

Tue 24 Jan, Workshop "Trends in e-Learning Course Development, Avid Technologies, Pinewood Studios, Bucks

Tue 14 Mar, Workshop "End-user assessment with Learning Analytics feedback", SAP, Bedfont

Thu 11 May - Fri 12 May, Conference, "How to Improve Education Sales", Initial Style Conference Centre, Midlands or North, UK

Tue 13 Jun, Workshop "Introduction to Learning Management Systems", TBA

Tue 26 Sep, Workshop, "Internal Selling Experiences", TBA

Thu 16 Nov - Fri 17 Nov, Conference, TBA, Learning Lab, Telford

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Recent Articles from the Education and Training Press




The e-Learning Marketplace Update (Dec)


E-learning news bullets from Just Learn (Dec)

Industry News from IT Skills Research (Dec)

IT Training Press Releases (Dec)

Questionmark Partners with Zeroed-In Technologies (Oct 12)


LINE completes fourth e-learning project for HM Revenue and Customs (Oct 19)


Zeroed-In wins Learning Analytics shootout title at Training Fall 2005 (Oct 25)


KnowledgePool helps Orange meet induction training target (Nov 16)


Inmarsat Implements SumTotal Systems (Nov 22)


Segue Software to Deploy LMS (Nov 29)

Johnson Financial Group Selects GeoLearning LMS Suite (Nov 29)

UK Banking Organization Implements SumTotal Systems (Nov 30)


SumTotal Enterprise Suite Earns Place on 2005 Military Training Technology Top 100 (Dec 1)


Futuremedia to acquire EBC (Dec 2)

KnowledgeAdvisors authors thought-leading model on connecting human capital investments to financial statements (Dec 2)


Supplemental Health Care Selects Cornerstone OnDemand (Dec 5)


Context Sensitive Learning, Trainer1 Enter US Market (Dec 6)


MicroTek Opens Expanded Computer Classroom Rental Facility in Atlanta (Dec 12)


Merrill Gardens Selects GeoLearning Hosted LMS Suite (Dec 12)


Nevada's State-Owned Schools Place Bets on WebCT (Dec 13)


Saba Tops Five Million Public Sector Users (Dec 13)

Hatsize Introduces Online Lab Solution TrueLab 3.0 (Dec 13)


Addenbrooke's Hospital Picks SumTotal (Dec 13)

Justice Department is Reviewing Blackboard-WebCT Deal (Dec 16)

LOMA Selects WBT Systems TopClass Suite (Dec 16)

GP Strategies Settles Claims Against EDS (Dec 16)

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Reviews and Current Trends


E-learning Market Consolidation (Sep 05)

Based on the market activity to date, 2005 is probably going to go down as a key year in the consolidation of the e-learning market. On both sides of the Atlantic, we are seeing companies buying e-learning providers to extend their existing services, or to gain a foothold in the market. This is nothing unusual though, as for a number of years now, small e-learning companies have been bought, giving rise to many of the larger companies we know today. Perhaps one of the best ways of displaying the corporate action over the past few years is the graphic from Clark Aldrich. ©2005 Just Learn

E-Learning Trends 2005 (Dec 05)

In October 2001, Learning Circuits published its first ever e-learning survey. This year Learning Circuits asked readers some of the same questions to gage the impact that technology developments have had on e-learning efforts. In addition, we added questions to get a clearer picture of how e-learning is evolving. Here’s what respondents had to say. ©2005 Learning Circuits


Learners using e-Learning (Dec 05)

As e-learning practitioners, we must be wary of falling into the trap of assuming that all our learners are the same. Whilst some learners maybe comfortable with using the Internet, e-mail and weblogs, others may have only a rudimentary grasp of typing and saving documents.  This warning is reinforced by figures issued recently by (UK) National Statistics. ©2005 Just Learn


Interview - HP's brighter picture (Dec 05)

Printer and technology giant Hewlett-Packard has been through a difficult patch, but learning and development head Ed Marsh tells Doug Morrison why its Winning Edge programme heralds a positive future. ©2005 Human Resources


"Millennial" Learning - On Demand Strategies for Generation X and Beyond (Dec 05)

Half of today's workforce is made up of Generation X and Millennial Generation workers. Among the many differences between these workers and their older counterparts is their unwillingness to stay put. Recent research reveals that nearly 40 percent of workers plan to look for a new job within the next year. The contrast with the "lifer" ethic of previous generations could not be more startling, and the challenges for employers are clear. They must compete harder to attract talent, and work harder to retain it. The changing nature of the workforce has direct implications for learning and training. ©2005 Questex Media Group

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Training Manager/Director Development


Transforming your Training Department into a High-Performance Strategic Partner (Jun 04)

This article describes the strategic process required for positioning and transforming the training function into a high value-add high performance organisation. The training leader must become a strategic partner within the company. The article reviews the steps required to align training to the company's strategic goals and direction. Included are two case studies portraying the impact that aligning the training function can make along with solid ROI results. ©2005 Michael J McGinnis


Educating the Extended Enterprise (Dec 05)
Over the years, companies have invested in employee training and education, expecting that a better-informed and trained employee will have a positive impact on the bottom line. More often, companies find that bottom-line performance is influenced by people and processes outside the company’s four walls—in the extended enterprise. The extended enterprise includes business partners in all parts of the value chain: external sales channel partners, suppliers, subcontractors, distributors and even customers. Although much has been written about the specific tactics used to reach the extended enterprise audience, what separates successful extended enterprise learning initiatives from others is a framework for ensuring that learning is closely aligned to the business goals and elements of your value chain.  ©MediaTec Publishing Inc 2005


An Engaged Workforce starts with Engaged Learners (Dec 05)
In another "In Conclusion" article, Accenture’s Jeanne Meister says that research has found that the more engaged the workforce, the more innovative, productive and profitable the company. ©MediaTec Publishing Inc 2005


10 ways to make it to the top if you are a woman (Dec 05)

Women can be their own worst enemy when it comes to career progression, says Leslie L Kossoff. Here's how to get ahead. ©2005 Human Resources


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Selling and Marketing Education


Subsidize your employee training by selling courses to outsiders
(Dec 05)

Maybe you could subsidize your employee training by selling courses to outsiders. Maybe you could even turn training into a profit center. But… well, yes, there are some buts.... © 2005 VNU Business Media


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Learning Media


The use of computer and video games for learning (Dec 04)

There are many claims about the usefulness of computer games for learning. Computer games can stimulate users and encourage the development of social and cognitive skills, but frequent use can exacerbate negative psycho-social tendencies, be addictive and have health implications. This review of the literature will help with the design of learning materials. ©2004 Learning and Skills Development Agency


LMS on a Shoestring (Dec 04)
This is the story of the implementation of a successful online learning initiative in two companies.
©2004 Michael J McGinnis


A Successful Blended Learning Strategy (Jun 05)

There seems to be reluctance in transitioning instructor-led training (ILT) to a blended learning format. This may be due to resistance on the part of the organization or training department to change existing classroom session formats. Another reason, I believe is more prevalent, is not knowing how to do it. The case study in this article is an example of how our training department made a very successful transition prior to knowing what blended learning even meant. ©2004 Michael J McGinnis


Creating an Inexpensive PowerPoint Online Module (Jul 05)
The question I am most often asked is "How do you create your online training programs?" When I respond that all we use is PowerPoint, the most common reaction is a look of puzzlement or surprise. ©2004 Michael J McGinnis


Instant messaging - IM Online, RU (Nov 05)

With IM playing a large and growing role in the communication, interactivity, and socialization skills of today’s younger generation, higher education leaders and faculty must seriously consider its application and inclusion within students’ learning activities. ©2005 Robert Farmer (from Educause Review)


Tomorrowland - when new technologies get newer (Nov 05)
Focusing on “tomorrow,” the Evolving Technologies Committee looked at five technologies and trends—wireless, portals, outsourcing, gaming, and student collaboration tools—and dreamed about what may come as the new evolve into the even newer. ©2005 Bonnie Neas and the EDUCAUSE Evolving Technologies Committee


Implementing e-learning - a free e-book (Nov 05)

“We see an e-learning market which is constantly changing. It is a market where learning technology has moved from being sold as "the" solution of the future, to one where the tools are now used in conjunction with other training methods to create blends of learning appropriate for diverse audiences. And with new tools regularly coming on-line (each one offering us opportunities to amend and enhance what we do), this evolution of the market will continue for some time yet.” ©2005 Just Learn


Out with the Old, In with the New (Dec 05)
There are tried and true learning methods, methodologies, and technologies. There are also new technologies that once evaluated make sense to incorporate into existing education and training programs. New technologies may offer opportunities for learning we would not have otherwise. Here's a prescription for assessing and integrating new learning technologies. ©2005 Learning Circuits


Review - QuestionMark Perception Version 4 (Dec 05)
Take a close look at the QuestionMark’s Perception assessment tool if you’re in the business of certification and compliance training. While testing is being administered in most organizations at different levels of the Kirkpatrick model, certification and compliance require a structured, valid, and reliable assessment system. QuestionMark Perception might be the answer to your assessment challenges. ©2005 Learning Circuits


Building Robust Processes in e-Learning - Leveraging ISO 9001-2000 (Dec 05)

Unlike manufacturing or for that matter, software development with a relatively longer history, e-Learning is still a nascent industry.  It is still going through the process of discovering and consolidating best practices and eliminating non-efficient processes.  The diversity of the environment in which it exists - different domains and individuals with their differing personalities, attitudes and approaches to work - make the development of a streamlined process a challenge. ©2005 Adayana

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Case Studies and Projects


Cerner - Virtual Learning to Improve Performance (Dec 05)
Cerner Corp, which develops health care information technology solutions for more than 1,500 clients around the world, has a learning mission to dramatically improve the performance of Cerner’s associates, clients and business partners. This is carried out by Cerner Virtual University (CVU), which provides customized end-user training for clients, as well as learning and development opportunities for the company’s roughly 6,000 associates.
©MediaTec Publishing Inc 2005


Canon USA - Managing Learning for the Extended Enterprise (Dec 05)
To sustain a competitive advantage in the 21st century, organizations must continually seek to improve performance. An example of this is the Imaging Systems Group (ISG) at Canon USA, which continues to accelerate business results through the strategic use of learning and development to build and support an effective extended sales and distribution organization.
©MediaTec Publishing Inc 2005


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Measuring Education Value


KnowledgeAdvisors User Group Meetings (Sep - Nov 05)

KnowledgeAdvisors held a series of User Group Meetings recently to discuss the current state and future of the Metrics That Matter™ learning analytics technology.  These meetings brought together customers, prospective clients, and KnowledgeAdvisors employees to share best practices and suggest enhancement for future releases.  Companies such as Defense Acquisition University, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Hewlett Packard, Global Knowledge, Ninth House, Sprint, LaSalle Bank, and New Horizons showcased their usage of Metrics That Matter™.  Enhancement requests included more strategic benchmarking processes, accounting for cultural differences across locations, and tying training effectiveness to business results. A summary of the meetings' output plus the presentations follow.


Metrics that Matter - Update from KnowledgeAdvisors (Sep 05)


Analytics for Corporate Learning Organizations - Sprint Univ (27 Sep 05)


Best Practices Using Metrics That Matter - Ninth House (27 Sep 05)


Global Knowledge Evaluation and Metrics Program (06 Oct 05)


Implementing Learning Measurement at ABN AMRO (06 Oct 05)


New Horizons and Metrics that Matter (11 Oct 05)


Defense Acquisition University and MTM (13 Oct 05)


Learning evaluation at PwC UK (10 Nov 05)


HP Education use of MTM (10 Nov 05)


2005 User Group Meetings Feedback (Nov 05)


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Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing


Understanding your Training Process (Sep 05)

When you look at creating a mission statement, you must first understand the training process. Training, like any other function, is a process complete with suppliers, inputs, your training process, outputs and customers (SIPOC). ©2005 Michael J McGinnis


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Instructor Topics

Transforming the Technical Instructor Role (Sep 05)
For a long time the role of technical trainer has been considered at the bottom of the totem pole within the training department and a necessary evil within the organization. With the combination of providing them with the right organizational structure, coaching and most of all belief in them, they can become powerful performance consultants - who, by the way - do training.
©2005 Questex Media Group

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Education Administration

Training Operations Best Practices - Commercial Providers (Jun 05)

The purpose of this survey is to gain insight into the state of Training Operations across a wide sampling of commercial learning providers. With this knowledge, commercial learning providers can compare their company's practices to the practices of other commercial learning providers. A thorough understanding of the state of the training industry can be of tremendous benefit when making Training Operations decisions. ©2005 KnowledgeAdvisors


Training Operations Best Practices - Corporate Universities (Jun 05)

The purpose of this survey is to gain insight into the state of Training Operations across a wide sampling of companies and industries. With this knowledge, CLO's, Training Directors and other decision makers can compare their company's practices to the practices of other top companies across industries. A thorough understanding of the state of the training industry can be of tremendous benefit when making Training Operations decisions. ©2005 KnowledgeAdvisors


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Skills Gap/Technical Certification


Designing an Effective Certification Program (Dec 05)

Your company (an accounting firm) is considering creating a new revenue stream. The company has a 90% market share in the accounting software space, and management believes that it can leverage this position by charging its customers to become certified as power users of its suite of applications. The conventional thinking is that the internal service desk employees should also be certified so that they are better able to handle the calls that come in. Management wants the program up and running when the latest version of the software is released in nine months. Naturally, the next step in the process is to call in the training department and have them use their training expertise to lead the development of the certification program, right? Wrong. Developing an effective certification program is a business development process, not a training initiative. The endeavor should be led by a business manager, and accomplished using a business methodology. ©2005 Questex Media Group


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And, Finally.....


The old couple story (showing positive/negative outlook, blame, attitude)

An elderly couple, married for sixty years, took a rare vacation. They were not well-off but were in good health, perhaps because the wife had insisted on a strict diet of healthy foods, no alcohol, no smoking, and lots of gym exercise for most of their lives. Sadly their plane crashed however, and duly they both entered heaven, where St Peter escorted them through the Pearly Gates, and into a waiting limousine. Driving through beautiful countryside they drew up at a beautiful mansion and were shown inside. It was furnished in gold and fine silks, with a splendid kitchen and a sumptuous lounge stocked with wonderful food and drink - there was even a waterfall in the master bathroom. A maid was hanging beautiful designer clothes in the walk-in wardrobes. They gasped in astonishment when St Peter said, "Welcome to heaven. This will be your home now."

The old man asked Peter how much all this was going to cost. "Nothing," Peter replied, "this is your heavenly reward."

The old man looked out of the window and saw a magnificent championship golf course.

"What are the green fees?" he asked suspiciously.

"This is heaven," St Peter replied, "You can play for free whenever you wish."

Next they went to the clubhouse and saw the lavish buffet lunch, with every imaginable cuisine laid out before them.

Anticipating the old man's next question, St Peter said, "Don't ask, this is heaven, it is all free for you to enjoy."

The old man looked around and glanced nervously at his wife. "Well, where are the low fat and low cholesterol foods, and the decaffeinated tea?" he asked.

"This is heaven. You can eat and drink as much as you like, and you will never get fat or sick."

"I don't need to go to the gym?" the old man pressed.

"Not unless you want to," St Peter replied.

"No testing my sugar or blood pressure or..."

"Never again. All you do here is enjoy yourself."

The old man glared at his wife, "You and your bloody bran muffins. We could have been here ten years ago!"

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Feedback, please!


Once again, 
I would really like to get input from you, the readers. I am also trying to create a library of useful articles on the website, all of which will appear first in a newsletter. If you have any article to contribute, please send it.


Mike Dowsey

Business Development Manager