CEdMA-Europe Members' Newsletter - February 2006


Welcome to the second CEdMA-Europe Members' Monthly Newsletter of 2006, which will be sent out at the end of February to CEdMA Europe members and to European colleagues of CEdMA USA members.

As usual, you will learn about updates to our forthcoming programme of events (see below), and there is the collection of recent articles whose content is consistent with the important topics that you our members voted to cover in our recent Conferences.

The News section contains not only articles with the whole month's news but also individually dated press releases.

In Reviews and Current Trends, we have even more yearly reviews and/or predictions, so look out for those from Training, e-Learn Magazine, Questex and Elearning!. Elearning! also publishes its readers' choice of outstanding 2005 vendors.

The Training Manager/Director Development articles follow the usual theme of providing useful support to you, so there are articles on the required attributes and skills of training managers, the role of the learning executive, instructor certification, aligning training to business goals, and, of all things, firing a client!

Again there's only one article in Selling and Marketing Education, but this tells you how to sell your e-learning project to senior management.

Learning Media has several interesting articles, on rapid e-learning, blended learning, podcasting, online games and instant messaging. Finally, there's guidance on how to shop for an LMS!

Case Studies and Projects has descriptions of seven organisations' projects.

Measuring Education Value again features Dr Jack Phillips, telling us how to learn from the past, and there's another article on linking performance systems to learning systems.

In Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing, there is a discussion on where outsourcing is going, plus a description of the top 13 training and development outsourcers.

Instructor Topics has two articles on instructional systems design and finally in  Skills Gap/Technical Certification there is a guide to current certification plus how organisations might tackle their skills gap.



Conference on 11-12 May - How to improve education sales




The spring CEdMA Europe conference will take place on 11-12 May at the Initial Style Conference Centre at the The Mill and Old Swan at Minster Lovell near Oxford, where the theme will be How to improve education sales.

We are changing Pulse of the Industry to get everyone to share their hot topics, which will form a session in itself on day two. Pulse is intended to help introduce everyone, and help with networking during the event, as individuals explain what their key interests are. By limiting each summary to 5 minutes with one speaker per company, we can then move on to Routes to market for selling training, our first discussion session, which will be led by Phil Lawman.

Our personal development topic to help us with education sales is Improving our consultative selling skills, where Jim Wigg of Epicurean Associates will lead the session. (Some of you will remember Jim from the session he ran in Bristol in November 2004.)

On Friday morning, Justin McCarthy leads another discussion session, this time on Education pricing strategy and tactics.  After the break, Steve Moody will lead us in a  discussion on Writing good proposals.

On Friday afternoon in Hot issues/topics, we'll bring together the input sent in advance which then gets qualified during Pulse and is discussed at length along with any other conference-specific outcomes. Finally, we have a short Planning the next conference session followed by an even shorter AGM.

CEdMA Europe members have two places at this event at no charge. Additional places for members and places for non-members (prospects or colleagues of CEdMA USA members) are charged at £195 (exclusive of VAT).

Overnight accomodation with breakfast costs £110 per night, payable to Style Conferences

For further information and booking (no forms required!), please visit here.

Alternatively, simply to book, send me an email.

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Advance Notice

The late autumn CEdMA Europe conference will take place on 16-17 November at the UK Learning Lab "where technology enables knowledge", Telford. The theme will be decided by attendees at the May conference.

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2006 Free Half-Day Workshops





Workshop on 14 March - End-User Assessment with Learning Analytics

The spring CEdMA Europe half-day Workshop will take place on 14 March 2006 1330-1700 UK time at SAP Bedfont. Ask for room 3.02 on the third floor.

The speakers will be Mike Dowsey and Martin Roche of SAP Education. After an overview of Learning Analytics from Mike, Martin will describe SAP Education's recent experiences in carrying out their first Training Impact Survey. The topics covered will include:

  • Applying the Phillips ROI Framework in practice
  • Working with an external consultancy
  • Preparing for the exercise
  • In future, what would we do differently?
  • What benefits did we expect? Did we achieve them?

For more details, look here.

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Workshop on 13 June - Introduction to LMSs and LCMSs

The summer CEdMA Europe half-day Workshop will take place on 13 June 2006 1330-1700 UK time at Sybase Maidenhead.

The speaker will be Fiona Leteney of Feenix, who will cover:

  • General overview with brief demo
  • Where does an LCMS finish and an LMS begin?
  • Features and benefits that are available/desirable in an LMS
  • What is available on the market?
  • The influence and importance of the:
    • Standards for interoperability (AICC/SCORM)
    • Relationship between HR and IT departments
  • Case Studies from various sectors.

For more details, look here.

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Workshop on 26 September - Internal Selling Experiences

The autumn CEdMA Europe half-day Workshop will take place on 26 September 2006 1330-1700 UK time at HP Bracknell.

The speakers will be three CEdMA Europe members who will describe their own experiences in mobilising other parts of their organisation to include, promote and sell education in their line of business or product set.

Further details will be posted by mid-year, but please reserve this date now.

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Recent Articles from the Education and Training Press



Industry News from IT Skills Research (Feb 06)

The e-Learning Marketplace Update from Just Learn (Feb 06)

IT Training Press Releases (Feb 06)

Outsourcing Exit Interviews Help to Reveal the Truth Behind Employee Turnover (Jan 4)

Survey - Tech Workers Get Little Career Guidance or Support from Employers (Jan 25)

Survey - One-third of UK Employers Feel Pressure to Offshore Business (Jan 25)

Boeing Purchases Eedo Learning Content Management System (Jan 26)


QBI Releases QDashboard Manager (Jan 26)

The Training Foundation empowers trainers with new TAP® Blended Learning Certificate (Jan 27)


Friedman's Jewelers Implements LearnCenter LMS/LCMS (Feb 2)


New ISO Quality Standard for e-Learning quality assurance launched (Feb 3)


Questionmark Partners with ACT (Feb 6)

Drake International, Cito and Caveon come together (Feb 6)

Envisage, SumTotal Systems Ally (Feb 8)


South African Companies Select SumTotal (Feb 8)


SumTotal Launches Enterprise LMS for JPMorganChase (Feb 9) reaches out to concerned customers of SumTotal Systems (Feb 14) Announces Its 200th LearnCenter 9.1 Client (Feb 14)


Trivantis Releases Lectora Authoring Software (Feb 15)


Learning 2.0 (Feb 20)


OnDemand Software Joins the Mercury Alliance Program (Feb 21)


Plateau Systems and Adobe Expand Relationship for Virtual Learning (Feb 22)


QBI Online Product Training System Improves Retention by More Than 50 Percent (Feb 22)


Simulis and Gen21 Integrate Competency Assessment Technology
(Feb 23)


CompTIA Joins Alliance for an Experienced Workforce (Feb 23)

TSG teams up with InterQuad to deliver first class IT training to North East SMEs (Feb 23)

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Reviews and Current Trends

Six for '06 (Jan 06)

Six Industry leaders weigh in on what lies ahead for training in 2006.

Training, ©2006 VNU Business Media


Predictions for 2006 - E-learning experts map the road ahead (Jan 06)
My prediction for 2006 is that people will realize that technology, no matter how innovative, is just an enabler. New technologies only succeed if they help people learn. Read on for more predictions from some of the most thoughtful and opinionated people in the e-learning field. ©2001-2006 by the Association for Computing Machinery


Trends in E-Learning (Jan 06)
Simulations, mobile learning, e-coaching - Dr Jo Cheesman looks at what's new for e-learning in 2006.
©TrainingZONE  26-Jan-06


Top 10 Predictions for E-learning in 2006 (Jan 06)
Josh Bersin says that the future is brighter than ever as e-learning evolves, vendors develop new tools and training goes online. By conducting more than 30,000 surveys over the year, Bersin gathered strong evidence to back these top 10 predictions for e-Learning. Elearning! Winter 2006, ©2006 b2bmediaco


The Learning, Training and Workforce Performance Community (Feb 06)

Questex contracted with ELBD Services to conduct a market analysis and gather quantitative data pertaining to the learning, training, and workforce performance community’s most significant challenges and initiatives.
©2006 Questex Media Group, Inc


Elearning! Readers select outstanding 2005 vendors (Jan 06)

Elearning! has asked more than 50,000 e-learning professionals to share their opinions about vendors by casting votes for the Best of 2005. Elearning! Winter 2006, ©2006 b2bmediaco


Market Monitor 2005 Q4 (from IT Skills Research) – Feb 06

© IT Skills Research Programme 1998-2006, last modified 13 February 2006


Effective Learning Governance drives Business Results (Feb 06)

A growing number of enterprises are centralizing learning capabilities and building shared service centers to enhance their learning efficiency and effectiveness. Chief Learning Officer, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing

Is the UK Facing an Under-Management Epidemic? (Feb 06)
Endless efficiency drives have seen the cull of large layers of management but what impact is it having on UK plc? Peter Casebow, CEO of looks at claims that we are facing an epidemic of under-management.

©TrainingZONE  02-Feb-06


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Training Manager/Director Development

Wanted - Training Manager (Jan 06)

The training manager who is an adult-learning expert first and businessperson second is a dwindling species, and likely someone with limited influence on the organization. With performance expectations rising and top managers more educated about evaluating training's true payoff, training leaders are increasingly being measured by the same yardstick as their MBA-toting, profit-center-managing colleagues. Training, ©2006 VNU Business Media


Conspiracy of convenience in training must end (Feb 06)

There’s a “conspiracy of convenience” between many learning and development managers and business managers – and it must end. That’s the view of Charles Jennings, Head of Global Learning at Reuters. ©2006 Kineo

Warning - this is audio.


Leading the Transformation from Training to Learning (Feb 06)
CLOs aim to provide relevant, effective, efficient and measurable learning to their audiences. They ensure that organizational development goes beyond providing simple training to be a partner in learning. Chief Learning Officer,

©2006 Media Tec Publishing


The Nexus of Learning - The Intersection of Formal and Informal Education (Feb 06)

There are benefits and drawbacks to both structured learning and unstructured, on-the-job training. Learning executives can help bridge the gap with "in-the-job," experiential learning. Chief Learning Officer, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing


Certification - A New Industry Trend (Feb 06)
The ASTD Certification Institute is launching its Certified Professional in Learning and Performance credential program this summer—an event that is certain to lead to several important new trends.
T+D Magazine, ©2006 ASTD


Keeping Learners Engaged - Certifying and Supporting Online Instructors (Feb 06)

Jeanne C. Meister continues her "In conclusion" series with a look at best practices in online instructor certification.
Chief Learning Officer
©2006 Media Tec Publishing


Profiling a New Breed of Learning Executive (Feb 06)

Since the mid-1990s, the CLO title has become more popular, if not yet ubiquitous. Perhaps more importantly, the role and responsibilities of CLOs in an organization have broadened in scope though not in purpose.

T+D Magazine, ©2006 ASTD


Firing A Client (Feb 06)

Valentine’s Day is a great day on which to terminate a long-term relationship that has irretrievably gone sour. I just fired a client, and, as usual, I am left with pangs of guilt mixed with a bittersweet sense of liberation.

©TrainingZONE  17-Feb-06


Retiring Myths - Age-driven Employment Attrition (Feb 06)
Before we turn to the myths – and there are a number we need to dispel – let’s lay out some indisputable facts about the maturing workforce. The first is that the workforce is indeed getting older. Workers over age 45 now constitute the largest segment of the industrialized world’s workforce, and the number of workers age 55 or older is predicted to double in the next decade.

TechLearn Newsletter, ©2006 Questex Media Group


Missing Link? (Feb 06)

Aligning the training department with business goals is top priority for 2006.

Training, ©2006 VNU Business Media

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Selling and Marketing Education


Sell Your E-Learning Initiative (Feb 06)

I know the struggles that HR executives face when trying to get their companies to adopt e-learning. Here are 8 top ways to get what you want from top management. Learning and Training Innovations, ©2006 Questex Media Group


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Learning Media


Rapid e-learning - what works (Nov 04)

This Macromedia-specific excerpt is from the Bersin study on the tools, techniques and best practices for building e-learning programs in weeks.

©2004 Bersin and Associates


Rapid Training with Macromedia Breeze (Jun 05)

This Macromedia Solution Summary describes how Breeze can transfer maximum knowledge in minimum time. ©2005 Macromedia


e-learning at light speed or just more flash in the pan? (Feb 06)

Do you face an increasing challenge to publish your learning materials more quickly, easily and cheaply than ever before? Rapid e-learning (REL) promises to help non-learning specialists achieve these goals, but is it really e-learning at the speed of light or little more than a flash in the pan! Dr Tim Gibson, Redtray's learning solutions director has a few wise words on this matter. ©2006 Redtray

"If Only I knew" Question and Answer (Jan 06)
E-learning professionals talk about the good, and bad, of shifting to e-learning strategies from traditional methods. Elearning! Winter 2006, ©2006 b2bmediaco

What do most e-learning designers get wrong - the experts weigh in
(Jan 06)

Much of today's e-learning, experts say, looks like it did back in the early days, with the exception of the fact that designers are taking advantage of growing bandwidth and cheaper, easier-to-use authoring tools to add "interactivity" to the old model. Training, ©2006 VNU Business Media

Blended Learning Strategies for Best Results (Jan 06)
The best blend for learning is often a combination of approaches. Whether you start out instructor-led plus virtual meetings or a little self-paced study, knowing what the goals are before the learning begins is the way to achieve results.
Elearning! Winter 2006, ©2006 b2bmediaco

Blended learning is the thing (Jan 06)
Sometime only a combination of learning methods will do the job. Clive Shepherd looks at the quest for better blends for better learning.
© 2001 - 2005 The Training Foundation

Ready or not, here comes podcasting (Jan 06)
Who knew that the handy little omnipresent gadget that comes in a multitude of colors, is small enough to fit in your pocket, and yet still allows the guy next to you on the train to listen to annoyingly loud uploaded music, could be such a help to corporate trainers? Though still not in widespread use as a training device, the delivery of educational content via the Apple iPod, also known as "podcasting," is catching on. Training, ©2006 VNU Business Media

The Pod People (Jan 06)

The people you see strolling around with white headphones in their ears, listening to data being pumped out of a device no larger then a deck of cards are sauntering around in a world of their own, oblivious to everything except for the 1s and 0s that are converted into a message tailored to resound with the individual listener. I resisted the temptation to join them. Finally, I was overcome. I am now a Pod Person, and I now understand that the same device that has revolutionized the music listening experience of its users will also have the same impact on training as we know it.

Learning and Training Innovations, ©2006 Questex Media Group, Inc


The top 10 keys to web conferencing success (Jan 06)

This PresenterNet white paper describes 10 strategies that represent the top methods for making online sessions interesting and engaging to audiences.

©2006 PresenterNet


Teaching Facts with Fun, Online Games (Feb 06)

Simple online games encourage the Gamer Generation to stay engaged with e-learning. Learning Circuits, ©2006 ASTD


Engaging Learners with Gaming and Simulation (Feb 06)

As technology advances, online learning is expanding to include more interactive and immersive learning methods. Technology-enabled simulations and games can help organizations reach higher levels of effectiveness.
Chief Learning Officer,
©2006 Media Tec Publishing


Embedded learning - is it learning or is it work (Feb 06)

For many reasons, the age-old model of "learn-then-do" is being replaced by a newer "learn-while-doing" model. It’s all about embedding learning into the work process. T+D Magazine, ©2006 ASTD


IM 4 Learning (Feb 06)

While teens continue to be the largest users of this real-time communication, instant messaging is making its way into corporations. For workplace learning and performance professionals, IM is an opportunity to increase their repertoire of learning tools. T+D Magazine, ©2006 ASTD


Buyer Beware (Feb 06)

Shopping for an LMS can be difficult. Here's how to avoid buyer's remorse.

Training, ©2006 VNU Business Media


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Case Studies and Projects


Economics of Education - Lessons from Health Care (Feb 06)

The health-care industry present unique learning challenges, including labor shortages, limited funding, increased competition and efficiency issues. CLOs in this field have many lessons to offer learning leaders working for industries of all kinds. Chief Learning Officer, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing


Case Study - Best Practices for the Corporate University (Feb 06)

This case study details how Cognizant Academy is singularly focused on supporting its associates who drive the performance of the IT Services firm.

©2006 Bersin and Associates


Turner Construction - The Business of Building Learning (Feb 06)

As senior vice president of Turner Construction Company, James Mitnick is responsible for educating 6,000 Turner employees and approximately 25,000 subcontractors. To further develop the company and reach learners around the world, Mitnick helped engineer the Turner Knowledge Network.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing


Scotiabank - Cashing In on a Community of Learning (Feb 06)

With a variety of banking services offered around the world, Scotiabank's nearly 50,000 employees rely on a decentralized learning model for corporate education. A sense of community helps independent business units leverage best practices and build impact throughout the organization.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing


L'Oreal - Selling Learning Internally (Feb 06)

Learning solutions do not necessarily have to be “sold” if organizational learning and performance is aligned as a strategic business partner.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing


Cingular Wireless - Driving Alignment through Simulation (Feb 06)

It was critical for the newly integrated workforce to understand and align around the company’s three-year business goals and the answer was a two-day simulation program. Chief Learning Officer, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing


More Than Learning (Feb 06)
For Toyota, a learning management system enhances product education and training.
T+D Magazine, ©2006 ASTD

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Measuring Education Value


Linking Performance Systems to Learning Systems (Feb 06)

The assertion that "what gets measured, improves" can drive many quality assurance programs. Measuring whether learning affects employee productivity can be difficult to do. T+D Magazine, ©2006 ASTD


Getting It Right - How to Learn from the Past (Feb 2006)

Learning and development must learn from its past mistakes if it is to progress and deliver a return on investment. CLOs can deliver improved results by addressing critical issues and adjusting courses. Chief Learning Officer,
©2006 Media Tec Publishing


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Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing


21st Century IT - What Does Outsourcing Mean for You (Feb 06)
The US IT job market has been comparable to a pendulum—swinging freely under the force of the economy and technological advancements. However, as India and China steadily climb the high-tech ladder, the U.S. IT job market continues to narrow as talent competition grows. It is common knowledge that offshoring and outsourcing are widespread in today’s IT industry—and most importantly, that this trend is not expected to change any time soon.

©2006 Certification Magazine, February 2006

The Baker's Dozen - Training and Development (Feb 06)
The top 13 providers of training and development outsourcing. HRO Today, ©2005 Outsourcing Today, LLC

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Instructor Topics

Rapid Instructional Design (Oct 99)
Rapid ID encourages the use of templates and technology tools, but there is more to it than this. The Thiagi Group have identified 10 strategies which go to make up Rapid ID. ©1999, Workshops by Thiagi, Inc.

Who Has Time to Design? (Jan 06)
If you're a harassed trainer, or a trainer/instructional designer or a trainer/HR administrator/instructional designer/chief learning officer, you may have long since stopped thinking about the things that take too much time—like instructional design (ID). After all, when you've got courses to write, evaluations to create, subject matter experts (SMEs) to shepherd and learners to please, you don't have time to sit around and think about theories or perform months-long analyses of every aspect of how, when and where to train.
©2006 VNU Business Media

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Education Administration
No articles this month.


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Skills Gap/Technical Certification


Certification portfolio - Alphabet soup, a guide to certifications (Jan 06)

As certifications have grown in importance, so has the number of programmes. And you could be forgiven for thinking you need a degree in cryptology to make sense of them. Barrie Charles provides a guide through the acronym maze.

IT Training, ©2006 Haymarket Professional Publications Ltd


Eliminate the Skills Gap (Feb 06)

How does an organization know if it has a skills gap problem? What are the best tools or indicators for organizations to use to assess their skills gap? And, once an organization thinks it is on the road to solving its skill shortages, how does it measure the outcome of its efforts? Is it possible to re-tool an organization’s workers to be more adaptable to change? Experts from both the private and public sectors weigh in on this issue and what each sector should be doing to address it. T+D Magazine, ©2006 ASTD


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And, Finally.....




The stranger and the ginger nuts story (making assumptions, think before you act, different perspectives)

At the airport after a tiring business trip, a lady's return flight was delayed. She went to the airport shop, bought a book, a coffee and a small packet containing five ginger nut biscuits. The airport was crowded and she found a seat in the lounge, next to a stranger.

After a few minutes' reading she became absorbed in her book. She took a biscuit from the packet and began to drink her coffee. To her great surprise, the stranger in the next seat calmly took one of the biscuits and ate it. Stunned, she couldn't bring herself to say anything, nor even to look at the stranger. Nervously, she continued reading. After a few minutes she slowly picked up and ate the third biscuit. Incredibly, the stranger took the fourth ginger nut and ate it, then to the woman's amazement, he picked up the packet and offered her the last biscuit. This being too much to tolerate, the lady angrily picked up her belongings, gave the stranger an indignant scowl and marched off to the boarding gate, where her flight was now ready.

Flustered and enraged, she reached inside her bag for her boarding ticket, and found her unopened packet of ginger nuts...

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Feedback, please!


Once again, 
I would really like to get input from you, the readers. I am also trying to create a library of useful articles on the website, all of which will appear first in a newsletter. If you have any article to contribute, please send it.


Mike Dowsey

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