CEdMA-Europe Members' Newsletter - November 2006


Welcome to the eleventh CEdMA-Europe Members' Monthly Newsletter of 2006, which will be sent out at the end of November to CEdMA Europe members and to European colleagues of CEdMA USA members.

As usual, you will learn about updates to our forthcoming programme of events, and there is the collection of recent articles whose content is consistent with the important topics that you our members voted to cover in our recent Conferences.

The News section contains not only articles with the whole month's news but also individually dated press releases.

In Reviews and Current Trends, we have nine articles including two Salary Surveys (one from Training about USA trainers and the other from CertMag about IT professionals worldwide), There's also surveys on IT certifications, education simulations and 2007 training budgets, as well as an ASTD white paper on Bridging the Skills Gap and Elliott Masie's view on recent legal discussions about e-learning. 

The Training Manager/Director Development articles follow the usual theme of providing useful support to you, so among other things the eight articles cover areas such as hiring, dealing with burnout and how to get a rise/raise, as well as others on linking with strategy and performance management.

Selling and Marketing Education has a single article on how to find e-learning decision-,makers.

As usual, the Learning Media and Methods (note new heading which better describes this section) articles are many and varied (19 in total), with six on e-learning, one on virtual classrooms, three on LMSs, three on the newer technologies and six on more theoretical aspects of methods.

Case Studies and Projects has descriptions of projects from four different organisations.

Measuring Education Value has five articles, three on ROI or even life after ROI, and two on Bersin's new approach, The Impact Measurement Framework.

There are five articles in Training Professional Topics, one on job search, three on better presentations and presenting, and one on projector technologies.

Finally, in Skills Gap/Technical Certification there are three articles on studying for certification exams, Linux and Web Service Engineers.



2007 Workshops





The following (in most cases, revised) dates and topics have been agreed:

30 January, "The future of learning" (see below)
13 March, "How do we measure the true cost of delivering training?"
12 June, "Working with partners, including accreditation/certification"
18 September, "Localisation of content"

Please mark these dates in your diary now.

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30 January, "The Future of Learning"

The winter CEdMA Europe Workshop will take place on 30 January 2007 at IBM Bedfont.

Final details are still to be confirmed but this will be a full-day event. Please reserve the date in your diary now.

The workshop leaders are both world-renowned experts:

Professor Steve Molyneux of the UK Learning Lab "where technology enables knowledge".
Wayne Hodgins, Strategic Futurist for Autodesk

To make sure that you get a place, please enrol now.

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Feedback on CEdMA Europe Autumn Conference, 9-10 November

The Europe Autumn Conference took place on 19-10 November at the New Place Conference Centre in Shedfield near Southampton. 33 people from 20 member companies (17 Europe and 3 USA) attended and voted the conference equal best with the Spring event..

On a scale of 10 (high) to 1 (low), overall satisfaction with the conference was 9.5, with the conference materials 8.6 and the conference facilities 9.3.

For individual sessions, Marcoms rated 4.8 (out of 5) with Pulse at 4.5. Best facilitator was Justin McCarthy who ran the Marcoms session.

16 people mentioned that the opportunity to network was what they liked most about the conference, while 10 people mentioned the exchange of ideas and experiences openly.   The Planning session was not only voted very highly but also produced topics for the four workshops (see above) and the theme for the May conference (see below).

All the conference materials are stored on the website in the "Members Only" area. If you need a reminder of how to get there, please ask.

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10-11 May "Getting Customers to Understand the Value of Training"

The November attendees voted strongly on bringing the focus back to the customer, whether external or internal, by asking the question "How do we get the customer to understand better the value of training?" Other connected ideas were "Creating the value proposition for different audiences" and  "Building Customer Case Studies".

The Board will work with this input to produce a programme, but if you have any further ideas, please let me know. We plan to have the venue and outline programme by the end of January.

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Recent Articles from the Education and Training Press



Industry News from IT Skills Research (Nov 06)

E-Learning Market Briefing from Kineo (Nov 06)

The e-Learning Marketplace Update from Just Learn (Nov 06)

IT Training Press Releases (Nov 06)


Market Monitor 2006 Q3 (from IT Skills Research) - Nov 06

© IT Skills Research Programme 1998-2006, last modified 27 Nov 2006


RapideL Delivers Quick ROI, Development for U.S. Catalog Player

(Nov 28)


iContent Expansion Continues with Addition of SkillSoft, Books24x7

(Nov 27)


Kaplan University Creates Online Business, Technology Programs

(Nov 17)


Bersin and Associates Introduces Business-Focused Approach (Nov 17)


Study Defines Employer Preferences for College, University Certificate Programs (Nov 15)


Survey - Employment Outlook Positive (Nov 14)


IBM Using Internets Virtual World to Train Thousands of New Employees (Nov 14)


Study Investigates Consumer Demand for Online Higher Education

(Nov 14)


Study - Line Managers Play Vital Role in Transfer of Learning (Nov 14)


Suddenlink Selects Cornerstone OnDemand's Integrated Learning Solution (Nov 14)


U.S. Workers' Job Security Hits All-Time High (Nov 14)


RapideL Enabled with Support for Language Localization (Nov 13)


Study - Women Lose Out on Senior Roles (Nov 13)


Books24x7 Addresses the Content Needs of the Mobile Workforce (Nov 6)


Features in New dominKnow LCMS Streamline Courseware Development (Nov 1)


Human Capital Institute Launches Education Program (Nov 1)


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Reviews and Current Trends


Training's Annual Salary Survey (Nov 06)

It's a terrific time to be a trainer - at least from a financial perspective. Here's an industry breakdown by the numbers, based on our exclusive research.

Training Magazine, ©2006 VNU Business Media


CertMag's 2006 Salary Survey (Dec 06)

This year’s Salary Survey features data compiled from responses provided by 35,573 IT professionals in 197 different countries, along with in-depth analyses from CertMag’s editorial team. CertMag, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Where the Geeks are (Nov 06)
A new BrainBench report shows that the United States leads the world in the number of IT certifications. But no single country monopolizes the industry.

T+D Magazine
©2006 ASTD


2006 Simulations Survey Results (Nov 06)
Here's what readers told Learning Circuits about how their organizations are using educational simulations.
Learning Circuits,  ©2006 ASTD


The Chief Learning Officer's Investment Portfolio - Beating the Street (Nov 06)

For the fourth straight year, the outlook is optimistic for training budgets to grow. A greater number of training executives expect larger budgets, foresee an increased use of external training providers and plan to make significant investments in learning technologies.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Bridging the Skills Gap (Nov 06)

This is the third ASTD white paper to examine the impact of a critical gap within the workforce, and how to address it so that organizations can grow and be competitive in today’s knowledge economy. ©2006 ASTD


The Dark Side of Learning (Nov 06)

Your legal counsel might be one of the most interesting players in the amount and focus of your organization's future e-learning.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


India Inc (Nov 06)

In New Delhi, India, 600 individuals are busily developing e-learning content for corporate customers from the United States and other countries.

Learning Circuits,  ©2006 ASTD


Oldest? Youngest? Who Cares? (Nov 06)

So your new boss wasn't even born when you finished high school. Is that going to bother you? Not at all, according to a new study from staffing service OfficeTeam in Menlo Park, CA. Training Magazine, ©2006 VNU Business Media


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Training Manager/Director Development


10 Reasons to Test Personality before Hiring (Nov 06)

Personality testing can be a valuable resource in the pre-hire stage, but the true value of any assessment comes in using the insights it provides along the entire continuum of employment. Training Magazine, ©2006 VNU Business Media


Dealing with Burnout (Dec 06)
Life moves incredibly fast, and it seems that we can get overwhelmed with all the “getting and spending” we do on a daily basis. This, of course, quickly can lead to burnout, not just because of the sheer amount of tasks being performed but also because a constant, tunnel-vision focus on your professional life can severely tax the brain and spirit.
CertMag, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Feeling the Squeeze - Here's How to Fatten that Paycheck (Nov 06)

Coming up short salary-wise? Well, you're in luck because Training has compiled tips for securing that sought-after raise.

Training Magazine, ©2006 VNU Business Media


Execution is Missing in Action (Nov 06)

Corporations are lacking in execution of strategic vision.

T+D Magazine, ©2006 ASTD


Best Practices for Performance Management (Sep 06)
HR executives currently face a variety of challenges--employee retention, shortages of candidates for key jobs, succession planning. To address these, they've increased their use of workforce performance management solutions while achieving greater visibility into their talent pool.

Workforce Performance Solutions, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Are We Running Out of Familiar Futures (Nov 06)

Of all the factors that regularly exhibit change, perhaps none matches those driving the workforce and, correspondingly, its relentless need for training. Indeed, at this point, employees and trainers are joined at the hip in a race of permanent catch-up. Training Prism, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Are You Running in the Business of Learning (Nov 06)

For years, many who sit at the C-level within organisations have said the training department just doesn't get it.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Learning from Consumer Packaged Goods Firms (Nov 06)

These private communities are, in fact, replacing much of traditional market research because they provide data that are both rich and longitudinal.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


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Selling and Marketing Education


How to find training and e-Learning decision makers  Part 2 (Nov 06)

There is no universal title to search for, but the three most common are.....



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Learning Media and Methods


Plan to Learn: Case Studies in E-learning Project Management (Jul 06)

Edited by Beverly Pasian and Gary Woodill, the volume of 22 case studies from eight countries documents the successes and failures of a variety of e-learning implementations. Case studies are drawn from the higher education, K-12, government, non-profit and corporate sectors. The book also contains a thorough review of the literature on e-learning project management.

©2006  Canadian eLearning Enterprise Alliance (CeLEA)


E-Learning Success - Engaging Organizations, Motivating Learners

(Nov 06)

E-learning comes in ever-increasing varieties today, making it possible for all organizations to enable, extend and enhance learning for thousands of workers. In many organizations, however, it's not the e-learning creating success but rather the people behind it. By Lance Dublin.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Five Proven Authoring Tools (Nov 06)

New tools can motivate and enable your developers to take their work to the next level. Chief Learning Officer, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


eXe Open Source Authoring Tool (Nov 06)

We have not been overly impressed with previous free authoring tools but we took eXe for a test run and began to see the potential. The future looks bright.  At this rate, is anything not going to be open source by next Christmas?

©2006 Kineo


Review - Captivate (Nov 06)

Captivate is known as "the tool" for creating software simulations.

Learning Circuits,  ©2006 ASTD

Live e-Learning Support Tools - Support Comes Alive (Nov 06)

Live support tools provide instant messaging applications designed to offer online assistance to a Web site’s users. Such tools are crucial to trainers and trainees, particularly as the latter learn new systems. There are plenty of options on the market. Some cater to large companies with set standards and others to smaller startups offering the freedom to design a custom support application. Installing and running one of these applications isn’t a walk in the park, financially or otherwise. However, a live support tool is probably the only application that offers an immediate positive impact on customer support and employee training. Training Prism, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Ten Tips for Virtual Teachers (Nov 06)

Do not try to wing it. Elearning!, ©2006 B2BMediaco


Learning Management as an Operation (Nov 06)

Extending the conventional LMS to cover more then just e-learning.

Learning Circuits,  ©2006 ASTD


339 Tips on the Implementation on of LMS or LCMS (Nov 06)

This Digital Book is an amazing collection of tips from hundreds of your professional colleagues. Nowhere will you find a more comprehensive set of tips that you can use to improve your LMS and LCMS implementation efforts.

©2006 eLearningGuild


Moodle - Overview of the Free LMS (Nov 06)

Moodle is fast becoming the world’s favourite LMS. Rich in functionality, easy to use, and free. Blackboard, schmackboard – Moodle’s the future. ©2006 Kineo


PDAs Bring Books to Workers' Pockets (Nov 06)

In a few short years, PDAs have moved from clunky personal organizers to personal full-service offices that barely take up room in your pocket. Both young and old professionals have embraced them as a way to take business anywhere, and training professionals certainly understand why this type of accessibility is valuable in the modern enterprise.
Training Prism, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


The Pros and Cons of Wikis, Blogs and Podcasts (Nov 06)

Although many organisations are using these technologies, few are using them within a learning context. Learning organisations that are using these tools report that deployment is easy and low cost, and that the programs have been well-received by learners. So, what is the downside?
©2006 B2BMediaco


Improving Business Decisions and Strategic Planning (Nov 06)

Audio communications tool increases employee response to products.

T+D Magazine, ©2006 ASTD


Catalyzing the Learning Process (Nov 06)

Collaboration accelerates the learning process. T+D Magazine, ©2006 ASTD


The Rise of Experiential Learning (Nov 06)

Experiential learning is one of the most powerful learning tools within the industry, but it historically has been underappreciated. That trend might just be about to change. Chief Learning Officer, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Informal Learning: Learning is Often Unlikely (Nov 06)

As much as 80% of learning in an organisational setting is informal.

Elearning!, ©2006 B2BMediaco


Why Collaborative Storyboard Technology Is Mission Critical (Nov 06)

Here's how to produce superior e-learning more efficiently with collaborative storyboard technology. Learning Circuits,  ©2006 ASTD


Good Performance Support is a Model of Behavior (Nov 06)

Precision performance support requires high-fidelity behavior models.

Learning Circuits,  ©2006 ASTD


Instrumentation - You Can't Use it if you Can't Find it (Nov 06)

While lack of instrumentation isn’t life-threatening, it certainly could be responsible for an ineffective training program.

Training Prism, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc

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Case Studies and Projects


John Muir Health: Bringing the LMS into the Corporate Culture (Nov 06)

The requirements for up-to-date compliance training and rigorous documentation caused JMH to launch an initiative to select an LMS and e-learning programs.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Using E-Learning to Prep Internal Advancement (Nov 06)

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City has a successful e-learning program partly because of its partnership with the vendor LearnKey and partly because of the company's endorsement of learning at all levels.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Team-Based Content Development (Aug 06)

At If Insurance, a publishing system reduces the e-learning production cycle.

©2006 Bersin and Associates


BNSF Railway Co (Dec 06)

IT professionals can find some of the best career opportunities in seemingly unlikely places – the freight industry, for example. For freight transportation provider BNSF Railway, it’s “All aboard!” for skilled techies.

CertMag, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


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Measuring Education Value


Quantifiable Evidence (Nov 06)
Metrics take center stage in training and development.

T+D Magazine, ©2006 ASTD


Beyond ROI - Alternate Measures of Success (Nov 06)

Learning professionals often assume C-level executives care only about one thing: ROI. However, financial proof isn't always the end-all, be-all. Many C-level decision-makers are turning away from ROI and leaning toward alternate measures of success. Chief Learning Officer, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


The Valuation Approach to ROI (Nov 06)

The true test of a project's impact is its contribution to the achievement of corporate valuation objectives, not necessarily the cost versus return. So why are so many organizations still relying on ROI?

Chief Learning Officer, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


The Learning Impact Measurement Framework (Nov 06)

Kirkpatrick’s four levels of measurement are practically an institution in learning and development industry metrics. Josh Bersin, principal and founder of Bersin & Associates, has compiled several years’ worth of research into his Learning Impact Measurement Framework, which offers CLOs new ways to measure learning and evaluate ROI., ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


High Impact Training Measurement - A New Approach: The Impact Measurement Framework® (Oct 06)

More than 240 books on and 90 articles on the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) website are devoted to the measurement and evaluation of training.   There are also more than 2,000 websites featuring consultants and tools to help the measurement process.  Yet, despite all these extensive resources, most training managers do not yet have a complete and actionable measurement program. ©2006 Bersin and Associates


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Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing

The Guide to Smart Outsourcing (Nov 06)
The outsourcing market is on fire, with approximately 48% of companies reportedly outsourcing to cut costs. This guide looks at the Who, What and Why of outsourcing. Elearning!,
©2006 B2BMediaco

The Globalization of White Collar Work - The Facts and Fallout of Next-Generation Offshoring (Oct 06)
Offshoring is not what it used to be.  From the 1970s, when manufacturing jobs were being relocated to low-labor-cost countries, through the early 19990s, when IT applications work first migrated to India, offshoring - literally - meant moving jobs elsewhere with all the dislocation and distress that it entailed.  The most recent findings of a multiyear survey conducted by Duke University's Fuqua School of Business and Booze Allen Hamilton (the Duke/Booze Allen Offshoring Research Network Survey) reveal profound shifts in the rationale and direction of what we've come to call Offshoring.
©2006 Booze Allen Hamilton

Top 20 Training Outsourcers Reap Significant Benefits (Nov 06)

There are several ways that I have expounded on previously to get new business: Internet exposure, webinars, conferences, big deals, e-newsletters, email announcements, and other services that we provide to help create a more efficient marketplace for learning.  But, I’ve saved the best for last. And, the BEST method is simply letting everyone know which companies are the BEST.


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Training Professional Topics

Overcoming Roadblocks to Job Search Success (Dec 06)
You might hear news that the job market for IT professionals is strong. Depending on your professional background, however, the reality might seem different. For instance, you might have many years of experience in the IT field, but the majority of job postings you’ve come across are suitable for only junior-level applicants. Or perhaps you have broad technical skills, but firms in your area seek specialized expertise. How can you overcome roadblocks such as these and find a job? CertMag, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc

7 Ways Presenters Mess Up and Solutions So That You Don’t (Nov 06)
Every day, there are people in offices and conference rooms presenting “irrefutable” facts, “compelling” ideas, “logical” solutions, and “bullet-proof” success strategies that come across flatter than yesterday’s soda. Why? Because, like many of us, presenters inadvertently "mess up." But there is hope! The article outlines solutions to help you succeed.
©2006 Tony Jeary

Speak Your Way to the Top - Busting Seven Speaking Myths (Jul 06)
At some point in your career, speaking well could be the single factor that determines your success. You may have all the potential in the world but if your career feels stalled, the reason may be the way you are communicating with your important audiences. You may have enormous value to add to your business or organization. But at a certain point, you won't be able to bust through to the big jobs unless you can articulate your ideas fluidly and confidently.
©2006 Link & Learn Newsletter

Hierarchy and Contrast - The Basis of Good Design (Jul 06)
The basic question: What do you want the viewer to see first? You sit facing your computer, staring at the big slide presentation you've been putting together all day, and you are bored out of your skull. It's not the project. It's not the information. It's the fact that your slides look just like the last PowerPoint presentation you made. And the one before that. And the one before that. But what are you supposed to do? Unless you've been trained in design -- which few of us have -- it's hard to know what goes where or how to put things together or in what order, so that you communicate your message boldly and effectively. ©2006

Projector Technology - LCD, DLP and LCoS explained (Jul 06)
There are three main types of projectors on the market today: LCD, DLP and LCOS. In choosing a projector for your facility, it's always beneficial to understand the basic technology that the product is based on. Let's go through each technology and take a peek under the hood to see what's going on.
©2006 Church Production Magazine

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Education Administration

No articles this month.


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Skills Gap/Technical Certification


Study Buddies - Maximize Learning with the Right Tools (Dec 06)

The old saying “Two heads are better than one” is often applicable when preparing to take a certification exam. You might want to tap a friend or two to help you out before attempting a challenging test. What qualities should you look for in a study buddy? CertMag, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Linux Professional Institute (Dec 06)
For the Linux Professional Institute (LPI), its certifications are more than just a reliable means of assessing candidates' skills with the popular open-source operating system. Credentialing presents an opportunity for LPI to evangelize about the advantages of open-source adoption.

CertMag, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Web Services Engineers - From Mavericks to Mainstream (Dec 06)

Much of the chatter in the development community in the past few years has centered around the potential of Web services in IT environments. With skilled Web services engineers turning to new standards such as Representational State Transfer (REST), that potential might become reality very soon.

CertMag, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


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And, Finally.....



A message from Aesop (share a load or you'll end up carrying it all) - The ass and the mule.

A man loaded his ass and his mule for a journey, but after travelling for a while the ass began to weaken, so he asked the stronger mule to carry some of his load. The mule refused, and in due course the ass collapsed and died. The mule was then forced to carry the ass's load, and also the skin of the poor ass. The mule could only just manage the painful load, and realised his failure to help a little at first had caused a much greater suffering to himself.

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