CEdMA-Europe Members' Newsletter - December 2006


Welcome to the twelfth CEdMA-Europe Members' Monthly Newsletter of 2006, which will be sent out at the end of December to CEdMA Europe members and to European colleagues of CEdMA USA members.

As usual, you will learn about updates to our forthcoming programme of events, and there is the collection of recent articles whose content is consistent with the important topics that you our members voted to cover in our recent Conferences.

The News section contains not only articles with the whole month's news but also individually dated press releases.

In Reviews and Current Trends, we have 13 articles including two Industry Reports from Training and ASTD plus a comment on both, a 2006-11 forecast and analysis on e-Learning, a survey on learning integration, two articles on the SkillSoft acquisition of NETg, and a UK Government study on long-term skill needs.

The Training Manager/Director Development articles follow the usual theme of providing useful support to you, so among other things the eight articles cover areas such as trainer development, tools to help leaders, working with Business Units, evaluating potential new hires, and how to find IT Training consultants (which mentions CEdMA!).

Selling and Marketing Education has a single article on selling training and development in the organisation.

As usual, the Learning Media and Methods (note new heading which better describes this section) articles are many and varied (21 in total), with five on e-Learning, one on writing culturally-generic materials, four on wikis, blogs and mobile learning, five on LMSs (including three from the e-Learning Guild on tips from members), one on delivering webinars, and one on serious games. 

Case Studies and Projects has descriptions of projects from four different organisations.

Measuring Education Value has three articles, one giving 10 tactics on how to approach it, one on interpreting "numbers", and one on measuring the impact of informal learning.

Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing has a single article on outsourcing e-Learning.

There are seven articles in Training Professional Topics, including one on interactive whiteboards, and three on preparing, designing and delivering presentations,

Finally, in Skills Gap/Technical Certification there are six articles on how to curb cheating, two on hot jobs and in demand skills for 2007, with the others on what CRM is all about, Microsoft Updates, and SANS GIAC.



2007 Workshops





The following (in most cases, revised) dates and topics have been agreed:

30 January, "The future of learning" (see below)
13 March, "How do we measure the true cost of delivering training?"
12 June, "Working with partners, including accreditation/certification"
18 September, "Localisation of content"

Please mark these dates in your diary now.

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30 January, "The Future of Learning"

The winter CEdMA Europe Workshop will take place on 30 January 2007 at IBM Bedfont, led by Wayne Hodgins.

0930  Coffee and Networking
1000  Introduction
Readiness for the Unexpected:  There’s no future if the past is present
1200  Lunch and Networking
1300  "C-ing the Future": convergence of Content, Competencies and Context
1430  Break and Networking
1500  Collaborative Session - All
1630  Summary
1645  Close

Click to get a printable agenda complete with descriptions of the three sessions..

Please let Mike know if you or any of your colleagues will be attending, so that we can make sure we have enough seats, coffee, biscuits, and so on.

Wayne Hodgins is uniquely qualified to lead this workshop as he is afforded an unusual vantage point by virtue of his insatiable curiosity, endless energy and his full-time job as "Strategic Futurist" at Autodesk Inc.  In this role, Wayne has travelled the globe quite literally and figuratively in the past 20 years, logging 3 million air miles alone, delivering over one hundred keynotes annually and working daily with an eclectic range of leaders and groups around the world from government to business to academia to military to non-profits and NGOs.  Just as one can see greater distances and larger patterns from a higher altitude, Wayne is able to see patterns and perspectives that are not seen by most or which won’t become clear for years. Visit his website.

As some of you would know, Wayne was also one of the original "founders" of CEdMA in the US, served as President of CEdMA for several years and was instrumental in the original creation of CEdMA Europe.  This as well as his long term work at Autodesk Inc. will enable him to put all of this within the context of the CEdMA profile of people working in senior management positions in learning and training for hardware and software companies and ensure that this workshop offers both a unique and highly relevant session of great value to all CEdMA members. 

Come well rested and with an open mind, check your assumptions and ego at the door, fasten your seat belt low and tight across your lap, take a deep breath, and be ready to challenge everything you hear in this energizing and eventful day.  You will not be there just to listen and learn about others, but to participate in a guided discovery process aimed to help you design your own future.  You are sure to leave with a much clearer view of the future along with new perspectives, new ideas, new models and new strategies that that will help you to make better decisions today and enable you to successfully survive and thrive in the unpredictable future.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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10-11 May "Getting Customers to Understand the Value of Training"

The November attendees voted strongly on bringing the focus back to the customer, whether external or internal, by asking the question "How do we get the customer to understand better the value of training?" Other connected ideas were "Creating the value proposition for different audiences" and  "Building Customer Case Studies".

The Board will work with this input to produce a programme, but if you have any further ideas, please let me know. We plan to have the venue and outline programme by the end of January.

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Recent Articles from the Education and Training Press



Training Business News in Brief from TrainingZONE (Nov 06)

Industry News from IT Skills Research (Dec 06)

E-Learning Market Briefing from Kineo (Dec 06)

The e-Learning Marketplace Update from Just Learn (Dec 06)

IT Training Press Releases (Dec 06)


Grapevine Talk Radio Network Offers Free iPod Training from Makau in January (Dec 26)


GeoLearning Ranked Among Top 500 U.S. Small Businesses (Dec 21)


Learning Tree International Launches RealityPlus (Dec 14)


KnowledgePlanet Announces Next Generation of On-Demand Learning Suite (Dec 12)


Survey - Companies See LMS Consolidation as Way to Centralize Learner Data (Dec 6)


Survey - Few Employees Turn to Boss for Advice (Dec 5)


Oracle Product Achieves SCORM Version 1.2 Certification (Dec 5)


Office of Personnel Management Leverages GeoLearning Blended Learning Suite (Dec 5)


Survey - Half of Employers to Hike Supervisory, Executive Training in 2007 (Dec 5)


WebEx and GeoLearning Target Learning Management Systems Market (Dec 4)


Planet Productions Creates Scenario-Based E-Learning Program (Dec 4)


Meridian's LMS Supports Advanced Distributed Learning Service (Dec 4)


Learn.Com Releases Mentor for Windows Vista (Dec 1)


Horizon Wimba Closes $10M Equity Financing Led by Tudor Ventures (Dec 1)


New Twist on Children's Game Turns Mouse Trap into Adult Learning Tool (Nov 30)


VTN Continues Expansion with New U.K. Office (Nov 30)


Study - Middle Managers Lack Leadership Skills (Nov 28)


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Reviews and Current Trends


2006 Industry Report from Training (Dec 06)

Get insider facts, figures and analysis on the training and HR industries with Training's annual survey. Training Magazine, ©2006 VNU Business Media


Investing in Learning - Looking for Performance (Dec 06)

According to the soon-to-be-released 2006 ASTD State of the Industry, $109.25 billion is spent annually on workplace learning and performance.

T+D Magazine, ©2006 ASTD


How to Measure the Corporate Training Industry (Dec 06)
Perhaps you received, as I recently did, the December issues of two prominent industry publications, T+D and Training magazines. If so, you probably noticed that the cover stories for both magazines featured respective annual research reports that estimate the amount spent by U.S. organizations on workplace training and development during the preceding year.

Training Industry, Inc.


Training's Editors' Picks Awards (Dec 06)

 The editors of Training magazine showcased the best of the best at the Training Solutions Conference and Expo in Denver in October. We asked companies to submit best practices in a variety of areas, and then we selected the top programs. The 15 winners shared their secrets with attendees first in a general session, then on a more individual basis at a reception later in the day. This is a brief recap of each of the category winners. Training Magazine, ©2006 VNU Business Media


The US Market for Self-paced e-Learning Products and Services: 2006-2011 Forecast and Analysis (Jun 06)

Open Source solutions like Moodle, competition and inexpensive hosted services are among the factors cited for falling prices in the report from Ambient Insight, which focuses on the US market. Ambient Insight says the e-learning industry has begun to grow again after several years of stagnation and is now worth $10 billion. ©2006 Ambient Insight


Workplace Trends and Leadership Resolutions for 2007 (Dec 06)

Organizations must continue to focus on growing global operating capabilities, requiring the workforce to learn and perform without walls.
Chief Learning Officer,
©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


What is Your Vision for the Training Industry? (Dec 06)
What is your vision for the training industry? While I hope you find my vision interesting, perspectives can differ and are often relative. Some of you are standing on a mountain above the clouds, and others are still walking up the mountain through the fog. Similarly, what’s new for one person in his or her vision for training might be yesterday’s news to another. I would like to know how far ahead you can see from your perspective.

Training Prism
, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Global Integration of Learning Evolves (Dec 06)

It is clear from an ASTD-Raytheon Professional Services survey that learning integration is in its infancy. T+D Magazine, ©2006 ASTD


Reflections on SkillSoft’s Acquisition of NETg (Oct 06)

On October 26, SkillSoft announced the acquisition of rival NETg, creating a single company with dominant market share in online IT and soft skills training, online references, and a variety of other professional training resources and supporting technologies. This acquisition will ultimately impact every buyer and supplier in the corporate learning market. ©2006 Bersin and Associates


Skillsoft, NETg Need to Migrate Tools, Customers (Dec 06)

In a deal sealed for approximately $285 million, Nashua, NH-based SkillSoft, a provider of content resources and complementary technologies, acquired on-demand learning provider NETg on Oct. 25, a subsidiary of Stamford, CT.-based The Thompson Corp. That was the easy part. Now, the two companies will begin the process of pooling their resources to create better products.

Training Magazine, ©2006 VNU Business Media


Prosperity for all in the global economy - world class skills (Dec 06)

Review and Full Report
This UK Government report examines the UK's long-term skills needs. It  recommends that the UK commits to a new vision - to become a world leader in skills by 2020. ©Training Reference 2003-2006 (Summary) and ©Crown Copyright 2006 (Final Report)


Wanted: CFOs With Communications Skills (Dec 06)
With increasing scrutiny on company finances, accountants must be able to explain to their colleagues what all the numbers mean in layman's terms.

T+D Magazine
©2006 ASTD


Training Designers Use Gaming to Entice Kids into Professional World (Dec 06)
With declining interest in math and science among kids these days — and with it, a declining interest in accounting — many training designers and their clients are searching for ways to build a consistent stable of new employees over the next decade.
Training Prism, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


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Training Manager/Director Development

Trainers Need Learning Too (Dec 06)
The way new hires are trained can determine how quickly they adapt to their new work environment and how productive they become. How well leaders are trained can determine the level of success an organization achieves. Because productivity and financial achievement rely on high-quality training, corporations need their trainers to be the best they can be. To ensure this high standard is met, many companies opt to enroll their learning leaders in train-the-trainer programs.
Training Prism, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc

Motivational Tools for Non-charismatic Leaders (Dec 06)

Managers can be excellent motivators even if they are shy or unable to give inspiring speeches. ASTD Links, © 2006 ASTD


Will Companies Ever Learn? (Dec 06)
If you think about learning as a capability, you can see the factors that go together to make learning a corporate priority.

Chief Learning Officer,
©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Building Bridges: Lessons in Working with Business Units (Dec 06)

When working with business unites, the main function of the learning department is to best serve the needs of learners and the overall organization. To accomplish this, many learning organizations employ one of three strategies: centralized learning, decentralized learning, and hub-and-spoke learning.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Learners as Co-Innovators (Dec 06)

Open source innovation is moving beyond the consumer world to the high technology arena. Chief Learning Officer, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


From Millstones to Milestones (Dec 06)

Hanif Sazen shows you how to write plans for learning projects that win commitment and achieve results.

Inside Learning Technologies Magazine, ©2006 Principal Media Ltd

Behavioral Assessments: Evaluating Potential New Hires (Dec 06)
For a prospective employee, hearing the expression “behavioral assessment” during the hiring process can be scary. Often, people’s habits and manners are so ingrained, it’s nearly impossible to comprehend what the result would be, which creates a fear of behavioral assessment. According to the Harvard Business Review, however, 61 percent of new employees at companies that use behavioral assessment tools become top performers within 14 months versus just 7 percent of new hires who were hired by companies that did not use such tools.
Training Prism, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc

How to Find IT Training Consultants - the Shortlist (Dec 06)
Whether it’s a 3am emergency or a routine year end check up, companies often find themselves in the market for additional consultants. A simple Google search can turn into hours of weeding through infinite lists of consultants, not knowing who to trust.
Training Prism, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc

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Selling and Marketing Education


Selling T&D in the Organization (Dec 06)

Only after we build strong inroads with people and establish our credibility will people proactively seek our help. ASTD Links, ©2006 ASTD



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Learning Media and Methods


Rapid E-Learning Grows Up (Dec 06)

If you were disappointed with rapid e-learning tools in the past, it's worth taking a second look. We've seen some subtle enhancements and twist-the-box thinking that have had a dramatic impact. LC Express, ©2006 ASTD


Engage Rapid e-Learning (Dec 06)

In our experience, there are some key e-learning interactions you want to produce time and time again. These include FAQs, Glossaries, Timelines etc which usually entail some bespoke development. Wouldn’t it be great if you could create these simply and quickly with a rapid authoring tool? That’s Articulate’s thought too. Their new tool Engage allows you to do just that.



Affordance in E-Learning (Dec 06)

The absence of affordance in e-learning can mislead learners and keep them from achieving their learning outcome. LC Express, © 2006 ASTD


Seven Steps to Better E-learning (Dec 06)

Why do so many online courses seem to fall short when it comes to real-world application of learners' newly acquired skills? According to regular eLearn Magazine contributor Clark Quinn, it's because we seldom focus on what we actually know about how people retain and apply practical knowledge. For this article Quinn has distilled the basics down to seven areas of emphasis that can be used to generate uniquely effective e-learning.

eLearn Magazine, ©2006 ACM


Beyond E-Learning - an Interview with Marc Rosenberg (Dec 06)

Karl Kapp talks to Marc Rosenberg about his new book.


Writing Culturally Generic Online Lessons (Dec 06)
"Is there a way to write online lessons for a global audience so that the lessons do not look and feel like authors from a particular country or culture wrote them? My department will soon begin writing simulation training for a global audience, and we do not want to offend or confuse any of our learners. I am interested in tips, techniques, best practices, and so forth that will help our team of instructional designers in this endeavor." Here are some more answers.

Online Learning News and Reviews, ©2006 VNU Business Media


Corporate Compliance: Learning’s Mission-Critical Role (Dec 06)
Historically, only highly regulated industries such as health care and utilities had stringent compliance requirements for learning management. Today, these requirements touch nearly every industry. With corporate compliance growing in scope and impact, CLOs need to find ways to leverage their learning management systems to meet ever-changing - and increasing -  regulatory mandates.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Why Wiki? (Dec 06)

Wikis encourage collaboration, and collaboration is the secret sauce (sic!) of innovation and effectiveness.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Don’t Get Blogged Down: Blogging in the USA (Nov 06)
Once the stomping grounds of the radically political or celebrity obsessed, the blog has proved useful for companies to diversify training and increase communication. Training Prism, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Blogging to Learn and Learning to Blog (Dec 06)

Most learning in organizations is informal, yet the majority of learning dollars are spent on formal courses. If organizations are going to successfully transfer knowledge between employees, they must tap into informal learning. One approach that has been used successfully is the corporate blog.
eLearn Magazine,
©2006 ACM


Mobile Learning is on the Move (Dec 06)

Clive Shepherd looks at m-learning and the potential benefits the new wave of technology can bring to the process of learning.
Inside Learning Technologies Magazine, ©2006 Principal Media Ltd


Learning Tools: New Tricks for Non-Technical Learners (Dec 06)

Blended learning can be a no-brainer for many companies: It's fast, flexible and often affordable. However, blended learning also can prove to be a difficult method for some non-technical learners. To increase effectiveness, blended learning should be both practical and usable.
Chief Learning Officer,
©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


LMS Consolidation Survey Results (Nov 06)

The third survey in the Training Challenges Survey Series, conducted by Expertus and, focused on LMS consolidation – defined as the tendency of organizations using more than one learning management system to standardize on a single system.

©2006 Expertus/


What You Still Need to Know About LMSes (Dec 06)

Facts and figures on learning management systems in the workplace.

Training Magazine, ©2006 VNU Business Media


eBooks on LMS Selection, Implementation, and Management

The eLearningGuild just published three eBooks that include more than 1,000 tips from your industry colleagues on the selection, implementation, and management of LMS and LCMS systems, ©2006 eLearningGuild 2005-2006:

382 Tips on the Selection of an LMS or LCMS (Dec 06)
This is an awesome collection of tips from hundreds of your professional colleagues. These tips will help you navigate the LMS minefield, streamline your selection process, and help you save money! Nowhere will you find a more comprehensive set of tips that you can use to improve your LMS and LCMS selection efforts.

339 Tips on the Implementation of an LMS or LCMS (Nov 06)
This is an amazing collection of tips from hundreds of your professional colleagues. Nowhere will you find a more comprehensive set of tips that you can use to improve your LMS and LCMS implementation efforts.

311 Tips on the Management of an LMS or LCMS (Dec 06)
This is an incredible collection of tips from hundreds of your professional colleagues. Why reinvent the wheel when you can learn from these tips on the management of your LMS or LCMS system! Nowhere will you find a more comprehensive set of tips that you can use to improve your LMS and LCMS management efforts.

There is also the companion volume which has appeared previously:

834 Tips for Successful Online Instruction (Dec 05)
This is a wonderful collection of tips from 336 of your professional colleagues. Nowhere will you find a more comprehensive set of tips that you can use to improve your knowledge and skills in online instruction.

Five Lessons on Delivering Information Through "Webinar" Technology (Dec 06)
Many types of organizations are making presentations, as well as associations who require members to take continuing education or offer seminars are turning to web delivery of training as a way to reduce participant costs, reduce meeting costs and offer more courses that are of interest to the members. Here are some lessons learned from experiences of running web based training as public courses and association hosted events.
PresentationXpert Newsletter, ©2006 David Paradi

Serious Games – Fad or Opportunity? (Oct 06)
The subject of serious games in learning seems to be everywhere at the moment. Inside Learning Technologies Magazine, © Principal Media Ltd 2006

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Case Studies and Projects


Best Practices in Channel and Customer Training (Oct 06)

This case study examines how a leading supplier of enterprise information system solutions delivers customer training through a variety of free and pay-for-service models, allowing the company to offer a three-tier remote learning program. ©2006 Bersin and Associates


Crediting MasterCard Learning with Business Success (Dec 06)

When Rebecca Ray became the senior vice president of global learning and organizational development at MasterCard Worldwide in 2005, she brought with her a diverse career ranging from high school education to consulting to Wall Street. This diversity helped Ray as she navigated MasterCard's "RoadMap to the Future." Chief Learning Officer, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Virtual Sales Training Scores a Hit (Dec 06)
Global Crossing found a creative training solution for its salespeople.

T+D Magazine
©2006 ASTD


Airline Soars with New E-learning Environment (Dec 06)
NetDimensions creates an innovative online learning module.

T+D Magazine, ©2006 ASTD


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Measuring Education Value


Ten Tactics for Highly Effective Evaluators (Dec 06)

Implementing results-based evaluation strategies requires support from an infrastructure of diverse stakeholders with complex interactions and reporting relationships. ASTD Links, © 2006 ASTD


What the Numbers Say (Dec 06)
Measurement means numbers, yet there are many learning professionals who would rather change careers than deal with these pesky digits. But you don't need to be a mathematician to be successful in a world of numbers - it's not about how to "do" the numbers but rather knowing what they say.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Measuring the Impact of Informal Learning (Dec 06)
While the importance of informal training is widely recognised, methods for measuring its impact are far from established. Dawn Smith looks at the challenges involved in evaluating informal learning in the workplace.
©2006 TrainingZONE



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Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing


E-Learning Outsourcing: Go with Your Eyes Wide Open (Jan 07)
Outsourcing design and development of e-learning has become a key strategic initiative for many organizations because of the obvious benefits of receiving specialized services. But how do you select the "right" outsourcing partner when there are so many options?, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc


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Training Professional Topics

Interactive Whiteboards Make Storing, Sending Data a Breeze (Nov 06)
There’s something satisfying about working with whiteboards. The smell of the pens, the easy cleanup and the pretty colors all make these alabaster beauties a joy to use. Yet, their surfaces are limited, and once diagrams and annotations have covered every last inch, frustrated users have only one choice: to pause and write down all the data by hand.

Training Prism
, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc

Prepare Any Presentation in Ten Minutes (Dec 06)
Over the years we have coached people throughout the world to be their best in front of an audience and to get people to take action when they talk. The number one challenge we have discovered links back to the lack of preparation due to pain avoidance or plain old procrastination. In response, we created a way to help our clients streamline the preparation of any presentation whether it be long or short.

5 Easy Steps to Bring Your Presentation to Life (Dec 06)
Business people are perpetually faced with the challenge of one of life's greatest burdens: presenting number slides without numbing their audiences into a soporific stupor. This narcoleptic effect is the result of four common missteps perpetrated by most presenters. ©2006

The 7 Basic Rules of Proper Presentation Design (Dec 06)
This article explains the rules of presentation visual design that, if heeded, will almost always assure that your audiences will be able to follow your ideas every step of the way. Of course, you must keep in mind that visual design is only one-third of the package required for a successful presentation, the other two being content and delivery. Like a fine dining experience that requires equal parts food, service and atmosphere to really work, the visual design part of the presentation process is every bit as necessary as the others to achieve the desired result – in this case, true knowledge transfer.

For Adults Only (Dec 06)
I recently talked with a friend who is a secondary education school teacher by trade and an outstanding instructional designer in a Fortune 500 company by profession. The conversation centered on choices he had made during his career. He had graduated from college at a time when there were few teaching jobs available and instead of holding out for a teaching job, he moved into industry and began what turned out to be a 40-year career in corporate America...
Training Prism, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc

New Year’s Resolutions for Smart Consultants (Jan 07)
Each time the New Year rolls around, I’m reminded, none too gently, of last year’s resolutions, half of which never made it past the paper on which they were written.
CertMag, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc

Web 2.0 - What it means for you (Jan 07)
A near-deafening buzz surrounds Web 2.0 these days, but it's difficult to determine whether it's a legitimate concept or just a categorization of Web services. What are the implications of Web 2.0 for IT professionals?
CertMag, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc

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Education Administration

No articles this month.


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Skills Gap/Technical Certification


Digital Technologies and Dishonesty in Examinations and Tests (Dec 06)

This 26-page report reviews the problems of cheating and suggests a number of methods to curb cheating including biometric identification verification equipment and even cell phone signal blocking devices.

©2006 Qualifications and Curriculum Authority


The In-Demand Skills for IT Pros (Jan 07)
For job seekers and individuals looking to get ahead in IT, one question always seems to be top of mind: What skill sets do employers value most in today’s market?
CertMag, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Hot Jobs & Skills for 2007 (Jan 07)
The beginning of a new year is a good time to take stock of your industry and place within it. Find out which skills and niches likely will reach a boiling point in '07 and which might melt away by spring.

, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Microsoft Updates - Vista, Office and Exchange Exams and Certifications (Jan 07)
As Microsoft gears up to release Vista in late January, Microsoft Learning has been busy preparing certifications and exams for the new operating system. Find out how the folks in Redmond, Wash., are planning to incorporate the release into its certification programs. CertMag, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


SANS GIAC - Real-World Expertise Security Professionals (Jan 07)

SANS Institute's Global Information Assurance Certification takes care to test the most important skills necessary for protecting computers and networks. Learn how this certification carefully sets priorities in security.

CertMag, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


CRM Specialists - Building Relationships and Bottom Lines (Jan 07)

The phrase “customer relationship management” (CRM) refers to the myriad interactions between organizations and their customers in sales, marketing, support and other areas. Through the solutions they’ve developed, IT professionals who specialize in CRM have virtually elevated it to a science. CertMag, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


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And, Finally.....



A message from Aesop (look after what is of value)  - The soldier and the horse.

A soldier tended his horse well during the wars and the horse served him well. At the end of the wars the soldier treated the horse badly, with little food, no shelter and heavy drudging work. War broke out again and the soldier went to use the horse as before, but the wretched beast collapsed, saying that the poor treatment had turned him into an ass, and he would not be restored to a trusty steed in just a moment.

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