CEdMA-Europe Members' Newsletter - January 2007


Welcome to the first CEdMA-Europe Members' Monthly Newsletter of 2007, which will be sent out at the end of January to CEdMA Europe members and to European colleagues of CEdMA USA members.

As usual, you will learn about updates to our forthcoming programme of events, and there is the collection of recent articles whose content is consistent with the important topics that you our members voted to cover in our recent Conferences.

The News section contains not only articles with the whole month's news but also individually dated press releases.

In Reviews and Current Trends, we have 16 articles, especially as it's that time of the year. There are five reviews of 2006 looking at salary, eroded value, the best of e-learning and award-winning online courses, following by nine items looking at 2007, in terms of IT employment, the training industry, e-learning predications, and learning in general. There's also the results of the LMS and administration survey.

The Training Manager/Director Development articles follow the usual theme of providing useful support to you, so among other things the seven articles cover areas such as how to recognise an unhealthy organisation, knowing the difference between strategic and tactical, and just what exactly CLO's do and what makes them successful.

As usual, the Learning Media and Methods articles are many and varied (20 in total), covering e-Learning, serious games, video-learning, podcasting, performance support systems, satellite delivery and LCMS. Also look out for the eLearning Guild's Handbook on Synchronized e-Learning.

Case Studies and Projects has descriptions of projects from two different organisations, one about web-conferencing software and the other on e-learning on a shoestring.

Measuring Education Value has three articles, all recognizing the difficulties surrounding evaluation, performance measurement, and assessment planning.

Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing has a two articles looking at training as a business and the importance of collaboration when outsourcing.

There are two articles in Training Professional Topics, one on financial tips for consultants and the other on classroom response systems.

Finally, in Skills Gap/Technical Certification there are four articles, two on vendor-specific programs from Novell and IBM, and two on vendor-neutral areas from CompTIA and SNIA.



2007 Workshops




Feedback from 30 January, "The Future of Learning"

At this workshop in IBM Bedfont, Wayne Hodgins give a masterful performance which enthralled the 35 attendees and was voted an outstanding success. To receive straight fives from Education Managers and Directors is some achievement!

Of the 35, 24 people were from 12 member companies along with eight people from six CEdMA USA member companies while there were three attendees from companies considering joining.

The materials, including Wayne's gigantic slide set, are on the CEdMA Europe website in the "Members Only" area.

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13 March, "Basic Financials and ROI for the Customer Training Business"

The spring CEdMA Europe half-day Workshop will take place on 14 March 2006 1330-1700 UK time at SAP Bedfont. The speakers will be Mike Dowsey and Norman Buckberry of Reynolds and Reynolds.

1300 Coffee
1330 Introduction - Mike
1345 All you need to know about financials for the Training Business - Mike
1415 Break and Networking
1430 Taking the mystery out of Training ROI - Mike and Norman
1515 Break and Networking
1530 The CEdMA Europe Toolkit for Measuring ROI, with Feedback - Norman
1630 Discussion and Summary
1700 Close

Click to get a printable agenda.

Please let Mike know if you or any of your colleagues will be attending, so that we can make sure we have enough seats, coffee, biscuits, and so on.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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10-11 May "Getting Customers to Understand the Value of Training"

The Spring Conference will take place at the Marriott Meon Value Country Club on Thursday and Friday 10-11 May.

November attendees voted strongly on bringing the focus back to the customer, whether external or internal, by asking the question "How do we get the customer to understand better the value of training?" Other connected ideas were "Creating the value proposition for different audiences" and  "Building Customer Case Studies".

The workshop on 30 January re-emphasized the importance of defining and understanding our value proposition so we shall spend some time doing just that. We shall be joined by a Huthwaite International consultant who will help us relate (and more) our value proposition to customers.

Pulse of the Industry is being re-vamped so that we can concentrate more on hot topics and key issues early on and so identify networking opportunities. 

For those of you who are golfing enthusiasts, the venue boasts a championship golf course which you might like to try either on Wednesday afternoon or late Friday afternoon or both, at greatly reduced rates!

The detailed programme and invitations will be sent out in late February.

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Recent Articles from the Education and Training Press



Industry News from IT Skills Research (Jan 07)

IT Training Press Releases (Jan 07)

E-Learning Market Briefing from Kineo (Jan 07)

New Products - LMS, Simulations, Tools, Content from Elearning! (Jan 07)


SkillSoft Customer Subway Restaurants Honored with Top Spot (Jan 31)


Driver Alliant Deploys GeoLearning's Hosted LMS Suite (Jan 31)


KnowledgeAdvisors Releases Version 10.4 of MTM Analytics Technology (Jan 29)


JEOL Selects GeoLearning's Hosted LMS Suite (Jan 23)


U.S. Army Expands E-Learning Partnership with SkillSoft (Jan 23)


OutStart Ushers in the New Year with Record Results for 2006 (Jan 18)


National Retail Federation Foundation Selects GeoLearning for Distance-Learning Program (Jan 17)


RapideL Overcomes Challenges in Courseware Development, Project Management (Jan 10)


Paradigm Learning Launches Talent Leadership Program (Jan 9)


Revenue Storm Selects Learn.Com Platform to Provide Training (Jan 8)


Retailer Mervyns Selects GeoLearning's Hosted LMS Suite (Jan 8)


Sales Performance International launches GeoLearning’s Hosted LMS Suite (Jan 4)


Utica National Insurance Group Chooses GeoLearning (Jan 3)


Fidelity Expands LMS Functionality to Make Impact on Customer Relations (Jan 3)


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Reviews and Current Trends


2006 Salary Snapshot - What Drives Pay for Learning Professionals
(Jan 07)

The data shows that education level, years of experience, and geography affect earning power in the workplace learning and performance profession.

T+D Magazine
©2007 ASTD


Meet America's Learning Leaders (Jan 07)
These organizations stand out as shining examples of training best practices – from strong executive support and clear alignment with business goals to extremely good planning, management and sheer persistence.

Elearning!, ©2007 B2BMediaco


Value is eroded in the move to cut costs (Dec 06)

David Pardo summarises the findings of (UK) Training Trends 2006, an in-depth report looking at the five issues affecting the training function from the wider organisational point of view. IT Training, ©2006 Haymarket Specialist


Readers Select the Best of Elearning 2006 (Jan 07)

Which vendors are best in class? What do buyers really think? Which providers best solve the users' key business problems? More than 500 executives cast votes for the Best of Elearning! for 2006 and named 42 solutions. From Best LMS to Best Simulation Solution, these companies ranked as the leaders in their class. Elearning!, ©2007 B2BMediaco


Five Award-Winning Online Courses (Jan 07)

What started as an annual "10 Best" presentation at conferences has grown to a full-scale industry awards program, with 252 entries and more than 600 judges from 44 countries this year.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Sunny or Stormy - The Forecast for IT Employment in 2007 (Feb 07)

According to the “Robert Half Technology 2007 Salary Guide,” prospects are bright for IT professionals in many specialties. Firms continue to expand and, as a result, increase their investments in IT products and services.

CertMag, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Looking Forward - The Training Industry in 2007 (Jan 07)
With the war for talent in full swing, CLOs are thrust into a more strategic role as company leaders look to them to help address a wide range of talent management issue. Learning is no longer just about training — it's not seen as a strategic function that can transform a company into a high-performance organization. Chief Learning Officer, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


The next generation - Rising Stars (Dec 06)

The world of IT training is always changing, which could prove a golden opportunity for dynamic, young companies to take the market by storm. Let's look at some potential (UK) winners. IT Training, ©2006 Haymarket Specialist


E-Learning Predictions for 2007 from Kineo (Jan 07)

If you want to live in the future, you have to make it up, right? So we asked some of the industry’s big thinkers to peer through the looking glass to paint us a picture of where e-learning is headed in 2007. Some made bold predictions (all references to hover-boards have been removed). Some expressed their hopes, some their fears. Some didn’t respond in time for the deadline. They shall not go to the ball. ©2007


Top 10 Ways to Jump-start Learning and Performance in 2007 (Jan 07)

The view from Geo-Learning. Elearning!, ©2007 B2BMediaco


2007 - The Year of the Mission-Critical Workforce (Jan 07)

Seven of the 20 CEOs interviewed said they spent between 30% and 50% of their working time each month identifying, developing and retaining key talent.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Enterprise Learning and Talent Management - Predictions for 2007
(Jan 07)

Our goal with this report was to summarize the issues and areas every learning and HR executive should be considering in the months ahead. And, if you’re looking to justify investments or to get planning approval, this document could also serve as useful support since it summarizes much of the research conducted over 2006. ©2007 Bersin and Associates


What challenges will 2007 bring us? (Jan 07)

Simon Clayton looks forward to 2007 and offers some ideas about what the New Year will bring us. ©2007 CS Group


Learning Trends and Futures - 7 Changes that will Morph the Training Function (Jan 07)

Over the next three to five years, learning will move from Human Capital Management to Performance Support 3.0 to Next Generation Fingertip Knowledge. This evolution is changing the learning field "right in front of our eyes."  Seven key trends are merging to support this evolution. By Elliott Masie Elearning!, ©2007 B2BMediaco


LMS Implementation and Administration Survey Results (Jan 07)

The fourth survey in the Training Challenges Survey Series, conducted by Expertus and, focused on LMS implementation and administration and shows that customization is the biggest challenge.

©2007 Expertus/


Women Receive Less Coaching (Jan 07)
Women continue to lag behind men in the amount of coaching they receive.

T+D Magazine
©2007 ASTD


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Training Manager/Director Development


50 Signs of an Unhealthy Organisation (Jan 07)

Does your company need a health-check? See if any of these symptoms are familiar. ©2007 TrainingZONE


Strategic Versus Tactical - Do We Know the Difference? (Jan 07)

Once tactics dominate the landscape, irrelevance typically is quick to follow.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


The War for Talent (Jan 07)

The "War for Talent" is realigning corporate learning focus from skills development and performance improvement to building and supporting talent. This shift will require changes in organizational structures, technologies, priorities and practices. Elearning!, ©2007 B2BMediaco


Habits of Successful CLOs (Jan 07)

Make failure on the pathway to success an indicator that learning and experimentation really are happening...Elliott Masie.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Wanted - A CLO With Courage (Jan 07)
Chief learning officers don't simply provide companies with learning programs. They are responsible for fostering change in the workplace. It's a position that requires not just leadership and organizational skills but also considerable courage. Chief Learning Officer, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


New CLO, New Year, New Chance! (Jan 07)

There is no substitute for the active learning leadership of the most senior leader of your company. Chief Learning Officer, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Figuring Out What You’re Worth (Feb 07)
Determining whether you're fairly compensated can be one of the most frustrating aspects of any career. It always seems as if the grass is greener elsewhere, but how do you know? It takes an analysis of your experience, education, age, industry and more. CertMag,
©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc

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Selling and Marketing Education

No articles this month.


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Learning Media and Methods


The Science of Corporate Learning (Jan 07)
Many corporate learning programs might sound effective in theory. But in order to positively deliver in reality, learning leaders need to understand - on a scientific level - how learners learn.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Free your mind to the potential of open source (Dec 06)

Open source software is much more than a free alternative to Microsoft.

IT Training, ©2006 Haymarket Specialist


12 Unavoidable Truths About E-Learning (Jan 07)
Many organizations ignore basic realities about technology and learning, resulting in e-learning programs that are time-consuming to create, expensive to produce and deploy and don't change behaviors in the intended way. Building effective e-learning takes an understanding of 12 unavoidable truths.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Four technology tips for e-learning project managers (Jan 07)

E-learning project managers – we feel your pain. You have a tough job, managing strange projects that are part creative, part change management, part technology. We thought we’d lighten your load with some helpful tips on how technology can make your life a little easier. ©2007

Ten Tips for Rapid E-learning (Jan 07)

Learning design is still important. Elearning!, ©2007 B2BMediaco


Review - Articulate Presenter and Quizmaker (Jan 07)

Training Media Review asked a panel of 33 training and education professionals to rate the authoring tools they have used regularly. This review summarizes the comments of the panelists who have used Articulate.

©2007 Training Media Review


There is more to Flash than just cartoons (Jan 07)

In the 10 years since it was invented, Flash software has become ever more ubiquitous and useful. IT Training, ©2007 Haymarket Specialist


Time for Change (Jan 07)

New approaches have been sought to enable e-learners to reach a far higher level of knowledge understanding rather than simple knowledge transfer.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Serious Gaming - The Trainer's New Best Friend (Jan 07)
From language training to bank fraud detection, simulations can teach just about anything and make it fun.
T+D Magazine, ©2007 ASTD


Game Shows: A Viable Tool for Corporate Learning (Jan 07)
Think for a moment about all the drama and effort the average CLO puts forth in learning program development to keep learners’ attention. There’s the endless race to keep up with the latest and greatest learning technology, most of which was purposefully created to speed up learning for the average ADD (always doing disorder), multitasking employee. There are risqué icebreaker tactics, which can be risky in our potentially litigious, ultra-sensitive-beware-of-harassment society, and then there are the game shows.

CLOmedia, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Beyond Simple (and Boring) Multiple-Choice Questions (Jan 07)

Here are two alternatives to multiple-choice questions: drag-and-drop exercises and board games. Learning Circuits, ©2007 ASTD


Video Learning Content: The Next Training Wave? (Jan 07)
With the rise of YouTube and similar Web sites, watching videos via computer has become a mainstream activity. A stroll through the average office and a casual glance at many of the strategically placed computer screens there prove the point — it’s inevitable that people will watch videos on their computers. Instead of watching clips of local news mishaps, however, they also could be learning the ins and outs of their company’s newest product or service. Companies are beginning to use that assumption to further advance their video training solutions to a new generation of workers.

Training Prism, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


The Changing Face of Workplace Learning (Jan 07)
Mobile audio and video applications represent the steepest technology-based adoption curve that the training industry has ever seen.

T+D Magazine
©2007 ASTD


The Podcast Revolution (Jan 07)

Scary times for traditional trainers. Elearning!, ©2007 B2BMediaco


How Much Does It Cost to Create an Audio Podcast? (Jan 07)

For a simple audio podcast, all you need is a computer or personal media device with a sound card, an inexpensive or built-in microphone, sound editing software, and a broadband Internet connection with access to a website.

T+D Magazine, ©2007 ASTD


Whose Time is it Anyway? (Jan 07)
I recently have read many articles about the ever-evolving Web, and the topics range from information about what makes a cyber-criminal to “Google stalkers” (those who spend every moment trying to find out information on other people), “cheese podders” (those who spend their time hunting iTunes for cheesy music to put on others’ iPods), “cyberchondriacs” (those who will spend as much time as possible trying to diagnose the illness they do not have) and finally the “wikipediaholic.”
Training Prism, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


The eLearning Guild’s Handbook on Synchronous e-Learning (Jan 07)

This is intended for anyone who wants to produce, lead, or promote live, interactive learning events on the Web. ©2007 eLearningGuild


LCMS Adoption Trend (Jan 07)

28% of managers involved in content development have some type of LCMS installed, and 42% plan to acquire such a system, according to a new Bersin and Associates study. Drivers behind this LCMS adoption trend include the need to rapidly develop content, better automate content authoring, and manage large libraries of constantly changing content.

Training Magazine, ©2007 VNU Business Media


Alternative Training - What Does a PSS Do (Jan 07)

A performance support system (PSS) is a specialized knowledge management system that delivers role-specific content in a form to support employees quickly while they perform job tasks. Training Magazine, ©2007 VNU Business Media


Satellite Success - Is IDL Right for You (Jan 07)

Interactive distance learning-satellite (IDL) can be cost-effective and interactive, too. So, should you transmit training via satellite?

Training Magazine, ©2007 VNU Business Media


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Case Studies and Projects


Marist College Switches Web Conferencing Software (Jan 07)

Reduces costs and expands academic and administrative capabilities.
Elearning!, ©2007 B2BMediaco


Three Years of E-Learning on a Shoestring (Jan 07)
Leonard Cheshire, the UK’s leading disability care charity, has found that the best approach to cost-effective skills development in the voluntary sector involves the consortium approach. Now, three years on, Craig Brown, Leonard Cheshire’s IT training manager, discusses what has been learned and achieved.

©2007 TrainingZONE


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Measuring Education Value


The Holy Grail of Evaluation? (Jan 07)

Why are higher level evaluations so rarely undertaken when they are reckoned to be so valuable? ©2007 TrainingZONE


Managing Learning Function Performance (Jan 07)
It's easy to say a well-designed, balanced performance measurement system that drives appropriate stakeholder behaviors greatly reduces the likelihood of function failure. However, designing and executing such a performance measurement system is easier said than done.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Assessment Acumen - Do you have it? (Jan 07)

After taking years to assemble a well-crafted learning program, and recruiting instructors and subject matter experts (SMEs) competent enough to deliver it, you suddenly realize you don't know whether it's working. What you need is an assessment plan. Whether hands-on, online, in the classroom, or some perfected combination of the three, the experts agree, you need a way to measure the skills mastery of your learners.

Training Magazine, ©2007 VNU Business Media


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Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing

The Business of Training and Development (Jan 07)
The concept of "running training like a business" was first seriously discussed by Ed Trolley and David van Adelsberg in their 1999 book with the same title. Since that time, there have been numerous magazine articles, discussions, blogs, and books that basically addressed this same subject in some shape or form. As the years have passed, this topic continues to be popular, and discussions on how to achieve a business approach to training and development persist.
©2007 Training Industry, Inc

Global Collaboration and Outsourced Learning (Jan 07)
Modern, global business practices and interactions between employees and employers, as well as customers and the organizations that serve them, demand a concentrated focus on collaboration and cost-efficiency. The learning and development industry found a viable solution to the latter in outsourcing. Yet, collaboration remains an issue, one that can guarantee the success or failure of outsourced initiatives and consume any cost savings that an organization might have enjoyed otherwise. CLOmedia, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc

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Training Professional Topics

Be Smart About Money - Three Financial Tips for Consultants (Feb 07)

Money is not the root of all evil, but not having enough of it has inspired more evils than a body can count. As a consultant, you have to worry about money every day, because you’re not only your firm’s chief software designer but also its chief financial officer and head of sales.

CertMag, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc

Classroom Response Systems Speed Up Training Assessment (Dec 06)
With a classroom full of students, it often can be difficult to interact with everyone during a training session. Individual assessment often comes in the form of graded assignments and exams that are returned after the class has moved on to new material. With wireless classroom response systems, however, instructors can pose questions to the entire group and either project the responses for the class as a chart or quickly analyze specific students’ answers while class is still in session.

Training Prism
, ©2006 Media Tec Publishing Inc

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Education Administration

No articles this month.


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Skills Gap/Technical Certification


Partner-Driven, Customer-Ready: Novell’s Specialist Certifications

(Feb 07)
Information technology professionals must be able to meet the most aggressive demands on the business network. They must be qualified to implement technologies, deliver on high-profile business initiatives, troubleshoot complex problems and safeguard all business information within the environment.

CertMag, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


IBM: A Technical and Professional Development Mecca for IT (Feb 07)
For many IT professionals in the job market, whether they are actively looking for work or passively scouting around for new or better opportunities, IBM represents a kind of Holy Grail.
CertMag, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Ready For Immediate Dispatch (Dec 06)

It's been a slow start, but according to some retailers, RFID is about to make it big. Is the market ready for CompTIA's qualification?

IT Training, ©2006 Haymarket Specialist


Vendor-Neutral Foundations for Efficient Storage Certification (Feb 07)
Storage is one of the fastest-changing and fastest-growing markets in IT today. With the SNIA Storage Networking Certification Program (SNCP), storage professionals at all levels can develop a foundation of vendor-neutral, systems-level credentials.
CertMag, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


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And, Finally.....



After a few messages from Aesop, let's look at why we must adopt positive  thinking  - The Murphy's plough positive thinking story.

McGinty, a farmer, needed to plough his field before the dry spell set in, but his own plough had broken.

"I know, I'll ask my neighbour, farmer Murphy, to borrow his plough. He's a good man; I'm sure he'll have done his ploughing by now and he'll be glad to lend me his machine."

So McGinty began to walk the three or four fields to Murphy's farm.

After a field of walking, McGinty says to himself, "I hope that Murphy has finished all his own ploughing or he'll not be able to lend me his machine..."

Then after a few more minutes of worrying and walking, McGinty says to himself, "And what if Murphy's plough is old and on its last legs - he'll never be wanting to lend it to me will he?.."

And after another field, McGinty says, "Murphy was never a very helpful fellow, I reckon maybe he won't be too keen to lend me his plough even if it's in perfect working order and he's finished all his own ploughing weeks ago...."

As McGinty arrives at Murphy's farm, McGinty is thinking, "That old Murphy can be a mean old fellow. I reckon even if he's got all his ploughing done, and his own machine is sitting there doing nothing, he'll not lend it to me just so watch me go to ruin..."

McGinty walks up Murphy's front path, knocks on the door, and Murphy answers.

"Well good morning Mr McGinty, what can I do for you?" says Murphy.

And McGinty says, with eyes bulging, "You can take your bloody plough, and you can stick it up your bloody ****!"

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Feedback, please!


I would really like to get input from you, the readers.  Please give me your feedback and point me towards any article or source that you think the rest of the membership might enjoy. Thank you.


Mike Dowsey

Business Development Manager