CEdMA-Europe Members' Newsletter -
December 2007


Welcome to the twelfth and last CEdMA-Europe Members' Monthly Newsletter of 2007, which will be sent out at the end of December to CEdMA Europe members and to European colleagues of CEdMA USA members.

As usual, you will learn about updates to our forthcoming programme of events, and there is the collection of recent articles whose content is consistent with the important topics that you our members voted to cover in our recent Conferences.

The News section contains seven articles with the whole month's news, four of which contain individually dated press releases.

In Reviews and Current Trends, there are 13 reports, including the e-Learning Guild's 2008 Salary and Compensation Report, Brandon Hall's guide on buying e-Learning systems, tools and services, a survey of 100 tools for learning, Marc Rosenberg's six drivers and trends for learning and e-learning, the e-Learning Guild's full 360° Reports on Synchronous Learning Systems and Mobile Learning.

The Training Manager/Director Development articles follow the usual theme of providing useful support to you, so the 11 articles cover such items as dealing with difficult issues in training, communicating with your staff, the power of influence, political mapping, and choosing to change.

The are four articles in Selling and Marketing Education, on using your website to build your brand, training in direct marketing, using fundamental selling principles, and Lance Dublin's view on branding your e-Learning.

As usual, the Learning Media and Methods articles are many and varied (but only 13 this time!), covering experiential learning, going multi-modal, training globally using learning styles, the next generation of instructional designers, Learning 2.0, an e-Learning Guild report on working with e-Learning tools, a review of Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional, lessons from a Second Life tour of IBM's island, and how to a learning community for support.

Case Studies and Projects has two articles, on projects within CA and Toyota.

Measuring Education Value has two articles, one on evaluation and ROI and the other by Kirkpatrick on seven keys to unlock his four levels of evaluation.

Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing has a single article on increasing ROI through the use of an Electronic Performance Support System.

There are six articles in Training Professional Topics, on commanding respect in the classroom, being a practitioner as well as a performer, emotional eloquence, 12 tips for training transfer to the workplace, telecommuting, and joining an IT association.

Finally, in Skills Gap/Technical Certification  there are three articles, about tips for testing, moving into IT with a certification, and the family of enterprise WLAN certifications.







23 January, "What will be the next big thing for the Training Market?"

The overwhelming choice to start the year was a workshop dedicated to what big thing or things we are likely to see which may change the way we our future business goes. This will take place at CA Datchet on Wednesday 23 January from 1300 to 1700.

Helping us look at the "traditional" IT Training market will be David Pardo, MD of Pardo Fox whose IT Skills Research work is widely-known and well-respected in the IT Training industry. New products are hitting the market, customer expectations are changing, and learning technologies are evolving all the time. Clearly, training providers can't afford to stand still. But forecasts of the impact of these innovations – and of the speed with which they will be adopted – are frequently over-optimistic. His session will explore emerging trends on both the supply and demand sides of the training industry, examine where they might be leading, and attempt to identify The Next Big Thing!

We are also going to discover just exactly what "Second Life" is and how it will become important in the training business. Some US colleagues of CEdMA Europe Members have already started experimenting, but we are very fortunate to welcome Dave Taylor, Web 2.0 and Virtual Worlds Manager at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), which is one of the first national research laboratories to exist in Second Life - an online three-dimensional world where users can explore, build, socialise, collaborate, learn and participate in their own economy. Dave has 2 years experience of its use in education, training and collaboration and blogs about some of his projects here.


1300 Coffee
1330 Introduction - Mike
1335 Trends and surprises for the IT Training Market - David Pardo
1500 Break and Networking
1530 Second Life and its relevance to Training - Dave Taylor
1655 Summary
1700 Close

Please let Mike know if you or any of your colleagues will be attending, so that we can make sure we have enough seats, coffee, biscuits, and so on.

12 March, "Increasing Penetration in the Installed Base"

If you are getting to the end of the first quarter and are struggling with that increased revenue target (isn't that everyone?), you really should be looking at how to "milk" the installed base, so this workshop at SAP Bedfont is a "must-attend". We'll follow our successful formula of having a facilitated session which will be documented as a "Best Practice" paper.

11 June, "Coping with Change"

This workshop at Symantec Reading will address a number of issues under the umbrella of "Coping with Change", including Mergers and Acquisitions, the resulting training integration, supporting global accounts and handling global deals, and keeping it legal. Again, "Best Practice" papers will result from the discussions.

Note: we are moving to workshops on Wednesdays in 2008.

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Conference - 8-9 May: "Routes to Market"





The Spring Conference will take place at the superb Marriott Forest of Arden Hotel and Country Club which is conveniently situated within a 10-mile radius of Birmingham, Coventry and Warwick, seven miles from Birmingham International Airport and close to the A45 and M42.

The Theme is "Routes to Market" and there will be sessions on different routes to market, increasing the attach rate, using the web as a sales channel, telesales, and selling via an external channel.

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Recent Articles from the Education and Training Press



From ASTD's The Buzz - Worldwide Training Industry News (Nov 07)
Abstract News ©2007 Information Inc

From ASTD's The Buzz - Worldwide Training Industry News (Dec 07)
Abstract News ©2007 Information Inc

Quick News Digest from IT Skills Research (Dec 07)

Industry News from IT Skills Research (Dec 07)

IT Training Press Releases (Dec 07)

Industry News Headlines from CLOmedia (Dec 07)

E-Learning Market Briefing from Kineo (Dec 07)
Many of those big predictions became a reality in the e-learning market, and as a result it’s been quite a year. Steve Rayson looks back over the big developments of 2007 in the e-learning market in the UK and US.

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Reviews and Current Trends


The e-Learning Guild 2008 Salary and Compensation Report (Dec 07)

The USA report says that the average salary of a person who lives in the United States and works in e-Learning is $78,723. The Canadian report says that the average salary of a Canadian e-Learning professional is $73,630.
©2007 The eLearning Guild (Warning 8Mb and 4Mb, respectively)


2007 e-Learning Predictions - How did the Experts do? (Dec 07)
You know how it goes. Start of year, get out crystal ball. Ask experts what is going to happen. Then promptly forget to check predictions at end of the year. Fortunately, we set an Outlook reminder…we’ve dusted off those grand predictions from Jane Hart, Donald Clark, Charles Jennings and others to see if their January wish has come true this Christmas.


The Future of Learning and Work (Dec 07)

Big thinkers forecast the next big moves. T+D Magazine, ©2007 ASTD


How to Buy E-Learning Systems, Tools, and Services (Dec 07)

This report looks at the key things to consider when purchasing learning technology products and services, and provides the ability to create short lists based on requirements then comparisons to make informed buying decisions.

©2007 Brandon Hall Research


Top 100 Tools for Learning 2007 (Sep 07)

This list has been compiled from the Top 10 Tools lists submitted by learning professionals throughout the world. Here are the tables.
©2007 Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies


The Future of Learning and e-Learning - Six Drivers and Trends (Dec 07)

Marc Rosenberg explores the trends that that he sees for the future of workplace learning. What is the new definition of blended learning? How will Web 2.0 revolutionize learning? ASTD Webinar, ©2007 Marc J Rosenberg


Raising the Bar for Training and Productivity with Web Collaboration (Nov 07)

A Frost and Sullivan report on synchronous e-Learning.
©2007 Frost and Sullivan


Web Conferencing's Expanding Role in Training (Mar 07)

This Wainhouse Research report looks at how Web conferencing is creating a fundamental paradigm shift in the training world. ©2007 Wainhouse Research


360° Report on Synchronous Learning Systems - Full Report (Jun 07)

This report underscores the significant variations among the available tools, highlighting differences in features, ease-of-use, Guild member satisfaction, and costs. As varied as the tools are, the techniques for deploying engaging synchronous learning are also varied, and the report unveils differences in practice among organizations that report a strong ROI vis-a-vis those that report a poor ROI. The report also examines future directions in synchronous learning, and in particular, the integration of synchronous learning with 3D virtual social worlds. ©2007 The eLearning Guild (Warning 9Mb)


360° Report on Mobile Learning - Full Report (Aug 07)

Mobile technologies are having a profound global impact on business, education, and culture. As an e-Learning professional you must consider the learning possibilities made available by mobile devices. Your e-Learning strategy may not require it now, or even soon, but m-Learning is quickly becoming a reality that business, government, and education cannot ignore. Mobile Learning, or m-Learning, is moving beyond the innovation stage and into full implementation among corporate, education, and government institutions. ©2007 The eLearning Guild (Warning 5Mb)


The Big Shift - Who's in charge of Learning? (Dec 07)

Pat McLagan discusses how will the diverse new worker generation change learning in the workforce. ASTD Webinar, ©2007


Training 2008 - World View, Focus on India (Dec 07)

India has adopted an amalgam of "what has worked in the past" when it comes to training—combining both Western and traditionally Indian approaches. Training Magazine, © 2007 Nielsen Business Media, Inc

What things cost (Dec 07)

What does it cost to perform a personality assessment.

T+D Magazine, ©2007 ASTD


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Training Manager/Director Development


Dealing With Difficult Issues In Training

Dealing with difficult issues in training is not easy, nor is there a ready-made formula for how to deal with them, but responsibly leading a group through difficult issues is one of the most rewarding, humbling, and deepening experiences we can have as trainers. Links, ©2007 ASTD


Training 2008 - Say What? (Dec 07)

Posting announcements on the intranet, holding teleconferences, or scheduling half a dozen meetings is not the same as substantive communication. Here are some simple but solid strategies to make communication a reality rather than an illusion around your office.

Training Magazine, © 2007 Nielsen Business Media, Inc


Instead of Changing with the Times, Shape the Future (Dec 07)
Leaders must take control of changing times by strategically transforming the organization. Chief Learning Officer, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Training 2008 - Welcome to the New Global Frontier (Dec 07)

Successful global leaders share a set of core values, such as integrity, excellence, respect, and perseverance, and a set of traits such as desiring to learn, enjoying differences, and seeking to understand others.

Training Magazine, © 2007 Nielsen Business Media, Inc


Corporate Learning in 2008 (Dec 07)

The new challenge is to develop content rapidly, make it highly accessible and integrate it into workflow.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Training 2008 - Beyond Training (Dec 07)

The definition of learning must be changed from just providing knowledge and skills to identifying and removing all barriers that impede effective individual and organizational performance.
Training Magazine, © 2007 Nielsen Business Media, Inc


Forever Beta (Dec 07)
Everything is connected to everything else. That’s the heart of the network age. And it’s why every product is beta.

Chief Learning Officer,
©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Training Millennials (Dec 07)
Who are the millennials? And are you designing and developing the “right” mix of learning to reach this generation?

Chief Learning Officer, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Training 2008 - The Power of Influence (Dec 07)

If trainers learn to assemble six sources of influence, they can help leaders produce profound, rapid, and sustainable behavior change in their organizations.

Training Magazine, © 2007 Nielsen Business Media, Inc


Political Mapping (Dec 07)

Political Mapping is a way of assessing the importance of various stakeholders in a meeting or other presentation and determining the impact they may have on your desired outcomes. The technique involves considering every individual’s degree of potential influence on a decision or direction while also taking into account his or her existing position on the matter. ©2007 Tony Jeary


Training 2008 - Choosing to Change (Dec 07)

Ownership, capability, and persistence are the three attributes people need to embrace and/or lead change.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


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Selling and Marketing Education


Using Your Website to Build Your Brand (Dec 07)
Wouldn't it be great if you could put the right words into the mouths of everyone who works for your company—from receptionist to sales representative to customer service representative to the person who actually delivers the service? Your website offers you just that opportunity. Links,
©2007 ASTD


Training in Direct Marketing (Dec 07)

While direct marketing is subject to ridicule for its unwanted solicitations through the mail or by phone or email, direct marketing ensures your contact with clients and springs clients into action. Links, ©2007 ASTD


Training 2008 - Have It Your Way (Dec 07)

How to use fundamental selling principles to get what you want.
Training Magazine, © 2007 Nielsen Business Media, Inc


Training 2008 - Brand Your E-Learning (Dec 07)

Lance Dublin explains how to prepare your organization and market to your learners to ensure the ROI on your e-learning investment.
Training Magazine,
© 2007 Nielsen Business Media, Inc


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Learning Methods and Media


Beyond the Basics of Experiential Learning (Dec 07)

Adequate preparation, before and after a learning exercise, can make all the difference. T+D Magazine, ©2007 ASTD


Training 2008 - Going Multimodal (Dec 07)

Remembering the three golden rules when creating multimodal courses can lead to learners' behavioral change and improved work performance.

Training Magazine, © 2007 Nielsen Business Media, Inc


The World of Learning Evolves Globally (Dec 07)

Trainers should assess training globally using learning styles, not culture.

T+D Magazine, ©2007 ASTD


The Next Generation of Instructional Designers (Dec 07)

As the world changes around them, instructional designers continue to approach their jobs in the same ways that they have for decades. We need key changes, but they have less to do with technology than with re-examining the designer’s role and how we fulfill it. This article presents ideas about how the instructional designer’s job needs to evolve away from content development. ©2007 The eLearning Guild

Threaded Discussion Tips for Designers (Dec 07)

Distance education presents many challenges to the instructor. Threaded discussions, or forums, are a powerful tool, but there is relatively little advice for using them effectively. This article follows up an earlier overview of threaded discussions with specific “how to” points for instructors and for students.
©2007 The eLearning Guild


Learning 2.0 - Using Web 2.0 to Create Effective Informal Learning
(Dec 07)

Organizations eager to leverage people management solutions to enhance performance may be surprised to discover that informal learning has the potential to have an even greater impact on an organization’s success than classes and classic training offerings. This seismic shift, made possible by the emergence of so-called Web 2.0 technologies, has resulted in a concept frequently referred to as Learning 2.0, described in this webinar.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


162 Tips and Tricks for Working with e-Learning Tools (Dec 07)

This is an amazing collection of tips from 162 professionals. Nowhere will you find a more comprehensive set of tips that you can use for working with e-Learning Tools. ©2007 The eLearning Guild


Here's How to Save Time and Money Building Your Next E-Learning Course (Dec 07)

Unless you work for the Count of Monte Cristo, you most likely have limited resources to build your e-learning courses.  So any opportunity to save time (and money) is a good thing. Rapid E-Learning Blog, ©2007 Creative Commons


Training 2008 - Building Engaging E-Learning Modules (Dec 07)

Although e-learning activities can vary significantly in complexity, form, and learning engagement, the most effective activities include elements that motivate the learner to attempt, succeed, and actually learn.
Training Magazine, © 2007 Nielsen Business Media, Inc


Product Review - Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional (Dec 07)

As high-speed internet access and computing power increase, more organizations are turning to collaborative and synchronous software for e-Learning. Here's an in-depth look at one of the market leaders in this area.

©2007 The eLearning Guild


Using the Wrong Images Can Confuse Your Learners (Nov 07)

Studies show that using images and text to represent your ideas is more effective than just using text.  The key is choosing the right images because those same studies show that images with no purpose can actually make learning harder. Rapid E-Learning Blog, ©2007 Creative Commons


Lessons From a Second Life Tour of IBM's Almaden Island (Dec 07)

Virtual worlds such as Second Life are attracting interest from organizations as platforms for learning. Also known as immersive environments, these systems can provide many significant advantages over other learning strategies. As with anything, knowing the basics is crucial before deciding. By understanding what virtual worlds are, their uses as a learning technology, what differentiates them from other learning technologies, and their pros and cons, businesses are
able to make a more informed decision regarding using virtual worlds for learning.
©2007 Brandon Hall Research


How to Use a Learning Community for Support (Dec 07)
This rapid guide explains why you should establish a learning community, the benefits learning communities can deliver, the critical success factors involved,
the role of the facilitator/moderator, and  the barriers and how to overcome them.


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Case Studies and Projects


Extending your LMS beyond internal learners (Dec 07)
In webinar, CA shared how they are using a single LMS to provide learning to their worldwide audience of employees, partners and end-user customers.

©2007 CA


Training 2008 - Leaner E-Learning (Dec 07)

The University of Toyota applies its parent company’s "lean" approach to developing e-learning courses, utilizing a single set of development standards, benchmarks, and best practices.

Training Magazine, © 2007 Nielsen Business Media, Inc


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Measuring Education Value


Evaluation, ROI and True Professionalism (Jul 07)

Comparing learning to a course of drugs and training professionals to doctors, Paul Kearns questions how often the 'medication' is working. He argues that evaluation is a test of professionalism in L&D. ©2007 TrainingZONE


Training 2008 - Evaluation Time (Dec 07)

Here are seven keys for unlocking Kirkpatrick's four levels of evaluation, by Kirkpatrick himself. Training Magazine, © 2007 Nielsen Business Media, Inc


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Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing


Training 2008 - Supporting Roles (Dec 07)

Looking for a tenfold return on investment throughout your electronic performance support system's lifecycle? Performance-Centred Design (PCD) may be the answer. Training Magazine, © 2007 Nielsen Business Media, Inc


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Training Professional Topics

Adventures in Teaching (Jan 08)

Success as a teacher requires the ability to command the respect of a classroom full of students. But, methods to accomplish this can vary widely, as can their effectiveness, as one computer instructor found out the hard way.

CertMag, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


The Payoff for Being Both a Practitioner and a Performer (Dec 07)

“How do you yourself keep balance in your life?”  attendees frequently ask me after a speech.  “I don’t—I just TALK about it.”  That flippant line typically gets a chuckle before I attempt to give a more “serious” response.  But through the years, I’ve noticed that the most successful presenters practice and perfect what they preach. Audiences, whether internal or external, expect a practitioner—someone who’s developed deep expertise from their actual work in the topic area—not just a performer. ©2007 Dianna Booher


Emotional Eloquence (Dec 07)

As a speaking coach, I work with speakers of all levels on their stories and speeches. I coach them on content and delivery – what I call the mechanics and the dynamics of speaking. The end goal is for my students to become more persuasive and effective speakers. My challenge has been to help them make the shift from talking at people to having a meaningful conversation. It’s the difference between persuasion and motivation vs. command and control. Persuasion is an invitation, not a command. ©2007 Doug Stevenson


Twelve Tips for Training Transfer to the Workplace (Dec 07)

Can you turn your training participants into learning magnets who can’t wait to attend their next training opportunity? What participants do during the training session makes all the difference to training transfer to the workplace. Use these twelve ideas to address complaints about training (I don’t have time; it’s a waste of time; my boss won’t let me do anything I learn anyway) and spark improved performance with training transfer to your workplace. ©2007 About, Inc


Phoning It In - Telecommuting Systems and Networks Engineer (Jan 08)

Ever wish your morning commute could be whittled down to a distance of 50 feet or less? With fuel costs headed ever upward, it makes sense that IT pros are telecommuting more. But, it takes discipline and solid remote access to work a high-tech job from home five days a week.
CertMag, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Band of Brothers - Why You Should Join an IT Association (Jan 08)

Joining an IT association is worth much more than the various discounts and benefits you will likely be offered with your membership. Doing so can also provide a crucial boost to your career, from a networking perspective and beyond. CertMag, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


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Education Administration

No articles this month.


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Skills Gap/Technical Certification


Training 2008 - Testing Tips (Dec 07)

Creating a fair test or certification requires more than asking the first 20 questions that come to mind. Here are some important questions to ask yourself before you consider what to ask your learners.

Training Magazine, © 2007 Nielsen Business Media, Inc


Making the IT Leap - How to Move Into the Industry (Jan 08)

It’s not just fledgling techies and students getting into IT: Professionals from all different industries look to get into the field. So, here we present tips on how individuals in other industries can best market themselves to enter IT, as well as discuss what will likely greet a person upon initial entry to the industry.

CertMag, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Enterprise WLAN - Still Growing (Jan 08)

The CWNP family of enterprise WLAN certifications - CWNA, CWSP and CWNE - can help you keep pace with the growing enterprise market for 802.11 WLAN products. CertMag, ©2007 Media Tec Publishing Inc


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And, Finally.....




The Swimming Pool Story (reviews and assessments, assessing people, things are not always what they seem)

Fred and Mabel were both patients in a mental hospital. One day as they both walked beside the swimming pool, Mabel jumped into the deep end and sank to the bottom. Without a thought for his own safety, Fred jumped in after her, brought her to the surface, hauled her out, gave her the kiss of life and saved her.

The next day happened to be Fred's annual review. He was brought before the hospital board, where the director told him, "Fred, I have some good news and some bad news: the good news is that in light of your heroic act yesterday we consider that you are sane and can be released from this home back into society. The bad news is, I'm afraid, that Mabel, the patient you saved, shortly afterwards hung herself in the bathroom with the belt from her bathrobe. I'm sorry but she's dead."

"She didn't hang herself," Fred replied, "I put her there to dry."

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Mike Dowsey

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