CEdMA-Europe Members' Newsletter -
June 2008


Welcome to the June edition of the CEdMA-Europe Members' Monthly Newsletter, which will be sent to CEdMA Europe members and to European colleagues of CEdMA USA members. Please note that from now on, the date on the newsletter will be the beginning of the month rather than the end.

As usual, you will learn about updates to our forthcoming programme of events, and there is the collection of recent articles whose content is consistent with the important topics that you our members voted to cover in our recent Conferences.

The News section contains eight articles with the whole month's news, three of which contain individually dated press releases.

In Reviews and Current Trends, there are nine reports, several of which address the effect of the current economy.

The Training Manager/Director Development articles follow the usual theme of providing useful support to you, so the seven articles cover items relevant to training management under pressure.

As usual, the Learning Media and Methods articles are many and varied (14 this time), covering methods (four), synchronous (four), development (five) and  LMS (one).

Case Studies and Projects has three articles, all about specific companies.

Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing has three articles, one on outsourcing and two on containing costs.

There are two articles in Training Professional Topics, on related IT roles.

Finally, in Skills Gap/Technical Certification  there are six articles, four on skills, one on help desks and one on a specific certification program.







11 June, "More on How to Market Education"

Following a strong recommendation from the attendees at the May Conference, this workshop at Symantec Reading will address the complete process of Campaign Management into Lead Generation and follow through Telesales.

John Claricoates from Quantum Marketing will set the scene with examples from recent work. After the break,there will be a facilitated discussion bringing out the experiences of members, both good and not-so-good.


1300 Coffee
1330 Introduction - Mike
1345 Campaign Management -
John Claricoates, Quantum Marketing
1500 Break and Networking
1530 Campaign Management - discussion
1645 Summary
1700 Close

Here's your printable agenda.

Please let Mike know if you or any of your colleagues will be attending, so that we can make sure we have enough seats, coffee, biscuits, and so on.

Note: we are holding workshops on Wednesdays in 2008.

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Conference 6-7 November: "Focus on the Customer"





The Autumn Conference will take place at a City Centre location in Bristol..

The theme is "Focus on the Customer", a topic area voted by you the members as being the most pressing in the current environment.

We expect to cover customer topics such as ROI, Customer Experiences, Creating Loyalty, a Customer’s viewpoint,  a Buyers’ feedback, plus with Creative Thinking for personal development. 


Please put the date in your diary now!

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Recent Articles from the Education and Training Press



From ASTD's The Buzz - Worldwide Training Industry News (May 08)
Abstract News ©2008 Information Inc

Quick News Digest from IT Skills Research (May 08)

Industry News from IT Skills Research (May 08)

IT Training Press Releases (May 08)

Industry News Headlines from CLOmedia (May 08)

Market Monitor 2008 Q1 (from IT Skills Research) - May 08

© IT Skills Research Programme 1998-2008, last modified 23 May 08


Update fom IT Training (May 08)

A round-up of latest news and developments for IT training professionals.

© 2008 BCS

E-Learning Market Update from Kineo (May 08)
This month, e-Learning trends in the USA,

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Reviews and Current Trends


Learning on the Campaign Trail (May 08)

This year’s U.S. presidential campaign is a fascinating case study for the deployment of new models of learning, performance support and content.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2008 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Leaders of the Pack (May 08)

The top 50 training companies have had a financially successful year overall, with the market having gradually recovered. IT Training, © 2008 BCS


Boom or bust - Is the training industry in crisis (May 08)

Is the training industry on the verge of a recession, as research by Common Purpose looks set to predict? Or, with recent news of a record £38bn spend on training last year, have things never been better? ©2008 TrainingZONE


Elastic Training Dollars (May 08)

New challenges arise as executives demand more for less.

T+D Magazine, ©2008 ASTD


Changes in Learning and Development Staffing (May 08)

Learning executives surround themselves with talented professionals to accomplish their goals. This month, members of the CLO Business Intelligence Board share their thoughts about staffing trends.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2008 Media Tec Publishing Inc


I am an IT trainer and proud of it (May 08)

Jooli Atkins starts her new column on by asking IT trainers to stand up and be counted, in a bid to gain more respect from HR.
©2008 TrainingZONE


Surveillance increases in the Workplace (May 08)

Employers are increasingly focusing on what employees are doing at the office besides working. T+D Magazine, ©2008 ASTD


Number Crunch (May 08)

When uttered in foreign policy circles, talk of "Old Europe" rankles Europeans, but when disucssed in the workplace, the demographics of aging are a very real phenomenon. T+D Magazine, ©2008 ASTD


CIOs Report Low Outsourcing Rates (May 08)

CIOs at companies that have engaged in offshore outsourcinI am an IT trainer and proud of it (May 08)g but currently do not were surveyed. T+D Magazine, ©2008 ASTD


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Training Manager/Director Development


Stormy Weather (May 08)

All too often, CEOs are the last to acknowledge troubled times, but dire economic forecasts have opened their eyes. T+D Magazine, ©2008 ASTD


The Importance of Form Factor (May 08)

I recently had an experience in which I learned a valuable lesson about the importance of form factor, or the literal form learning takes when consumed.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2008 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Why (most) training is useless (May 08)

Start developing skills; stop wasting time. T+D Magazine, ©2008 ASTD


Secret Fears of Successful CLOs (May 08)

We all churn to get things done and strive to look good while doing it. Unfortunately, we often choose to hide our anxieties, even from ourselves.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2008 Media Tec Publishing Inc


The six sins of client contact (May 08)

I've noticed the emergence recently of six sins of client engagement, where the client is the business manager rather than the learner. © 2008 BCS


Building Exceptional Virtual Learning Teams (May 08)

In today’s new workplace, virtual teams are the status quo. How can you build an exceptional team in a cross-functional, virtual work environment?

Chief Learning Officer, ©2008 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Uncovering the Unconnected Employee (May 08)

Eight ways employees who don't network can hurt your business.

T+D Magazine, ©2008 ASTD


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Selling and Marketing Education

No articles this month.


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Learning Methods and Media


Engagement and the Evolution of Classroom-Based Training (May 08)

Classroom-based learning has changed a great deal in the past few years due to innovations in technologies and methodologies.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2008 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Do I Have Your Attention - Design Practices Help Learners Engage
(May 08)

Effective e-Learning design practices must do more than just package content for delivery. They must result in products that get, and keep, the learner’s attention, while also facilitating strengthened processing and memory, in other words, learning. Doing this well requires some knowledge of the way the brain works, and this week’s author helps you connect knowledge about brain function to what you already know about instructional design.

©2008 eLearningGuild


Learning Through Metaphors (May 08)

Metaphoric learning is a method that takes participants out of their familiar surroundings and gives them the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new world. Chief Learning Officer, ©2008 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Learner-Driven Content - The Next Wave in Development (May 08)

The line between student and expert is being blurred as employees in all positions and at all levels are contributing to learning content.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2008 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Creating Velocity for Online Learning Using Web Conferencing (May 07)
Wainhouse Research surveyed over 450 training professionals regarding their attitudes and use cases for Web conferencing to support structured and ad hoc training.
© 2007 Wainhouse Research


144 Tips on Synchronous e-Learning (May 08)

The eLearning Guild conducted a survey of its members, asking for their favorite tips relating to strategies for effectively creating, managing, and using synchronous e-Learning. ©2008 eLearningGuild


How to Reach Your Customer Base with Online Training (Dec 07)
This 1080 group white paper describes why organizations are turning to online training, the best practices for online training programs , and how to track your results to see if your content needs revising.
© 2007 1080 group


Adobe Upgrades Acrobat Connect Pro to Version 7 (May 08)
Everything changes, including software. In this case, Adobe is releasing Version 7 of its Web conferencing and training solution. Here's a guided tour through the latest changes and improvements to Acrobat Connect Pro.
©2008 eLearningGuild

Working with Grouped Clip Art (May 08)
One way to save money on your e-learning project is to create custom graphics using the clip art that comes with Microsoft PowerPoint.  You do this by ungrouping, editing, and regrouping the clip art. 
Rapid E-Learning Blog,
©2008 Creative Commons


Time Saving Tips for Your Next Software Demo (May 08)

There are many ways to approach software training.  You can make it as complex or simple as you want.  It really depends on your needs and the software.  I’m not going to go into great detail about how to design software training.  However, I will show you some simple tips and tricks that are effective and generally easy to do.  Using them has saved me a lot of time.

Rapid E-Learning Blog, ©2008 Creative Commons


5 Ways to Bring the Web Inside Your E-Learning Courses (May 08)

One of my favorite features of some rapid e-learning tools is their ability to insert a Web object.  What’s so cool about it is that whatever you can do online or with a Web technology, you can pretty much add to your rapid e-learning course.  That’s a lot of power and it’s super easy to do. 

Rapid E-Learning Blog, ©2008 Creative Commons


Breaking the Sound Barrier (May 08)

Podcasts are a powerful tool for trainers looking to teach communication skills.

T+D Magazine, ©2008 ASTD


Visual Design for e-Learning Video Production - An Introduction (May 08)
Video is the original rapid technology for supporting learning. As video becomes easier to produce, more common on the Web, and more available to learners via high-speed connections, e-Learning designers must become skilled in its use. As a visual medium, video has its own vocabulary and syntax, and learners already know how to interpret it. Designers, unfortunately, continue to use design models adapted from earlier types of instruction, and these are not effective. Here’s the key to understanding how to use video's conventions to create powerful e-Learning! ©2008 eLearningGuild


Learning Management Systems 2008 (May 08)

The eLearningGuild  360° Report on Learning Management Systems shows, among other things, that 42.1% of Guild members consider LMS support for Blogs, Wikis, Pod-casts, and Immersive Learning Simulations (ILS) to be very important, and 36.2% consider support for informal learning initiatives as very important. ©2008 eLearningGuild (Warning 8 Mb)


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Case Studies and Projects


The Way We Learn Now (May 08)
Cisco Networking Academy brings 21 st Century education to connected learners.
Learning Circuits, © 2008 ASTD


LCMS Supports Clinical Training (May 08)

With OutStart LCMS, Challenger builds world's largest electronic library for clinical training. Learning Circuits, © 2008 ASTD


Consistency through Change (May 08)

Altiris joins with MicroTek to streamline global learning.

T+D Magazine, ©2008 ASTD


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Measuring Education Value

No articles this month.


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Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing


Recession-Proof your Training Organization (May 08)

When times turn tough, your colleagues in the C-suite have two things on their mind. The first is creating top-line revenue. The second is driving down costs.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2008 Media Tec Publishing Inc


Using Single Source Publishing to Get You through a Recession (May 08)

The silver lining emerging from the recession cloud may be the trend towards single sourcing. Learning Circuits, © 2008 ASTD


Hexaware Technologies - The Other Side of Offshoring (Jun 08)

With development centers in India, Germany and Mexico and offices in North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim of Asia, Hexaware has taken IT hiring global. CertMag, ©2008 Media Tec Publishing Inc


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Training Professional Topics

Business Analyst Vital to Project Success (Apr 08)

Over the last several years the role of the Business Analyst has been increasing in prominence and the BA is now seen as a pivotal player in a successful IT project.  The role has been around since the mainframe days in various forms, but the influence of the analyst seemed to wane as business moved to implement networks of personal computers.  What has caused the reemergence of the BA as a central member of the project team?
© 2008 Bluestone Media, LLC


New Opportunities and Challenges: Are Application Developers Ready? (Jun 08)

As voice and the Web synch up more day by day, the field is wide open for application developers. Unified communication is expanding what already was an exciting field. CertMag, ©2008 Media Tec Publishing Inc


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Education Administration

No articles this month.


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Skills Gap/Technical Certification


Credit where it's due (May 08)

UK initiative strives to address nationwide learning challenges.

T+D Magazine, ©2008 ASTD


How to Overcome the IT Skills Challenge (May 08)
Is there a shortage of IT professionals in the workforce? Some people swear it's bad and getting worse. Others say there's absolutely no evidence of a real shortage of IT talent. © 2008 Bluestone Media, LLC


IT skills - a crisis waiting to happen? (May 08)

The IT industry is facing its toughest challenge yet. Robert Chapman paints a bleak picture of companies going bust while IT salaries soar - and all because of a lack of a skilled IT workforce. He calls for the government to provide tax breaks for training, and says that the IT industry will soon be beyond the point of no return. ©2008 TrainingZONE


Competency Management - Cracking the Code (May 08)

Approaches to clarify the competencies confusion.
T+D Magazine, ©2008 ASTD


Where Have All the Help Desks Gone (Jun 08)

For decades now, help desks and other forms of IT support have served as a vital place for fledgling techies to cut their teeth. But with this function moving overseas, where do IT pros get their start?
©2008 Media Tec Publishing Inc


GIAC - The Hands-On IT Security Certification (Jun 08)

The Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) program has credentialed more than 20,000 professionals by offering 25 different IT security certifications tailored to specific skill sets. CertMag, ©2008 Media Tec Publishing Inc


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And, Finally.....




The Soldiers and the Trench story (Leadership)

The story goes that sometime, close to a battlefield over 200 years ago, a man in civilian clothes rode past a small group of exhausted battle-weary soldiers digging an obviously important defensive position. The section leader, making no effort to help, was shouting orders, threatening punishment if the work was not completed within the hour.

"Why are you are not helping?" asked the stranger on horseback.

"I am in charge. The men do as I tell them," said the section leader, adding, "Help them yourself if you feel strongly about it."

To the section leader's surprise the stranger dismounted and helped the men until the job was finished.

Before leaving the stranger congratulated the men for their work, and approached the puzzled section leader.

"You should notify top command next time your rank prevents you from supporting your men - and I will provide a more permanent solution," said the stranger.

Up close, the section leader now recognized General Washington, and also the lesson he'd just been taught.

(This story is allegedly based on truth. Whatever, similar examples are found in history, and arise in modern times too, so please forgive the mythical possibility of the above attribution; the story's message is more important than its historical accuracy.)

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Feedback, please!


I would really like to get input from you, the readers.  Please give me your feedback and point me towards any article or source that you think the rest of the membership might enjoy. Thank you.


Mike Dowsey

Business Development Manager



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