CEdMA-Europe Members' Newsletter - March 2009


Welcome to the March edition of the CEdMA-Europe Members' Monthly Newsletter, which will be sent to CEdMA Europe members and to European colleagues of CEdMA USA members. Please note that from now on, the date on the newsletter will be the beginning of the month rather than the end.

As usual, you will learn about updates to our forthcoming programme of events, and there is the collection of recent articles whose content is consistent with the important topics that you our members voted to cover in our recent Conferences.

The News section contains four articles with the whole month's news, three of which contain individually dated news items.

In Reviews and Current Trends, there are 15 reports, many of which are addressing the current economic crisis but some relate to Trainingís Top 125. There is also a UK Salary report.

The Training Manager/Director Development articles follow the usual theme of providing useful support to you, so the 15 articles cover a range of management topics.

As usual, the Learning Media and Methods articles are many and varied (19 this time), covering blended learning, e-Learning, and other technologies.

Case Studies and Projects has seven articles, all about specific companies.

Measuring Education Value has two articles, both on ROI.

There are two articles in Process/Managing Costs/Outsourcing, both looking at outsourcing.

There are eight articles in Training Professional Topics, which are either personnel-related or about presentation techniques.

In Skills Gap/Technical Certification  there is one article about Apple's cert program.

Finally, in the new section called Webinars and Podcasts, there are three webinars, including the latest CEdMA USA Virtual Classroom SIG, an Elliott Masie presentation, and a webcast describing how to run successful marketing webcasts.

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18 March, "Online Learning in 2010 - The Emperor's New Clothes"

The CEdMA Europe Spring 2009 Workshop will take place at SAP Bedfont on Wednesday 12 March from 1300 to 1700.

At the recent November Conference, attendees voted for this topic very highly for our 2009 programme.

Professor Steve Molyneux is one of the leading experts in the use of Information and Communication technology to support Education and Training in the UK. His expertise scans a wide range of sectors from compulsory Education to Industry and Military Training and is frequently asked to participate in ʻBlue Skiesʼ consultation at a National and International level. He is currently an Independent Consultant for a number of National and International Organisations including Corporations, Publishers, Universities, Colleges and Public bodies. He is an Apple Distinguished Educator and the only non-employee to be appointed an ICL Fellow.

Steve will describe how online learning has progressed and what to expect as commonplace in 2010.


1300 Coffee
1330 Introduction - Mike
1345 "Online Learning in 2010 - The Emperor's New Clothes" - Steve Molyneux
1515 Break and Networking
1545 Discussion - All
1645 Summary
1700 Close

Here's your printable agenda.

Please let Mike know if you or any of your colleagues will be attending, so that we can make sure we have enough seats, coffee, biscuits, and so on.

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Conference 7-8 May: "Getting Ready for Training in 2010"





At the last conference, t
he topics voted for in our 2009 programme included the following for the May Conference.

We plan to concentrate on Training Best Practices and Sharing Results from projects which resulted from November.

The development session will be Management of Change. The full agenda will be published during March when invitations will be sent out.

The venue will be the Marriott Meon Valley Country Club where in May 2007 this venue received the highest feedback from participants compared to the last three years.

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Recent Articles from the Education and Training Press



Worldwide Training Industry News (Feb 09)
Abstract News ©2009 Information Inc

IT Training Press Releases (Feb 09)

Industry News Headlines from CLOmedia (Feb 09)

E-Learning Market Update from Kineo (Feb 09)

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Reviews and Current Trends


UK Training, e-Learning and Technology Work and Salary Survey 2008 (Dec 08) 2Mb

Blue Eskimoís work and salary survey 2008 was undertaken to make available up-to-date information on work and pay within the training, e-learning and technology sectors. ©2008 Blue Eskimo


(UK) Driving Business Benefits - Full Report (Feb 09)

This is a comprehensive survey conducted during autumn 2008 which investigated e-learning usage across 300 organisations.

©2009 Towards Maturity CIC


Training Top 10 Hall of Fame (Feb 09)

Deloitte LLP joins the six other companies in the Training Top 10 Hall of Fame.

Training, ©2009 Nielsen Business Media 


Training Top 125 (Feb 09)

Training's ninth annual ranking of the top companies with employee-sponsored workforce training and development. Training, ©2009 Nielsen Business Media 


Best Practices and Outstanding Initiatives (Feb 09)

Training editors recognize innovative and successful learning and development programs and practices. Training, ©2009 Nielsen Business Media 


2009 - Economic Crisis or Opportunity (Feb 09)

Savvy organizations will use this time to strengthen their talent organizations in preparation for renewed economic stability.

Talent Management, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


Top 5 Ways to Ready Your Training Organization for a Troubled Economy (Feb 09)
Find out what a group of learning executives had to say when asked the question what are you doing in your training organization to navigate the uncertainty and survive the impact of the stressful economic environment? ©2008 Expertus


Weather the Storm with Trusting Partners (Feb 09)

Establishing truly effective partnerships requires executives to intentionally consider the importance of trust. LX Briefing, ©2009 ASTD


2009 - The year that open source goes mainstream (Feb 09)

Many in the industry are looking to open source as one of the few growth areas during the recession. We donít like to use terms such as recession-proof and donít believe that all open source companies will necessarily flourish during the recession, but here are some of our thoughts for the year ahead. ©2008 Kineo


Winning and Losing Organizations (Feb 09)

Quite often, organizations aren't even aware of the many ways in which they may be slowing themselves down.

Training Industry Quarterly, Winter 2009, TrainingIndustry Inc


Talent Management - A Training Strategy (Feb 09)

Key areas where training professionals need to focus their energies.
Elearning!, ©2009 B2B Media Co 


The Move to Talent Management (Feb 09)

Don't forget about learning! Chief Learning Officer, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


Money Matters, but Training Doesn't? (Feb 09)

A recent study shows that nearly a fifth of CFOs have no plans to invest in accounting and finance training. T+D Magazine, ©2009 ASTD


Get Out of the Training Business (Feb 09)

The dawn of a new age. Chief Learning Officer, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


Virtual Classrooms - An Overview (Feb 09)

This review takes a look at the fast evolving area of virtual classroom products and how to make them work for you. This market has been recently shaken up by the introduction of the DimDim open source product and the advent of hosted software-as-a-service solutions. ©2008 Kineo

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Training Manager/Director Development


Taking a Stand (Feb 09)

Data to drive decision making.
Chief Learning Officer,
©2009 Media Tec Publishing


The Most Costly Oversight (Feb 09)

Distinguishing stress and burnout.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


Selling the C-Suite on Results (Feb 09)

Too often, executives discount reports on learning's impact as too simplistic, or attributable to non-learning factors. If those reports aren't improving learning's standing, you're missing real opportunity.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


More for less - Your L&D credit crunch survival manual (Feb 09) 5Mb

There has never been a greater focus on reducing costs than right now. The latest Bersin research revealed that training spend per learner fell between 2007 to 2008 and is likely to fall further in 2009. ASTDís recent survey showed that over 50% of respondents are being challenged to do more for less with their budgets. What to do? This survival manual looks at the practical steps that you can take to reduce your learning and development costs and deliver more for less. ©2009 Kineo


Recession-Proofing Your Job with Business Strategies (Feb 09)

In tough economic times, those who can create more results with fewer resources will win. An organization's competitive edge is directly related to the abilities of its human resources. Elearning!, ©2009 B2B Media Co 


It's about Influence (Feb 09)

To get the results they want and to earn a seat at the table, CLOs must focus less on training activities and more on how to drive business strategies. Key to this approach is developing the ability to influence behavior change.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


Using Risk to your Advantage (Feb 09)

Bring in big rewards when you learn how to understand, not fear, big risks.
T+D Magazine, ©2009 ASTD


Learning as a Business (Feb 09)

An opportunity for expansion may be sitting right in your training department.

Elearning!, ©2009 B2B Media Co 


Learning Locally (Feb 09)

As the economy falters and travel costs rise, organizations are rethinking centralized training programs and considering alternative solutions that tap into regional expertise and deliver development where employees are.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


A Market Driven Approach to Learning (Feb 09)

Learning for learning's sake is irrelevant to business. Relevant learning addresses current-day challenges and moves the organization toward its strategic goals. Training, ©2009 Nielsen Business Media 


Targeting Training with Limited Budgets (Feb 09)

As training budgets tighten, learning leaders are making smarter investments to better impact the organization. Targeting the right training to the right people at the right time is the right way to maximize impact.

Training Industry Quarterly, Winter 2009, TrainingIndustry Inc


How to be the Trusted Training Advisor (Feb 09)

Expand how you support your executives, and you'll become the trusted people development advisor they turn to as their staffs' roles and responsibilities change in today's new economy. Training, ©2009 Nielsen Business Media 


The Unsung Heroes of Training (Feb 09)

The Training Manager is the one who makes all things work.

Training Industry Quarterly, Winter 2009, TrainingIndustry Inc


Extreme Makeover - Training Edition (Feb 09)

That training program that puts learners to sleep half-way through and has disappointed executives for years! Now's the time to turn it around.

Training, ©2009 Nielsen Business Media


Game Incentive (Feb 09)

Imagine driving to work on a Monday morning, lost in a rush hour traffic daze. Suddenly, your mind is roused from its fog as you recall that your game account is 100 tokens richer from the sales goal you met the previous Friday.

T+D Magazine, ©2009 ASTD


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Selling and Marketing Education

No articles this month.


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Learning Methods and Media


Recycling Learning (Feb 09)

If we're recycling everything from plastic packaging to software, isn't it time to reuse learning, too? Smart use of technology and increased collaboration can save money and extend the life cycle of learning solutions.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


Integrating Informal Learning with Web 2.0 Technologies (Feb 09)

Elearning! assembled a roundtable of technologists to outline the steps a company must take to successfully integrate informal learning with Web 2.0

Elearning!, ©2009 B2B Media Co


The Personalized Learner Experience (Feb 09)

There are many benefits of personalizing the learner's experience.

Training Industry Quarterly, Winter 2009, TrainingIndustry Inc


Collaboration Trends and Strategies (Feb 09)

Like anything new, collaborative tools get about 80% of the attention, while people and process get about 20%, but in reality it should be the other way round. Elearning!, ©2009 B2B Media Co


Social Networking - Bridging Formal and Informal Learning (Feb 09)

The growth of social networking applications continues to accelerate, and this attracts attention from e-Learning designers and developers. How to put these to work in the service of learning? The application to informal learning is fairly obvious, but their use in formal learning has proven more problematic. The answer is to reframe the question: What needs for social support are not being met in formal learning applications?  ©2009 eLearningGuild


It's (not) the Technology, Stupid (Feb 09)

When implementing distributed learning systems, often the focus is more on the technology than participant success. T+D Magazine, ©2009 ASTD


Designing Asynchronous E-Learning (Feb 09)

Get to the core of this primary area of corporate e-learning investment.

T+D Magazine, ©2009 ASTD


E-Learning for Customers - How to Build a Better Mousetrap (Feb 09)

Customer training is an e-Learning application that is often overlooked when thinking about design processes. This article corrects that oversight! The authors show you how they analyzed and updated training for customers and they share their valuable "lessons learned" with you. ©2009 eLearningGuild


Fiction Writer Tricks - A Tale of Two Courses (Feb 09)

Though it may not seem logical, instructional designers can learn a lot from creative writers about engaging learners. Previously, weíve had articles that have presented techniques borrowed from dramatists and from radio production. Here, you'll learn what a novelist has to offer, with tips that bring scenarios alive!

©2009 eLearningGuild


Does President Obama Support Locking Your E-Learning Course Navigation (Feb 09)
A while back we looked at unlocking the player navigation to make better e-learning courses. Itís worth revisiting because itís still one of the questions Iím most frequently asked. There are various reasons that we give for locking navigation. The two most common are that some sort of regulation requires it or we want to make sure that the learner doesnít skip through the course.
Rapid E-Learning Blog, ©2009 Creative Commons


Here's How I Built That PowerPoint E-Learning Template (Feb 09)
Iíve gotten a lot of emails about the template I used in the Dump the Drone demo. So Iím going to show you how I built it (all inside PowerPoint) and then Iíll show you some tricks that will make it easier for you to build your own e-learning courses. Rapid E-Learning Blog, ©2009 Creative Commons


Here's How You Can Save Your Training Job in this Economy (Feb 09)
There are few guarantees in life. However, when organizations do make tough decisions they always lean on those things that provide the most value. So if I were to offer any advice, it would be to provide the most value that you can. You donít want to be seen as an expense to the organization.

Rapid E-Learning Blog, ©2009 Creative Commons


5 Easy Ways to Add a Glossary to Your E-Learning Course (Feb 09)
Here are five easy ways to build a glossary for your rapid e-learning courses. You can use these tips to define words, footnote information, or as a way to add additional content to your courses.  This helps keep your course content light and still gives you a way to share more with your learners.  It also gives your learners control to choose what additional information they want or need when they need it. Rapid E-Learning Blog, ©2009 Creative Commons


What to consider when implementing rapid e-learning in large organisations (Jan 09)

For many larger organisations, there is some concern about how rapid e-learning will fit within their current structure. These enterprises have internal processes that make the concept of rapid e-learning a more complex proposition.

©2009 Mohive


Live and Direct (Feb 09)

From desktop solutions to the latest immersive telepresence environment, videoconferencing is not what it used to be. T+D Magazine, ©2009 ASTD


Leadership Lessons from the Sims (Feb 09)

Simulations engage learners in meaningful experiences that actively apply learning to real decision-making situations. But building an effective sim requires giving up control and embracing divergent results.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


12 Wishes for LMS and LCMS Systems (Feb 09)

Companies that write LMSs and LCMSs have provided us with some excellent tools over the past few years, But the journey has just begun, writes Elliott Masie. Elearning!, ©2009 B2B Media Co


Training's Performance Support Imperative (Feb 09)

An estimated 40-80% of training content fails to take root with the learner, leading to a massive amount of waste and unrealized potential. Supporting, and rewarding, performace can make a big difference.

Training Industry Quarterly, Winter 2009, TrainingIndustry Inc


New Products Miscellanea (Feb 09)

A roundup of new products in the areas of content, collaboration, web 2.0 and LMS. Elearning!, ©2009 B2B Media Co


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Case Studies and Projects


PwC does it Again (Feb 09) 3Mb

Pricewaterhouse Coopers nabs number one on the Training Top 125 for the second year in a row. Training, ©2009 Nielsen Business Media 


Rapid Responder (Feb 09) 2Mb

By continually attuning itself to client and employee needs, KPMG LLP delivers training squarely aimed at supporting quality client service.

©2009 Nielsen Business Media 


SCC's Keys to Success (Feb 09) 3Mb

Providing the software medical laboratories rely on takes a staff that's well trained from day one. It also takes a learning program that knows how to retain and grow those workers through personalized development plans.

©2009 Nielsen Business Media 


EMC's Competitive Advantage (Feb 09) 2Mb

The key to EMC's success is ensuring its business strategy is supported by the right training for the right people at the right time at every level in the company.

©2009 Nielsen Business Media 


Rx for Excellence (Feb 09) 3Mb

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals' learning and development team is a shot in the arm to the organization, keeping it up to date on needed skills, and growing future leaders. ©2009 Nielsen Business Media 


Recipe for Success (Feb 09)

The head of Nestle USA's training group has helped shape a unified performance culture for the US operations of the Swiss company's many different divisions.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


Customer Satisfaction through Training (Feb 09)

To renew its commitment to customer service, American Family Insurance turned to its education division to revamp internal training with the goal to provide a better customer experience.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


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Measuring Education Value


Tangible Return on Investment (Feb 09)

Bachrach and Associates recently took a close look at the business results of their advisor-clients. Those results revealed statistical confirmation of tangible ROI attributable to the design of its blended learning and reinforcement approach. T+D Magazine, ©2009 ASTD


Beyond Learning Objectives (Feb 09)

Learning objectives can provide direction, focus and guidance to educational initiatives. When training is categorized by these objectives, learners, stakeholders and the company all find themselves positioned for measureable success. Training Industry Quarterly, Winter 2009, TrainingIndustry Inc


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Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing


Top Training Outsourcing Deals for 2008 (Feb 09) is pleased to recognize 10 deals consummated in 2008 that were highly instrumental in the ongoing evolution of the training outsourcing market. ©2009 TrainingIndustry Inc


What Happened to the HRO Market (Feb 09)

Now, 10 years after its birth, most people think the HRO market is stuck in neutral, or even reverse. LX Briefing, ©2009 ASTD


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Training Professional Topics

Communication Counts in Landing a Job (Feb 09)

Job interviews are a nerve-wracking experience, especially in the current market. The economy is tough, jobs are tight, and competition is stiff. Still, recent surveys show that employers in all sectors consider finding and keeping good people their top concern, above worries about rising prices and the financial climate. T+D Magazine, ©2009 ASTD


To the trainer of the year 2009 (Feb 09)

Garry Platt draws on his years of experience to provide some tips to those members of the training community that have just joined us in 2009 - but don't take them all seriously! ©2009 TrainingZONE 03-Feb-09


Freelancing - How to stand out from the crowd (Feb 09)
In the current market conditions, how can a freelancer set him or herself apart from the throng? ©2009 TrainingZONE 09-Feb-09


How to set a fee for your training services (Feb 09)

How do you decide on a fee for your training that won't undervalue your services or make the client run a mile? ©2009 TrainingZONE 16-Feb-09


Jump-Start your Job Security (Mar 09)

In the midst of economic uncertainty, many organizations are facing budgets cuts and layoffs. To avoid losing their jobs, both young and old IT professionals must prove that they're indispensible. CertMag, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


How to Stand Out from the Herd and Be Heard! (Feb 09)

What makes the difference between an average presentation and one that rocks your world?  What makes the difference between a memorable speech and one that fades into oblivion as soon as the presenter steps off the stage?  The answer sits in four building blocks that are essential for crafting a speech into a work of art rather than hum-drum blather. © 2009 Eileen McDargh


Slides for Color Blind Audiences - Works in All PowerPoint Versions
(Feb 09)

Color blindness is some sort of color vision deficiency which results in differences in the way that an affected person sees and distinguishes various colors. It is mostly inherited, but can also be caused due to damage in the eye, nerve, or brain. There is no proven way to change these vision deficiencies. Plenty of research has gone into making web pages more accessible for color blind users. However, very little seems to have been done in the field of slides such as those created using Microsoft PowerPoint. © 2009 Geetesh Bajaj


Presenting to Persuade (Feb 09)

Everybody is in sales. Your job may be to sell your ideas, training topics, conclusions, budget, strategic vision, products, or services to an audience of two, 20, or 2000. Many people consider persuasive presentations to a client or boss the most difficult of all because there is often much at stake in the audienceís action or inaction - a commission check, a promotion, a career.

©2009 Dianna Booher


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Education Administration

No articles this month.


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Skills Gap/Technical Certification


Apple Certs Help Ignite Careers (Mar 09)

Whether you want to become a creative content developer or simply boost your resume with enhanced media skills, Apple certifications can help you achieve your goals. CertMag, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


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Webinars and Podcasts


Remote Learning - Virtually Impossible (Feb 09) - charts only here.
How and why Brocade Education is making the change from offering ďreactiveĒ Virtual Classroom sessions to an ongoing Virtual Classroom program.
Virtual Classroom SIG, ©2009 CEdMA


Learner-Focused Learning - The New Organizational Perspective (Feb 09)

Most learning management systems are focused on the organization's perspectives on learning and training. They know how to track attendance, participation and certification. These are important, but not sufficient. We need to have our learning systems focus on the learner, says Elliott Masie.

©2009 CLOmedia


Secrets of Lead Generation Webinars (Feb 09) - charts with notes only here.
Are your marketing webinars boring your audience? This webinar leads you through tips, tricks and best practices for creating a successful marketing webinar. ©2009 Adobe


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And, Finally.....




The Atheist and the Bear Story (loyalty, conviction, payback and reward, changing sides)

A committed atheist (that's someone who steadfastly does not believe in a god of any sort) was on a trekking holiday when he became lost in some dense woods.

A large angry bear, with ten starving cubs back home and claws like kitchen knives, suddenly emerged from the undergrowth.

The atheist screamed in terror, turned and ran. The bear was quicker however, and after a long and desperate chase eventually cornered the atheist in a gully.

The exhausted atheist sank to his knees, shaking.

The bear, seeing that its prey was trapped, moved slowly towards the petrified man, drooling. The bear was drooling too.

The atheist lifted his head, with tears in his eyes, and uttered the words he thought he would never say in all his life: "God help me..."

With these simple three words, a blinding flash of lightning lit up the sky. There was a deafening crash of thunder. The clouds parted. A brilliant light shone down. The forest fell silent. The bear froze still, in a trance. The atheist stood gaping, transfixed.

A voice came loud from above. Louder than twenty AC/DC concerts all happening at the same time. We can safely assume this voice to have been the voice of a god of some sort.

"You atheists make me seriously mad," boomed the god, "You deny me all your life. You tell others to deny me too. You put your faith in all that bloody Darwinian airy-fairy scientific nonsense, and then what a surprise - you get lost because you can't read your stupid map, and now you're about to get eaten by an angry bear all of a sudden you're on your knees sniveling and begging for my help?......... You must be joking..."

The atheist looked down, realising that he was not arguing from a position of strength.

"Okay, I take your point," said the atheist, thinking on his feet, while he still had them, "I can see it's a bit late for me to convert, but what about the bear?... Maybe you could convert the bear instead?"

"Hmmm... interesting idea..." said the god, thinking hard, "...Okay. It shall be done." At which the brilliant light dimmed and vanished; the clouds closed; and the noises of the forest resumed.

The bear awoke and shook its head, a completely different expression on its face. Calm, at peace.

The bear closed its eyes, bowed its head, and said, "For what we are about to receive, may the Lord make us truly thankful, Amen."

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Feedback, please!


I would really like to get input from you, the readers.  Please give me your feedback and point me towards any article or source that you think the rest of the membership might enjoy. Thank you.


Mike Dowsey

Executive Director



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