CEdMA-Europe Members' Newsletter - May 2009


Welcome to the May edition of the CEdMA-Europe Members' Monthly Newsletter, which will be sent to CEdMA Europe members and to European colleagues of CEdMA USA members. Please note that from now on, the date on the newsletter will be the beginning of the month rather than the end.

As usual, you will learn about updates to our forthcoming programme of events, and there is the collection of recent articles whose content is consistent with the important topics that you our members voted to cover in our recent Conferences.

The News section contains five articles with the whole month's news, three of which contain individually dated news items.

In Reviews and Current Trends, there are 17 reports, including three focused on a current confidence index or barometer (ASTD and the Masie Center for the USA and the Institute of IT Training for the UK) plus several more about the current economic climate.

The Training Manager/Director Development articles follow the usual theme of providing useful support to you, so the 12 articles cover a range of management topics.

As usual, the Learning Media and Methods articles are many and varied (12 this time), and cover e-Learning, blended learning and serious games.

Case Studies and Projects has three articles, all about specific companies.

Measuring Education Value has four articles, ranging from Jack Philips of the ROI Institute and Tom Kelly to two reports from Expertus, both based on recent surveys.  

There is one article in Process/Managing Costs/Outsourcing which looks at a recent study of outsourcing the learning function.

There are three articles in Training Professional Topics, which either give advice to trainers in general or on better communication.

In Skills Gap/Technical Certification  there is one article which discusses when an organization is mature enough to start a certification program and how it should set about it.

Finally, in the new section called Webinars and Podcasts, there are five webinars, including the latest CEdMA USA Virtual Classroom SIG and the latest E-learning SIG.

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10 June "Online Learning in 2010 - The Emperor's New Clothes"

This event was postponed as Steve was taken ill the day before. The exact content of this workshop will be confirmed during the May conference.

At the recent November Conference, attendees voted for this topic very highly for our 2009 programme.

Professor Steve Molyneux is one of the leading experts in the use of Information and Communication technology to support Education and Training in the UK. His expertise scans a wide range of sectors from compulsory Education to Industry and Military Training and is frequently asked to participate in ʻBlue Skiesʼ consultation at a National and International level. He is currently an Independent Consultant for a number of National and International Organisations including Corporations, Publishers, Universities, Colleges and Public bodies. He is an Apple Distinguished Educator and the only non-employee to be appointed an ICL Fellow.

Steve will describe how online learning has progressed and what to expect as commonplace in 2010.


1300 Coffee
1330 Introduction - Mike
1345 "Online Learning in 2010 - The Emperor's New Clothes" - Steve Molyneux
1515 Break and Networking
1545 Discussion - All
1645 Summary
1700 Close

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Conference 7-8 May: "Getting Ready for Training in 2010"





The next conference is on 7-8 May at the Marriott Meon Valley Hotel and Country Club at Shedfield, which is near Southampton.

The theme is "Getting Ready for 2010", a topic area voted by you the members as being the most pressing in the current environment.

Following the recent successful change, Pulse of the Industry will again get everyone to share their hot topics, which will have been gathered in an online survey in advance with other input. Pulse is intended to introduce everyone, and help with networking during the event, as individuals explain what their key interests are. Then, after the break, we'll split the hot topics into two and have parallel discussion groups.

The following sessions address the theme.

Strategic Planning Assumptions
Most Training Providers are facing a difficult business climate, whilst emerging skills issues present compelling opportunities for gaining increased market penetration. There has never been a more critical time to assess the impact of economy and skills trends on budgets, project plans and planning assumptions for 2010 and beyond. Delegates will be in two parallel sessions based on whether they are the BU owner or rather functional such as operational or delivery.

The Business/Public Value of Training
For ages, we’ve seen the issue of the return-on-investment (“ROI”) on training as the holy grail; we’d love to be able to do it, and for the next project we’ll really try to do it! But the reality is that conducting a comprehensive ROI analysis is something of an elusive challenge! In this session we’ll discuss the background to these problems and propose a solution – well, actually, more of a “work-around”! In preparation, think about these three questions:


o  Why don't current ROI methods ever work well?

o  How do successful L&D Managers address the problem?

o  Should we be thinking about value instead?

More for Less – the Credit Crunch Survival Manual

There has never been a greater focus on reducing costs than right now. All the surveys show greater pressure on learning and development costs. The latest Bersin research on the US market revealed that training spend per learner fell between 2007 to 2008 and is likely to fall further in 2009. In large organisations expenditure on online learning also fell for the first time ever and there will be continued pressure in 2009. ASTD’s recent survey showed that over 50% of respondents are being challenged to do more for less with their budgets. So, what can we do to help?

Where did we go from there (the November Conference)?
During the last conference, we documented actions which we took back to work, based on what customers want, economic pressures, opportunities and challenges. Here, we report back on what happened and with what results.


The training manager's personal development session is Making Change Happen – ‘Managing The Tell’, led by Karen Moyse of Kinetic Future, who specialises in global leadership communications coaching.  The ‘hands on’ session is designed to help you maintain your confidence, gravitas and ability to stand firm ‘under fire’.  All of us will be engaged in ‘robust’ discussions with senior management, sales teams, and our own people as we push to secure support for our own plans & budgets, deal with corporate restructures and manage change.  The session uses techniques from theatre, television, consulting, selling and performance psychology to give you the tools to communicate as a strong leader in your field.

Here is the website page where you'll find full details, to get a printable agenda, send a registration request and get a map for directions.

Here is the printable agenda.

I do hope that you are able to join us and look forward to seeing you on 7-8 May.

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Recent Articles from the Education and Training Press



Worldwide Training Industry News (Apr 09)
Abstract News ©2009 Information Inc

IT Training Press Releases (Apr 09)

Industry News Headlines from CLOmedia (Apr 09)

E-Learning Market Update from Kineo (Mar 09)

E-Learning Market Update from Kineo (Apr 09)

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Reviews and Current Trends


Learning Executives Confidence Index 1Q09 (Apr 09)
The confidence of learning executives (LXs) showed signs of stabilization in the first quarter of 2009, even in the midst of the shaky economy, as reported by Chief Executive Magazine and The Conference Board.
©2008 ASTD


Learning Resources Barometer in Uncertain Times (Mar 09)

How are learning budgets, resources and activities being impacted by the economic crisis? Here is the first Learning Resources Barometer, published by The MASIE Center. We will repeat this Learning Barometer on a regular basis.

©2009 The MASIE Center


Learning Directors Network Market Barometer for 4Q08 and Forecast for 1Q09 (Feb 09)
This is the first in the series of regular quarterly reports into the state of the UK IT training market produced by PardoFox for the members of the IITT’s Learning Directors Network. The data is drawn from a number of leading training providers representing approximately 25% of the third-party IT training  market.
©2009 Institute of IT Training/Learning Directors Network


The Evolving Role of the CLO (Apr 09)

Learning leaders must prioritize efforts and resources on programs and initiatives that deliver immediate business impact.
Chief Learning Officer,
©2009 Media Tec Publishing


Learning in a Down Economy (Apr 09)

Findings from a recent ASTD research report reveal how learning adapts to tough times. T+D Magazine, ©2009 ASTD


L&D needs to become more business savvy to survive (Apr 09)

L&D professionals need to become more business savvy and 'prove' that training really works. These are just some of the predictions to come out of the CIPD's annual L&D survey. ©2009 TrainingZONE


Budgets on the Chopping Block (Apr 09)

Companies have begun using various cost-cutting strategies in the face of a  toughening global financial environment. T+D Magazine, ©2009 ASTD


Contract Workers - To Train or Not to Train (Apr 09)

As the number of contract workers grows, more and more companies are grappling with the training issues around this specialized workforce population.

Executive Briefings, Chief Learning Officer, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


Priming the Training Pump (Apr 09)

The training field will receive a boost from the recently signed economic stimulus bill. T+D Magazine, ©2009 ASTD


Ask a CLO (Apr 09)

Take this opportunity to ask a question, share your thoughts and gain some unique insights. Chief Learning Officer, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


Crucial Conversations for Uncertain Times (Apr 09)

Your 401K has been decimated, and you’ve been told neither you nor the workforce you manage should expect a raise this year. So, understandably, you’re a little concerned. Wondering if your company will make it through this one?  Inside Training, ©2009 Nielsen Business Media 


What Role will Unions Play in 2009 (Apr 09)

The economic environment and pending legislation may contribute to a more unionization-friendly environment.
Talent Management,
©2009 Media Tec Publishing


Building a Climate for Innovation (Apr 09)

Although the topic of innovation has been gaining momentum during the past decade, it recently has taken on a new urgency.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


Culturally Accessible E-Learning (Apr 09)

This is an overdue global business imperative. T+D Magazine, ©2009 ASTD


Please Sir, can I have some more… e-learning, blended learning, wikis, forums, blogs? (Apr 09)

Learners are chomping at the bit to embrace more learning technologies, faster than training managers are planning on implementing them. Francis Marshall reveals some interesting findings from a European survey. ©2009 TrainingZONE


Managing Alliances (Apr 09)

By leveraging networks of strategic alliances, learning can create value without the need for heavy investment.
Chief Learning Officer,
©2009 Media Tec Publishing


Canada's Lagging Productivity (Apr 09)

Canada is often viewed as a model society for various reasons. But in terms of training and worker productivity, it lags behind many developing countries.

T+D Magazine, ©2009 ASTD


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Training Manager/Director Development


Vuja De - Achieve More with Less (Apr 09)

“Vuja de,” a term coined by the late comedian George Carlin, means looking at things you’ve seen before in a way you’ve never before seen them. Today’s corporate learning managers are being asked to provide a more strategic approach to employee education and training while leveraging training budgets. Fortunately, the Keller Center for Corporate Learning has innovative solutions to help you attain these measurable results. This session will explore the ways training can be tailored to meet your budget needs and how to get more with less. Case studies and examples will be provided.

Spring 2009 CLO Symposium, ©2009 DeVry University


Survival Guide - Succeeding During Tough Times (Apr 09)

In today’s complex business environment, in which companies are faced with a combination of geographically diverse employees and widespread reductions in travel budgets and resources, learning leaders are looking for flexible, cost-effective ways to ensure a continued investment in relevant learning. In this session, see the results of a recent survey conducted by Vantage Corporate Education that focuses on how learning leaders are adapting to these economic times. Spring 2009 CLO Symposium, ©2009 Vantage Partners LLC


Aligning Training to Business Objectives (Apr 09)

Aligning training to broader business goals is crucial for building trust and strengthening the bottom line. T+D Magazine, ©2009 ASTD


Making Interactive Training Stick (Apr 09)

Talent managers charged with organizational workplace development must ensure training offerings are designed to create behavioral change. This often requires a systemic, process-oriented learning strategy with interactive components. Talent Management, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


Strategy for Learning Leaders (Apr 09)

Tough times require tough decisions about learning resources. Yet, many learning units lack a strategy. Without it, how do you decide what to do?

Chief Learning Officer, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


The People-Less Office (Apr 09)

You've heard of the paperless office - that green idea to be achieved someday far into the future. T+D Magazine, ©2009 ASTD


Disciplines of the Modern Training Organization (Apr 09)

To design today's modern learning environments, you must understand not only what training people need but also how they typically solve problems and learn.

LX Briefing, ©2009 ASTD


Bad Times, Good Boss (Apr 09)

When the economy sinks, so, too, does the likability of your boss.

Inside Training, ©2009 Nielsen Business Media 


The Results Eradicator (Apr 09)

Think that you've heard it all when it comes to beating procrastination? Think again. Procrastination might be a major results killer, but it's also a common bad habit. T+D Magazine, ©2009 ASTD


Learning and IT - Playing for the Same Team (Apr 09)

To align learning and IT, the CLO and CIO must transfer their knowledge and skills to one another and others who need them.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


Information Overload (Apr 09)

Intelligent, content management systems offer superior, simple control over your organization's important information. T+D Magazine, ©2009 ASTD


A New Era for Accessibility (Apr 09)

An impressive wave of computer-based technologies will soon help millions of people with disabilities communicate, learn, and become more productive workers. Learning professionals are invited to catch this global tide.

T+D Magazine, ©2009 ASTD


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Selling and Marketing Education

No articles this month.


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Learning Methods and Media


Give your Training a Visual Boost (Apr 09)

Why do we see so many slides or screens filled with text? If you are like most trainers, you are comfortable in a world of words; since preschool, you have focused on verbal literacy. T+D Magazine, ©2009 ASTD


Making a Demonstration Video for E-Learning Use (Mar 09)
Video can be an excellent medium for truly rapid development of e-Learning content. However, not many e-Learning developers have much skill or experience with video.
©2009 eLearningGuild


What's Your E-Learning Strategy for Compliance Training? (Apr 09)
Compliance training is a huge application area for e-Learning. Yet much of this training has its basis in reaction rather than a strategy based on risk assessment. Here’s a rational, measurable, and aligned approach to compliance training. Use it and reap benefits in better compliance, reduced costs, greater brand value, and increased revenue!
©2009 eLearningGuild


Here's What You Need to Know about Mobile Learning (Apr 09)
Every few years it seems that there’s some hot new trend in the world of training.  Right now it appears that mobile learning is all the rage.  The world of mobile gadgets is converging with an always available wifi network.  This gives us instant access to all sorts of information which fits in well with on-demand training. Rapid E-Learning Blog, ©2009 Creative Commons


Here's An Easy Way to Create Whiteboard Lectures for Your E-Learning Courses (Apr 09)

I’m a doodler. It helps me think. When I present or talk to people I like to use a whiteboard. I feel like I’m better able to get my ideas across as I map them out visually. Not only does this help me express my ideas, it kind of forces me to lay them out in a manner that’s easier to understand.
Rapid E-Learning Blog,
©2009 Creative Commons


3 Things to Consider When Building Your E-Learning Courses (Apr 09)

The difference between effective and ineffective e-learning is how you design the learning process. In this post, I’ll do a quick run through of some ideas centered on instructional design and three things that you want to consider when building your courses. Rapid E-Learning Blog, ©2009 Creative Commons


Are You Looking for an Easy Way to Make Your Courses Look Interesting (Apr 09)
Here’s an easy way to add some visual impact to your e-learning courses.  Start with an image and then recolor it.  There are all sorts of ways that you can use a colored image in your courses.  For example, the colors can match your organization’s brand. Rapid E-Learning Blog, ©2009 Creative Commons


Ignore This If You Don’t Care About Effective Learning (Apr 09)
As Bono says, “I can learn with or without you.”  A person doesn’t learn because we decided to create a course.  The reality for a learner is that learning is always happening.  Sometimes it’s part of a formal process and sometimes it’s not. 

Rapid E-Learning Blog, ©2009 Creative Commons


Internet Culture (Apr 09)

 The Internet is so pervasive that Internet values are blowing back into real life.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


Learning 2.0 and Workplace Communities (Apr 09)

When discussing the future of learning, there are many advocates and descriptors, but far too few concrete definitions. T+D Magazine, ©2009 ASTD


Blended Learning for Induction and Orientation (Apr 09)
Even in the current climate, savvy organisations know you still need - more than ever, really – to attract and retain great people. Your approach to induction is in the front line in the war for talent. What kind of first impression are you creating? Are you exploring the potential of e-learning and a portal approach within your induction to extend your reach? What about the new potential for reaching and connecting with people that Web 2.0 approaches provide? This guide shares examples and practical advice for making the most of your approach to orientation. ©2009 Kineo


Caspian's Thinking Worlds - A Review by Kineo (Mar 09)

Caspian has just introduced a commercial version of its own 3D authoring platform Thinking Worlds, which offers an affordable solution to creating bespoke learning environments. Kineo has been playing around with Thinking Worlds to see what it can do. ©2009 Kineo


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Case Studies and Projects


Innovation in Action (Apr 09)

Innovation in learning has been a hot topic for several years. Capabilities in blended learning continue to mature, and lines between structured learning and real-time performance support continue to dissolve. The growth of user-generated content, adoption of social networks in enterprises and Web 2.0-based applications are serving as catalysts to accelerate the rate of innovation in learning. Join John Higgins, senior director of innovation deployment at Accenture, for an insightful and practical discussion on the state of learning innovation and the “art of the possible.” This session will provide examples of innovation in action. Spring 2009 CLO Symposium, ©2009 Accenture


Learning Beyond Borders (Apr 09)

The ability to leverage learning programs in culturally relevant contexts is key.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


Case Study - Converting an Existing Course to E-Learning (Apr 09)

Here’s a look at lessons learned from Caliber Data Training’s first endeavor in converting an existing ILT course to e-learning. Learning Circuits, ©2009 ASTD


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Measuring Education Value


Learning Impact across the Organization (Apr 09)

Based on extensive research conducted directly with top executives, Jack Phillips will reveal the view from the top, highlighting concerns about current metrics for the success of learning and development. But the findings also present unique opportunities for the CLO. In this keynote address, Phillips will explore how metrics must change to have learning and development viewed as a contributing partner, including steps to connect learning to business impact and actions needed to make adjustments to the current measurement mix. 
Spring 2009 CLO Symposium,
©2009 ROI Institute, Inc


Measuring Informal Learning - Encourage a Learning Culture and Track It (Mar 09)

The evolution of informal learning has been interesting to watch. While we knew for decades that people learned from each other at the water cooler, on the phone and inside meetings, technology has made the discussion of informal learning a whole new conversation.  The question becomes, “We know it happens, but how do we measure it?” ©2009


Numbers Don't Lie - The 4 Universal Truths for Learning Measurement Success (Dec 08)

The hard truth is that, while most organizations attempt to measure what they do, they really don’t have a sound measurement strategy in place.
©2009 Expertus


Learning Operations on a Shrinking Budget (Apr 09)

Today's business environment demands a fresh look at outsourcing learning operations. This paper explains the concept of SmartSourcing - a way to strike a good balance in the management of your training operations. ©2009 Expertus


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Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing


Learning from the Outside (Mar 09)

Outsourcing the learning function can be a way for HR leaders to cut costs and improve quality. Human Resource Executive Online, ©2009 LRP Publications


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Training Professional Topics

Advice for the rookie trainer (Apr 09)

Tim Holden reveals some of the pitfalls all-too-common in those early days and - more importantly - how to avoid them. ©2009 TrainingZONE


The Keys to Success in Troubled Times - Persuasion and Exceeding Expectations (Apr 09)

I teach and practice a methodology called Strategic Acceleration and it is an approach that lends itself perfectly to creating success in difficult times.  Strategic Acceleration can be compared to a tripod with individual legs for clarity, focus, and execution. ©2009 Tony Jeary


9 Video and Audio Conferencing Mistakes That Could Cause a Meeting Meltdown (Apr 09)

You can do almost anything in a video or audio conference that you can do in person—lecture, discuss, create visuals, display graphics, demonstrate things. You simply have to do them a little differently. The setting and equipment require that you give more forethought and planning to the “how.” Prevent a meeting meltdown during your next video or audio conference by avoiding these common mishaps. ©2009 Dianna Booher

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Education Administration

No articles this month.


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Skills Gap/Technical Certification


We are Certifiable - Creating a Certification Program (May 09)
A certification program comes into play once an organization gets to the point in its life cycle where it has some technical maturity and wants to have its product, service or people enter the market successfully.

CertMag, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


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Webinars and Podcasts


Successful Training - Making it Stick (Apr 09) - charts only here
Join this discussion on employee learning retention and hear about successful ways to train users on critical business software applications to make them productive employees.

Training Magazine Webinar, ©2009 Nielsen Business Media 


Best Practices for Delivering Engaging Virtual Training (Apr 09) - white paper only here

Is anyone listening out there? Anyone who has taught an online class, or given a remote presentation of any sort, has had this thought pop up at least once. Here you’ll learn 5 tips on making your virtual classrooms just as engaging as in-person training. ©2009 TrainingIndustry Inc


Genesys Finds Maximum ROI with Virtualized Online Training (Apr 09)

Delivering online training can be a critical enterprise function that helps enable employee, customer, and partner success. With travel budgets tight and students’ schedules packed, online instructor-led training is the ideal solution for ensuring a high-quality, interactive learning experience. Genesys, the world’s number one contact center software provider, recently found the Surgient Virtual Automation Platform to be an effective solution to delivering online employee, customer, and partner training.  ©2009 Surgient


Blending Online Training with ILT at Citrix Education (Apr 09) - charts only here

At Citrix, we recently began to offset our purely ILT environment with Self-Paced Online (SPO) technical training. As we deliver more courses, we are exploring ways to blend online training with ILT in more complex ways. We’ll share areas of our portfolio where the blended approach has worked, how we position and sell ILT versus the SPO, how we develop for both modalities within one body of content, and ideas we have for future growth. E-Learning SIG, ©2009 CEdMA

Enhancing the Kronos Virtual Learning Experience with Interaction and Hands-On Practice (Apr 09) - charts only here
The virtual classroom is not new to Kronos; however, over the past year, customer satisfaction has greatly increased with the addition of more interaction and hands-on practice.  Student workbooks have been created for the virtual learning environment and introduce new concepts and activities to help our instructors better engage the learner.  Additionally, we have introduced a VMware ESX Server which allows us to create a virtual machine with a complete system for each of our students.  With each student accessing their own VMware through our ESX Server, we can enable each student to have hands-on practice allowing them to gain more competencies in our application.  In this presentation, we will discuss both the enhancements to our participant guides and our experience in setting up and utilizing the VMware ESX Server in our Kronos Virtual Classroom. Virtual Classroom SIG, ©2009 CEdMA

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And, Finally.....



The Jewels Story (enjoyment, fulfillment, possession, wealth, materialism, greed)

Once there was a very rich and greedy man. He loved and hoarded jewels.

One day a visitor asked to see them.

So the jewels were brought out, amid much expensive security, and the two men gazed at the wonderful stones.

As the visitor was leaving he said, "Thank you for sharing your jewels with me."

"I didn't give them to you," exclaimed the rich man, "They belong to me."

"Yes of course," replied the visitor, "And while we enjoyed the jewels just the same, the real difference between us is your trouble and expense of buying and protecting them."

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Feedback, please!


I would really like to get input from you, the readers.  Please give me your feedback and point me towards any article or source that you think the rest of the membership might enjoy. Thank you.


Mike Dowsey

Executive Director



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