CEdMA-Europe Members' Newsletter - December 2009


Welcome to the December edition of the CEdMA-Europe Members' Monthly Newsletter, which will be sent to CEdMA Europe members and to European colleagues of CEdMA USA members. Please note that from now on, the date on the newsletter will be the beginning of the month rather than the end.

As usual, you will learn about updates to our forthcoming programme of events, and there is the collection of recent articles whose content is consistent with the important topics that you our members voted to cover in our recent Conferences.

The News section contains four articles with the whole month's news, three of which contain individually dated news items.

In Reviews and Current Trends, there are 17 reports, including four on the impact and outlook in the current economic climate, and three salary surveys.

The Training Manager/Director Development articles follow the usual theme of providing useful support to you, so the nine articles cover a range of management topics.

There are two articles in Selling and Marketing Education, both on revenue opportunities.

As usual, the Learning Methods and Media articles are many and varied (36 this time), with five on social aspects, 10 on e-Learning, three on games, and three on LMSs..

Case Studies and Projects has six articles, all about specific companies.

Measuring Education Value has six articles, on all aspects of measurement and ROI.

There are five articles in Training Professional Topics, about different aspects of the job.

In Skills Gap/Technical Certification there are three articles including an IDC report.

Finally, in the section Webinars and Podcasts, there are eight industry webinars, two podcasts and one Virtual Classroom SIG recording.

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Conference 5-6 Nov: “The Value of Training”




The Autumn Conference took place at the Marriott Royal in Bristol.

The theme was "The Value of Training", a topic area voted by you the members as being the most pressing in the current environment.


33 people from 20 member companies (we now have 22 members) attended plus a Board Member from CEdMA USA (Dirk Braune of Genesys) and a recently "retired" Board Member of many years, Justin McCarthy, who is now developing his skills as a personal coach.


As you can see from the table, on a 1 (excellent) to 5 (poor) scale, feedback on both the conference as a whole and the conference location was high and comparable with previous conferences. However, several people suggested a rural rather than a city centre location in future, which is consistent with the table, and will be actioned.





# Attendees

Nov 09 – Bristol




May 09 – Meon Valley




Nov 08 – Bristol




May 08 – Forest of Arden




Following the dip caused by the recession, it was good to see the number of attendees rising again, certainly helped by the board's action to subsidise conference hotel prices in 2009.

Membership fees will include hotel costs again in 2010, but as a member-chosen option.

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Events in 2010





At the November conference, attendees confirmed the input from member main contacts at the end of the recent Pulse survey, so that the programme of events in 2010 will be:

Wed 20 Jan 2010, Workshop “The Future of Learning and Emerging Technologies”, Steljes, Bagshot


Wed 10 Mar 2010, Workshop “Working with Partners”, VMware, Frimley


Thu 6 May - Fri 7 May 2010, Conference “Training Marketing and Business Development”, Marriott Meon Valley near Southampton (provisional)


The other dates will be:


Wed 9 Jun, half-day Workshop


Wed 8 Sep, half-day Workshop


Thu 4 Nov - Fri 5 Nov, Conference


We are delighted that Clive Shepherd, a very well-known e-learning consultant, will be leading the session on 20 Jan at Steljes. Invitations will be going out within a week, but as this is likely to be a well-attended event, please reserve your place now.

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Recent Articles from the Education and Training Press



Worldwide Training Industry News (Nov 09)
Abstract News ©2009 Information Inc

IT Training Press Releases (Nov 09)

Industry News Headlines from CLOmedia (Nov 09)

E-Learning Market Update from Kineo (Nov 09)

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Reviews and Current Trends


Digital Natives - Digital Immigrants (Jun 01)

This seminal work was written 10 years ago. Since then we have added Gen X and Gen Y to the vocabulary, but we really must ask if the final statement in the article ever came true. "So if Digital Immigrant educators really want to reach Digital Natives – i.e. all their students – they will have to change." ©2001 Marc Prensky


Learning Directors Network Market Barometer for 3Q09 and Forecast for 4Q09 (Nov 09)
This is the third of a regular quarterly report into the state of the IT training market produced for the members of the Learning Directors Network. The data is drawn from a number of leading training providers representing more than 40% of the third-party IT training market.

©2009 Institute of IT Training/Learning Directors Network


Learning Remains Steady during the Downturn (Nov 09)

The 2009 ASTD State of the Industry report indicates a strong commitment to corporate training through the early stages of the economic slump.
, ©2009 ASTD


The 2009 Training Industry report - Executive Summary (Oct 09)

Training magazine’s exclusive analysis of the US training industry.

Training, ©2009 Nielsen Business Media 


Surviving a Down Economy with an Upbeat Approach (Nov 09)

Employees and bosses discover real rewards in finding that proverbial silver lining.

T+D, ©2009 ASTD


Reality Check - 2009 Salary Survey (Oct 09)

The sagging economy sparked some belt-tightening resulting in fewer dollars for 2009 training salaries. Training, ©2009 Nielsen Business Media


2009 IT Skills and Salary Report (Mar 09)
Despite the current economic pressures, the salaries of IT professionals did post a 10% gain over the results reported in our 2008 IT Skills and Salary Report. In 2009, the average base salary increased from $73,900 in 2008, to $81,600. While the average base salary grew, the number of professionals who received raises
and bonuses decreased slightly. ©2009 Global Knowledge Training LLC.


2009 Certification Salary Survey (Dec 09)

To know where we’re going, we need to look at where we’ve been. This year’s CertMag Salary Survey polled more than 40,000 professionals in over 150 countries around the globe to give you an in-depth analysis of the year’s financial repercussions. CertMag, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


9 'Best' Best Practices of High Functioning Learning Organizations (Nov 09)

Expertus invited 17 top training executives to an event to exchange the “best” best practices used to thrive in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. Prior to the meeting, participants were asked to choose practices or activities that differentiate what they do, are compelling, and are the “best” of the best practices currently being utilized or planned for implementation. Many learning leaders indicated similar challenges and each offered a number of effective methods for successfully overcoming major issues while helping their organization achieve its objectives. ©2009 Expertus


Random Web 2.0 Statistics (Nov 09)

What reduces communication and travel costs, increases production innovation and revenue, and is heavy on users over 35? Web 2.0! ©2009 Karl Kapp


Downturn Triggers New Focus in Learning Initiatives (Nov 09)

Faced with shrinking budgets and deep cuts of their training staffs, companies in 2009 continue to scrutinize employee training offerings more carefully, reducing open enrollment and devoting scarce resources to high-impact learning initiatives.

©2009 Workforce Management Online


How Training Can Help Achieve Cost Reduction Goals without Layoffs
(Nov 09)

Are you looking for ways that your trainers can help achieve your company’s cost reduction and profit improvement goals? LINKS Plus, © 2009 ASTD


Top IT Trends for 2010 (Dec 09)

What does the next year have in store for the information technology field?

CertMag, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


What will Learning in 2019 be like? (Oct 09)

Masie Learning Town Members take a look at what Learning will be like 10 years from now. Elearning!, ©2009 B2B Media Co 


Six Social Media Trends for 2010 (Nov 09)

Harvard blogger David Armano provides six social media trends to watch in 2010.  © 2009 Harvard Business Publishing


Never Stop Training (Nov 09)

Recent stats show that 75 percent of companies have chosen to maintain or expand training. T+D, ©2009 ASTD


Learning in an Always Connected World (Jun 09)

This whitepaper describes the opportunities and challenges to consider in developing Mobile Learning. ©2009 General Physics


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Training Manager/Director Development


Focusing on Strategy and Governance (Nov 09)

The training community needs to bring its learning expertise into the tent.

Training Industry Quarterly, Fall 2009, ©2009 Training Industry Inc


Make Better Decisions - E-Learning That Advances Business Goals (Nov 09)

Defining your instructional outcomes in terms of competency models and proficiency scales can be the key to deciding on an instructional design. In fact, this also helps in deciding which tools to use. Here is a method and a decision table that will guide your critical choices, based on competency, proficiency, and instructional alternatives. ©2009 Learning Solutions Magazine


Speaking the language of business (Nov 09)

Jay Cross explains why it is vital for Learning and Development to speak so that others in the business, particularly executives, will understand.

Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


Custom Learning Becomes Standard for Improving Workplace Performance (Nov 09)

Much of workplace learning has moved away from classrooms and textbooks to digital platforms. T+D, ©2009 ASTD


How to Turn your Classroom Training into Effective E-learning (Nov 09)

As credit-crunched organisations look to reduce costs, what must they do to transform their classroom training into effective e-learning.

Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


Musing about Social Media in my Life (Nov 09)
As trainers, we must care about social media.
Training Industry Quarterly, Fall 2009,
©2009 Training Industry Inc


Defining the Learning Technologist (Nov 09)

The complexity of the learning function has grown exponentially.

Training Industry Quarterly, Fall 2009, ©2009 Training Industry Inc


The 'Miracle' of Good Training (Nov 09)

What happened was no miracle, it was simply good training.

Training Industry Quarterly, Fall 2009, ©2009 Training Industry Inc


Best practice is a lifeline in a sink or swim economy (Nov 09)

Why hesitate to adopt best practice models when a change of mindset and methodology could haul you clear of troubled water?

Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


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Selling and Marketing Education


Sharper Image (Oct 09)

A well-crafted and marketed training strategy can strengthen your corporate brand image and be a competitive advantage that attracts both customers and talented employees. Training, ©2009 Nielsen Business Media 


Associations and Non-Profits Are A Growing E-Learning Market (Nov 09)

Associations and non-profit organizations represent a growing market for e-Learning products and services, but vendors must understand how they differ in needs and outlook from companies and government organizations. Keeping some key points in mind is essential if you wish to serve them. This article offers a point-by-point guide to success in this market. ©2009 Learning Solutions Magazine


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Learning Methods and Media


The Power of User-Generated Learning Content (Nov 09)

Even with formal training options available, learners are flocking in large numbers to informal learning. Managing the challenges of user-generated content is no longer a luxury. Training Industry Quarterly, Fall 2009, ©2009 Training Industry Inc


The Unification of Communications, E-Learning and Common Knowledge (Nov 09)

The authors throw out a challenge to boards, management and policy-makers. Wake up to the extreme competitive advantages of unification - the capture of working knowledge and experience, which is then automated and shared.

Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


Managing Innovation in Corporate Training (Nov 09)

In order for training to be a true contributor to business success, training practices must be creative, innovative and continually evolving. When properly executed, everyone wins. Training Industry Quarterly, Fall 2009, ©2009 Training Industry Inc


Writing for the Reader (Nov 09)

Banish business speak and energize your e-learning by writing for the reader.

Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


Personalizing Learning and Knowledge Content Management in the Last Chance Saloon (Nov 09)

In a world of rapidly developing competition, large companies need to re-invent their leadership style and strategy if they are to keep their talents and competencies up-to-speed. Moreover, they need to strengthen their heritage knowledge and make it more readily available throughout the organisation.

Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


Learning design isn't Rocket Science (Nov 09)

So why do so many organisations get it wrong? Effective learning design should focus on performance, not subject matter expertise or delivery tools.

Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


Web 2.0 in the Driver's Seat (Nov 09)

Professionals seek out ways to make informal learning tools the industry’s next top performance device. T+D, ©2009 ASTD


The Case for Open Source (Oct 09)

Adopting open-source software, especially an end-user-facing application like an LMS, needs to be undertaken with the same care as any other large-scale software implementation project. Elearning!, ©2009 B2B Media Co 


Boomers 2.0 (Oct 09)

Boomers are not known as a technology enthusiastic generation. But with social networking becoming a bigger part of the business world, you may need to give them a bigger shove into the world of Web 2.0. You may be surprised at the positive response. Training, ©2009 Nielsen Business Media 


Enterprise 2.0 - a Parallel Meritocracy (Oct 09)

How new consumer Web technologies were migrating into the enterprise, triggering profound shifts in communication and collaboration based business processes. Elearning!, ©2009 B2B Media Co 


Tackling today's learning challenges with tomorrow's technology (Nov 09)

Today’s Web 2.0 technologies offer exciting possibilities for L&D professionals. But how do they actually deal with the day-to-day challenges of running a learning department? ©2009 e2Train


The Wonders of Conversation (Nov 09)

All kinds of businesses can get a bounce by building connections with users and clients online. T+D, ©2009 ASTD


Leverage Online Discussions (Oct 09)

Online discussions provide your learners with just-in-time training. As you engage, you can guide their development and ensure their learning continues long after the formal classroom training is over. Training, ©2009 Nielsen Business Media 


How to create a social learning environment (Nov 09)

In three parts, Jane Hart shares the pros and cons of building three types of social learning environment, and how to deliver them at low or no cost. The focus in part 1 is how to create a SLE using best-of-breed, free-of-charge, public social media tools. Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


Twitter - Inside the Enterprise, Up the Next Hill (Nov 09)

Humana employees find creative ways to keep social learning strong and effective, from the inside-in. Learning Circuits, ©2009 ASTD


Learning from Social Networks (Nov 09)
Using social networking as a learning tool is not without difficulty. The open, informal nature of the media defies typical governance, but the way a company applies, manages and enforces learning models can make all the difference.

Talent Management, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


Ten Tips for Selecting E-learning Service Providers (Oct 09)

Ten great tips for selecting vendors, from the eLearning Guild’s e-book “98 Tips for Selecting and Working with e-Learning Service Providers” (see Jul 09 newsletter). These address the tough questions you must ask vendors, the steps needed to obtain a rigorous demonstration, and the level of support that you have a right to expect from service providers. Set yourself up for success by studying them.

©2009 Learning Solutions Magazine


How E-Learning Works for Technical Professionals (Nov 09)

In thinking about technical professionals, such as IT staff, under what conditions does online training work best? ©2009 eLearn magazine


SCORM and Authoring Tools (Oct 09)

The Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative (ADL) developed the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) with a vision to provide access to high-quality, low-cost e-learning initiatives. Elearning!, ©2009 B2B Media Co 


How to design action-packed e-learning (Nov 09)

Banish boring e-learning! Maybe a simple shift in perspective can help you dump the humdrum. Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


10 ways to yawn-proof your e-learning (Nov 09)
Wakey wakey…are your learners drifting off? What can you do about it? You want your e-learning to ring alarm bells – in a good way.  In this guide, we share ten simple things you can do to make sure you stay sharp, without breaking the bank.

©2009 Kineo


Everything you ever wanted to know about e-learning but were afraid to ask (Nov 09)

It’s increasingly difficult to keep up with the dramatic increase in new media options. No wonder trainers have become alienated from technology. Clive Shepherd and Laura Overton outline what everyone should know about the role of technology in e-learning. Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


Rapid - Is it faster and cheaper and is it any good? (Nov 09)

Everyone's got an opinion about rapid e-learning. Let’s explode some of the popular myths. Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


Exploit the latest trends in rapid e-learning and agile development (Nov 09)

A culture willing to embrace both agile theory and rapid e-learning technologies will launch your organisation into the next decade.
Inside Learning Technologies,
©2009 CloserStill L&D


Organizations Head for DIY Authoring (Nov 09)

Let’s examine the seismic shift in the way organisations produce and maintain e learning content, and explain why the shift is here to stay.

Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


eActivity tool review (Nov 09)
Last month we reviewed Raptivity, a tool that allows you to create standalone interactions to drop into a course. Another similar product out in the market is eActivity, so we decided to give it a test and see how it stacks up. ©2009 Kineo


The Complete Guide to Google Wave (Nov 09)
Google Wave is a new way of dealing with e-mail,  that allows many people to edit and discuss documents simultaneously on the web. It is like a wiki edited via e-mail, and it has many potential uses. It allows the embedding of rich content like images and videos in the body of an email, and it avoids multiple copies of a message being stored in several places.  It is a “live document” that you work on together. Check out its features in this guide.
©2009 Gina Trapani


Games People Play (Oct 09)

Increasingly sophisticated simulations speed training, but simple tools can be just as effective. Training, ©2009 Nielsen Business Media 


Designing Learning Games to Meet Business Goals (Nov 09)

Learning comes naturally when mixed with fun, so smart designers are building games that meet business objectives. See how you can mix heads-on and hands-on learning. Training Industry Quarterly, Fall 2009, ©2009 Training Industry Inc


ARGs Leverage Intelligence - Improving Performance through Collaborative Play (Nov 09)

Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) facilitate e-Learning while maintaining motivation. They are excellent tools to encourage collective intelligence, collaborative play, and distributed storytelling in an educational environment. ARGs also help to increase communication, and raise awareness about products and causes.

©2009 Learning Solutions Magazine


All Change for Learning and Development (Nov 09)

Mobile learning is about more than putting an e-learning course in your pocket.

Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


A Podcasting Mini-Guide (Nov 09)

This guide offers a concise set of tools and brief explanations that should be of use to pretty much any individual or organization that wants to get into podcasting or expand their current efforts. ©2009 Mission to Learn


Getting the Most from your LMS (Oct 09)

Selecting your new LMS, learning it, and getting it to do everything you want is hard work — and it takes plenty of advance planning, according to users and experts. Elearning!, ©2009 B2B Media Co 


What do you really, really want from a learning system? (Nov 09)

Don’t fall into a pit of endless possibility. Your dream LMS may be possible, but is it practical? Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D

Moodle™ Moves To the Front of the LMS Adoption Pack (Oct 09)
Moodle™ is ranked as the #1 LMS product among eLearning Guild members with over 24% of respondents selecting it as their primary LMS - an excerpt from eLearning Guild Research report on “The Evolution of the LMS - From Management to Learning” (see Nov 09 newsletter).
©2009 Learning Solutions Magazine

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Case Studies and Projects


Powering the Hi-Tech Classroom (Nov 09)

Blackboard powers online learning for Westinghouse. T+D, ©2009 ASTD


Case Studies on Games - Ernst and Young and PRI (Oct 09)

Mastering engagement economics and improving physician-patient relations.

Training, ©2009 Nielsen Business Media 


Learning Leaders - Operational Excellence (Oct 09)

Textron Inc. is an example of an organization whose training program has resulted in operational improvements across the enterprise.
Elearning!, ©2009 B2B Media Co 


Solving Problems with Social Media (Oct 09)

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s budget shortfall would mean the layoff of almost 600 people in a normal hospital, but the CEO believed there might be a better way. Elearning!, ©2009 B2B Media Co 


Adventures in Second Life Education (Nov 09)

In Second Life, creating lifelike classrooms is only half the battle. Discover how IBM professionals developed education about hardware products that is engaging, immersive, and unlike anything you’ll ever see in real life.
Links PLUS,
©2009 ASTD


Implementing e-learning for business success (Nov 09)

Care Management Group has successfully implemented e-learning in its care-focused business. Here are some practical steps on how to move away from a classroom training model, straining to keep up with an expanding business.

Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


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Measuring Education Value


Creating Effective Learning Management Dashboards (Nov 09)

Learning leaders need ready access to information, making visual dashboards a must-have for managing and monitoring resources. Simple processes can make the tool more constructive.

Training Industry Quarterly, Fall 2009, ©2009 Training Industry Inc


The $64,000 Question (Oct 09)

What effect on the business did the training have? That’s not something measured in the classroom on the “smile sheet.” Here’s how to use surveys to improve your training program and receive feedback that benefits everyone - and the bottom line. Training, ©2009 Nielsen Business Media 


Don't just look at ROI, look at the value (Nov 09)

It’s tough to determine the return on investment of training. It’s easy to look at the value instead. But only if you know what to look for.

Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


Organizational Enablers of Good Measurement (Nov 09)

By following four enablers of good measurement, training organizations can create higher impact training for their organizations. Are you ready to improve your impact? Training Industry Quarterly, Fall 2009, ©2009 Training Industry Inc


Insure E-Learning ROI - Define User Needs With Help Desk Data (Nov 09)

Needs analysis helps instructional designers identify performance problems to be solved by e-Learning. You can perform this vital first step with surveys and interviews. But there is another resource, the Customer Support database kept by most Help Desks. Here’s how to tap into the information available, and how one designer saved time and money while creating effective solutions.

©2009 Learning Solutions Magazine


Converting Surveys to Strategies (Oct 09)

The more prepared you are to answer questions justifying your existence, the better likelihood you have of creating and maintaining a value-added role.

Elearning!, ©2009 B2B Media Co 


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Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing

No articles this month


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Training Professional Topics

Do You Have a 'So What' Mindset (Nov 09)
Most of us learned at a young age that it’s okay to ask questions. Here are three quick queries to help you avoid some long-term headaches. T+D, ©2009 ASTD

Stand, Deliver, and Shine (Nov 09)
No matter how training is delivered, at some stage, someone had to sit down and plan the content or course material to be covered, the order in which to do so, and the specifics regarding delivery. T+D, ©2009 ASTD

Louder than Words (Nov 09)
You’ve got plenty of great things to say. Make sure that your body language doesn’t betray your message. T+D, ©2009 ASTD

10 Steps to Creating Clickable Slide Quizzes (Nov 09)
In both educational and business environments, a clickable map quiz is a great interactive tool to help teach or train and then to test what the audience knows.  Here, I’ll show you how to create such a quiz. The basic concept is that a quiz taker clicks on a specific area of a PowerPoint slide to choose an answer. It’s great for maps, equipment instructions, or anything that has parts or places.
©2009 Ellen Finkelstein

Honesty is the Best Policy in Presentation Critiques (Nov 09)
Being open to feedback on our presenting styles is essential to improving, but for the critique to have real value both presenter and evaluator need to follow some essential guidelines. ©2009 Dianna Booher

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Education Administration

No articles this month


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Skills Gap/Technical Certification


Impact of Training - Functional Excellence Leads to Operational Productivity (Dec 08)

All companies increasingly rely on technology, some to manage their business, and others to compete in a technology industry segment. Relying on technology creates dramatic growth in demand for skilled IT professionals. ©2008 IDC


Certification - Creating the World as It Should Be (Dec 09)

Certification programs have the power to be prescriptive rather than just descriptive. Exercising this power is an objective for Red Hat.

CertMag, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


Does It Matter If Your (Academic) Instructors Are Certified (Dec 09)

Try to find out before you sign up. CertMag, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


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Webinars and Podcasts

Anheuser-Busch using Content as a Service for an e-Learning Advantage (Dec 09)
This webinar described how a Content as a Service (CaaS) solution helped Anheuser-Busch focus more on the quality and effectiveness of training instead of worrying about the technology, infrastructure and delivery.
Plateau Webinar, 2 Dec 09

Turning good e-learning into great e-learning (Nov 09) - charts here, chat here
With rapid development techniques and easy-to-use content authoring tools, it’s never been easier to produce e-learning materials. Some of them are even quite good. But how do you make them great? In this webinar, Stephanie Dedhar looks at what makes up great e-learning, how to produce it, and why the approach you adopt is all important. Learning and Skills Group Webinar, 19 Nov 09

Bridging the e-learning skills gap (Nov 09) - charts here, chat here
The Towards Maturity 2008 survey demonstrated just how much organisations are being held back because of a lack of skills and knowledge relating to e-learning. In this session, Clive will describe the areas in which skills are most needed, notably strategic management, curriculum development, content creation and facilitation. He will go on to discuss the various steps that organisations can take to bridge the skills gap. Learning and Skills Group Webinar, 19 Nov 09

Virtually Qualifying an Adobe Brick and Mortar Instructor for an Instructor-Led Course (Nov 09) - charts here
This case study describes different technologies used to cross train an instructor coast to coast.  We experimented with different media while looking at costs, quality and other important training factors, to carve a new road on how to prepare an instructor for traditional classroom training in a non-traditional manner.
CEdMA Virtual Classroom SIG, 17 Nov 09

Isolating Program Effects - The Ultimate Link Between Your Program And Results (Nov 09) - charts here
This webinar described the most commonly used approaches to isolating the effects of your programs from other influences. It covered how the isolation step fits into the business alignment process, why isolating program effects ensures you report credible business impact and ROI results, and three of the most commonly used approaches to isolate program effects.
Training Magazine Network, 17 Nov 09
And you may like to watch the 'prequel' here:
Show Me the Money - How to Measure the ROI in People, Projects and Programs (Jul 09) - charts here
To get your projects and initiatives approved in this economy, you'd better be able to project the ROI.  And how will you do that if you aren't measuring it now?  The question is "How?" In this session, Patti Phillips shared the most effective means of measuring ROI from your people, your projects and your training programs, everything you need to know to survive and prosper in these turbulent times.
Training Magazine Network, 22 Jul 09

Challenges and Misconceptions of Collaborative and Social Learning in the Workplace (Nov 09)

The Internet Time Alliance is a newly branded international think tank formed by six training industry luminaries: Harold Jarche, Jay Cross, Clark Quinn, Charles Jennings, Jane Hart, and Jon Husband. In this podcast, we talk to four of the principals about this unique initiative and their perspectives on collaborative and social learning in the workplace.
Part 2 of 5 - From your recent survey, 3 out of 4 CLOs admitted that their people could not keep up with the needs of their business. Is it that these CLOs are incapable of coping with today’s business environment? Are we seeing the end of the training department as we know it?
Part 3 of 5 - What do you think the key enablers are for collaborative learning to become truly embraced in a corporate setting as opposed to something that’s done at grassroots level?
Part 4 of 5 - There is still a level of discomfort with the use of social media within corporate environments, training included. As far as CLOs are concerned, do you think that this is a mentality issue, a process issue, or a technology issue?
Part 5 of 5 - Do you feel that we are on our way to integrating learning as an equal within enterprise, both at a functional & personnel level and at an enterprise application level?
© 2008-2009 Xyleme


Creating A Successful People Development Business (Nov 09)
This tele-seminar covers breaking into freelance training, overcoming the fear of selling and marketing your training services,  facing feeling daunted by the process

of chasing corporate clients, and avoiding the choice but to accept low-value work.

©2009 The Trainers Training Company Ltd, 13 Nov 09


What every IT Hiring Manager needs to know about Cisco Certifications and Training (Nov 09)
Christine Yoshida, head of product marketing at Learning@Cisco, outlines the value of certifications and authorized training, discusses the expansion of networking technologies, the skills required to manage them, and the benefits companies can achieve by investing in training for their IT staff.

Training Industry Webinar, 11 Nov 09


How to teach users to operate within a virtualized IT environment (Nov 09) - charts here

This contains an in-depth discussion of what is a virtualized IT environment followed by how to prepare your workforce to operate in one.

Training Magazine Webinar, 10 Nov 09


Social media behind the firewall - the paranoid organisation (Nov 09)

What do you do if you want to reap the benefits of social learning, but circumstances mean you can’t use external websites? Even in a walled garden, with some care and attention things will still grow. In this webinar, Barry Sampson will explore how you can use social media tools and techniques without breaching the firewall. Learning and Skills Group Webinar, 5 Nov 09


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And, Finally.....




The Thief and the Paintings Story (planning, preparation, resources, project management)

A thief was caught after stealing some paintings from the Louvre in Paris, when his getaway van ran out of fuel.

Given bail at his first hearing, a reporter asked him on the steps of the courthouse how he forgot such a vital part of his plan.

"Simple," said the thief, "I had no Monet for Degas to make the Van Gogh."

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Feedback, please!


I would really like to get input from you, the readers.  Please give me your feedback and point me towards any article or source that you think the rest of the membership might enjoy. Thank you.


Mike Dowsey

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