CEdMA-Europe Members' Newsletter - January 2010


Welcome to the December edition of the CEdMA-Europe Members' Monthly Newsletter, which will be sent to CEdMA Europe members and to European colleagues of CEdMA USA members. Please note that from now on, the date on the newsletter will be the beginning of the month rather than the end.

As usual, you will learn about updates to our forthcoming programme of events, and there is the collection of recent articles whose content is consistent with the important topics that you our members voted to cover in our recent Conferences.

The News section contains four articles with the whole month's news, three of which contain individually dated news items.

In Reviews and Current Trends, there are 13 reports, including four reviews of 2009 and five on 2010 predictions.

The Training Manager/Director Development articles follow the usual theme of providing useful support to you, so the 14 articles cover a range of management topics.

There are two articles in Selling and Marketing Education, one on selling services and the other on using "frequent learner" points.

As usual, the Learning Methods and Media articles are many and varied (20 this time), with four on design, six on social aspects, and four on e-Learning.

Case Studies and Projects has two articles, about three specific companies.

Measuring Education Value has three articles, on all aspects of measurement and ROI.

There are two articles in Process/Managing Costs/Outsourcing on outsourcing.

There are five articles in Training Professional Topics, about different aspects of the job.

In Skills Gap/Technical Certification there are six articles including four whitepapers about the technical certification process.

Finally, in the section Webinars and Podcasts, there are five industry webinars.

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20 January -The Future of Learning and Emerging Technologies”




The winter CEdMA Europe half-day Workshop will take place on 20 January 1300-1700 UK time at Steljes, Bagshot, Surrey.

We are delighted that Clive Shepherd, a very well-known e-learning consultant, will be leading the session.

In his own words, "Clive Shepherd has spent the past 25 years working with computers trying to make learning things happen electronically. He's still trying to figure it out."  But Clive has a wealth of experience and a broad knowledge of all aspects of new and emerging technologies, so who better to present his views on the future learning and engage us all in working out where we individually need to go next.


1300 Coffee
1330 Introduction - Mike
1335 The Future of Learning and Emerging Technologies - Clive Shepherd, Fastrak Consulting
1500 Break and Networking
1530 Facilitated Discussion led by Clive with Tony Coates of Assima and Tim Preston of Toolwire 
1650 Summary
1700 Close

Click to get printable agenda.

Please let Mike know if you or any of your colleagues will be attending, so that we can make sure we have enough seats, coffee, biscuits, and so on.

We shall send out joining instructions around Friday 8 January.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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New Responsibilities for the CEdMA-Europe Board





At the first meeting of the new Board on 17 December, Phil Lawman stood down as chairman having held the position since May 2004. He was thanked for his efforts over this period, but insisted that he will still be active going forward, especially at conferences!

After a brief discussion, the Board unanimously agreed that Philip Bourne should be the new Chairman. Jasmine Huxtable-Wright and Simon Maskrey remain as Treasurer and Secretary, respectively.

Philip had previously suggested that Board Members might take on an additional area of responsibility for which they will be spokesman on behalf of CEdMA-Europe. Members were asked to suggest areas in the conference feedback survey and after a short discussion, these responsibilities were assigned as follows:

Board Member

Area Of Responsibility

Philip Bourne

Market Research

Norman Buckberry

New learning models

Reiner Deichmann


Neil Gregory

Education Marketing

Hans Hirschi


Jasmine Huxtable-Wright

Virtual training and labs

Alastair Jeffery

IITT/Learning Directors’ Network

Phil Lawman


Simon Maskrey

Sales Enablement

To contact any Board Member, please look at this page on the website.

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Recent Articles from the Education and Training Press



Worldwide Training Industry News (Dec 09)
Abstract News ©2009 Information Inc

IT Training Press Releases (Dec 09)

Industry News Headlines from CLOmedia (Dec 09)

E-Learning Market Update from Kineo (Dec 09)
which references:
The UK e-learning market 2009 (Dec 09)
This report offers an overview of the present state of the UK’s e-learning and learning technologies industry.
©2009 Learning Light

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Reviews and Current Trends


2008-09 Training Efficiency Master Series (Nov 09)

Discover what hundreds of learning executives had to say in our two year study about key learning management issues such as optimizing costs, learning technology, analytics, marketing and informal training. ©2009 Expertus

Note: all individual reports have previously appeared in this newsletter


The 'Oughts, the Ought-Nots, and the Ought-Oh's (Dec 09)

The first decade of the 21st Century had its high points and its low moments, all of which affect what we will be doing in the second decade.

©2009 Learning Solutions Magazine


2009 Trends in Review (Dec 09)

From sales training to the skills gap, from Twitter to the economic impact on learning initiatives, 2009 revealed a number of surprises, as well as many crucial clues as to what lies ahead for workplace learning professionals.
, ©2009 ASTD


2009 CLO Learning in Practice Awards (Dec 09)

Awarded in September, the 2009 Learning in Practice Awards recognized excellence in practitioner and provider learning and development.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


Enterprise Learning and Talent Management 2010 - Predictions for the Coming Year (Dec 09)
What are the top 12 trends in enterprise learning and talent management for 2010? ©2009 Bersin & Associates


2010 Predictions (Dec 09)

From cost-cutting efforts to new technology, 2010 will be another interesting year in e-Learning. Here are some sure bets, some developments to watch, and one long shot. ©2009 Learning Solutions Magazine


Five learning myths to dump before the New Year (Dec 09)

The New Year is a time to de-clutter. Chuck out all the old baggage hanging around and start anew. I think that some mental clutter could be tidied up as well and that is something we do all too rarely. So here are my five old ideas that can be safely consigned to the rubbish bin of history. If you do this you will look at your role slightly differently and that cannot be a bad thing.

TrainingZONE, ©2009 Sift Media


Change on the Horizon (Dec 09)

Trends that will shape learning in 2010.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


No Networking Allowed (Dec 09)

Social networking may be all the rage, but for some organizations, the answer is still "no". T+D, ©2009 ASTD


The Rise of the Corporate Multiversity (Dec 09)

The most effective learning organizations today serve their workforces on multiple levels - meeting multiple needs, offering multiple curricula, using multiple delivery methods. And these “multiversities” are changing the way companies, governments and even traditional universities are thinking about education.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


Technologies, Tools, and Media for e-Learning (Dec 09)

What tools, media, and technologies should your organization use? That seems like a simple question, but there are a lot of considerations involved in these decisions. This report will provide you with high-level information about what others are using, and some general guidance on selecting tools, media, and technologies. ©2009 eLearning Guild


The Web 2.0 Police (Dec 09)

For many companies, incorporating Web 2.0-based initiatives is not without its perils. And while regulation has its place, some learning professionals still agree that the benefits outweigh the risks. T+D, ©2009 ASTD


On-Call Disputes Create Litigation Hazards (Dec 09)

Are BlackBerrys, cell phones and pagers a source of freedom and flexibility for employees or are they electronic leashes that keep them tied to work —sometimes without being paid for it? The questions are not just philosophical ones. Many employers are learning that the wrong answer could be costly.

Workforce Management Online, ©2009 Crain Communications Inc


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Training Manager/Director Development


Trust is a Must (Jan 10)

An interview with father and son leadership gurus Stephen Covey and Stephen MR Covey illuminates what organizations need to survive and thrive in today’s tough times: It all begins with trust. Training, ©2009 Nielsen Business Media 


Making business decisions - the heart and the head (Dec 09)

Jay Cross examines decision making on learning at work, and gives the lie to some myths about the use of business metrics.

Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


When Numbers Talk, the Business Listens (Dec 09)

Let your numbers do the talking and demonstrate the value of learning by talking the language of the business.
Inside Learning Technologies,
©2009 CloserStill L&D


CLO, CFO and CEO (Dec 09)

Forging a closer connection for the future.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


There is a Lot More to Training than Training (Dec 09)

Training is not an act; it’s a process. Incorporating every element of that process is important for achieving the results you need. T+D, ©2009 ASTD


Putting It All Together (Dec 09)

This article explains how closer ties between management, operations and training make for higher impact learning, faster.

Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


Internal vs. External Education (Dec 09)

Designing for the best of both.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


What is a Learning Culture and how do you know if you have one (Dec 09)

Vaughan Waller explains why his quest to find a learning culture turned out to be a fool’s errand. Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


Creating a Successful Learning Culture (Dec 09)

Developing and sustaining a strong organizational learning focus relies on measuring individual and corporate levels of commitment to learning, both tangible and intangible. Chief Learning Officer, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


Create a Climate of Creativity (Jan 10)

Anyone can be creative - creativity is more a factor of a cultivated ability than a natural one. Here are eight principles to follow to bring out the creative ability in yourself and your teams. Training, ©2009 Nielsen Business Media 


Tapping Employees to Develop Others (Dec 09)

Informal networking is the key.
Chief Learning Officer,
©2009 Media Tec Publishing


Agile Learning - Thriving in the New Normal (Dec 09)

In today’s business environment, learning organizations must strive to succeed in five critical areas to create a truly agile enterprise.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


Route Map to a Learning Ecosystem (Dec 09)

How can you best deploy learning technologies within your organisation to cultivate a thriving learning ecosystem? The best place to start is to know exactly where you’re going. Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


Time to Engage a New Generation of Tech-Savvy Learners (Dec 09)

The generation now entering the workforce is unlike any before it. They’ve been brought up on gadgets and gizmos and they’re tech-savvy with greater expectations of technology. Charles Gould argues that employers must offer engaging learning or suffer the consequences.

Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


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Selling and Marketing Education


A Little Goes a Long Way - Tips on Selling Your Practice (Dec 09)

Despite the remnants of an all too recent financial downturn, workers in the professional services industry can still make the most out of marketing themselves and their businesses. Links Plus, ©2009 ASTD


Increasing Online Course Completion with Frequent Learner Points
(Dec 09)

We offer more than 200 online courses to our employees, but usage was as low as 5 percent. To encourage participation, we created a Frequent Learner Program housed within our Corporate University. Links, ©2009 ASTD


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Learning Methods and Media


The New Learning Architecture (Dec 09)

Architects do not need to be carpenters or plumbers to create living environments, just as learning architects do not need to specialize in each new technology. They do, however, need to know the opportunities and limitations as Clive Shepherd explains. Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


Strategy as Process, Not Product - The Learning Value Chain (Dec 09)

When you begin putting together a curriculum, do you get a question back for every question you ask rather than the recommendations and suggestions you hope to hear? Do you have trouble getting the very people you are trying to help to listen to your proposals? Developing a value-based strategy may solve these and many other problems. ©2009 Learning Solutions Magazine


Learning Environments that Know You (Dec 09)

New tools and technologies are contributing to a shift in how we learn, creating efficiencies in finding, organizing and sharing information. Organizations that embrace and leverage these efficiencies will succeed in providing learners with the content they need to thrive. Chief Learning Officer, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


Learning Design for Effective Performance (Dec 09)

This article illustrates the importance of working with high performers rather than subject matter experts. Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


The Threats and Benefits of Social Networking in the Workplace (Dec 09)

Social networking offers organisations a framework for innovation, but only if learning professionals are bold enough to grasp the nettle.

Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


Come Together, Right Now (Dec 09)

Creating a collaboration strategy.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


Building a Social Learning Environment - for Free or at Low Cost (Dec 09)

How do you create a social learning environment for free, but without a mishmash of incompatible tools? Jane Hart investigates.

Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


Community-Based Learning - More Hype than Happening (Dec 09)

Robin Hoyle questions the hoopla around community-based social learning.

Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


Blocking Social Sites - It's Putting your Learning Head in the Sand (Dec 09)

Neil Lasher used to hate social media. Now he’s converted to the learning power of micro-blogging. Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


Sakai - Open Source, Open Minds (Dec 09)

Most Learning Management Systems (LMSs) are intended to support traditional (instructor-led) teaching models. Sakai, however, is a Collaborative Learning Environment. It is intended to support group work, and offers unique features for researchers, faculty, and learners. ©2009 Learning Solutions Magazine


50 Ideas for Free E-learning (Dec 09)

This updated 50 ideas for free e-learning looks at the challenges in doing more for less, and how to think through your approach; a wide range of tools that can help you create, publish, and track your e-learning; and low cost and free blend methods for engaging your learners and sustaining performance. ©2009 Kineo


Providing Participant Guides for Online Learning (Dec 09)

A queue of PowerPoint slides is not the formula for a successful learner’s guide. In the case of online training especially, a great guide is critical to learner engagement. T+D, ©2009 ASTD


Human Capital Investment - What to Consider for Online Learning (Dec 09)

What is e-Learning? What is a Learning Management System (LMS)? Why do you need a LMS, and what questions should you be asking as you consider the many LMS offerings on the market? This is the time of year when many decision-makers are considering these issues, and this article will get you started!

©2009 Learning Solutions Magazine


Quality Worth Waiting For (Dec 09)

Stephanie Dedhar explores why effective rapid development takes time.

Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


Because You Can't Learn to Ride a Bicycle from a Book (Dec 09)

Thinking about the design elements of serious games and simulations is not as complex as you might believe. T+D, ©2009 ASTD


Six Steps to Creating High Quality Video Training (Dec 09)

Games and immersive learning are great, but today the most accessible and most easily developed instructional medium is video. Producing great video instruction for use online is simpler than you may think, and may also be less expensive than other rapid development methods. Here are six steps you can begin using today to develop online video e-Learning. ©2009 Learning Solutions Magazine


Managed mLearning - mLearning's Next Evolution (Dec 09)

Given the proliferation of mobile devices, the dilemma for learning professionals has been to find a way to leverage the learner’s familiarity with these devices for training solutions. However, because mLearning today lacks trackability in the LMS, it has currently been relegated to a niche solution appropriate only for informal, just-in-time content. For mLearning to reach its full potential, it is clear that mLearning must evolve to include management and tracking that allows for the delivery of formal learning and not just informal content.
©2009 Raytheon Professional Services


Learning Content Management Solutions - This Time it's Personal (Dec 09)

European organisations can’t afford their learning to lag behind if they’re to survive global competition from unexpected sources. It’s time to get up close and personal to learners. Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


Live online learning is the bridge (Dec 09)

It’s what you do in a classroom that’s important, not whether your instructor is right in front of you or appearing on your screen and through your headset.

IT Training, ©2009 BCS


How to Create a Live Learning Event (Dec 09)

This first part of a two-part article unravels the mysteries of live online learning and teaching. It examines how a skilled online trainer can balance words, sounds, images and activities to make the difference between a lesson and a lecture.

Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


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Case Studies and Projects


(Effectiveness) At a Glance (Dec 09) creates customized dashboards to give KeyBank visibility into learning program effectiveness. T+D, ©2009 ASTD


Global Sales Training's Balancing Act (Jan 10)

A look at how Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and Hitachi Data Systems develop globally consistent, yet adaptable and customizable, sales training for their worldwide sales forces. Training, ©2009 Nielsen Business Media 


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Measuring Education Value


Evaluation - Time to Take a Strategic Approach (Dec 09)

Evaluation is an essential part of learning, but it needs to be done right.

Inside Learning Technologies, ©2009 CloserStill L&D


Perform, or else (Dec 09)

With measurable results high on the agenda, L&D needs to get involved in defining the metrics. IT Training, ©2009 BCS


Building Sponsorship Support for ROI Implementation (Dec 09)

Any performance improvement initiative that seeks to demonstrate results at Level 3 or above requires approval from a committed sponsor who has the authority and desire to provide the appropriate direction, support, resources, and rewards to ensure that the evaluation project will be implemented as planned.
©2009 ASTD


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Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing


Which Outsourced Labor Is Right for Your Company? (Dec 09)

Often managers choose outsourced labor based on what the company has done in the past, without following a vetted or proven selection process. Still, the fact remains that a project’s success, costs and risks can be determined by how managers select outsourced labor.
Talent Management, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


Focus on Outsourcing - Executive Summary (Nov 09)

In May 2009, Chief Learning Officer magazine fielded a survey to the Chief Learning Officer Business Intelligence Board (BIB) to assess and benchmark outsourcing practices in L&D. ©2009 Media Tec Publishing


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Training Professional Topics

How to Spar Like a Champion (Dec 09)
There is no doubt that the wrong phrase during a key conversation can harm your relationships as well as your reputation. Learn to manage your responses during those tough conversations and come out on top. T+D, ©2009 ASTD

Using Virtual Follow-Up Sessions to Reinforce Learning (Dec 09)
How often have you facilitated a training session and then failed to see your learners apply the new skills on the job? Links Plus, ©2009 ASTD

How to Give a Presentation the 'Steve Jobs Way' (Dec 09) - deck here
For more than three decades, Jobs has been turning product launches into an art form.  His presentations are like theatrical experiences and every slide is created like a piece of poetry. The good news is that his techniques, sharpened over the years, can be used by anyone who wants to inspire an audience.  Here are seven ways to create a “Jobsian” presentation. ©2009 Carmine Gallo

4 Ways to Save Time and Money in Creating Graphics (Dec 09)
I recently surveyed business, presentation, and design professionals about their biggest graphic challenges. The number one challenge was resoundingly… time. Either we lack time to make compelling graphics or we spend too much time on tweaks, changes, and false starts. So to help my fellow time-starved professionals, I have compiled four tried and true tips that help streamline the graphics development process and save our most valuable commodity - time.
©2009 Mike Parkinson

All the Right Moves - Use Body Actions to Capture Interest (Dec 09)
With presenting, it is the visual performance, the overt action and the physical movement that brings a story to life. Here are five basic external skills needed to satisfy the action-starved audiences who eagerly await your messages.
©2009 MediaNet Inc

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Education Administration

No articles this month


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Skills Gap/Technical Certification


Developing CIOs (Dec 09)

If you want to get into IT, the education path is mostly pretty straightforward. But what do you do training-wise if you want to get to the other end of the progression - the top job in IT in business, becoming the Chief Information Officer (CIO)?

IT Training, ©2009 BCS


Training to the Gold Standard (Dec 09)

A look at new and trusted ways to improve IT service management and become an expert. IT Training, ©2009 BCS


Defensible Assessments - What You Need to Know (Jun 07)

This paper explores defensibility in the area of assessment. It is designed to help readers determine what defensibility means, to inform them about standards and best practices and to describe how to ensure and evaluate defensibility. The paper also explains ways organizations can ensure the reliability, validity, security and fairness of their assessments. ©2007 Questionmark


Delivering Assessments Safely and Securely (Mar 09)
This paper discusses the issues to consider in delivering assessments using computer or web-based technologies. It is designed to help readers select delivery methods and technologies that are most in keeping with a particular assessment‘s purpose and nature. It also explores the various means and technologies available for deploying a wide range of assessment types safely and securely.
©2009 Questionmark


Assessments through the Learning Process (Jun 09)
This paper explores how instructors and organizations can use assessments to improve the learning process. It is designed to help readers distinguish between different types and styles of assessments, understand various assessment tools, and learn how to develop effective assessments, analyze their results and appreciate the benefits of computerized assessments. ©2009 Questionmark


Item Analysis Analytics (Nov 09)

This paper is based on a popular series of posts about Item Analysis Analytics from the Questionmark blog. It provides instruction on the principles of item analysis and how to apply them using the Questionmark™ Perception™ assessment management system. ©2009 Questionmark


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Webinars and Podcasts


Social Media - 7 Stories of Success (Dec 09) - charts here

Josh Bersin presents seven case studies detailing how leading organizations implemented social media strategies to create breakthrough Human Resource solutions. Companies mentioned include Toyota, 7-11, Brinkers (Chili's), IBM, ConAgra, Blue Cross, The Federal Reserve, Citibank, Farmers Insurance, McDonalds, Ernst & Young, and T-Mobile. He describes practical, low-cost solutions which every organization can use to leverage social networking in their learning and talent management solutions. Taleo Webinar, 17 Dec 09


Third Dimension Learning - Formalizing Informal Learning (Dec 09) - charts here

The buzz about Learning 2.0 and Social Learning has turned into a clamor. Organizations know they need to jump onto this bandwagon, but they worry about how. Formal learning is well established and is well understood. Informal learning seems obvious but too ill-defined. Now is the time to move into the third dimension of learning, where formal and informal learning intersects with intention. Some experts have called this 'formalizing informal learning' while others term it 'non-formal' learning. Regardless of what it's called, this third dimension extends, enables and enhances learning in ways never possible before, as Lance Dublin explains. Elluminate Webinar, 17 Dec 09


Achieving Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times (Dec 09) - charts here

Stephen R Covey leads a Q&A session to explore the current state of today’s organization and the focus on developing existing resources, capabilities, and talent. He describes how effective sales disciplines and coaching methods will steer an organization to execution, and how incorporating Covey’s habits/principles will make the leaner organization, a meaner organization.

Virtual Training World, 10 Dec 09


Successfully Integrating Training Management With Corporate Culture (Dec 09) - charts here

Effective training and development strategies have become increasingly important in corporate culture, improving employee retention and giving a better understanding of employer mission and brand values. Not only do company values and brand need to be propagated internally, but also to external sources, such as customers and partners. In order to achieve this awareness, organizations should utilize traditional training environments, with impactful learning and on-boarding programs, and also enterprise social networking, using innovative, collaborative technologies. Virtual Training World, 10 Dec 09


Implementing Social Media - Beyond The Hype (Dec 09) - charts here

Introduction of any social media represents a change to the organization and the people who comprise it. The key to success therefore is a well crafted implementation plan based on a sound strategy. Lance Dublin suggests how to ensure your social media 'answers' become true business solutions and how then to ensure the workforce, the managers, and the organization as a whole are truly ready to make them an integral part of the culture. Elluminate Webinar, 2 Dec 09


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And, Finally.....




Jesse James Story (tactics, morality, good and bad in us all)

The notorious American Wild West bank robber Jesse James (1847-82) was hunted and demonised by the authorities, but was held in high regard by many ordinary folk. Here's an example of why:

The story goes that Jesse James and his gang had taken refuge for a few days in ramshackle farmhouse after one of their raids. The old widow who lived there fed the men, and apologised for her modest offerings and the poor state of the accommodation. While the gang laid low, they learned from the widow that she faced eviction from her landlord and was expecting a visit from his debt collector any day. Taking pity on the old lady, as they left, the gang gave her some of the spoils of their robbery to settle her debt - several hundred dollars, which was a small fortune in those days.

The gang moved on, but only to a nearby copse, where for a couple more days they watched and waited for the arrival - and departure - of the debt collector, whom they promptly held up and robbed.

Of course robbing anyone is bad, but if you've got to rob someone...

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Feedback, please!


I would really like to get input from you, the readers.  Please give me your feedback and point me towards any article or source that you think the rest of the membership might enjoy. Thank you.


Mike Dowsey

Executive Director



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