CEdMA-Europe Members' Newsletter - November 2010


Welcome to the November edition of the CEdMA-Europe Members' Monthly Newsletter, which is sent to CEdMA Europe members and to European colleagues of CEdMA USA members.

As usual, you will learn about updates to our forthcoming programme of events, and there is the collection of recent articles whose content is consistent with the important topics that you our members voted to cover in our recent Conferences.

The News section contains three articles with the whole month's news, two of which contain individually dated news items.

In Reviews and Current Trends, there are nine reports, including several surveys on a wide range of topics.

The Training Manager/Director Development articles follow the usual theme of providing useful support to you, so the 11 articles cover a range of management topics.

Selling and Marketing Education contains four articles, covering hype cycle, developing a business case, product catalogs in PowerPoint, and how to sell your ideas.

As usual, the Learning Methods and Media articles are many and varied (24 this time), including four on social learning, five on e-learning, six on mobile learning, and four on LMS.

Case Studies and Projects has four articles, all on specific companies.

Measuring Education Value has two articles, on effectiveness and evaluation.

There are four articles in Process/Managing Costs/Outsourcing, one on where CLOs are spending and three on outsourcing.

There are two articles in Training Professional Topics, both on aspects of presentations.

In Skills Gap/Technical Certification there are three articles, one on skills and two webinars on certification.

Finally, in Special Interest Groups, there are four reports from October meetings.

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What our Members are saying about the State of the Business





In preparation for the "Pulse of the Industry" session at the November Conference this week, we asked the main contact in our 35 member companies the usual questions about the state of the business, what they have been doing to improve, what are current hot topics and issues and how they see the next six months.

While the results will be presented at the conference and will be available to all members afterwards, here are a couple of charts which describe the membership and one on what they have been doing in the last few months.

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Conference 4-5 November, "The Future of the Training Department"





The autumn CEdMA Europe conference will take place on 4-5 November at the Bournemouth Marriott.

The theme is "The Future of the Training Department", a topic area voted by you the members as being the most pressing in the current environment.

Following the recent successful change, Pulse of the Industry will again get everyone to share their hot topics, which will have been gathered in an online survey in advance. This will highlight the key issues and market challenges that you face today. The aim is to aid your understanding of the other companies in the group and facilitate networking discussions during the course of the event.

As a starting point, we'll first look at The Current State of the IT Training Industry. Pardo-Fox has been following closely the IT Training industry for over a decade and has seen the peaks and falls. This session looks at the last couple of years, compares it to the previous downturn and offers a view on the next five years.

The following sessions address the theme and help us answer these questions.


Will there be an Education Centre in 2015?
With the increasing move to virtual instructor-led classrooms, customers’ demanding more and more onsites, and the widespread use of emerging technologies, will we need an education centre in the future? This is a discussion session so please come prepared to contribute your views. 


How to move forward faster with Virtual Instructor-Led Classroom?

Let’s face it, this is not a new delivery mode, but how do we drive wider acceptance. Do we simply make it the only option, or do we give the student a much richer environment. This is a discussion session so please come prepared to contribute your views. 


Which Education Technologies will be in common usage in 2015?
Cloud computing, augmented reality, and 3D touch screens will ultimately give learning and development professionals more money, power and freedom to improve performance. But are we ready? Shouldn’t we become experts at using the tools we have now? This is a discussion session so please come prepared to contribute your views. 


What Education Staff and Skills will be required in 2015?
Who will deliver the classes, who will run the admin, and who will make sure that there are students in the classes anyway? Let’s discuss.   This is a discussion session so please come prepared to contribute your views. 


The IITT Professionalism Offerings
IITT professionalism offerings cover the Individual (membership, TPMA) and Corporate (Accredited Training Provider) levels. This session will describe how these are addressing future change.


The training manager's personal development session is all about Building Your Training Consultancy, lead by Kaizen Training.


As you can see, we have reverted to facilitated sessions which are intended to be highly interactive with contributions for all present.


Here's your printable agenda.

I currently have more than 50 attendees, but if you haven't already enrolled, please contact Mike very soon.

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Recent Articles from the Education and Training Press



Worldwide Training Industry News (Oct 10)
Abstract News ©2010 Information Inc

IT Training Press Releases (Oct 10)

Market Update from Kineo (Oct 10)

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Reviews and Current Trends


A Salute to the BEST (Oct 10)

The 31 BEST Award winners for 2010 found success by discovering new and efficient ways to put people first and creating a learning culture that is a true business partner in every respect. And they managed to do so in an economic climate that saw limited resources, reductions in force, and budget cuts.

T+D, ©2010 ASTD


Top 100 Tools for Learning (Oct 10)

Jane Hart has just published the results of her top 100 tools for learning survey.

© Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies, 2006-2010


What Makes a Top Learning Organization? (Oct 10)

People development must embrace a top-down philosophy: leaders to managers, managers to teams, according to The Aberdeen Group.
Elearning!, ©2010 B2B Media Co 


Learning Perspectives 2010 (Oct 10)
This is an open source book written by colleagues of The MASIE Center and The Learning CONSORTIUM. They comprise a diverse cross-section of learning leaders, including members of the 30 Under 30 program for Learning 2010, and have written their perspectives about changes in the learning field.
©2010 Creative Commons


The Effect of Learning Organizations on a Local and Global Scale (Oct 10)
To impact learning organizations and create a more focused effort, several factors should be considered.
Elearning!, ©2010 B2B Media Co 


Optimism IS Catching On (Oct 10)

With the worst seemingly over, many businesses have a surprisingly optimistic outlook on growth in the coming months, one study shows. T+D, ©2010 ASTD


HR Experts Place Learning Atop the List (Oct 10)
According to a new OfficeTeam survey, almost half of the 500 HR managers surveyed at companies with 20 or more employees expressed concern about employee training and development. T+D, ©2010 ASTD


Keeping Up With Social Media Trends can be Demanding (Oct 10)
A new survey by The Creative Group finds that staying current on social media trends can be challenging. Nearly two-thirds of advertising and marketing executives surveyed said that it can be difficult to keep up with what’s new in social media.

T+D, ©2010 ASTD


Game On? (Oct 10)
The effectiveness of game use in the workplace depends on context and design.

T+D, ©2010 ASTD


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Training Manager/Director Development


How to Cope with the Creatures of the Classroom (Oct 10)

Have no fear of the beasts that plague so many classrooms all year round. Learn how to combat their tactics, and keep learning from being derailed.
©2010 ASTD


Help Them Retain What You Train (Oct 10)

Knowledge retention rates can be improved significantly with just a little extra effort. Here are eight principles to increase the return on your learning investment.
Training Magazine,
©2010 Lakewood Media Group


The Right Stuff - Engaging Learners (Oct 10)

Engaging learners involves providing the right content in the right way at the right time. Following that formula means learning is likely to have the right organizational impact. Training Industry Quarterly, © 2010 Training Industry Inc


It's a Super Learner (Nov 10)

A new breed of learner is driving the evolution of learning in companies. Find out how to acquire and retain these super-powered employees.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2010 Media Tec Publishing


Developing a Learning Strategy and Using Training to Support Innovation Initiatives (Nov 10)

What is innovation in a business context? How can training support innovation initiatives for an organization? How can one develop an innovation learning strategy? These questions are answered in this article.

Human Capital Insights, ©2010 Media Tec Publishing


Training Spaces (Oct 10)

Did the beanbag chair experiment fail? Creating a balanced learning space for your employees is about more than trying different types of seating. It’s a challenge that can affect how well your workers absorb your lessons and whether they’ll be able to produce better results for your company.

Training Magazine, ©2010 Lakewood Media Group


Knowledge Velocity, the Business Language of Learning (Nov 10)

The most pressing strategic learning need facing businesses today is managing the cycle time and refresh rate of the knowledge needed by front-line performers. Solving this problem will distinguish top CLOs from their peers.

Human Capital Insights, ©2010 Media Tec Publishing


Thank-You Training, CNN-Style (Oct 10)

When training senior leaders on how to say, “Thanks for a job well done,” the key is ensuring they feel urgency and purpose, just like the way 24/7 news networks disseminate information. Training Magazine, ©2010 Lakewood Media Group


The Note (Oct 10)

While writing thank you notes is one of the most basic pieces of business etiquette advice, it often is ignored, which can result in unfortunate consequences.

Training Magazine, ©2010 Lakewood Media Group


Who Owns Mobile Learning in Your Organization (Oct 10)

For a simple concept, the implementation of mobile learning can get messy in a hurry. Many factors play a part, including protection of organizational turf. Here’s a simple breakdown of the major issues, and advice on a path through them.

Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2010 eLearning Guild


Five Approaches to Sales Training (Nov 10)

Ways to train a talented, winning sales force.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2010 Media Tec Publishing



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Selling and Marketing Education

Gartner's 2010 Hype Cycle Special Report Evaluates Maturity of 1,800 Technologies (Oct 10)
Hype Cycle Research provides a cross-industry perspective on potentially transformative technologies.
© 2010 Gartner

Developing the Business Case for a Major e-Learning Courseware or Infrastructure Project (Oct 10)
Preparing a complete and persuasive effective business case increases the likelihood that decision makers will accept your proposals for learning projects. Here is a complete guide and template for this critical process.
Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2010 eLearning Guild

Create Easily-Customized Product Catalogs in PowerPoint (Oct 10)
Sales reps can use PowerPoint to create a product catalog that they bring to potential customers. This catalog is easy to modify, even at the last minute. You can change photos, prices, descriptions and more. From the point of view of sales managers, PowerPoint product catalogs ensure the catalog always looks professionally laid out and content is always up to date. ©2010 Ellen Finkelstein

How to sell your ideas - The Steve Jobs Way (Oct 10)
On January 27 of this year Steve Jobs introduced yet another Apple innovation, concluding the presentation by summing up the product in one sentence: Our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price. The iPad’s presentation and marketing messages proved once again that Jobs is the world’s greatest corporate storyteller. ©2010 Carmine Gallo

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Learning Methods and Media


Learning Design for Every Mind (Oct 10)

Every learner has his or her own learning style, the method that best enables knowledge transfer. Understanding the science behind training helps raise effectiveness levels. Training Industry Quarterly, © 2010 Training Industry Inc


Maintenance - The Forgotten Step (Oct 10)

You can maximize your learning course shelf life in the development phase, thereby saving you oodles of money down the road, according to a 20-year e-learning veteran. Elearning!, ©2010 B2B Media Co 


Manager Engagement - Reducing Scrap Learning (Oct 10)

A large amount of training knowledge is lost as soon as training events end. Studies show that engaging managers can go a long way toward filling the gaps of lost learning. Training Industry Quarterly, © 2010 Training Industry Inc


Transforming Informal Learning into a Competitive Advantage (Oct 10)

Using metrics is a smart way to formalize informal and collaborative learning methods without waste, and attain the alignment you need. T+D, ©2010 ASTD


The Special Sauce of Social Learning (Oct 10)

The bottom line is that for social learning to be accepted and used, it must be a seamless and natural part of the workplace, and the work Failure to focus on all the ingredients for successful social learning is a showstopper and will kill it in its tracks.  Learning Solutions Magazine, © 2010 The eLearning Guild


A Framework for Social Learning in the Enterprise (Oct 10)
This was excerpted from The Working Smarter Fieldbook | September 2010 Edition by Jay Cross, Jane Hart, Jon Husband, Harold Jarche, Charles Jennings and Clark Quinn of the Internet Time Alliance. TrainingZONE, © 2010 Sift Media


Are You LinkedIn? (Oct 10)

Professional connections can win you a job. It turns out they also can win your employees a top-notch learning organization. Here’s how four Training Top 125 winners are making the most out of social networking.
Training Magazine,
©2010 Lakewood Media Group


E-learning Goes Social (Oct 10)

If corporate culture does not include agility, transparency, user-centricity, empowerment and creativity, trying to establish social learning as a viable initiative is more difficult. Elearning!, ©2010 B2B Media Co 


Give Learning a Listen - Audio Podcasting and Learning (Oct 10)

It’s hip. It’s in. And it’s all the rage. But podcasting is more than just the thing to do. It is a powerful strategic tool to impart key learning nuggets, ASAP. And it’s not as hard as you think. T+D, ©2010 ASTD


E-learning on a Budget (Oct 10)

With costs ranging from “free” to millions of dollars, selecting from hundreds of e-learning tools and services to find low-cost options can be daunting. Our newest editor explores the possibilities. Elearning!, ©2010 B2B Media Co 


Tool Review - Flypaper Creator 3.2 (Aug 10)

Another day, another tool review!  Flypaper bills itself as “The Leading Flash Content Creation Platform.”  “With Flypaper you can create courses at one-sixth the time and expense. And without the limitations of rapid development tools.”  Sounds promising. © 2010 Kineo

Taking Traditional Training Online - From the Classroom to the Web (Oct 10)
This eBook explores how to successfully take in-person training online; strategies for utilizing the web and social media to enhance learning; and what to look for in an online training solution.  ©2010 ProfessorPPT

Great Technology Tools - Video and Voice (Oct 10)
Learning today draws on a variety of tools to best engage learners. Voice-over PowerPoint and searchable video can be great solutions.
Training Industry Quarterly, © 2010 Training Industry Inc


Top 10 Mistakes When Using Media in E-Learning (Oct 10)
 Here is a good list of the most common misuses of media in e-learning.
 ©2010 Innovative Learning Group


The New Era of Mobile Learning (Oct 10)

Today’s learning increasingly happens on the fly, delivered virtually on all types of devices, including smart phones. Designing training with mobility in mind is good business. Training Industry Quarterly, © 2010 Training Industry Inc


Mobile Learning is beyond its Tipping Point (Oct 10)

Mobile learning will never replace other venues for training, but the technology and the content can make it much more effective. Here are some tips that will help you match the delivery to the need.
Learning Solutions Magazine,
©2010 eLearning Guild


Mobile Platforms and mLearning - Challenges and Solutions (Oct 10)

With the impending launch of Android-based tablets, as well as the rumored arrival of the iPad 2.0, mobile learning will experience additional growth in 2011. Here are the resources you need in order to be ready.

Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2010 eLearning Guild


Video for the (Very) Small Screen (Sep 10)
Is mLearning on a tiny screen really the same as e-Learning on a larger screen? Can you simply use existing video or PowerPoint content “as is” for mLearning? The answer is “No, and … maybe.” Here are six tips to help you sort out the answer.
Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2010 eLearning Guild


New Media's Fundamental Place in e-Learning (Sep 10)
New Media – online video sharing, Podcasting, live video streaming, and online social networks – can expand the educational playing field. How you approach New Media is important. Here are some key suggestions.
Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2010 eLearning Guild


Why the iPad is a Learning Tool (Oct 10)

The iPad continues to draw attention and to drive change in mobile computing. Here is a summary of its specific benefits for education.

Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2010 eLearning Guild


Getting Started in e-Learning - Learning Management Systems (Sep 10)
Implementing a LMS is a complex and time-intensive endeavor. There are many considerations, and the first consideration is whether you really need an enterprise-level LMS. If you do, developing requirements for your specific needs before talking to vendors is a must. ©2010 eLearning Guild


LMS Lessons (Oct 10)
Three 2010 Top Young Trainers share their experiences with implementing or re-engineering a learning management system,  from identifying the innovative functionality they needed to meeting the training challenges associated with the launch. Plus, the latest LMS bells and whistles.

Training Magazine, ©2010 Lakewood Media Group


Moodle Update (Oct 10)

Moodle 2.0 is due for official launch later this month and one of its key new features is called the Community Hub. Put simply, it allows for content sharing between learning management systems. © 2010 Kineo


CMS vs. LCMS (Oct 10)
Content Management System or Learning Content Management System - do you need both? The answer in most cases is “Yes.”
Training Magazine,
©2010 Lakewood Media Group


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Case Studies and Projects


Rolling Out a New LMS (Oct 10)

Faced with new government regulations, Trilogy Health Services developed its own learning management system, and is already beginning to realize some rewards. Elearning!, ©2010 B2B Media Co 


SAS Optimas Award Winner for General Excellence (Oct 10)

In the past decade, SAS has nearly doubled its staff to more than 11,000 from about 6,000 and more than doubled revenue from $1 billion to $2.31 billion last year. It has made Fortune magazine's 100 Best Companies to Work For ranking every year since it was first compiled 13 years ago. This year, SAS ranked No. 1. Workforce Management, © 2010 Crain Communications


Autodesk Empowers Worldwide Business Partners (Sep 10)

Global software companies are relying more and more on a network of partners to sell their products – so naturally, revenues and profits depend deeply on their resellers’ collective product knowledge and sales skills. © 2010 Expertus


McDonald's UK - Rapid E-Learning in Action (Oct 10)

This case study describes how McDonald’s UK and Kineo partnered to develop e-learning solutions that have directly contributed to profitability increases in line with their initial objectives. © 2010 Kineo


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Measuring Education Value


Three Steps to Effectiveness (Nov 10)

By focusing on business results, realigning resources to support on-the-job learning and making formal learning more efficient, organizations can deliver greater impact on organizational objectives. Chief Learning Officer, ©2010 Media Tec Publishing


How to Evaluate e-Learning (Oct 10)

Evaluation is something that every instructional designer talks about, but few actually do. This may be because designers only know about the Kirkpatrick “Levels.” Here are two alternatives that may be far more practical.

Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2010 eLearning Guild


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Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing


Where CLOs are Spending (Nov 10)

Economic conditions continue to affect investments in learning, but slight changes are expected for 2011. Chief Learning Officer, ©2010 Media Tec Publishing


Thriving in the Age of Outsourcing (Oct 10)

The recession has prompted a significant change in outsourcing models, and providers are adapting by aligning with customers’ new needs.

Talent Management, ©2010 Media Tec Publishing


Expertise on Demand - Strategic Insourcing (Nov 10)

Maximize training resources and return on investment with strategic insourcing, a unique model that provides learning and development expertise on demand, tailored to your industry and culture. When needs are pressing and resources are scarce, mission-critical projects can still be successful with the skillful deployment of specialized consultants, you maintain control.

Human Capital Insights, ©2010 Media Tec Publishing


When, Why and What to Outsource (Nov 10)

The decision to outsource often rests on whether the needed volume and quality of training can be supported by internal staff.

Human Capital Insights, ©2010 Media Tec Publishing


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Training Professional Topics

Handling Tough Questions from Audience Sharpshooters (Oct 10)
Have you ever watched a colleague wrap up a fabulous meeting, field a few questions with flair, and then, just as they’re ready to wrap up, you see another hand waving from the end of the board room. “So, Bob, everything you’ve said so far makes sense, but could you explain how this protocol could have been effective with that situation in production last week?” Unprepared for this curve ball, you watch as Bob stammers and stutters next to his pie charts, with an incoherent ramble that turns an otherwise star performance into a show-stopper. ©2010 Dianna Booher

Stage Fright - How One Presenter Cured a Case of the Jitters (Oct 10)
 A lot of good ideas from experienced Toastmasters are shared in meetings about how to handle this situation. Knowing some of them helped me beyond my greatest expectations to make those butterflies flutter lightly once again.
 ©2010 The Toastmaster

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Education Administration

No articles this month


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Skills Gap/Technical Certification


Key Skills for High Performance (Oct 10)

People work in new ways these days, and they learn that way too. Developing core skills can only help make all learning more valuable. Training Industry Quarterly, © 2010 Training Industry Inc


Using Performance-Based Testing to Measure Proficiency (Oct 10) - charts here
This webinar provides an introduction to performance-based testing, covering performance-based testing systems, the cost of not implementing an accurate testing system, and the effectiveness of performance-based testing.

Training Industry Webinar 19 Oct 10


Test Security Lessons from the recent European Association of Test Publishers conference (Oct 10)

Caveon’s John Fremer and Steve Addicott recap the highlights of this year’s E-ATP conference. (Warning: the first 25 seconds are silent.) Caveon Webinar 21 Oct 10


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Special Interest Groups


Education Packaging - Easy to Sell, Easy to Consume? (Oct 10) - charts here

Jesse Finn of Taleo described the four main types of "packing", including their features, benefits and challenges. sales and Marketing SIG, 26 Oct 10


Certification (Oct 10) - charts here

Sue Martin of SAP gave feedback from the European Test Publishers Association Conference followed by Ruben Garcia of Innovative Exams giving a demonstration of Online Proctoring. Certification SIG, 25 Oct 10


Using Training Partners (Oct 10)

Nic Xenos and Sonia Estes of Juniper Networks discussed setting up networks of partners with Jamie Rosa of ESRI.

Using Training Partners SIG, 20 Oct 10


Building Great E-Learning with Scarce Resources (Oct 10) - charts here, audio only here

Krista Kalish and Corey Bleich of EdgePoint Learning covered the Effective use of internal SMEs; Outsourcing elements; and Co-Development with professional services organizations. E-Learning and Virtual Classroom SIG, 5 Oct 10

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And, Finally.....



The Murphy's plough story (why we must adopt positive thinking)

McGinty, a farmer, needed to plough his field before the dry spell set in, but his own plough had broken.

"I know, I'll ask my neighbour, farmer Murphy, to borrow his plough. He's a good man; I'm sure he'll have done his ploughing by now and he'll be glad to lend me his machine."

So McGinty began to walk the three or four fields to Murphy's farm.

After a field of walking, McGinty says to himself, "I hope that Murphy has finished all his own ploughing or he'll not be able to lend me his machine..."

Then after a few more minutes of worrying and walking, McGinty says to himself, "And what if Murphy's plough is old and on its last legs - he'll never be wanting to lend it to me will he?.."

And after another field, McGinty says, "Murphy was never a very helpful fellow, I reckon maybe he won't be too keen to lend me his plough even if it's in perfect working order and he's finished all his own ploughing weeks ago...."

As McGinty arrives at Murphy's farm, McGinty is thinking, "That old Murphy can be a mean old fellow. I reckon even if he's got all his ploughing done, and his own machine is sitting there doing nothing, he'll not lend it to me just so watch me go to ruin..."

McGinty walks up Murphy's front path, knocks on the door, and Murphy answers.

"Well good morning Mr McGinty, what can I do for you?" says Murphy.

And McGinty says, with eyes bulging, "You can take your bloody plough, and you can stick it up your bloody ****!"

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Feedback, please!


I would really like to get input from you, the readers.  Please give me your feedback and point me towards any article or source that you think the rest of the membership might enjoy. Thank you.


Mike Dowsey

Executive Director



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