CEdMA-Europe Members' Newsletter - December 2010


Welcome to the December edition of the CEdMA-Europe Members' Monthly Newsletter, which is sent to CEdMA Europe members and to European colleagues of CEdMA USA members.

As usual, you will learn about updates to our forthcoming programme of events, and there is the collection of recent articles whose content is consistent with the important topics that you our members voted to cover in our recent Conferences.

The News section contains four articles with the whole month's news, two of which contain individually dated news items.

In Reviews and Current Trends, there are 19 reports, including several surveys on a wide range of topics.

The Training Manager/Director Development articles follow the usual theme of providing useful support to you, so the 13 articles cover a range of management topics.

Selling and Marketing Education contains one article on selling social learning to sceptical management.

As usual, the Learning Methods and Media articles are many and varied (21 this time), including five on social learning, two on e-learning, four on virtual classroom, and three on LMS.

Case Studies and Projects has one article about Intuit and its LMS.

Measuring Education Value has four articles, two on measurement, one on benchmarking, and one on 'earned value'.

There is one article in Process/Managing Costs/Outsourcing on the role and design of tests.

There are three articles in Training Professional Topics, on teaching adult learners, using Excel in PowerPoint, and using Twitter.

In Education Administration, there's an article on training spaces.

In Skills Gap/Technical Certification there are three articles, one on skills and two on certification.

Finally, in Special Interest Groups, there is one report from November.

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Conference 4-5 November, "The Future of the Training Department"





50 delegates from 31 member companies attended the conference at the Bournemouth Marriott. Of these, 20 described themselves and training execs and 22 as training managers. Overall, the conference was rated 4.8 (out of 5), and the conference facility 4.3.

From a content point of view, "How to Move Forward with Virtual Instructor-Led Classrooms" by Mike Taylor of Oracle was voted highest at 4.5, while guest speaker Richard Nugent of Kaizen Training scored 4.7. It was the process, not the content, that was the winner!

All the materials are in the "members-only" section of the website. If you've forgotten how to get there, just ask.

As voted by the members, the next conference on 5-6 May will be about Training Sales, marketing and Business Development. The next workshop will have a very similar subject to the last workshop in Sep, but with a different approach with much more audience participation. See the next item.

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Workshop 20 January, "Using Social Media in Education"





The winter CEdMA Europe half-day Workshop will take place on Thu 20 January 1300-1700 UK time at IBM Hursley.

Social Media in the Learning Organisation
Barry Sampson, Co-Founder and Director of Onlignment
In the last few years there has been much talk about social media and social networking in the workplace, and how that might be applied to training and learning. If you're ready to stop talking and start doing, how do you make it a reality? What are the tools and technologies and the techniques for using them? How much can (and should) L&D be involved in this anyway, and how does it change the way you do your job? You are invited to take part in this facilitated discussion.


How to deliver a globally collaborative training community using social media and web based applications
Chris Rauch,
Senior Director, Worldwide Training & Certification Delivery,  
Bearing in mind how the global training business is organised, we have key challenges in managing a globally dispersed partner-based training community and I’ll describe how we have used social media and web based applications to address these challenges.



1300   Coffee and Networking
1330   Introduction - Philip Bourne, Chairman
Social Media in the Learning Organisation - Barry Sampson
1515   Break and Networking
1545   Social Media in Learning at - Chris Rauch
1630   Discussion and Summary – Philip Bourne
1700   Close and Networking


Here is the printable agenda.


Please let Mike know if you or any of your colleagues will be attending, so that we can make sure we have enough seats, coffee, biscuits, and so on.

We shall send out joining instructions in early January.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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Recent Articles from the Education and Training Press



Worldwide Training Industry News (Nov 10)
Abstract News ©2010 Information Inc

IT Training Press Releases (Nov 10)
©2010 Training Press Releases

Industry News Headlines from CLOmedia (Nov 10)
©2010 Media Tec Publishing

Market Update from Kineo (Nov 10)
©2010 Kineo

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Reviews and Current Trends


WikiLeaks Has Potential Chilling Effect on Corporate Collaboration Support (Nov 10)
Over the past two days, I have received multiple calls from corporate learning and collaboration coordinators, as well as journalists, about the impact of the leaks on organizational trust, knowledge sharing and the security and liability issues for organizations deploying internal social media, says Elliott Masie.
© 2010 The MASIE Center


2010 Training Industry Report (Nov 10)

Training magazine’s exclusive analysis of the US training industry, featuring 2010 training expenditures, budgetary allocations, delivery methods, and training priorities. Training Magazine, Nov/Dec 2010, © 2010 Lakewood Media Group


ASTD 2010 State of the Industry Report Overview (Nov 10)

Investment in learning and development remained steady through one of the most challenging business years in more than a decade. T+D, ©2010 ASTD


ASTD Study - Training Spending Drops but Each Learner Gets More (Nov 10)

Training budgets shrank in 2009 as companies zeroed in on efficiency and high-value learning, ASTD report finds.
Workforce Management, © 2010 Crain Communications


Excerpt from 2010 CLO Learning in Practice Awards (Dec 10)

This excerpt includes some CEdMA members.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2010 Media Tec Publishing


2010 "Best" Best Practices of High Functioning Learning Organizations
(Sep 10)

During the half-day event in Sep, 13 cross-industry, high-level learning leaders had a lively discussion about trends and best practices. While last year’s discussion was dominated by economic uncertainty and how learning departments were trying to survive, this year’s discussion marked a dramatic shift, with a focus on creativity and innovation in the light of new technology and societal trends.

©2010 Expertus


The Online Educa interview - Josh Bersin (Nov 10)

Ahead of the Online Educa conference next week, TrainingZone interviewed Josh Bersin, one of the keynote speakers at the Berlin-based event, about recent changes in the world of L&D and training. TrainingZONE, ©2010 Sift Media


Salary Slap (Nov 10)

Training salaries took a big hit in 2009-2010, plunging an average of $2,334, according to the annual Salary Survey.
Training Magazine, Nov/Dec 2010, © 2010 Lakewood Media Group


Gartner's top 10 technologies for 2011 (Oct 10)

Gartner has identified its top technologies for next year. This article explains the rationale behind those choices and shares thoughts on their viability and impact. TechRepublic, ©2010 CNET Networks Inc


What a Year (Dec 10)

Josh Bersin says that several major changes shaped learning for 2010 and beyond.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2010 Media Tec Publishing


Overcoming Bipolar Thinking (Dec 10)

Learning is a continuum of degrees of formality.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2010 Media Tec Publishing


The Changing Role of Digital Learning Content (Nov 10)

In this seminal critique, Clive Shepherd sets the benchmark for L&D professionals, in the content revolution.

Inside Learning Technology and Skills, ©2010 Principal Media


Rethinking Learning Systems in 2011 (Nov 10)

Learning technologies never stand still, and in 2011 they are set to change faster than ever. Inside Learning Technology and Skills, ©2010 Principal Media


How your IT function will benefit from e-learning's second coming (Nov 10)

Online learning returns as training providers acknowledge past limitations.

TrainingZONE, ©2010 Sift Media


The Biggest Losers - The Perils of Extreme Downsizing (Nov 10)

What happens when companies shed not just fat, but brain cells? All signs point to significant organizational pain. T+D, ©2010 ASTD


The Schoolhouse of the Future (Dec 10)

Three trends, crowd-sourcing, video and apps, are creating new modes of learning that education executives need to incorporate into their approach.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2010 Media Tec Publishing


Social Networking catches on with Execs (Nov 10)

A growing number of executives see social media as a good way to advance their careers. T+D, ©2010 ASTD


Moving from the Learning to the Teaching Organisation (Nov 10)

The 'Learning Organisation' is dead. Long live the 'Teaching Organisation'.

Inside Learning Technology and Skills, ©2010 Principal Media


Informal Learning Wins Hands Down (Nov 10)

"Informal learning is more style than substance" was the subject for a recent debate at the Oxford Union. IT Training, Winter 2010, ©2010 BCS


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Training Manager/Director Development


Coming Next Year - 2011 (Nov 10)

What planning assumptions can we make for next year?

IT Training, Winter 2010, ©2010 BCS


Know it or Find it (Nov 10)

Knowing what system your employees need can make a big difference.

IT Training, Winter 2010, ©2010 BCS


How Executives View Learning Metrics (Dec 10)

CEOs care about learning investments, but there are several areas chief learning officers can leverage to secure more executive-level interest and involvement.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2010 Media Tec Publishing


Look Ahead - Long-Range Learning Plans (Nov 10)

Faced with an unsteady economy and fluctuating learning needs, planning a learning strategy designed to last longer than the next six months can be a tall order. But a long-range learning plan can provide a road map for success.
Training Magazine, Nov/Dec 2010, © 2010 Lakewood Media Group


Integrating the Needs of CEOs with Training Initiatives (Nov 10)

Eight strategies can help your training initiatives achieve the CEO’s goals.

LINKS, © 2010 ASTD


Best in Class (Dec 10)
Chief Learning Officers of the Year aren’t born, they’re made.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2010 Media Tec Publishing


Top Down Doesn't Drive the Bottom Line (Dec 10)

Senior leaders and strategists have come to realize that static planning processes and top-down strategies designed to increase control and find tried-and-true solutions may not be a source of competitive advantage in today’s turbulent economy. Chief Learning Officer, ©2010 Media Tec Publishing


No Staff, No Budget - Threat or Opportunity (Nov 10)

Nigel Paine combines a tried-and-tested strategy with a practical approach to demonstrate the business impact of L&D.

Inside Learning Technology and Skills, ©2010 Principal Media


Do You Have Solutions or Products? (Dec 10)

Whether learning initiatives include coaching, external development programs or action learning components, they must be integrated and aligned with business objectives to drive results. Chief Learning Officer, ©2010 Media Tec Publishing


Launching a Culture-Based Learning Product (Nov 10)

Taking culture into account can make a successful, human-focused product launch possible. . T+D, ©2010 ASTD


ROI for Recognition (Nov 10)

How to guarantee results for budgeted recognition skills training.
Training Magazine, Nov/Dec 2010, © 2010 Lakewood Media Group


What Women Can Do to Increase Their Authority (Nov 10)

Authority is not something that is automatically granted. As a woman who works with competent executives, it’s important that I’m perceived as being credible and am taken seriously when I have something valuable to contribute.
© 2010 Public Words


Anatomy of the 21st Century Trainer (Nov 10)

The skills and qualities of a 21st century trainer.

Inside Learning Technology and Skills, ©2010 Principal Media


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Selling and Marketing Education

Selling Social Learning to Sceptical Management (Nov 10)

How do you explain social learning in terms management will understand? Here’s the outline of a sales pitch to convert the sceptics.
Inside Learning Technology and Skills, ©2010 Principal Media

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Learning Methods and Media


100 Resources for Interactive Training Designers (Nov 10)

Raptivity has recently launched this m eBook which includes blog articles in the area of interactive learning, cool ways to bring classroom sessions alive, powerful game ideas for making eLearning engaging and fun, articles on social learning and much more. With such 100 resources in one place, this eBook serves as a treasure-house © 2010 Raptivity


Design Rules (Nov 10)

The Holy Grail of instructional design may be found in two other types of design: industrial design and game design.
Training Magazine, Nov/Dec 2010, © 2010 Lakewood Media Group


The MOST Crucial Learning Activities and Media (Nov 10)
There is a simple process that will help you figure out what learners need to be able to do in the real world and then make sure they get adequate practice doing it during instruction. Here’s a “play along” article that shows you the process.

Learning Solutions Magazine, © 2010 eLearning Guild


The Learning Ecosystem (Dec 10)

Without a sustainable, user-friendly and easily implemented plan to capture and spread information between employees, technology is just hardware and software.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2010 Media Tec Publishing


Next Generation Training (Nov 10)

How suitable are the next generation of consumer devices for training?

IT Training, Winter 2010, ©2010 BCS


The Cure for Death by PowerPoint - Engaging Students through Non-Linear E-Learning (Nov 10)

This webinar described what types of e-learning cognitively engages students and why, showed various examples of non-linear e-learning, and described how to turn a bad learning example into a good non-linear exercise.

Training Industry Webinar, 16 Nov 10


Taking Social Media on Board (Nov 10)

Areas where you can benefit from the integration of social media.

IT Training, Winter 2010, ©2010 BCS


Get Serious About Social Learning by Focusing on What Matters (Nov 10)

Social learning supports powerful learning experiences, leverages social networks to accelerate learning, and improves productivity. Learn here how to create a great strategy to make these things happen.

Learning Solutions Magazine, © 2010 eLearning Guild


Easy to Follow Paths to Leverage Social Technologies for Learning (Nov 10)

David Mallon of Bersin and Associates discussed how to apply social technologies to learning.  The presentation provided an overview of informal learning, demonstrated its increased value, and discussed five specific paths organizations follow when applying social technologies. Training Industry Webinar, 17 Nov 10


Collaboration in 2011 - The Predictions (Nov 10)

Social software in the enterprise is fast becoming accepted. How will things change in 2011, and how can you prepare to succeed? This webinar covers the trends that mark this revolution, the technologies to watch and the predictions to prepare for, and best practices to embrace. Saba Webinar, 12 Nov 10


25 collaboration tools you should not miss (Nov 10)

We all know how useful and practical Google Docs, Basecamp, Huddle and Zoho can be if you need any kind of collaboration tools or software. But there are many other tools that can really empower our collaboration strategy. Here are a few you should not miss! © 2010 Collaboration Ideas


Crafting Activities for E-Learning Interactivity (Nov 10)

E-learning designers are freer and more able than ever before to develop activities that are both interactive and effective. T+D, ©2010 ASTD


Sizing Up Simulation (Nov 10)

Training trends, technologies, and case studies from Google and Sodexo.
Training Magazine, Nov/Dec 2010, © 2010 Lakewood Media Group


Gestures and Learning (Nov 10)
Watch a short video report on Gestures and Learning - and read several reports on the "affordances" that Gesture technology may provide for learning designers

©2010 The MASIE Center


Teaching Online Courses - 60 Great Resources (Oct 10)

If you need help to prepare online courses and to deliver them online, here’s a list of 60 great resources, which covers books, blog posts and articles on teaching online, conducting online discussions, using social networks, and effective online conferences.  © 2010 eLearning Technology


Going Live (Nov 10)

Best practices for using live video in the synchronous classroom, by Jennifer Hofmann. Training Magazine, Nov/Dec 2010, © 2010 Lakewood Media Group


5 Tips to Make Your Webinars Effective (Nov 10)

The technical aspect is important, but there are other things to consider, as well.

Inside Training, © 2010 Lakewood Media Group


Ensure Webinar-Based Training Success (Nov 10)

It’s not easy to engage people and make sure they’re learning what you’re teaching when you’re not in the same room. Here are eight tips to keep in mind when training via Webinar. Training Magazine, Nov/Dec 2010, © 2010 Lakewood Media Group


Is the LMS Dead? (Nov 10) - charts here, summary here
The rise of informal and social learning within organizations around the world has prompted discussions about the relevance of the LMS in today's corporate learning, performance and workforce support programs. This interactive discussion with four experts from around the world sets about rethinking the role of the LMS in today's organizations. Training Industry Webinar, 18 Nov 10


Selecting a Learning Management System (Nov 10) - charts here

Following an overview of LMSs, this webinar discusses how to choose an LMS based on your needs, points out some issues, and suggests a five-stage process.

Brandon Hall Webinar, 23 Nov 10


Is Moodle an Enterprise LMS? (Nov 10)

Are the enterprise and Moodle ready for each other?

Inside Learning Technology and Skills, ©2010 Principal Media


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Case Studies and Projects


Intuit Adapts LMS to Meet Learning Needs of Multiple Audiences and Business Models (Dec 09)

Implementing an adaptable LMS platform for multiple customer-facing training programs can be challenging, but it wasn't for Intuit. © 2009 Bersin and Associates


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Measuring Education Value


Why Measurement is so Important (Dec 10)

Metrics are not quite the center of the universe.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2010 Media Tec Publishing


Proven Practices in Measuring Learning Impact (Nov 10)

Here are four initiatives for measuring, plus six approaches for showing business impact. Training, ©2010 Lakewood Media Group


Improving Performance through Benchmarking (Nov 10)

How can L&D make an impact in the workplace?

Inside Learning Technology and Skills, ©2010 Principal Media


Earned value in e-learning (Nov 10)
How can businesses ensure efficiency in e-learning and maintain employee development? Here's the role that earned value can play in cost-effective employee training to ensure business success.
TrainingZONE, ©2010 Sift Media


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Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing


The Roles and Design of Tests in Online Instruction (Nov 10)

Testing is, or should be, a matter of major concern to the instructional designer. Doing testing well is a challenge, however, and here is a great guide to meeting that challenge. Learning Solutions Magazine, © 2010 eLearning Guild


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Training Professional Topics

Teaching Adult Learners (Nov 10)
Taking "Preparing to Teach" in the Lifelong Learning Sector qualification.
IT Training, Winter 2010,
©2010 BCS

How to Use Excel More Effectively in PowerPoint Slides (Nov 10)
When you want to use Excel data on a PowerPoint slide, use these ideas to make sure it is done effectively as a table or a visual. © 2010 Think Outside The Slide

Lessons Learned in Using Twitter as a Participation Tool (Nov 10)
If you want to engage your audience with Twitter, here are a number of valuable things you need to know. © 2010 Speaking about Presenting

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Education Administration


Training Spaces Innovate to Meet Customer Needs (Nov 10)

Conference and group training providers adapt to customer expectations and emerging industry trends. T+D, ©2010 ASTD


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Skills Gap/Technical Certification


IT Training Skills Watch (Nov 10)

What's hot - a look at market trends in IT skills.

IT Training, Winter 2010, ©2010 BCS


Certificate or Certification - That is the Question (Dec 10)

There are some pretty important differences between earning certificates versus certifications. Professionals need to begin asking themselves which is needed to accomplish their performance and business goals. T+D, ©2010 ASTD


Connecting Worlds (Nov 10)

A look at the Open University's IT certification programs.

IT Training, Winter 2010, ©2010 BCS


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Special Interest Groups



Live Virtual Training Strategies that result in Compelling Recorded Content (Nov 10) - charts here

Frank Gartland of Focused FX described from personal experience the processes and approaches he used. E-Learning and Virtual Classroom SIG, 2 Nov 10

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And, Finally.....



Let's study The Blind Golfers' Story, which illustrates an ironic example of lack of empathy, and different people's perspectives.

A clergyman, a doctor and a training consultant were playing golf together one day and were waiting for a particularly slow group ahead.

The training consultant exclaimed, "What's with these people? We've been waiting over half and hour! It's a complete disgrace." The doctor agreed, "They're hopeless, I've never seen such a rabble on a golf course."

The clergyman spotted the approaching green-keeper and asked him what was going on, "What's happening with that group ahead of us? They're surely too slow and useless to be playing, aren't they?" The green-keeper replied, "Oh, yes, that's a group of blind fire-fighters. They lost their sight saving our clubhouse from a fire last year, so we always let them play for free anytime."

The three golfers fell silent for a moment. The clergyman said, "Oh dear, that's so sad. I shall say some special prayers for them tonight."

The doctor added, rather meekly, "That's a good thought. I'll get in touch with an ophthalmic surgeon friend of mine to see if there's anything that can be done for them."

After pondering the situation for a few seconds, the training consultant turned to the green-keeper and asked, "Why can't they play at night?"

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Feedback, please!


I would really like to get input from you, the readers.  Please give me your feedback and point me towards any article or source that you think the rest of the membership might enjoy. Thank you.


Mike Dowsey

Executive Director



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