CEdMA-Europe Members' Newsletter - March 2011


Welcome to the March edition of the CEdMA-Europe Members' Monthly Newsletter, which is sent to CEdMA Europe members and to European colleagues of CEdMA USA members.

As usual, you will learn about updates to our forthcoming programme of events, and there is the collection of recent articles whose content is consistent with the important topics that you our members voted to cover in our recent Conferences.

The News section contains five articles with the whole month's news, three of which contain individually dated news items.

In Reviews and Current Trends, there are 16 reports, including eight reviews of 2010 or predictions of 2011.

The Training Manager/Director Development articles follow the usual theme of providing useful support to you, so the 16 articles cover a range of management topics.

Selling and Marketing Education has three articles on eCommerce, branding and selling value.

As usual, the Learning Methods and Media articles are many and varied (21 this time), including four on social learning, three on e-learning, five on virtual classroom and three on mobile learning.

Case Studies and Projects has five articles, four about a specific company.

Measuring Education Value has three items on learning measurement.

There is one article in Process/Managing Costs/Outsourcing on how to build profitbale e-learning.

There are six articles in Training Professional Topics, on all aspects of presentations and interacting with students.

In Skills Gap/Technical Certification there are two articles on skills and hiring.

Finally, in Special Interest Groups, there are seven recordings from February into March.

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Workshop 17 March, "Education Technology Update"





The early spring CEdMA Europe half-day Workshop will take place on Thu 17 March 1300-1700 UK time at SAP Bedfont.

e-Learning: disruptive or disrupted? - Glynn Jung, Consultant, The e-Learning Centre
Let’s explore the commercial use of Technology-enabled learning in the UK. Drawing on research in 2010 on behalf of The e-Learning Centre as well as anecdotal evidence from discussions with industry leaders, Glynn will offer an interpretation of the trends in business models, technologies and design approaches. We’ll examine the opportunities and threats to the training industry as a whole from disruptive technologies (for example,  Open Source, Open Content and rapid development). We shall also look at how the need for speed is changing the role and nature of e-Learning.


Real Life, Real Time: Experiential Learning at the Speed of Business -
Tim Preston, Toolwire
The capacity to deliver training programs that are both REAL LIFE and REAL TIME presents an unprecedented chance for forward thinking businesses to extend their programs, better engage their learners, and improve their operational efficiency and effectiveness.  In this workshop session, learn how organisations are providing learners with “virtual internships” through Toolwire’s award-winning experiential learning environments.


Using Adobe Connect and Presenter to deliver new product training to a world-wide team - Adrian Shepard, Avid Technology
Adrian will take you through the tools and processes he uses to roll out New Product training to Avid Staff spread around the globe. There are several challenges involved in creating New Product training such as the timing, availability of SME’s and distribution of audience. Through trial and error he has come up with a method using Adobe Connect and Presenter that works well. He will look at preparing a webinar event in Adobe Connect, working with Adobe Presenter to generate content, running the webinar and finally generating a report of attendance.



1230   Lunch, Coffee and Networking
1330   Introduction - Philip Bourne, Chairman
e-Learning: disruptive or disrupted?
1515   Break and Networking
Real Life, Real Time: Experiential Learning at the Speed of Business

1615   Using Adobe Connect & Presenter to deliver new product training
1645   Summary and Close - Philip Bourne
1700   Close and Networking

Here is the printable agenda.

Please let Mike know if you or any of your colleagues will be attending, so that we can make sure we have enough seats, sandwiches, coffee, biscuits, and so on.

We shall send out joining instructions in the second week of March.

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Conference 18 and 19 May, "Selling and Marketing Education"





The spring conference will take place at the Swindon Marriott on 18 and 19 May, with the theme "Selling and Marketing Education".

The first session will include feedback from your survey input on pulse of the industry, hot topics and routes to market. This leads into Routes to Market for Selling Training, which is a discussion with breakouts. Based on Pulse input, or personal preference, attendees will join breakout groups to discuss what works, what doesn’t work, hints, tips and best practice. Each group will record their findings and report back to the whole group. Findings will be published on the conference webpage.

After lunch, there's Education Packaging - Easy to Sell, Easy to Consume?, which covers the features, benefits and challenges of the four main types of "packaging".

The personal development session is Leader of the Pack.

On Friday morning, we have Selling e-Learning, which looks at the main findings of the Learning Light 2010 Europe-wide Market Survey, especially buying patterns, and suggests the best approaches for selling e-Learning to corporates and SMBs.

After that we have How do Customers Buy Training? which focuses on the customer’s perspective on training, how they approach requirements and where they turn to satisfy them. Three internal customers who are responsible for interacting with outside suppliers like us will describe what they look for in such a relationship.

Leading up to lunch, there's The CEdMA Europe Barometer. The Board is proposing to run a quarterly survey with only seven questions to get a better “pulse” of the industry, comparing the past quarter with the corresponding quarter in the previous year. It will replace most of the pulse survey sent out before each conference and allow us to have more informed discussion at the conference. We’d like to present the current status with a view to getting a consensus view from the membership.

Finally, there's Up-selling - How do we grow the opportunity? where we'll talk about "big ticket" sales but how can we enlarge the sales order with our customers and gain a more significant commitment upfront? What does it mean to create "high-value" offers and can we achieve it through the bundling of multiple educational deliverables. Will educational consultancy enable us to engage earlier in the sales cycle and grow the scale of the opportunity? We shall explore the group’s experiences.

And, of course, there'll be plenty of time for networking, so that attendees can share experiences both within and outside the sessions.

Here is the draft printable agenda.

Invitations will be sent out to member main contacts in the second week of March.

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Recent Articles from the Education and Training Press



Worldwide Training Industry News (Feb 11)
Abstract News ©2011 Information Inc

IT Training Press Releases (Feb 11)
©2011 Training Press Releases

Industry News Headlines from CLOmedia (Feb 11)
©2011 Media Tec Publishing

Market Update from Kineo (Feb 11)

From San Jose to Kensington Olympia, the learning world had its tablets out this month. We saw a lot of talk, and a few demos, of mobile learning for iPads and others. But, in all the excitement, we hate to be a bit of a killjoy, it’s really not in our nature - but can we ask: are you sure you know what you’re doing here? Find out why you might want to stop and think. ©2011 Kineo


New Products - Content, LMS, Collaboration (Jan 11)

Elearning!, ©2011 B2B Media Co

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Reviews and Current Trends


Is the Recession Really Over (Feb 11)

 A report suggests, cautiously, that spending on learning and development is on the rise, but is happening very slowly. LX Briefing, ©2011 ASTD


Training Top 125 (Jan 11)

Training Magazine's 11th annual ranking of the top companies with employee-sponsored workforce training and development.
Training Magazine, ©2010 Lakewood Media Group


Training Top 10 Hall of Fame (Jan 11)

KPMG LLC and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) are the newest inductees into the Training Top 10 Hall of Fame, joining the ranks of the nine companies named to the hall since its inception in 2008. Training Magazine, ©2010 Lakewood Media Group


Best Practices and Outstanding Initiatives (Jan 11)

Training editors recognize innovative and successful learning and development programs and practices. Training Magazine, ©2010 Lakewood Media Group


Training Visions (Jan 11)

Training asks the 2011 winners to get predictions for what training - either in general or especially at their companies - will look like in the next five to 10 years.

Training Magazine, ©2010 Lakewood Media Group


Learning Leaders - Focus of Winners is Changing (Jan 11)

The 28 winning organizations in this year's Learning Leaders program have shifted their focus. "Organizations are looking at finding and nurturing talent with the right mix of skills, global capabilities and leadership", says Josh Bersin.
©2011 B2B Media Co


Five Trends in Learning Delivery in 2011 (Feb 11)

The way people, technology and learning meet is continually changing, moving toward increases in fidelity, convenience, collaboration, specificity and confluence.

CLOmedia, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing


Learning Delivery 2011 - Classroom Is Still King (Feb 11)

Despite the continued growth of e-learning and newer technology-driven delivery methods, classroom learning remains resilient and dominant.

CLOmedia, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing


2011 - A Virtual, Mobile Year (Jan 11)

A look ahead at how learning delivery is changing in 2011.

CLOmedia, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing


Learning Directors Network Market Barometer for 4Q10 and Forecast for 1Q11 (Feb 11)
The survey data points to a very strong recovery in Q4, with the revenue growth indices showing further improvements over Q3. Both the unweighted and weighted indices were the highest values recorded since 2001.  Based on actual growth rates cited by respondents, it appears that the market grew by about 15% in Q4, compared with Q4 of 2009.  However, the recovery is not uniform across all subject areas or all suppliers. Indeed, some companies reported declining or flat revenues in Q4. ©2010 Institute of IT Training/Learning Directors Network


2011 Global e-Learning Salary and Compensation Report (Feb 11)
This report explores the trends in global pay both worldwide and for specific countries. Salary growth rates are compared to inflation rates. In addition, it delves into unique areas of variance across gender, status, designation, and other compensation. It also evaluates average e-Learning salaries across employer and employee variables, which are used in a salary calculator to help you compute baseline salaries with your own unique variables. ©2011 eLearning Guild


Salary and Work Survey shows Learning Industry Doing Well (Jan 11)

How are conditions holding up for L&D professionals?

Inside Learning Technology and Skills, ©2010 Principal Media


Organizations Lag Behind in Measuring Learning's Value (Feb 11)

A new survey shows that more than half of organizations aren’t linking learning to financial or business outcomes, but they are interested in learning how to do it.

T+D, ©2011 ASTD


Skills Development Increasingly Critical for UK Managers (Feb 11)

A recent survey finds that managers in the UK will look to improve employee engagement and their own skills development in 2011 amid concerns over lack of manpower and loss of key talent. T+D, ©2011 ASTD


The Current and Future State of LMSs (Nov 10)

The survey was designed to better understand how learning professionals would grade their LMS, identify top challenges, and define what features and functionalities are most critical to include in future LMS purchases.  Learning professionals can use these results to make informed decisions on how to customize, upgrade or select their LMS. ©2011 Expertus and Training Industry Inc


Why Integrity Doesn't Drive Performance (Jan 11)

What did Enron, HealthSouth and Madoff Investment Securities all have in common besides broken leadership that decided to live a lie rather than own up to business failures? They all undoubtedly had the words “integrity,” “teamwork” and “communication” (or close synonyms) as part of their corporate core values or vision statements. There’s a message embedded in that reality. It's about lip service versus what’s real in your company, and how empty organizational values can be if there’s no attempt made to make them operational.
Workforce Management
, © 2011 Crain Communications Inc


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Training Manager/Director Development


What Do We Know about Adult Education? (Mar 11)

Teaching adults is not a simple matter of creating and delivering the appropriate content. Adult learners should be handled with thoughtful care and attention to the quirks the big kids may bring to the classroom.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing


Learning Half-Life (Mar 11)

Add expiration dates to content to keep learning fresh, says Elliott Masie.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing


Build It and They Will Come (Feb 11)

Producing high-quality training products is a worthy goal, but if you leave out crucial content or don’t focus on your customers’ needs, you could end up with something no one wants or uses. LINKS, © 2011 ASTD


Predict for Efficient Learning (Feb 11)

In 2011, Americans are looking for a change in how business is conducted. Predictive learning delivery can help companies excel in this new economy — and avoid missteps. CLOmedia, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing


The Silent Killers of Productivity and Profit (Feb 11)

We have long said good-bye to the industrial age, but modern business practices still reflect the era’s outdated systems and thinking. Learn which silent killers of productivity you may be using in this new world. T+D, ©2011 ASTD


The Twitching Organization (Mar 11)

An “always on, always reachable” electronic communication environment has devastating effects on employees’ work-life balance, engagement and productivity. New behaviors modeled by leaders and updated cultural presumptions can lessen the negative impact of technology.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing


The Professional is Political - Three Steps to Avoid Business Communication Stumbles (Feb 11)
We can learn a lot from politicians. While this may sound like the opening of a bad joke, the campaign trail can reveal a great deal about communication tactics that work, and ones that don’t. T+D, ©2011 ASTD


Conquering Talkaholism (Jan 11)

Fortunately, there are simple strategies to check the addiction once you know the reasons behind it. Training Magazine, ©2010 Lakewood Media Group


Are You Tuned in to Your Trainees (Jan 11)

If you want to be thought of as a leading-edge trainer, you have to stay current. That means being in touch with pop culture, being familiar with relevant studies and surveys, and knowing your audience.
Training Magazine, ©2010 Lakewood Media Group


Learning for All (Jan 11)

How does a large, creative company make learning accessible to all?

Inside Learning Technology and Skills, ©2010 Principal Media


Training Truths (Jan 11)

Top training organizations make sure everything they do adds value, improves performance, and makes a difference to their company.

Training Magazine, ©2010 Lakewood Media Group


Planning for the Future (Jan 11)

Best practices for corporate training and development departments as they look ahead. Training Magazine, ©2010 Lakewood Media Group


Recruit and Retain (Mar 11)

Five ways organizations successfully manage and develop talent.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing


Lessons Learned (Jan 11)

Facilitating a Lessons Learned Session is one of the toughest assignments a trainer can undertake. A checklist that focuses on preparation, effective questions, and follow-up steps can be key. Training Magazine, ©2010 Lakewood Media Group


Send Your Trainers to Asia (Mar 11)

Increase trainer skills with cultural awareness and emotional sensitivity.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing


There Is Never a Good Time to Go Out on Your Own (Feb 11)

Many people who consider consulting want to wait until they have more money or time, or have their lives in better order. Who wouldn’t? As with most big decisions, there are always a few things we’d like a little more of before jumping in.

LINKS, © 2011 ASTD


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Selling and Marketing Education


Painlessly Monetize Your Training through Integrated eCommerce (Feb 11)

This session discusses the latest developments in integrated e-Commerce systems and how such e-Commerce solutions can help expand sales and the training brand.

Training Industry Webinar, 1 Feb 11


How to Enhance Your Training Brand (Feb 11)

A company’s brand is about more than a clever name or trendy logo. The training brand should also draw out customer connections that go deep into the hearts and minds of learners. T+D, ©2011 ASTD


Selling Value (Jan 11)

How to train salespeople to stop conceding on fees to get the quick sale and instead focus on selling your company’s value propositions.

Training Magazine, ©2010 Lakewood Media Group

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Learning Methods and Media


Designing e-Learning for Impact (Jan 11)

What makes e-learning really have an effect? Charles Gould suggests a six-part approach. Inside Learning Technology and Skills, ©2010 Principal Media


The Five Myths of Informal Learning (Mar 11)

Understand the realities of implementing an informal framework, says Bob Mosher.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing


Informal Learning - Style versus Substance (Jan 11)

Is technology-based informal learning more style than substance? Today, yes. Hopefully, that will change tomorrow as training enhances learners’ ability to perform right where they work. Training Magazine, ©2010 Lakewood Media Group


Social Business - Best Practices for Customer Success and Business Value (Feb 11) - charts here

This is based on findings from TSIA’s annual social media and member technology surveys, as well as real world customer examples from OutStart.

OutStart Webinar, 10 Feb 11


Social Learning - the Bigger Picture (Jan 11)

Knowing the practical tools for social learning is essential, says Jane Bozarth, but so, too, is understanding the bigger picture.

Inside Learning Technology and Skills, ©2010 Principal Media


Building Social Media into the Blend (Jan 11)

Introducing social media needn’t take a revolution. Barry Sampson reveals the art of integrating it with other learning.

Inside Learning Technology and Skills, ©2010 Principal Media


The Undeniable Connector (Mar 11)

Social learning can enhance learning and productivity.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing


Using New Technologies to Extend Your Network, Enable Collaboration and Drive Revenue (Oct 10)

This white paper defines how to use today’s technology to enable your extended enterprise, discusses the benefits of training for profit and enablement, and demonstrates how social media technologies can bolster these efforts and explain best practices for moving forward. Intelladon, ©2011 Cornerstone on Demand


Universal Design Principles for Digital Learning Content (Jan 11)

Which design tips never vary regardless of content?

Inside Learning Technology and Skills, ©2010 Principal Media


Digital Literacies for Learning in a Connected World (Jan 11)

What do you need to know and do to participate fully in today's digital world?

Inside Learning Technology and Skills, ©2010 Principal Media


E-learning is Dead - Long Live ... What? (Jan 11)

Has e-learning’s time passed, and if it has, what way of learning now prevails?

Inside Learning Technology and Skills, ©2010 Principal Media


A Harder Focus on the Global Classroom (Feb 11)

The global virtual classroom requires learning delivery that is free of cultural clichés and abundant with options for every scenario. Five important practices can help facilitators and designers zoom in on what works. T+D, ©2011 ASTD


Old Dogs, New Tricks - From the Classroom to the Cloudroom (Jan 11)

Here are the top ten tips for transferring training skills to live online learning and the importance of taking the time train your trainers.

Inside Learning Technology and Skills, ©2010 Principal Media


Learning in the Cloud (Mar 11)

Cloud technology is an excellent way to sync learning and teaching and to align teaching, technology and collaboration to successfully meet business goals.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing


How to be a Great Webinar Moderator (Feb 11) - charts with notes here

Here are the "tricks of the trade" from a professional webinar moderator who offers best practices and recommendations gleaned from his many years of webinar support experience. Adobe Connect Webinar, 10 Feb 11


Virtual Learning Environments - Trends and Insights (Feb 11)

Hear why and how leading organizations are integrating Virtual Learning Environments into their training strategies. Elearning! Web Seminar, 9 Feb 11


Animation Nation (Feb 11)

Quickly made computer-generated cartoons are attracting millions of viewers online. Now, corporations, advertisers and Hollywood executives are taking notice.
© 2011 Wall Street Journal


Barriers to Adopting Games in Corporate Environments (Feb 11)

In short, games contain the instructional approach necessary to engage and educate learners. Yet, the resistance to using games is widespread. To overcome this resistance, we must understand why managers are reluctant to allow games to be used as learning tools. Learning Circuits, ©2011 ASTD


Learning on the Move is Here to Stay (Jan 11)

mLearning is big already, and is growing bigger at a rapid pace, says Clark Quinn.

Inside Learning Technology and Skills, ©2010 Principal Media


M-Learning - the Future of Training Technology (Feb 11)

With new technologies enabling a wider use of on-demand learning, mobile learning is waiting for its moment to shine. T+D, ©2011 ASTD


Podcasts for Learning (Jan 11)

Phil Green describes the process of making an effective podcast and asks, are they just ‘media snacks’ or effective tools for learning?

Inside Learning Technology and Skills, ©2010 Principal Media


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Case Studies and Projects


Diversifying Investment in Learning (Jan 11)

As financial companies move back into hiring, they’re changing their learning delivery methods from content focused to context focused, with a mind toward getting analysts “desk ready” ASAP. CLOmedia, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing


Cisco Learning Network - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (Jan 11)

In the future, communities like the Cisco Learning Network will become more important as we get more globalized (yet have local consumption) while applications and content move to the cloud. Elearning!, ©2011 B2B Media Co


A Learning Transformation (Mar 11)

At Capgemini University, Steven Smith focuses on real-world business challenges to help the company’s employees adapt to changing business conditions and drive continued growth. Chief Learning Officer, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing


Recession Resilience (Mar 11)

HD Supply Utilities’ nine-month transformation from classroom to virtual learning delivery was required by the recession and a necessity for the company.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing


Technology Company Trains Employees to Improve Processes (Feb 11)

HP trains employees on Lean-Sigma methods to improve efficiency and quality.

LX Briefing, ©2011 ASTD


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Measuring Education Value


Measuring Learning's Impact on the Business (Feb 11)  - charts here

This webinar highlighted six approaches that practitioners can use to measure learning's impact on the business. Training Magazine Network Webinar, 16 Feb 11


Measuring the ROI of Online Learning (Jan 11) - charts here

Patti Phillips describes how you can measure the return-on-investment for your online training programs. Training Industry Webinar, 27 Jan 11


Assessing Learning in a Post-LMS World (Mar 11)

In the post-LMS world, learning management systems are not obsolete. They simply become one tool in a box of choices that leaders can use to assess learning impact, integrate performance and facilitate workplace planning.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing


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Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing


How to Build Profitable e-Learning (Jan 11)

Which features and processes should you incorporate into your e-learning to build a commercially viable e-learning business? Matthew Borg shares top tips and lessons learned in a career dedicated to supporting organisations involved in e-learning for commercial enterprise.
Inside Learning Technology and Skills, ©2010 Principal Media


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Training Professional Topics

How to Ensure an Audience for Your Virtual Presentations (Feb 11)
Every great presentation deserves an audience, and every great audience deserves a presentation that delivers on its promises. LINKS, © 2011 ASTD

The Successful Global Presenter - How to Engage Audiences across Cultures (Feb 11)
Many people use presentation approaches that work in their home countries but aren’t effective with audiences from different cultures. This can lead to cultural miscommunication and cost your company millions of dollars in lost sales, project delays, and damaged business relationships. LINKS, © 2011 ASTD

Mastering the Essential Skill of Slide Layout (Jan 11)
The focus is on one aspect of slide design: slide layout. Let’s start by what slide layout is not. It isn’t color, font, or image formatting. It has nothing to do with creating clear charts or diagrams. © 2011 Ellen Finkelstein

3 Steps to Help Your Data Stand Out and Be Remembered (Jan 11)
Your sales presentation stresses over and over that your solution saves money. But what does that mean to your audience? A dollar a month? A thousand dollars a day? Is it significant enough for them to invest in your solution and change their current entrenched product or process? They want and expect you to prove your claim, so what is the best way to do that with your graphs and charts?
© 2011, Mike Parkinson

The Effects of Visual Embellishment on Comprehension and Memorability of Charts
The Department of Computer Science at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada conducted an experiment to determine if visual embellishment in information charts was a detractor. Here's the full study

Building Rapport with Learners (Mar 11)
To increase your learners' comfort level, you may have to rethink activities, session format, and overall structure of your content and delivery. The thought and preparation you put into this will result in a more inclusive, interactive learning environment. LINKS, © 2011 ASTD

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Education Administration

No articles this month


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Skills Gap/Technical Certification


How to Accelerate the Performance of Technology Boosted Skills Programmes (Jan 11)

Laura Overton draws on the practices of top performing organisations for ten tips to accelerate your skills programmes.

Inside Learning Technology and Skills, ©2010 Principal Media


How Important are IT Certs in the Hiring Process (Feb 11)

Employers are inclined to rely more heavily on professional certifications when hiring information technology workers, but are challenged by credential evaluation and validation issues, recent research shows.
Talent Management, © 2011 Media Tec Publishing


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Special Interest Groups


Metrics and Benchmarking Survey (Mar 11) - charts here

Ed Halteman and Scott Edwards described the important survey project now just starting. Mike Dowsey also outlined the “Market Barometer Proposal”.

Training Metrics SIG, 3 Mar 2011


Preparing Instructors for the Virtual Classroom (Feb 11) - charts here

Soren Schreiber-Katz and Laura Stewart of NetSuite discussed how they quickly and easily moved from an on-premise training to a virtual training model - instructor selection, training, and readiness. E-Learning/Virtual Classroom SIG, 22 Feb 2011


Running Certification as a Business Unit (Feb 11) - charts here

Joe Cannata of Brocade led a discussion on how certification might be run as a business, getting the audience to complete the charts on the way through.

Certification SIG, 18 Feb 2011


Executive Advisory Council (Feb 10)

The discussion topic was "Who is planning new approaches and ideas in 2011? What major new initiatives do you expect to be game changers for your business? How will you measure them?" Executive Advisory Council, 17 Feb 2011


Recognizing the Value of an Authorized Training Center Program - A Secure Computing Case Study (Feb 11) - charts here

Todd Ferwerda, WW Professional Services, McAfee described the why and how an ATC program was set up along with the major decisions and outcomes along the way. Using Training Partners SIG, 16 Feb 2011


SaaS Curriculum Strategy (Feb 11) - charts here, chat/poll here

In the inaugural meeting, Lynn Marie Viduya of NetSuite discussed how do you decide what training offerings are free versus for a fee, live versus self-paced, and onsite versus over the Web? She described NetSuite's strategy to balance revenue versus customer renewal goals, and invited attendees to share theirs. SaaS SIG, 15 Feb 2011


Next Steps (Jan 11) - charts here

The meeting reviewed the status of the proposed Business Metrics DBR and discussed possible future meeting topics. Training Metrics SIG, 31 Jan 2011

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And, Finally.....



The Belly and the Members (also known as Quarrel between the Body Parts)

One day the various parts (Aesop says 'members') of the human body, including the brain, arms, legs, eyes, feet, hands, lungs, etc., got together to discuss the body's belly and what they thought about its contribution to the group efforts on behalf of the body.

The body parts were all unhappy and resentful for various reasons, and chose to target their collective anxieties at the belly, in a rather bullying way. The unhappy body parts decided that the belly was not doing enough towards maintaining the body's operations, and accused the belly of spending its time lazily consuming food and allowing other members to do all the work.

"We have decided that we will no longer do what we need to do in order to feed you," they said to the belly, "Because you do nothing to help us, and you are lazy and unproductive."

And they stopped feeding the belly. The belly soon starved. But then so did the body and all of its parts starve too. The unhappy body parts now realized - too late unfortunately to save themselves and the body - that although the belly seemed to be doing nothing, it had in fact been fulfilling a vital function necessary for the wellbeing of the body and all of its parts.

Moral: Often group efforts include certain members whose contributions may seem inconsequential or less valuable than others, and whose behaviors may seem different and less worthy than other louder more obvious contributors, but it is not generally such a simple matter. Group dynamics are complex, and it is easy to misinterpret and undervalue other members' efforts when we do not understand the entire situation, and particularly when we do not understand how individual members might be crucial to overall teamwork and results. When we target and victimize group members we weaken the group, and all of its members.

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Feedback, please!


I would really like to get input from you, the readers.  Please give me your feedback and point me towards any article or source that you think the rest of the membership might enjoy. Thank you.


Mike Dowsey

Executive Director



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