CEdMA-Europe Members' Newsletter - April 2011

Welcome to the April edition of the CEdMA-Europe Members' Monthly Newsletter, which is sent to CEdMA Europe members and to European colleagues of CEdMA USA members.

As usual, you will learn about updates to our forthcoming programme of events, and there is the collection of recent articles whose content is consistent with the important topics that you our members voted to cover in our recent Conferences.

The News section contains eight articles with the whole month's news, three of which contain individually dated news items.

In Reviews and Current Trends, there are 12 reports about a wide range of topics.

The Training Manager/Director Development articles follow the usual theme of providing useful support to you, so the 16 articles cover a range of management topics.

As usual, the Learning Methods and Media articles are many and varied (16 this time), including four on virtual classroom, two on mobile learning, and three on LMSs..

Case Studies and Projects has three articles, all about specific company.

Measuring Education Value has two items on coaching

There are three articles in Process/Managing Costs/Outsourcing.

There are three articles in Training Professional Topics, two about presentations.

In Skills Gap/Technical Certification there are two articles on security.

Finally, in Special Interest Groups, there are seven recordings from March into April.

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Workshop 17 March, "Education Technology Update"





The early spring CEdMA Europe half-day Workshop took place on Thu 17 March 1300-1700 UK time at SAP Bedfont.

Out of 34 registrations, 23 people from 15 companies attended.

There were three excellent presentations:

e-Learning: disruptive or disrupted? - Glynn Jung, Consultant, The e-Learning Centre

Real Life, Real Time: Experiential Learning at the Speed of Business -
Tim Preston, Toolwire

Using Adobe Connect and Presenter to deliver new product training to a world-wide team - Adrian Shepard, Avid Technology

All the presentations, including follow-up materials, are on the website in the members-only section. If you have forgotten how to access this section, please contact Mike.

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Conference 18 and 19 May, "Selling and Marketing Education"





The spring conference will take place at the Swindon Marriott on 18 and 19 May, with the theme "Selling and Marketing Education".

The first session will include feedback from your survey input on pulse of the industry, hot topics and routes to market. This leads into Routes to Market for Selling Training, which is a discussion with breakouts. Based on Pulse input, or personal preference, attendees will join breakout groups to discuss what works, what doesn’t work, hints, tips and best practice. Each group will record their findings and report back to the whole group. Findings will be published on the conference webpage.

After lunch, there's Education Packaging - Easy to Sell, Easy to Consume?, which covers the features, benefits and challenges of the four main types of "packaging".

The personal development session is Leader of the Pack.

On Thursday morning, we have Selling e-Learning, which looks at the main findings of the Learning Light 2010 Europe-wide Market Survey, especially buying patterns, and suggests the best approaches for selling e-Learning to corporates and SMBs.

After that we have How do Customers Buy Training? which focuses on the customer’s perspective on training, how they approach requirements and where they turn to satisfy them. Three internal customers who are responsible for interacting with outside suppliers like us will describe what they look for in such a relationship.

Leading up to lunch, there's The CEdMA Europe Barometer. The Board is proposing to run a quarterly survey with only seven questions to get a better “pulse” of the industry, comparing the past quarter with the corresponding quarter in the previous year. It will replace most of the pulse survey sent out before each conference and allow us to have more informed discussion at the conference. We’d like to present the current status with a view to getting a consensus view from the membership.

Finally, there's Up-selling - How do we grow the opportunity? where we'll talk about "big ticket" sales but how can we enlarge the sales order with our customers and gain a more significant commitment upfront? What does it mean to create "high-value" offers and can we achieve it through the bundling of multiple educational deliverables. Will educational consultancy enable us to engage earlier in the sales cycle and grow the scale of the opportunity? Again, attendees will join breakout groups to discuss what works, what doesn’t work, hints, tips and best practice. Each group will record their findings and report back to the whole group. Findings will be published on the conference webpage.

And, of course, there'll be plenty of time for networking, so that attendees can share experiences both within and outside the sessions.

Here is the printable agenda.

Invitations have already been sent out to member main contacts.

If you need to book a place, please contact Mike as soon as possible.

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Recent Articles from the Education and Training Press



Worldwide Training Industry News (Mar 11)
Abstract News ©2011 Information Inc

IT Training Press Releases (Mar 11)
©2011 Training Press Releases

Industry News Headlines from CLOmedia (Mar 11)
©2011 Media Tec Publishing

News from Elearning! (Apr 11)

Elearning Magazine, ©2011 B2B Media Co

Market Update from Kineo - Scandinavia (Mar 11)

©2011 Kineo


New Trends and Products  (Apr 11)

Elearning!, ©2011 B2B Media Co


Update from IT Training Magazine (Mar 11)

A round-up of the latest news and developments for IT training professionals.

IT Training, Spring 2011, ©2011 BCS


Deloitte Gets Physical with $300 Million Learning Center (Mar 11)

Lectures are out and interactive learning is in at the consulting firm’s new leadership center, which also features an 800-room hotel on a 107-acre campus near Dallas.

Workforce Management, © 1995-2011 Crain Communications Inc.

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Reviews and Current Trends


Moving Toward 2020 - The Learning Decade (Feb 11)
not every company is a learning company; but more and more organizations recognize that learning can help solve the most vexing economic and financial problems of the day. As a result, we predict that the years leading up to 2020 will be
known as “The Learning Decade.”
©2011 Intrepid Learning Solutions


Training without Borders (Mar 11)
A global, borderless workplace calls for new talent strategies in 2011.

T+D, ©2011 ASTD


Globalizing E-Learning for International Audiences (Apr 11)

Unfortunately, most organizations globalize their e-learning courses “after the fact” - after they have been developed for American audiences, only to discover they are ineffective, irrelevant or inappropriate in other cultures.
Elearning!, ©2011 B2B Media Co


Values-Driven Leadership (Apr 11)

Changes in leadership culture can improve bottom-line results.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing


Managing Innovation for Growth (Apr 11)

With an eye on new growth, companies find ways to manage innovation and challenges, like finding the right talent, encouraging collaboration and risk-taking, and organizing the innovation process. Elearning!, ©2011 B2B Media Co


Developing High Impact Academia Partnerships (Apr 11)

Corporate-academia partnerships offer real benefits to learning organizations. The partnership can help you achieve your learning goals, but doing so requires intentional planning. Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2011, © Training Industry Inc


For Teleworkers, Less is definitely More (Mar 11)
A new study shows that telecommuters are very happy with their jobs, despite less frequent communication and fewer face-to-face conversations. T+D, ©2011 ASTD


Pay Attention to Knowledge Retention (Apr 11)

The concept of passing along information to the next generation may be primitive, but knowledge retention lift s organizations out of the dark ages.

Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2011, © Training Industry Inc


Why We Need Conferences (Mar 11)

Conferences are primarily networking events - they bring people together.

IT Training, Spring 2011, ©2011 BCS


Women, Water and Leadership - Are We Making Progress (Mar 11)
What do the push for gender equality in the C-suite and water have in common? Quite a bit. Though much progress has been made, women still face many challenges in rising to the top.
T+D, ©2011 ASTD


Next Evolution of the LMS (Apr 11)

Learning management systems have changed over the past few decades. Doug Harward shares his thoughts on the evolution of the LMS.

Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2011, © Training Industry Inc


The Second Screen and Learning (Mar 11)

Elliott Masie says "I have a Second Screen in my life.  Well, actually I have several of them." Learning TRENDS, ©2011 The MASIE Center


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Training Manager/Director Development


Moving Forward in 2011 (Mar 11)

Do you have your new budget yet? If you do, then how did you get on? And if you haven’t, then what should you expect? IT Training, Spring 2011, ©2011 BCS


Thinking about the Future of Learning (Feb 11)

Will this sort of hyper-focus on training become the norm?

TrainingIndustry Quarterly, Winter 2011, ©2011 TrainingIndustry Inc


The State of Learning (Apr 11)
Being strategic requires a shift from teaching to learning

Chief Learning Officer, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing


Engage your Stakeholders - Who and How (Apr 11)

Knowing your training audience is key, but you must engage stakeholders as they contribute in diverse ways.
Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2011, © Training Industry Inc


Proving Training Value - Linking Training to Business Outcomes (Feb 11)

Trainers must become savvier about educating management and proving the impact training can have.
TrainingIndustry Quarterly, Winter 2011,
©2011 TrainingIndustry Inc


7 Solutions for Workforce Training (Feb 11)

Some of the biggest battles are fought over making training hands-on, just-in-time and fun. TrainingIndustry Quarterly, Winter 2011, ©2011 TrainingIndustry Inc


Learning Infrastructure - Adjusting Focus (Apr 11)

With learning happening everywhere, informal learning is creating a need to realign the focus of the current infrastructures, says Charles Jennings.

Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2011, © Training Industry Inc


Scrap Learning and Manager Engagement (Apr 11)

By participating in the training process pre- and post-event, managers can ensure that employees retain and apply more of what they learn.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing


Cultivating Subject Matter Networks (Apr 11)

The job of the learning function is transforming, creating a shift from content creation to context creation, says Tony O'Driscoll.

Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2011, © Training Industry Inc


Working with Vendors (Apr 11)
Critical elements for effective outsourcing relationships

Chief Learning Officer, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing


Need for Speed (Apr 11)
Virtual classrooms stimulate the innovation needed to grow

Chief Learning Officer, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing


The Right Tool for the Job - Optimize Talent, Topics, Techniques, and Tools (Mar 11)

Selecting the right tool for the job is a critical decision, and one that needs to be guided by a strategy, not driven by marketing copy in ads or on Websites.

Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2011 eLearning Guild


Working Smarter Glossary (Apr 11)
Vocabulary for the new normal, by Jay Cross
Chief Learning Officer, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing


Leading - Virtually (Mar 11)

It’s more than being able to see your face across a thousand miles.

IT Training, Spring 2011, ©2011 BCS


A Winning Combination (Apr 11)

Investing time, technology and training in contingent workers can deliver a dynamic labor pool. Talent Management, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing


A Micro-module a Day (Apr 11)

Finding time for training is not always possible. Implementing daily micro-modules into the employee routine can help.

Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2011, © Training Industry Inc


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Selling and Marketing Education

No articles this month

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Learning Methods and Media


Making Informal Learning Real (Feb 11)

Part of the reason we have struggled to make performance support work is that we have fundamentally misunderstood the learning needs we are attempting to address.

TrainingIndustry Quarterly, Winter 2011, ©2011 TrainingIndustry Inc


The Upside to Social Networking (Apr 11)

Social media can help people better themselves and their workplaces if leaders use technology to promote behavioral change rather than enable work distractions.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing


Building the Right Interaction (Mar 11)
There are numerous ways to build learner interactions that don’t seem to be “time wasters” and that support the learning objectives. T+D, ©2011 ASTD


Thinking Outside the Toolbox (Apr 11)

Does your choice of authoring software forever determine the quality of the e-Learning you create? Must rapid tools produce only cookie-cutter content? What makes the real difference in quality? The answer is — you, the designer. Here is the way to change your design habits.
Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2011 eLearning Guild


The Power of Anxiety (Apr 11)

Learning design often aims to make learners comfortable. But organizations actually can accelerate learning by creating feelings of discomfort.
Chief Learning Officer
, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing


Virtual Classrooms Overview (Feb 11)
This white paper looks at open source and commercial virtual classroom options and addresses why consider Virtual Classroom, making the most of Virtual Classrooms, and which Virtual Classrooms should you consider.
©2011 Kineo


Advice from the Virtual Trenches (Mar 11)

It was a dark and stormy night, and, like most nights, InSync Training LLC synchronous learning expert Jennifer Hofmann, M. Ed., was in a synchronous training session in a virtual classroom platform. The difference was, this time she was a learner, and not the facilitator.  Training, ©2011 Lakewood Media Group


Is Anything Being Learned Virtually (Apr 11)

Virtual learning has its pros and cons, but with proper design and a focus on relationship building, learning leaders can capitalize on the benefits and minimize the risks. Chief Learning Officer, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing


Tailoring Virtual Training Delivery for Adult Learners (Mar 11)

Making the move from teaching in a physical classroom to teaching in a virtual environment can be stressful because of the differences in practice that these venues require. Here are some essential adjustments to make to your delivery that will help you succeed in the virtual classroom.
Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2011 eLearning Guild


Video - the Next Hot Learning App (Apr 11)

Learning applications are evolving, and video is emerging. Video training can capture the emotion and enthusiasm in a presentation that written documentation does not convey. Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2011, © Training Industry Inc


Mobile Learning - the Next Evolution (Apr 11)

Mobile learning may be the learning delivery method of the moment given the prevalence of mobile technology. There are several steps learning leaders can take to ensure m-learning programs are successful.

Chief Learning Officer, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing


Engineering Intelligent Content for Mobile Learning (Mar 11)

Engineering intelligent content is the next stage in the evolution of learning technologies (Bailey, 2010). It is driven by the relentless innovations in mobile devices and computer networks. Success in this field is crucial to the emerging vision of the future of mobile computing – a world where you can learn from any location, exactly what you need to learn, when you want it.
Learning Solutions Magazine,
©2011 eLearning Guild


The LMS Evolution - Revolutionizing Form and Function (Apr 11)

Is the LMS dead? Maybe not, but it’s at the epicenter of a debate between “cutting edge” and “tried and true” technologies. Ready for what’s next?

Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2011, © Training Industry Inc


The Ideal Learning Management System for Multimedia Learning (Mar 11)
Early attempts at teaching online started with simple stick figures or blocks of text on monochrome screens. In many ways, this approach to teaching online can be seen as a form of “sensory deprivation,” because there is so little data for the senses to process, compared with our experiences of learning in the offline world (Davis et al, 2007). As humans, our senses are used in parallel to process information coming through multiple communications channels at the same time. We enjoy and respond to “rich media” that combines several “learning modalities” into one integrated learning experience. ©2011 Brandon Hall Group


Learning Portals - How LMSs are Evolving (Apr 11)

The implementation of effective e-learning strategies no longer remains solely the responsibility of learning professionals. With the introduction of web-based learning portals, it can grow and thrive to serve the entire enterprise and beyond, to channel partners and customers. Elearning!, ©2011 B2B Media Co


Making the Case for Embedded Training (Mar 11)

Military needs often drive innovation. The Internet, GPS, and digital photography are examples of recent advances originally designed for military purposes that have become such a part of our everyday lives that we cannot imagine being without them. Embedded training shares a similar history. Originally conceived to train troops in the most expeditious and permanent method possible, embedded training now is being used with equal success in the business arena.

Training Magazine Network, ©2011 Lakewood Media Group


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Case Studies and Projects


Back to Bricks and Mortar (Mar 11)
Deloitte LLP is rediscovering the value of being face-to-face and building a multimillion dollar corporate university to support its commitment to in-person learning. T+D, ©2011 ASTD


Yum Brands - Delivering Fast Food and Content (Apr 11)

A learning content management system helped Yum Brands standardize training in a decentralized environment, reuse content, improve retention and ensure a consistent customer experience.
Chief Learning Officer
, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing


The Co-operative Leadership Development Zone (Mar 11)

This case study shows how The Co-operative and Kineo partnered to create a Moodle based online portal as a focus for leadership development. ©2011 Kineo


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Measuring Education Value


Increasing Training ROI Through Coaching
The biggest challenge for both formal and informal training programmes is to ensure the application of new knowledge and skills in the workplace so that a return on investment is achieved.  Coaching is increasingly being seen as a solution.

©2011 Saxon Coaching


Engagement, Coaching and Success (Apr 11)

A disengaged workforce is the reality many organizations face. Coaching is an option, but the results rest with the employee.

Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2011, © Training Industry Inc


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Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing


Making the Business Case for Virtual Events (Feb 11)
This white paper explains the value of virtual events compared to in-person events, and outlines a methodology to evaluate the return a company can expect from investing in a virtual event. ©2011 Unisfair


Budgeting for Innovative E-Learning Technologies (Apr 11)

To budget for innovative e-learning technologies, you must go beyond the L&D Department to all employees working on projects that involved new technologies.
Elearning!, ©2011 B2B Media Co


The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing E-Learning Services (Mar 11)

Knowing when to use a vendor requires careful analysis of the pros and cons involved with each project. eLearn, ©2011 ACM


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Training Professional Topics

The Big Shift (Feb 11)
The trainer of tomorrow recognizes that you can't try to avoid or even control the social media tsunami. Instead, you plan for it and leverage its strength.
TrainingIndustry Quarterly, Winter 2011,
©2011 TrainingIndustry Inc

50 tips for better presentations (Mar 11)
Clive Shepherd shares his 50 tips for better presentations, a little gem he found in his archives and a fantastic list that cover all the bases with a touch of humour. ©2011 Clive Shepherd

6 Tips for Creating Better Presentation Scripts (Mar 11)
These tips are for creating a more effective story or script, or one that allows you to control the flow of the message using a well thought-out pattern.
©2011 MediaNet Inc

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Education Administration

No articles this month


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Skills Gap/Technical Certification


Securing the Defences (Mar 11)

Security of IT systems is a major issue in a world where they are becoming more and more ubiquitous. One way to test defences is by launching your own ‘friendly attack’ – employing penetration testers or ethical hackers to find any potential weak spots. IT Training, Spring 2011, ©2011 BCS


Microsoft versus Open Source (Mar 11)

Note that demand for skills does not necessarily match software demand.

IT Training, Spring 2011, ©2011 BCS


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Special Interest Groups


Top Challenges Facing SaaS Training Businesses (Apr 11) charts - here

Lynn Marie Viduya of NetSuite reported on a study she carried out by calling several CEdMA members in Dec 10. Software as a Service SIG, 5 Apr 11


Evolution of a Training Partner Program - Best Practices and Pitfalls (Mar 11) - charts here

Franz Obermeier, HP Education Services, described the why and how a training partner program was set up and what changed over time, along with the best practices and pitfalls that resulted. Using Training Partners SIG, 30 Mar 11


Driving Educational Services Sales (Mar 11) - charts here

Jeff Fulciniti and Mia Shields of Kronos described their experiences driving Educational Services Sales through the organizational model and culture, and through the sales force. Sales and Marketing SIG, 23 Mar 11


Mobile Learning Planning Recap (Mar 11) - charts here

Nik Alston and Ryan Knight of Symantec described their work investigating the use of mobile learning. E-learning and Virtual Classroom SIG, 22 Mar 2011  


ATP Conference Recap - Trends and Takeaways (Mar 11) - charts here, report here

Joe Cannata of Brocade led off with a presentation on the trends and takeaways he observed. This was followed by Becky Gray of NetApp who used the referenced report by Diane Huntsinger to give her feedback. Finally, Jamie Rosa of ESRI reported on what was her first ATP Conference. Certification SIG, 18 Mar 2011


2011 Business Benchmark Survey (Mar 11)

Consultants Scott Edwards and Ed Halteman presented an outline of the project. Executive Advisory Council Meeting, 17 Mar 2011


CEdMA Business Benchmark Survey Project Update (Mar 11) - charts here

Consultants Scott Edwards and Ed Halteman presented an update on the project status. Metrics and Benchmarking SIG, 16 Mar 2011


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And, Finally.....



A story about communications, and men and women (communications, communications methods, relationships)

A man and his wife had been arguing all night, and as bedtime approached neither was speaking to the other. It was not unusual for the pair to continue this war of silence for two or three days. However, on this occasion, the man was concerned. He needed to be awake at 4:30am the next morning to catch an important flight, and being a very heavy sleeper he normally relied on his wife to wake him. Cleverly, so he thought, while his wife was in the bathroom, he wrote on a piece of paper: 'Please wake me at 4:30am - I have an important flight to catch'. He put the note on his wife's pillow, then turned over and went to sleep.

The man awoke the next morning and looked at the clock. It was 8:00am. Enraged that he'd missed his flight, he was about to go in search of his errant wife to give her a piece of his mind, when he spotted a hand-written note on his bedside cabinet.

The note said: 'It's 4:30am - get up.'

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Feedback, please!


I would really like to get input from you, the readers.  Please give me your feedback and point me towards any article or source that you think the rest of the membership might enjoy. Thank you.


Mike Dowsey

Executive Director



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