CEdMA-Europe Members' Newsletter - Jul 2011

Welcome to the Jul edition of the CEdMA-Europe Members' Monthly Newsletter, which is sent to CEdMA Europe members and to European colleagues of CEdMA USA members.

As usual, you will learn about updates to our forthcoming programme of events, and there is the collection of recent articles whose content is consistent with the important topics that you our members voted to cover in our recent Conferences.

The News section contains four articles with the whole month's news, three of which contain individually dated news items.

In Reviews and Current Trends, there are 11 reports about a wide range of topics.

The Training Manager/Director Development articles follow the usual theme of providing useful support to you, so the 14 articles cover a range of management topics.

There is one article in Selling and Marketing Education on sales presentations.

As usual, the Learning Methods and Media articles are many and varied, 16 this time, with three on social media, three on e-learning, and three on mobile learning.

Case Studies and Projects has three articles about specific companies.

Measuring Education Value has one item on the business case for e-learning..

There are two articles in Process/Managing Costs/Outsourcing on insourcing and process.

There are two articles in Training Professional Topics, about using YouTube and moderating panel discussions.

Finally, in Special Interest Groups, there are two recordings from June.

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Workshop 28 Jun "From Seats to Solutions - Blended and Integrated Offerings"




The early summer CEdMA Europe half-day Workshop took place on Tue 28 June 1300-1700 UK time at Symantec Green Park near Reading.

39 colleagues from 19 companies attended and heard Reiner Deichmann of Apple and Mike Honer of BMC Software present and lead interactive sessions on their new and exciting offerings.

The materials are available on the workshop page on the website, within the "members only" section.

If you have forgotten how to access the members-only section, please contact Mike.

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Forthcoming Events




During the last conference in May, attendees used post-its to vote on subjects they wanted to see and hear at future events. The outcome was:

P&L - 5 votes
Certification 5
EMEA Trends 5
Sales 7
Delivery Methods - 17

Within Sales, the following topics were suggested:

  • Building customer relationships

  • How to enable sales

  • Make corporate sales teams sell education

  • Inside sales

  • Sales methodology.

These will be included in our next workshop on 15 Sep, venue TBA.


Input for Delivery Methods included:

  • Change management as a training offering

  • Virtual student engagement

  • Mix of delivery methods

  • Content development

  • Localisation

  • Electronic distribution/protection

  • Tools for delivery

  • Infrastructure support for remote labs

  • Content reuse

  • LMS – revenue, cost and admin

  • How does virtual delivery change the business landscape.


These will form the content of our next conference at the Lingfield Park Marriott on 2-3 November, when the emphasis will be on member experiences.

More details will be circulated as they become available.

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Recent Articles from the Education and Training Press



Worldwide Training Industry News (Jun 11)
Abstract News ©2011 Information Inc

IT Training Press Releases (Jun 11)
©2011 Training Press Releases

Industry News Headlines from CLOmedia (Jun 11)
©2011 Media Tec Publishing

E-Learning Market Update (Jun 11)
©2011 Kineo

plus referenced report:

US Market for Self-paced Products and Services 2010-15 -  Executive Overview (Jan 11)

©2011 Ambient Insight

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Reviews and Current Trends

2011 Top 20 Content Development Companies (Jun 11) frequently reviews, surveys and assesses training companies that provide services to the corporate marketplace. The Top 20 list is designed to support the corporate procurement process by aiding in the evaluation of potential custom content development companies. ©2011 Training Industry Inc

2011 Top 20 Training Outsourcing Companies (Apr 11) continuously reviews companies that provide training business process outsourcing (BPO) services and conducts an annual assessment to determine suppliers' experience and capabilities. This list is intended to help buy-side learning and procurement organizations searching for the right training outsourcing partner.
 ©2011 Training Industry Inc

Best Practices in Engaging SMEs During a Learning Content Development Project (May 11)
In this study, 173 L&D professionals unlock which among 37 practices are most important and which are most often done to engage SMEs. The study also presents which objectives are most critical, how effective learning professionals are at reaching them and how effective they are at engaging SMEs in general.
©2011 Training Industry Inc and General Physics Corporation

Beef Up Your Training Toolbox with Web Tools (Jun 11)
Your learning and development materials can sizzle with some easy, and often free, online tools. T+D, ©2011 ASTD

How Indian Firms Beat the World for Talent (Jun 11)
Indian organizations are rapidly outpacing their Western and European competitors, and talent management strategy is a key part of the reason why.
Talent Management, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing

Focus on the United Kingdom (May 11)
Establishing credibility is an important aspect of doing business and training in the UK. Training, ©2011 Lakewood Media Group

Education versus Training (May 11)
Training is about learning for living, not learning to pass. Training is not knowledge alone; it’s about applying knowledge and skills to get results.
Training, ©2011 Lakewood Training

Focus on People and Profit (Jun 11)
Business leaders shouldn’t choose between people or profit when they can support both. Taking care of employees is a good way to reap financial rewards.
Training Industry
Quarterly, Summer 2011, ©2011 Training Industry Inc

Women's Pay Gap Persists (Jun 11)
Fifty years of federal regulation have not closed the pay gap between men and women, and two decades of corporate diversity initiatives and leadership programs have not put a significant number of women into top positions.
Workforce Management,
©2011 Crain Communications

Avoiding the Trap of Clicky-Clicky Bling-Bling (Jun 11)
All that blings is not e-learning gold. This paper discusses the topic of glitz over good design. Part one this month explains how to avoid the bling trap.
©2011 Kineo

E-learning Tools Round-up - Five to Watch (Jun 11)
There were a lot of new authoring tools at ASTD ICE on the Expo floor this year.  Here’s a quick rundown on some of the tools and some of the buzz. ©2011 Kineo

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Training Manager/Director Development

Architects for Learning (Jun 11)
To coincide with the release of his new book, 'The New Learning Architect', Clive Shepherd explains to the community about his theories of learning design. TrainingZONE, © 2011 Sift Media

Challenge Your Leadership Rituals (Jul 11)
Create tomorrow’s development process based on today’s evidence, says Elliott Masie. Chief Learning Officer, ©2011
Media Tec Publishing

Classroom Training - 7 Scary Problems (Jun 11)
Variety is essential. Focusing on classroom training as the only learning option can create inflexibility and prohibit growth.
Training Industry
Quarterly, Summer 2011, ©2011 Training Industry Inc

Technical Training - Where does it Belong (Jun 11)
Technical training lives in different places in different businesses. No matter where it calls home, impact is the bottom line.
Training Industry
Quarterly, Summer 2011, ©2011 Training Industry Inc

Bridging the Gap - Training and Business Results (Jun 11)
Training fills the gap between a problem and the desired result. To effectively build this bridge, executives should play an active role in the training process.
Training Industry Quarterly, Summer 2011, ©2011 Training Industry Inc

Where to Begin With Informal Learning (Jul 11)
Understand the difference between learning and performance support, says Bob Moshe. Chief Learning Officer, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing

Working Smarter - New Ways of Learning (Jun 11)
The responsibility for continuous learning is shared. It’s time to develop the skills of the networked learner.
Training Industry
Quarterly, Summer 2011, ©2011 Training Industry Inc

Each One Teach One (Jul 11)
Mentoring programs benefit both new and experienced workers, by Brandon Hall. Chief Learning Officer, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing

The Manager's Responsibility in Learning (Jul 11)
Many factors influence performance post-learning, but managers’ direct and indirect support play a substantial role in guiding employees toward the right actions.
Chief Learning Officer,
Media Tec Publishing

Managing Knowledge in High Performance Organizations (Jun 11)
Information can flow at the speed of light, but it takes the ability to learn to properly harness that power. It’s time to build a high-performing organization.
Training Industry Quarterly, Summer 2011, ©2011 Training Industry Inc

Developing Winning Sales Teams (Jun 11)
Sales training alone isn’t enough. A comprehensive partnership between a variety of methodologies is needed. T+D, ©2011 ASTD

When IT Pulls the Security Card, Pull Your Obscurity Card (Jun 11)
Does your IT department keep iPads, Facebook, virtual worlds, mobile applications, games, YouTube, and other learning resources away from employees? Do you sometimes get the impression that you’re working for the IT department, instead of IT working for you? T+D, ©2011 ASTD

Vendors Are People Too (Jun 11)
Business ethics apply to customers as well as to vendors. Here’s a look on the other side of the fence. Learning Solutions Magazine, © 2011 eLearning Guild

Your Brain on Innovation (Jul 11)
Without inclusion there can be no creativity.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing

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Selling and Marketing Education

The Vital Role of 'Active Conduits' in Remote Sales Presentations (Jun 11)
The very best practice for remote sales demonstrations is to split your forces – to have a representative from your organization at the customer site to serve as the eyes for the person presenting the demo remotely. The person at the customer site needs to be an Active Conduit of information to the demonstrator – he or she needs to be the demonstrator’s “eyes” on-site. © 2011 The Second Derivative

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Learning Methods and Media

Beyond the Sage on the Stage (Jul 11)
Immersive learning experiences are more compelling and influential when they are grounded in defined behavioral, intellectual and motivational outcomes.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2011
Media Tec Publishing

Reinforce Training (May 11)
You should include behavior reinforcement in your training design—it’s part of planning how you’re going to get where you want to go.
©2011 Lakewood Training

Learning Content Is Not Your Job Any More - The Effect of Convergence (Jun 11)
Our roles are changing, as content types converge. Dealing with transformative change requires changes in thinking and changes in working. One answer is intelligent content engineering. Here’s a high-level overview of the concept and the practices needed. Learning Solutions Magazine, © 2011 eLearning Guild

Mastery Learning in the Adult Classroom (Jun 11)
Mastery learning is a veteran concept, but it could have a new role to play in adult learning. T+D, ©2011 ASTD

Social Learning - Focus on Collaboration (Jun 11)
The true value of social learning lies in the potential for collaboration, not just sharing knowledge.
Training Industry Quarterly, Summer 2011, ©2011 Training Industry Inc

Rules of the (Social) Road (Jun 11)
Create a plan to ensure that you’re not only using social media effectively as a company, but that you’re championing your employees to do the same.
©2011 ASTD

Adding Social Media - 10 Questions to Consider (Jun 11)
Social media can be a valuable tool to enhance and support training. Choosing which social media tools to integrate into your L&D initiative requires forethought. Training Industry Quarterly, Summer 2011, ©2011 Training Industry Inc


75 Tips to Reduce eLearning Costs (Jun 11)
In this eBook, eLearning Guild members reveal imaginative ways to cut eLearning costs, and share insights on how to optimize your resources to get the job done more efficiently and effectively, without sacrificing quality. See how others are doing amazing things with limited budgets, and how innovative cost-saving ideas can help you do more with less. ©2011 eLearning Guild.

At Last - M-learning Going Mainstream (Jun 11)
The workforce’s appeal for m-learning has surged from ardent interest to a resounding demand within three years. And learners, not the learning department, are driving this demand. T+D, ©2011 ASTD

Seven Trends Make m-learning Inevitable (Jun 11)
Mobile learning is an inevitable consequence of seven key trends, says Martin Addison of Video Arts. Here, he offers some key tips for success.
TrainingZONE, © 2011 Sift Media

Ten Tips for Designing Mobile Learning Content (Jun 11)
The driver for mobile learning is not technology. It is content - and not just any old content or re-heated content from existing eLearning or classroom programs. Here are ten tips that will create demand for your mLearning, plus advice about getting buy-in from the right groups of people.
Learning Solutions Magazine, © 2011 eLearning Guild

Five Tips for a Better Audio Podcast (Jun 11)
Podcasting (audio recordings on the Web with an associated RSS feed) has been around for several years, but it can be a surprisingly effective tool for eLearning and for mLearning, especially if you apply these five tips.
Learning Solutions Magazine, © 2011 eLearning Guild

Web 3.0 - Transforming Learning (Jun 11)
Web 3.0 represents a shift in how people interact with the web.
Training Industry Quarterly, Summer 2011, ©2011 Training Industry Inc

7 Signs Your Live Virtual Training Didn't Take and Solutions to Try (Jun 11)
If half your participants are trading goats on Farmville during your PowerPoint presentation, you need to rethink your virtual training.

Training Tech Talk, © 2011 Lakewood Media Group

The Learning Explosion - 9 Rules to Ignite Your Virtual Classroom (Jun 11) - handout here
The speakers shared their nine rules for creating high-quality and effective virtual classrooms. These rules include effective skills to transfer knowledge in a virtual environment, online facilitation skills, and best practices to overcome stakeholder misperceptions and launch your initiatives. Training Industry Webinar, 7 Jun 11

Seven Secrets to Make Virtual Learning Wildly Successful (Jun 11) - charts here, summary here, white paper here
This webinar covered the single factor that differentiates success from mediocrity and failure in the virtual classroom; what designers, facilitators and producers need to do differently to fully engage virtual learners; how to break through the limits of traditional classroom learning and reap the reward in a virtual setting; how to manage multiple media to increase transformational learning; and how and when to use the blended approach, and why.
Training Industry Webinar, 14 Jun 11

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Case Studies and Projects

Managing Learning in More Than One Way (Jun 11)
Oregon State government flies with its own wings, instituting a streamlined and adaptable learning management system. T+D, ©2011 ASTD

Blackboard Pays Off for ADP (Jun 11)
Distance learning for a sales force gets a lift by saving on cost and time.
©2011 ASTD

Good to Great to Gone (May 11)
Leadership lessons from the Circuit City story. Training, ©2011 Lakewood Training

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Measuring Education Value

Moving E-learning up the Value Chain - the Business Case (Jun 07)
Imagine your Managing Director coming to see you one morning and asking “What evidence do you have that e-learning is actually helping the business?”  Read on.
Connect Magazine Online, © 2007 The British Institute of Learning and Development

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Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing

How Strategic Insourcing Can Benefit Your Organization (Jul 11)
As you consider external providers, ask these six questions to guide your approach. Human Capital Insights, ©2011 Media Tec Publishing

The New Learning Composition (Jul 11)
Post-recession, learning organizations are adjusting well. But many still need to impact on organizational objectives.
Chief Learning Officer,
Media Tec Publishing

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Training Professional Topics

How to Post Your Presentation as a Video to YouTube (Jun 11)
I get many requests for information on how to post a PowerPoint presentation as a video to YouTube, which can significantly extend the reach of your presentation message.  Here are four good options for making that happen. 
© 2011 Ellen Finkelstein

Moderate with Moderation - 10 Steps to Running a Successful Panel Discussion (Jun 11)
If you’ve ever moderated a panel discussion or have seen a poorly-run panel, you know how difficult the task can be: One panel member rambles on, another tries to dominate the discussion, and someone else disturbs the group by continually shuffling papers. It’s enough to make you shirk at the idea of ever moderating a panel. © 2011 DeFinis Communications

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Education Administration
No articles this month

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Skills Gap/Technical Certification

Legal Documents and Policies Review Regarding Candidate Testing
(Jun 11)
- charts here

If you invalidate a test score, are you prepared for legal issues that may arise, should a candidate or examinee choose to challenge your decision? The session will cover best practices when developing candidate agreements, policies, and procedures, to protect your organization in case of a legal challenge.
Caveon Webinar 8 Jun 11

Training on the Cyber Security Frontlines (Jun 11)
Organizations need more well-trained experts to defend against cyber threats.
©2011 ASTD

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Special Interest Groups

CEdMA Barometer Update (Jun 11)
Dirk Braune of  Alcatel Lucent led the discussion on the final agreement of what questions should go into the quarterly barometer survey, planned to be distributed in mid-July following second quarter close.
Training Metrics and Benchmarking SIG, 14 Jun 11

Social Media and Learning (Jun 11) - charts here, chat here
Doug Draper of Equinix and Karen Greenfield of SAP presented 5 social media trends that will affect each of us in our role as learning and development professionals, and, after a quick poll to assess current and planned use of social networking as part of a learning portfolio, formed breakout groups to discuss how the trends are impacting learning practice, experiences with social media, challenges in bridging the gap between the vision and reality and any plans to use it in the future. Each group reported back on the conclusions they reached.
E-Learning and Virtual Classroom SIG, 24 Jun 11

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And, Finally.....




The Five Stages of Innovation

1.    People deny that the innovation is required.

2.    People deny that the innovation is effective.

3.    People deny that the innovation is important.

4.    People deny that the innovation will justify the effort required to adopt it.

5.    People accept and adopt the innovation, enjoy its benefits, attribute it to people other than the innovator, and deny the existence of stages 1 to 4.

©AC 2005. Inspired by Alexander von Humboldt's 'Three Stages Of Scientific Discovery', as referenced by Bill Bryson in his book, 'A Short History Of Nearly Everything'.

Not applicable of course to courageous early adopters of innovation everywhere.

Early adoption of innovation might not be natural to everyone - but it is an option worth considering, especially if you have a feeling that the present situation can be improved.

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Feedback, please!


I would really like to get input from you, the readers.  Please give me your feedback and point me towards any article or source that you think the rest of the membership might enjoy. Thank you.

Mike Dowsey
Executive Director

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