CEdMA-Europe Members' Newsletter - Apr 2012

Welcome to the April edition of the CEdMA-Europe Members' Monthly Newsletter, which is sent to CEdMA Europe members and to European colleagues of CEdMA USA members.

As usual, you will learn about updates to our forthcoming programme of events, and there is the collection of recent articles whose content is consistent with the important topics that you our members voted to cover in our recent Conferences.

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CEdMA Europe Special Interest Group (SIG) Teleconferences





I am delighted to invite you to join one or both of the upcoming SIGs on Partners and Curriculum Development. The Partner SIG met in March already but this will be the first meeting on Curriculum Development.

The teleconferences are informal with no recording, but simply the use of voice for up to an hour. There will be minutes taken where appropriate and to ensure that you receive these you must sign up for Partners and/or Curriculum Development.


Partners – Wed 11 April 1500 UK time

What are the best practices for using partners to sell education", to be updated from the CEdMA Europe paper produced at the Jun 2009 workshop.

Moderator: Norman Buckberry, Autodesk

Click for Partners Access Code and call-in numbers.


Curriculum Development – Thu 12 April 1500 UK time

"Let’s discuss common challenges to pave the way for follow-on sessions.”

Moderator: Philip Bourne, Symantec

Click for Curriculum Development Access Code and call-in numbers.

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Spring Conference, 9-10 May, "Managing Education Business Success"




The Spring conference will take place on Wed 9 May and Thu 10 May at the Waltham Abbey Marriott. Based on feedback from the last conference, there will be more breakouts, the personal development session will return, and we'll cover sales and marketing, partners, managing the business, and new technologies.

The programme will be::

“Hot Topics” and Market Barometer Update

Your input to the 12Q1 Market Barometer has been collated and will be presented during this session to highlight the key issues and market challenges that you face today. The aim is to aid your understanding of the other companies in the group and facilitate networking discussions during the course of the event.


Hot Topics – Discussion and Breakouts

Attendees will decide which of the hot topics will be discussed and whether it will be by the whole group or in breakouts. Breakout groups will discuss what works, what doesn’t work, hints, tips and best practice. Each group will record their findings and report back to the whole group. Findings will be published on the conference webpage.


Managing our training route to market portfolio

With all the routes to market we have at our disposal as a training business how successful are they? What do they do well and why? What could we change to enable any or each of them to improve their performance? How much time and effort do we invest in supporting them? Are we prioritising our time in the right way that means the biggest possible return for the business? This session will produce a consolidated list of "best practice" and advice on pitfalls to maximise our return. As always you will be doing the work and we will break into groups to discuss and consolidate feedback as a group.


Personal Development Session


Innovation in Technology for Delivery with breakouts

Following the recent eLearning Network Awards (Nov 2011) and the Institute of IT Training (LPI) Awards (Feb 2012), we will use selected extracts from award winners/finalists and present these to the group. We will show what Innovations are getting attention, what is different and what can we learn from them? Breakouts - Will these ideas/changes work for our organisation and eco system– what is it that they are doing that we are not, can we align to certain elements? What is the cost/benefit in a) Sponsoring and b) Entering such awards?


Managing Partners

This session reviews the role of Training Partners for reselling and delivery of training. It addresses partner selection criteria and the training, certification, and ongoing knowledge maintenance. Best practices and lessons learned around implementing a global training partner network will also be discussed. Whether you are a veteran in managing the Training Partner relationship or simply want to learn about different models and approaches to leveraging partners, this will be a great forum to listen, learn and share.


Balancing the Business

This session looks at the basic components required to manage, drive and sustain an education business whether it be P&L or cost centre based. With the economic considerations be it internal or external, requiring consistency of financial results balanced against the need to do more with less. The session explores the pros and cons of outsourcing or expanding the partner base to sustain and expand the training business.


Conference Summary


Here is the printable agenda.

Invitations have been sent to member main contacts. All others should contact Mike to enrol.

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Recent Articles from the Education and Training Press



Worldwide Training Industry News (Mar 12)
Abstract News ©2012 Information Inc

IT Training Press Releases (Mar 12)

©2012 Training Press Releases

Industry News Headlines from CLOmedia (Mar 12)
©2012 Media Tec Publishing

E-Learning Market Update (Mar 12)
©2012 Kineo

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Reviews and Current Trends

Technology-Enabled Informal Learning - 2012 Survey Results (Mar 12)
We’ve compiled the responses of over 300 companies to find out how they are using informal learning to meet their business challenges. Using the metaphor of short order content and the classic American diner, we’ve created a book of beautiful and easily palatable infographics that will give you a fresh look at informal learning. So take a seat at the counter, grab a piece of pie, and learn more about how mid- and enterprise-sized organizations are looking at technology-enabled informal learning today. ©2012 Intrepid Learning Solutions

It's Time for Companies to Educate (Apr 12)
Innovation, critical thinking skills need to be developed post-hire. Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

Training in Alignment (Mar 12)
There’s a lot of discussion in the training industry around the need to determine how well training is aligned with the goals and missions of the organization. It’s an important topic well worth considering, because if training isn’t properly aligned, what purpose is it serving? Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2012, ©2012 Training Industry Inc

Companies as Communities (Apr 12)
Strategies should support, empower organizational groups. Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

Closing the Generation Gap between Leaders (Mar 12)
The generation gap continues to grow. Learning to adapt and embrace generational differences is vital to success. Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2012, ©2012 Training Industry Inc

What About the Future? (Apr 12)
Fixating on the short term is foolish in the long run. Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

The Trust Differentiator (Mar 12)
Recent research shows that stand-out companies invest in building a positive workplace.
T+D, ©2012 ASTD

Alternative Workplace Programs are on the Rise (Mar 12)
Organizations adopting alternative work arrangements are finding they not only can reduce costs but can drive employee engagement as well. T+D, ©2012 ASTD

Leveling the Software-procurement Playing Field (Mar 12)
Procurement practices often tend to favor (not always intentionally) the proprietary software business model. This means that organizations may miss out on the benefits of looking at all the source options. In this article, the author presents the case for modifying the practices to consider the factors influencing the purchasing decision. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

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Training Manager/Director Development

Leading and Learning in Turbulent Times (Apr 12)
Globalization, the economy and industry consolidation are just a few factors that make the ability to deal with change a necessity. There are strategies learning leaders can use to make it easier for employees to handle. Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

Engaging Senior Leaders in the Learning and Development Process (Mar 12)
Leadership involvement in learning increases the opportunity for strategic success. The key question is what part of the process will get them engaged? Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2012,
©2012 Training Industry Inc

Positioning Training (Mar 12)
It is hard work and moxie to tie training to corporate strategic goals. Training,
©2012 Lakewood Media Group

Tomorrow's Learning - Blended and Just in Time (Mar 12)
Technology has continued to change the learning landscape. A blended approach to training will serve tomorrow’s learners. Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2012, ©2012 Training Industry Inc

Cement Learning in Just 5 Minutes (Mar 12)
One of the most common ways to reinforce key content is to make it available in a bite-sized format. Training,
©2012 Lakewood Media Group

Learning at the Speed of Business (Mar 12)
The entire organization needs to develop a culture of continuous learning. Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2012,
©2012 Training Industry Inc

We Need a Revolution (Apr 12)
It’s time to make learning central to organizational management. Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

Leveraging Goal-Setting and Feedback (Mar 12)
Learning begins at the moment we choose to look for better solutions. Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2012,
©2012 Training Industry Inc

Remote Workforce Reaps Benefits (Mar 12)
Implementing a telecommuting option at your organization can have significant benefits, including decreased expenses and increased employee productivity and happiness. T+D, ©2012 ASTD

Learn to get what you want (Mar 12)
Each of us has a negotiating style. Is yours working for you? Use these tips to make the most of your style and get what you deserve. T+D, ©2012 ASTD

Help Learners Clear Their Minds Before Training Begins (Mar 12)
Trainees need to begin their learning with a mind that is ready to accept new ideas, techniques, and skills. To do this, they need to clear their minds of the clutter and “dust” that lurks there. LINKS, © 2012 ASTD

Measure for Measure (Mar 12)
Whether or not to measure training efforts is a widely debated topic. Knowing what to measure should be the true question. Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2012, ©2012 Training Industry Inc

Confucius Meets Plato (Mar 12)
Challenges and strategies for training in Asia. Training,
©2012 Lakewood Media Group

Qualifying eLearning Vendors (Mar 12)
No matter how good you are at building eLearning, sooner or later you will likely have to rely on an outside provider. But how do you separate the good vendors from the bad? Here are seven vendor qualities you should look for. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

Profit U (Mar 12)
Ensuring employees do their jobs effectively and develop into the best workforce possible are the first priorities of trainers. If you’ve mastered that, how about taking it a step further—and turning your training department into a profit center? Training,
©2012 Lakewood Media Group

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Selling and Marketing Education

Learning's External Brand (Apr 12)
Corporate universities can be considered a people service or organizational product, so their branding can be a differentiator in the marketplace and bring competitive advantage.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

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Learning Methods and Media

Are you ready for Agile Learning Design (Mar 12)
Learning designers often need to break the mould to deliver more expedited training. IBM applied an Agile approach when ADDIE by itself was not enabling the rapid response it needed. T+D, ©2012 ASTD

Your Brain on Apps (Apr 12)
Knowledge sharing and informal learning benefits shouldn’t be left at the desktop. Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

Crowd-Source - Your Next Program Design (Mar 12)
An innovative new approach to creating a compelling learning design is a delicate balance of collaboration and competition. T+D, ©2012 ASTD

Learning Fit for Anytime and Anywhere (Mar 12)
Two learning technologies suppliers share observations on mobile and e-learning trends, and describe their latest products and services. T+D, ©2012 ASTD

The Dark Side of Digital (Mar 12)
In a highly digitized world, learning professionals need to be aware of the benefits and downfalls of learning technologies. Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2012, ©2012 Training Industry Inc

How to Adapt Your Slides for iPad Presenting (Mar 12)
One of the many ways in which you can adapt your PowerPoint slides to an iPad-friendly format is by converting all your slides to pictures. This approach will work well for slides that have no animation or multimedia -– and the good news is that great presentation slides can be created without animation or multimedia of any sort.  ©2012 Indezine

Creating Videos for Learning (Mar 12)
Producing didactic video is a skill that will be as important as designing workbooks that aid learning. Here are expert tips on making a great learning video. T+D, ©2012 ASTD

Playing Games for Fun and Profit (Mar 12)
When it comes to using games in the workplace, it’s all about enhancing employee engagement and learning as companies strive to become knowledge organizations that can move quickly and smartly in the complex and competitive global marketplace. Learning Circuits, © 2012 ASTD

The Proliferation of Devices Spurs More Mobile Learning (Mar 12)
Not long ago, mobile learning was more fiction than fact, but now that more people access the Internet and connect to one another with a mobile device than with a computer, m-learning is fast becoming the norm. T+D, ©2012 ASTD

Tips on Choosing an LMS (Mar 12)
Here are
ten things you need to make sure you do. ©2012 Kineo

Tips on Implementing an LMS (Mar 12)
Here are
ten tips for you. ©2012 Kineo

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Social Media for Learning

Social Media Infograph (Mar 12)
Social media use in workplace Is widespread, but few employers offer training. T+D, ©2012 ASTD

From Traditional Instruction to Instructional Design 2.0 (Mar 12)
The opportunities to broaden the reach of the L&D department, and promote participant interaction and shared learning, are now limitless with social media. T+D, ©2012 ASTD

Moderators in a Creative Online Community (Mar 12)
In online communities, members can produce tremendous amounts of content. In closely moderated communities, members submit more work, and get more feedback than members of communities with no active moderator. Here’s an exploration of what the most effective moderators do that makes a big difference.
Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

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Case Studies and Projects

Banking on Game-based Learning (Apr 12)
An interactive game-based simulation enables employees of Turkey’s Yapi Kredi Bank to master administrative and cross-selling skills while lowering training costs. Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

DTCC Learning - Developing a Training Digital Nervous System (Mar 12)
Managing change is a challenge. At DTCC Learning, analyzing statistical data is transforming how training decisions are made. Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2012,
©2012 Training Industry Inc

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Measuring Education Value

Assessing Learning and Performance (Mar 12)
Assessing learning and performance is a vital practice that can add value to the business. Correlating business results gives us the power to really succeed. Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2012, ©2012 Training Industry Inc

Six Critical Measurement Mistakes and How to Avoid Them (Mar 12)
Organizations are losing time and money on ineffective measurement practices. Streamlining appropriate metrics helps avoid costly mistakes. Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2012,
©2012 Training Industry Inc

The Thing about Multiple-Choice Tests (Mar 12)
How do you determine whether learners “got it” in an eLearning program? The most common method is to give them a multiple-choice test. However, developing a test that gives a valid measure of the learner’s knowledge requires considerable care. Here is a guide that will save you a lot of effort as you design tests! Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

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Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing
No articles this month.

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On Demand Webinars

Successfully Marketing a Global Online Curriculum (Mar 12) - charts here (Warning 5Mb)
Businesses of all sizes today operate in global marketplaces, creating opportunity for the organization and challenges for learning & development professionals. This webinar shared share best practices and proven ways to successfully support your curriculum globally. Training Industry Webinar, 22 Mar 2011

5 Concepts and trends Driving Virtual Learning (Mar 12)
Jennifer Hofmann, President, InSync Training explored what drives virtual learning, and examined the benefits and challenges of applying these tools while providing real-world guidance with examples to help you blend these solutions into your existing learning infrastructure. Elearning! Webinar, 22 Mar 2011

Do's and Don'ts of doing Business and Training Worldwide (Mar 12)
This webinar covered 4 factors you need to know and use when you deal with learning partners and business clients, suppliers, or strategic allies in countries and cultures different than yours. If you are a business executive closing a deal in another country or with foreigners in your own country, a trainer or a coach dealing with a culturally diverse audience, or a Chief Learning Officer setting an educational branch in a new international market, you will find useful and practical ideas you can immediately use to be successful in your challenges as a world explorer. ASTD Professional Development Webcast Series, 21 Mar 2011

Single Sourcing for Learning Development (Mar 12)
Many think of single sourcing as an option only for large organizations that create massive amounts of learning content. Single-sourcing and learning expert Bryan Chapman, however, thinks even small organizations can benefit from these techniques, especially organizations that simultaneously deliver content in multiple formats such as classroom-support materials, student and instructor guides, eLearning modules, mobile learning, informal learning, and learning at the point of performance. eLearning Guild Thought Leader Webinar, 13 Mar 2011

How to Market Your Online Training (Mar 12)
This webinar covered a set of pragmatic, get-it-done ideas on improving registration, attendance and revenue in your online training programs. ASTD Professional Development Webcast Series, 6 Mar 2011

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Skills Gap/Technical Certification

Certified by Caterpillar (Mar 12)
Caterpillar builds accounting excellence through certification. Training, ©2012 Lakewood Media Group

Widening IT Skills Gap Affects Business (Mar 12)
Eight in 10 organizations say their business operations are impacted by gaps in the skills of their information technology staffs, according to new research by CompTIA, the nonprofit association for the IT industry. CertMag, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

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Special Interest Groups

CEdMA 2011 Business Metrics Survey - Partners (Mar 12) - charts here
In late summer 2011, we concluded the Business Metrics Survey in which 59 members completed a survey of 195 questions. Mike Dowsey presented the results as they relate to Partners. Using Training Partners SIG, 28 Mar 2012

Brocade Ecosystem - Develop Once; Deliver Three Times (Mar 12) - charts here and mini-survey results here
Harold Henke discussed how Brocade develops courses and delivers content with emphasis on the eLearning and Virtual Classroom delivery. He also described how they provide simulated labs and real labs with Virtual Classroom delivery as well as other techniques used to provide interactivity to students during the delivery of eLearning and Virtual Classrooms. He mentioned the use of Centra and SABA to manage content delivery. E-learning and Virtual Classroom SIG, 27 Mar 2012

Rapid Design and Development of Learning Content (Mar 12) with charts:
Meeting Introduction - Linda Baumeister, SIG Chair
SME Enablement with SNAP (Mar 12) - Patty Crowell, Syncsort
Single Sourcing from Articulate (Mar 12) - Deb O'Connell, Kronos
Rapid Animation (Mar 12) - Geoff Holle, CA Technologies

This was a “show and tell” session with learning professionals sharing actual ways they are doing rapid design and development in their organizations. Curriculum Design and Development SIG, 15 Mar 2012

CEdMA 2011 Business Metrics Survey - Sales and Marketing (Mar 12) - charts here
In late summer 2011, we concluded the Business Metrics Survey in which 59 members completed a survey of 195 questions. Mike Dowsey presented the results as they relate to Sales and Marketing. Sales and Marketing SIG, 7 Mar 2012

CEdMA 2011 Business Metrics Survey - Certification (Mar 12) - charts here
In late summer 2011, we concluded the Business Metrics Survey in which 59 members completed a survey of 195 questions. Mike Dowsey presented the results as they relate to Certification. Certification SIG, 2 Mar 2012

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And, Finally.....




The Negotiation Story (negotiating, men and women, funny responses)

A sales-woman is driving home in the rain when she sees a little old lady walking by the roadside, heavily laden with shopping. Being a kindly soul, the sales-woman stops the car and invites the old lady to climb in. During their small talk, the old lady glances surreptitiously at a brown paper bag on the front seat between them. "If you are wondering what's in the bag," offers the sales-woman, "It's a bottle of wine. I got it for my husband." The little old lady is silent for a while, nods several times, and says ........ "Good trade."

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Feedback, please!


I would really like to get input from you, the readers.  Please give me your feedback and point me towards any article or source that you think the rest of the membership might enjoy. Thank you.

Mike Dowsey
Executive Director

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