CEdMA-Europe Members' Newsletter - May 2012

Welcome to the May edition of the CEdMA-Europe Members' Monthly Newsletter, which is sent to CEdMA Europe members and to European colleagues of CEdMA USA members.

As usual, you will learn about updates to our forthcoming programme of events, and there is the collection of recent articles whose content is consistent with the important topics that you our members voted to cover in our recent Conferences.

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CEdMA Europe Special Interest Group (SIG) Teleconferences





I am delighted to invite you to join one or both of the upcoming SIGs on Partners and Curriculum Development. Both SIGs have already met in April.

The teleconferences are informal with no recording, but simply the use of voice for up to an hour. There will be minutes taken where appropriate and to ensure that you receive these you must sign up for Partners and/or Curriculum Development.


Partners – Wed 30 May 1500 UK time

What are the best practices for using partners to deliver education", to be updated from the CEdMA Europe paper produced at the Jun 2009 workshop.

Moderator: Norman Buckberry, Autodesk

Click for Partners Access Code and call-in numbers.


Curriculum Development – Thu 24 May 1400 UK time

Please send your suggestion for a topic to the Moderator: Philip Bourne, Symantec.

Click for Curriculum Development Access Code and call-in numbers.

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Spring Conference, 9-10 May, "Managing Education Business Success"




The Spring conference will take place on Wed 9 May and Thu 10 May at the Waltham Abbey Marriott. Based on feedback from the last conference, there will be more breakouts, the personal development session will return, and we'll cover sales and marketing, partners, managing the business, and new technologies.

The programme will be::

“Hot Topics” and Market Barometer Update

Your input to the 12Q1 Market Barometer has been collated and will be presented during this session to highlight the key issues and market challenges that you face today. The aim is to aid your understanding of the other companies in the group and facilitate networking discussions during the course of the event.


Hot Topics – Discussion and Breakouts

Attendees will decide which of the hot topics will be discussed and whether it will be by the whole group or in breakouts. Breakout groups will discuss what works, what doesn’t work, hints, tips and best practice. Each group will record their findings and report back to the whole group. Findings will be published on the conference webpage.


Managing our training route to market portfolio

With all the routes to market we have at our disposal as a training business how successful are they? What do they do well and why? What could we change to enable any or each of them to improve their performance? How much time and effort do we invest in supporting them? Are we prioritising our time in the right way that means the biggest possible return for the business? This session will produce a consolidated list of "best practice" and advice on pitfalls to maximise our return. As always you will be doing the work and we will break into groups to discuss and consolidate feedback as a group.


Personal Development Session - Managing People through Change

This session deals with the human side of organisational change. It demonstrates to you as managers the skills to manage your people during times of upheaval and uncertainty. It shows you how to encourage others to regard change as a time for learning and development – instead of a time of low morale and dissatisfactions.


Innovation in Technology for Delivery with breakouts

Following the recent eLearning Network Awards (Nov 2011) and the Institute of IT Training (LPI) Awards (Feb 2012), we will use selected extracts from award winners/finalists and present these to the group. We will show what Innovations are getting attention, what is different and what can we learn from them? Breakouts - Will these ideas/changes work for our organisation and eco system– what is it that they are doing that we are not, can we align to certain elements? What is the cost/benefit in a) Sponsoring and b) Entering such awards?


Selling Education Services via the Channel

Most education sales  through channels are via specialist education resellers (such as QA), a product reseller, distributor or a training partner. If you work with any of these, this session will allow you to learn from others and share your experiences. We will hear from Arrow ECS (a distributor) about their success as a distributor with a dedicated training arm.  Whether you are a veteran in the ways of selling via channels or simply want to learn about different models and approaches to leveraging partners, this will be a great forum to listen, learn and share.


Balancing the Business

This session looks at the basic components required to manage, drive and sustain an education business whether it be P&L or cost centre based. With the economic considerations be it internal or external, requiring consistency of financial results balanced against the need to do more with less. The session explores the pros and cons of outsourcing or expanding the partner base to sustain and expand the training business.


Conference Summary


Here is the printable agenda.

Invitations have been sent to member main contacts. All others should contact Mike to enrol.

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Recent Articles from the Education and Training Press



Worldwide Training Industry News (Apr 12)
Abstract News ©2012 Information Inc

IT Training Press Releases (Apr 12)
©2012 Training Press Releases

Industry News Headlines from CLOmedia (Apr 12)
©2012 Media Tec Publishing

E-Learning Market Update (Apr 12)
©2012 Kineo

Trendlines from Elearning Magazine (Mar 12)
Industry statistics, figures and trends,
Elearning!, ©2012 B2B Media Co

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Reviews and Current Trends

Technology in the Brave New Learning World (Mar 12)
Three CEOs predict what they see as the major trends in technology that you need to prepare for today.
Elearning!, ©2012 B2B Media Co


What Does Learning Vendor Consolidation Mean? (Mar 12)
A look at the impact of recent vendor acquisitions,
Elearning!, ©2012 B2B Media Co


Learning Executives Confidence Index 1Q12 (Apr 12)
The overall LXCI continues to increase in positivity. In the first quarter of 2012 the LXCI once again reached the record high score of 67.3 which was first recorded in the first quarter 2011. This shows that after a troubling 2010, the higher scores seen 2011, which reflected more positivity and confidence, are likely to continue in 2012. ©2012 ASTD

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Training Manager/Director Development

Open Your World (May 12)
Expand your mind and life through new experiences, says Ken Blanchard. Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

Learn from Failure (May 12)
Learning leaders should not be scared of failure; they should embrace it. Not doing so could quell the potential for innovation and increased performance. Chief Learning Officer,
©2012 Media Tec Publishing

Building Executive Alliances (May 11)
Learning professionals have long sought a seat at the table, and many have succeeded thanks to relationships with peer leaders that fulfill their company’s business strategy. Chief Learning Officer,
©2012 Media Tec Publishing

Lost in Translation (May 12)
Successfully implementing global business strategy
requires an understanding of local environments. There are five basic talent management practices that require localization before use in China. Talent Management, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

Get in the Game (May 12)
Focus on performance support to measure informal learning impact, says Bob Mosher. Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

The Trainer as Curator (Apr 12)
Trainers now must learn to wade through the continuous stream of information to present the most relevant content to learners, says Clive Shepherd. T+D, ©2012 ASTD

Innovations in Enterprise Learning (May 12)
The march of the new has turned into a stampede, says Brandon Hall.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

Beware Who Is Selling Informal Learning (Mar 12)
Do experts suffer from the curse of knowledge? Do they forget that they were once beginners?
Elearning!, ©2012 B2B Media Co

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Selling and Marketing Education
No articles this month.

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Learning Methods and Media

Getting Good Scenario Content from SMEs (Apr 12)
Do you have trouble getting “the right content” from subject matter experts? This is a typical problem that many instructional designers have. Fortunately, it is pretty easy to fix. Here’s how!
Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

Designing Learning for a 21st Century Workforce (Apr 12)
Globalization, increased competition, complexity, uncertainty, emerging technologies, different generations in the workforce, and a shorter shelf life of knowledge all converge to fuel the need for the constant re-skilling and up-skilling of the workforce. Additionally, people expect organizations to continuously build the capabilities that keep them on the cutting edge of their profession. T+D, ©2012 ASTD

58 Tips for Breakthrough eLearning Instructional Design (Apr 12)
This eBook today contains some great new instructional design ideas for e-learning. ©2012 eLearning Guild

Audio and Video with HTML5 (Apr 12)
The promise of HTML5 has been well-documented. Often called a Flash-killer, many find the current reality of HTML5 less than awe inspiring. Mark discusses two of the most talked-about features of HTML5 – audio and video. Learn about the mark-up required to use these features, the JavaScript API available for enhancing them, and some current drawbacks of the new technology.
Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

Five Calls to Make When Developing a Mobile Learning Strategy (Nov 11)
Many organizations see the promise of mobile learning, but actual implementations are still rare. Here are the five calls you need to make.
Elearning!, ©2011 B2B Media Co. And here's the Skillsoft whitepaper it's based on::
Five Calls to Make When Developing a Mobile Learning Strategy (May 11)


Mobile Learning Guide - Creating Mobile Learning (Apr 12)
This is a step by step guide through the process of creating your mobile learning modules. ©2012 Kineo

Are You Using Gaming for Learning? (May 12)
Games are ubiquitous online, and they’re not just for kids. With the right mechanics and strategy they can significantly increase learning engagement and retention for adults. Chief Learning Officer,
©2012 Media Tec Publishing

Selecting an LMS - Vendor Selection Methodology (Mar 12)
Comparing what you need with what’s available in the marketplace is the key to finding the right product.
Elearning!, ©2012 B2B Media Co

What's Your LMS Tracking? (May 12)
Learning systems must expand their reach into emerging content areas, says Elliott Masie. Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

LMS - Evolution or Extinction (Mar 12)
Is it time to use your LMS outside of the L&D silo to make it worthwhile across the enterprise?
Elearning!, ©2012 B2B Media Co

The Importance of Search (May 12)
Whether a company has a legacy LMS or is building a learning portal, it’s worth investing in new search tools, such as federated, full-text and semantic search technologies. Chief Learning Officer,
©2012 Media Tec Publishing

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Social Media for Learning
No articles this month.

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Case Studies and Projects

Symantec LearningExchange - 2011 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards (Jan 12)

Developing Workplace Learning and Performance Professionals (Apr 12)
Learning professionals are masters at supporting the workforce, but too often their own development is lost in the shuffle. Ingersoll Rand recognized an opportunity to connect these professionals through a customized learning technology tool. T+D, ©2012 ASTD

Inside P&G Digitized Enterprise (Mar 12)
The CEO wants to make the consumer goods giant the world’s most technologically enables company making it possible to have a one-on-one relationship every consumer in the world.
Elearning!, ©2012 B2B Media Co

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Measuring Education Value

The State of Measurement - Progress Continues (May 12)
Learning organizations that can demonstrate the impact of learning initiatives can expect to have greater influence when needed, says Cushing Anderson. Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

How to Evaluate Instruction, Including eLearning (Apr 12)

Evaluation should be an integral part of each activity of the instructional development process, including for eLearning in its various forms, although designers often overlook it or leave it out. Evaluation is important because it is the most reliable tool for continuous improvement in training system quality. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild


The Road to a Positive ROI (for e-learning) (Mar 12)
Because e-learning is simple another method of instructional delivery , the process of calculating ROI is the same as with any other delivery method.
Elearning!, ©2012 B2B Media Co

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Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing
No articles this month.

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On Demand Webinars

New eLearning Tools - What is here and what is coming this year (Apr 12) charts here
From simple to powerful, from forms you fill out to scripting environments, each tool has something to offer. Each has strengths and each has limitations. Don't be caught by surprise when it's too late to turn back. Every tool vendor claims that its tools are the easiest and the most powerful but experience will show that the two are almost mutually exclusive. Finding a tool that fits your needs means determining exactly what your needs are first. Don’t make the mistake of forcing your instructional design into the limitations of a tool. Make tools work for you; not the other way around. This session covered  the criteria needed to choose the right tool or tools for your work. Webinar, 24 Apr 2012

Real Strategies for Mobile Learning (Apr 12) - charts here
This webinar covered subject matter which works well in a mobile learning program, the adoption rate of the audience, what tools to use and the skills required, and the design considerations. Training Industry Webinar, 19 Apr 2012

Designing Instructionally Sound and Engaging mLearning (Apr 12)
mLearning presents unique challenges for instructional designers. Curtis Burchett of NetApp discussed the newest instructional design changes for mobile learning, explained the challenges instructional designers face, and provided a methodology for instructional designers to organize and create successful mLearning. eLearning Guild Webinar, 4 Apr 2012

5 High-Impact Virtual Learning Solutions and How They Are Used (Apr 12) - charts here
Hofmann explored what drives virtual learning, examining the benefits and challenges of applying these tools while providing real-world guidance with examples to help blend these solutions into existing learning infrastructure. Elearning! Webinar, 4 Apr 2012

Unforgettable - What Audiences Remember (Apr 12) - handout here
This webinar covered how to make your virtual presentation instantly memorable, grab attention with practical public speaking techniques, and revise your content with Fortune 500 company strategies. Training Industry Webinar, 28 Mar 2012

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Skills Gap/Technical Certification

IBM Business Partner Profitability Whitepaper (Undated)
This is the paper that includes the quotes "
For every $1 invested in IBM training and certification, Business Partners generated $345 in related products and services revenue generated" and "Faster ROI: Business Partners and IBMers with 5+ certifications sell their first $100K in IBM products and services 23% percent faster (seven vs. nine months". © IBM Corp

Impact of Training on Network Administration - Certification Leads to Operational Productivity (Nov 09)
This IDC research from Anderson Cushing indicates that IT teams with high concentrations of certified technicians perform with greater effectiveness than teams with fewer certifications.
© 2009 IDC

The State of Technical Certification (Nov 09)
Cushing Anderson knows as much about technical certification as anyone. As program vice president for Project-Based Services research for market analyst firm IDC, Anderson follows trends in certification, how they help the vendors train their workforces, and how certified employees help their companies. Suffice it to say that if he testified in a certification lawsuit, he'd be considered an expert witness. Given that background, spoke to Anderson about the current state of U.S. certification, and got some fascinating insights.
© 2009

Is certification valuable, or not - we have the definitive answer (Nov 09)
A three-year IDC study provides real data that shows the relationship between training, certification and the functional performance of teams of IT professionals. IT Best Practices Alert, © 2009 Network World

Microsoft Emphasizes Cloud in Certification Program Overhaul (Apr 12)
Microsoft is revamping its certification program to meet increasing demand for cloud-computing skill sets, with a new focus on system planning and design.
CRN, ©2012 UBM Channel

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Special Interest Groups

Results from the First CEdMA Training Market Barometer (Apr 12) - charts here
This short survey sent to 80 member primary contacts in late Jan asked about how training business volumes and other metrics had been in 11Q4 compared to the same quarter in 2010, that is, 10Q4. It also asked for a forecast for 12Q1 compared to 11Q1. 39 members replied based on worldwide input, while 7 covered North America. Mike presented the results.
Training Metrics and Benchmarking SIG, Apr 26, 2012

Measuring Certification Value Versus ROI (Apr 12) - charts here, also SIG deck
Liz Burns presented the findings from Juniper Networks 2011 survey of their certified audience.  Focus of the presentation was how certification programs can use candidate surveys to get an answer to the question of what does certification mean for them, and how this information can be used with internal and external stakeholders to grow the certification program. After the presentation Liz lead a discussion on what members are doing in their companies to answer this question, what data/learning they have collected and what impact this has had on their programs. Certification SIG, Apr 13, 2012

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And, Finally.....




The School Story (attendance, sickness, responsibility, parenting, and various other uses)

(My apologies if this story is well-known to you. It's an old joke, yet a useful illustration for various themes.)

A mother repeatedly called upstairs for her son to get up, get dressed and get ready for school. It was a familiar routine, especially at exam time.

"I feel sick," said the voice from the bedroom.

"You are not sick. Get up and get ready," called the mother, walking up the stairs and hovering outside the bedroom door.

"I hate school and I'm not going," said the voice from the bedroom, "I'm always getting things wrong, making mistakes and getting told off. Nobody likes me, and I've got no friends. And we have too many tests and they are too confusing. It's all just pointless, and I'm not going to school ever again."

"I'm sorry, but you are going to school," said the mother through the door, continuing encouragingly, "Really, mistakes are how we learn and develop. And please try not to take criticism so personally. And I can't believe that nobody likes you - you have lots of friends at school. And yes, all those tests can be confusing, but we are all tested in many ways throughout our lives, so all of this experience at school is useful for life in general. Besides, you have to go - you are the head teacher/principal."

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Feedback, please!


I would really like to get input from you, the readers.  Please give me your feedback and point me towards any article or source that you think the rest of the membership might enjoy. Thank you.

Mike Dowsey
Executive Director

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