CEdMA-Europe Members' Newsletter - June 2012

Welcome to the June edition of the CEdMA-Europe Members' Monthly Newsletter, which is sent to CEdMA Europe members and to European colleagues of CEdMA USA members.

As usual, you will learn about updates to our forthcoming programme of events, and there is the collection of recent articles whose content is consistent with the important topics that you our members voted to cover in our recent Conferences.

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Workshop, 19 Jun, "Managing the Instructor Pool"





I am delighted to invite you to the late Spring CEdMA Europe half-day Workshop on Tue 19 June 1300-1700 UK time at Red Hat in Farnborough:

Managing the Instructor Pool
Florian Brand
Training Quality Manager EMEA, RHCA
Red Hat GmbH

will cover the use of internal/external resources, recruiting, training and development, use of social networks, instructor meetings, certification, and more.


Following the success at March meeting of other members giving a brief snapshot of their approach, we hope to do this again here.


Similarly, as in the January meeting, we expect to have break-out discussions.

The draft agenda is here but it will be updated once it is finalised.


In the meantime, please let Mike know if you or any of your colleagues will be attending, so that we can make sure we have enough seats, coffee, biscuits, and so on.


We shall send out joining instructions around 11 June.


I look forward to seeing you there!

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Reflections from the Spring Conference, 9-10 May




The Spring conference took place on Wed 9 May and Thu 10 May at the Waltham Abbey Marriott with more breakouts than before and the re-introduced personal development session.

51 members from 29 companies attended. Overall satisfaction with the conference was 4.7 out of 5, equalling the average over the last five years. However, overall satisfaction with the facility was 4.5, against the five year average of 4.4.

27 out of 36 people who said what they liked most about the conference mentioned networking, while seven mentioned the discussions and interactivity.

Overall comments included:

  • THANK YOU!! Absolutely fantastic conference and probably the best 2 days spent until the next conference! Invaluable experience being able to network and share highs and lows with fellow Education professionals in such a constructive environment and spirit.

  • The best about the conference were the participants and the discussions at, around, and after the sessions (and during dinner).

  • I've marked the conference as a whole down slightly. It was, as always, a fantastic networking and discussion forum but I felt that we did not cover any new ground in the sessions.

So, the board still has challenges for the next conference on 7-8 November!

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Recent Articles from the Education and Training Press



Worldwide Training Industry News (May 12)
Abstract News ©2012 Information Inc

IT Training Press Releases (May 12)
©2012 Training Press Releases

Industry News Headlines from CLOmedia (May 12)
©2012 Media Tec Publishing

E-Learning Market Update (May 12)
©2012 Kineo

Trendlines from Elearning Magazine (May 12)
Industry statistics, figures and trends,
Elearning!, ©2012 B2B Media Co

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Reviews and Current Trends

Impact of Training on Project Success (Jun 11)
This IDC research had two major conclusions. First, projects that met most or all of their objectives provided each team member with 40% more training than projects that failed or only partly succeeded. Second, projects allocating more than 6% of the project budget to training were significantly more successful than projects where 3% or less of the budget went to training. ©2012 IDC

Who has the Best Learning in 2012? (Jun 12)
A list of the companies in Chief Learning Officer magazine's 2012 LearningElite benchmarking program.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

Elearning! 100 - High Performing Organizations are Powered by Learning and Development (May 12)
The second annual Learning! 100 Award recognizes 100 high performing organizations that drive results through innovative, collaborative learning and development operating within a supportive learning culture. This year’s corporate honorees averaged 300% higher net income growth than the Standard and Poor's 500 index. How did these organizations outperform their peers? Elearning!,
©2012 B2B Media Co

Top Young Trainers 2012 (May 12)
Here are the Top 10 Young Trainers (all equal) from Training's 2012 list. Notice that Danielle Tomlinson of Red Hat is there. Training,
©2012 Lakewood Media Group

Leader's View by Josh Bersin (May 12)
Elearning! poses four questions. Elearning!,
©2012 B2B Media Co

10 Tips for Surviving and Thriving in Tough Economic Times (May 12)
Does your organization need to train more people with fewer resources? Here are some tips to help you rise to the challenge. Elearning!,
©2012 B2B Media Co

Learning on the Move (Jan 12)
This research report looks specifically at mobile learning, and explore how top-performing companies are unleashing learning and learners.
©2012 Aberdeen Group

Stop Wasting Resources on Learning Styles (May 12)
Perhaps one of the more charismatic and unproductive investments made by the education community over the past 20 or so years has been on learning styles. If you total the expenditures on books, workshops, tests, teacher guides, and other adjunct resources, I suspect the investment goes into the millions. So, what return has the learning community realized? ©2012 ASTD

Data Bank - Update on Employment (Jan 12)
Workforce Management, ©2012 Crain Communications

Quiet Time (May 12)
Should extroverts learn to sit down and shut up? T+D, ©2012 ASTD

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Training Manager/Director Development

Practical Tips for Training in Other Countries (May 12)
Workplace learning and development professionals need to be cautious when embarking on cross-cultural assignments. T+D, ©2012 ASTD

Value Creation (Jun 12)
Understanding business' new value equation can beat the competition. Chief Learning Officer,
©2012 Media Tec Publishing

The CLO as Moviemaker (Jun 12)
Engage learning audiences with technique and technology. Chief Learning Officer,
©2012 Media Tec Publishing

Back to the Future (Jun 12)
While the industry has evolved, some tough problems are here to stay, says Josh Bersin. Chief Learning Officer,
©2012 Media Tec Publishing

How to Get the Job Done (Jun 12)
Rekindle design thinking and use tools to improve the process, says Jay Cross. Chief Learning Officer,
©2012 Media Tec Publishing

Breaking the Technical Training Enigma (May 12)
The technical training enigma is tough
to crack, but here are a few tips that can help ease you along the way as you develop a program. T+D, ©2012 ASTD

Integrating Lessons Learned Into Training Projects (May 12)
Training project management is becoming increasingly important to training professionals. In some organizations, project management is considered a core competency. For this reason, many training professionals can benefit from increasing their knowledge and skills in this area. It may also be worth considering pursuing certification programs in project management... ©2012 ASTD

Writing Copyright Statements for eLearning (May 12)
Copyright can be a confusing matter for anyone who creates eLearning content, especially in this day of internationalization. Here’s a quick guide to the basic concepts. Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

Being an e-Learning Developer Doesn't Excuse You from Being Careful (Aug 09)
Developers can inadvertently risk putting their companies or themselves at risk of legal action unless they pay careful attention to intellectual property rights. This is no longer just a local concern, but an international one. This article will help you stay out of trouble. Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

10 Dynamics for Dealing with Disruptive Audience Members (Apr 12)
No matter how eloquent your delivery or how riveting your content, from time to time you will have to deal with disruptive audience members—those who arrive late, leave early, carry on side conversations with their teammates or disagree wholeheartedly. When that’s the case, try these tips and techniques for crowd control. ©2012 Dianna Booher

Use Dynamic Transitions To Connect Slides (May 12)
Here’s a common scenario for presenters. You have a table of Excel data and you need to discuss it in detail at a meeting. But there’s no way it will fit on one slide. What are your options? ©2012 Ellen Finkelstein

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Selling and Marketing Education

Selling It (May 12)
We all know that people hate change, and yet we are continually surprised that decision-makers have (apparently insuperable) objections to our ideas for applying technology. Maybe it’s our approach that’s the problem. Jane Bozarth offers some ways to improve our pitches. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

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Learning Methods and Media

Transforming Your Instructional Design Team (May 12)
How do you know if your team needs to change the way it approaches design? If a change seems like a good thing to do, how do you implement it? Here's some great advice about change and change management! Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

ADDIE+ - Adopting Proven Practices from the IT Training Industry (May 12)
There’s much to be learned from IT processes to improve ADDIE’s effectiveness in workplace learning and performance projects. T+D, ©2012 ASTD

Beyond Competence - It's the Journey to Mastery That Counts (May 12)
We have tended to think of competence as a fixed point: either you are competent or you are not. If that’s the whole story, Albert Einstein was just a competent physicist, Florence Nightingale was a competent nurse, and the Beatles were only a competent band. There has to be more, beyond mere competence. There’s a continuum of performance from novice to master. Learn about it here! Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

Readability Statistics Help You Sound Human (May 12)
Does your content read like a history textbook or a government document? It doesn’t have to be dry as dust. Here’s how to use tools you probably already have to put some life into learning! Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

Content Strategy (Apr 12)
Anyone and everyone seems to be creating content for learning, but how well is that content put together? To have a successful “open door” policy on content creation, we need a strategy to ensure orderliness in our messy world of learning. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

The End of Books (May 12)
As we find new and better ways to create, store, manage, and, especially, share knowledge, what else changes? Perhaps it is that our key role moves from production to decision-making and advice on content and learning quality. Marc Rosenberg reflects on keeping our eyes on what really matters. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

53 Tips on Using the Cloud for eLearning (May 12)
The cloud has tremendous potential in the eLearning world, but there are so many choices; a little guidance can go a long way in making the most of this exciting technology. Should you use a public or private cloud? How can you make the online experience more seamless? How can you improve your bottom line? This eBook draws on the experience of 11 eLearning professionals whose expertise will guide you in planning, cost, content and the user experience, and support and security, Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

Rapid Development Tools for the Mobile, the Cloud, and More (May 12)
New and expanded tools take rapid development beyond the basic presentation. Elearning!,
©2012 B2B Media Co

Articulate Storyline Review (May 12)
E-learning designers everywhere take note: there’s a new tool in town. Articulate has just released Storyline, which brings a range of new features. Kineo has been among the first to take the tool for a test drive and today shares a review and demo of the tool. ©2012 Kineo

Learning's Hierarchy of Tools - Addressing Transactional Need through Experiential Simulation (May 12)
Simulations can be very powerful option due to the experiential nature of the methodology. Moreover, because the approach is driven by “experience,” the benefits from simulations can manifest far beyond the product or software. Learning Circuits, ©2012 ASTD

Why Games Don't Teach (May 12)
Multiple articles, webinars, and conference presentations have touted the potential of incorporating the addictive and immersive features of commercial games to create “serious games” for workforce learning. In other words games have emerged as one of trainers’ most seductive silver bullets. ©2012 ASTD


Mobile Learning - A Quick Start Guide (May 12) warning 7Mb
This eBook describes when to use, then how to design, develop, and implement mLearning in a way that works for organizations.  
©2012 Upside Learning


Mobile Learning - The Time Is Now (May 12)
In this report, author Clark Quinn examines the current status and trends in mobile learning, analyzing usage, availability, return on investment, perceived barriers, and other topics. He also assesses how mobile learning is changing, and recommends strategies to make the most of the technology’s emerging opportunities. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

“We're Lost, But We're Making Good Time”: Performance Support to the Rescue (May 12)
We have become great at creating event-based learning solutions delivered through instructors, eLearning, and mobile devices. At the same time, we fail to provide the support infrastructure learners need to attain and maintain successful on-the-job performance. Here is the key: provide what the learner must have at every phase of the journey to competency.
Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

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Social Media for Learning

Informal Learning - Accidental versus Intentional (Jun 12)
Social or informal learning is effective, but has limits. Including mentoring and other intentional learning models can help ensure employee development is comprehensive and complete. Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

Five Recruiting Plays for Social Technologies (Jun 12)
Organizations that want to win the war for talent need a playbook on how to take full advantage of social technologies. Talent Management,
©2012 Media Tec Publishing

8 Tips for Social Learning Success (May 12)
Social learning has become a popular name given to multiple collaborative online tools for sharing knowledge, building relationships, and interacting with content and with other members of the online community. By using social learning tools, learners learn independently, more quickly, and more efficiently, and become more productive and effective. Here are eight social learning implementation tips to get you started on your path to success. Learning Circuits, ©2012 ASTD

Making Social Learning Happen (May 12)
Social Learning is one of the current darlings of the L&D world, with everyone trying to jump on the social bandwagon. Are you organising the social party in your organisation? Or is it already happening and you just don’t know it? Here are three tips for making social learning happen. This is accompanied by slide set Implementing Social Learning (May 12). ©2012 Kineo

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Case Studies and Projects

The Top Ten (Jun 12)
A description of the top 10 companies in Chief Learning Officer magazine's 2012 LearningElite benchmarking program. Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

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Measuring Education Value

Talent Development Reporting - An Evolving Standard for L&D (Jun 12)
Leaders in the learning industry have joined forces to create Talent Development Reporting Principles that will help standardize and define consistent measures for workforce development. Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

Measuring Learning 2.0 for Impact (May 12)
Learning 2.0 may excite your learners, but how can your organization measure its impact on the business? Elearning!,
©2012 B2B Media Co

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Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing
No articles this month.

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On Demand Webinars

Social Media's Role in Learning & Development (May 12) - charts here
The use of social networking and other social media tools is more than a trend today. This webinar was an interactive discussion about how leading organizations are using social media to support training and development.
Training Industry Webinar, 9 May 2012

5 Best Practices for Effective Virtual Learning (May 12)
Jennifer Hofmann explored what drives virtual learning, examining the benefits and challenges of applying these tools while providing real-world guidance with examples to help you blend these solutions into your existing learning infrastructure. Elearning! Webinar, 2 May 2012.

This was the third and final in the series:

First: 5 Concepts and trends Driving Virtual Learning (Mar 12)

Second: 5 High-Impact Virtual Learning Solutions and How They Are Used (Apr 12) - charts here

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Skills Gap/Technical Certification
No articles this month.

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Special Interest Groups

Using Partners in the Delivery Process (May 12) - charts here
Leslie Neitzel, SIG Chair, of ServiceMax, led the meeting through the partner versus supplier debate, the reasons for partnering for training delivery, areas of the business to look at, type of delivery model and agreement, what are the drivers, supporting partners, and successful partnering. The session was highly interactive.
Using Training Partners SIG, May 30, 2012

Paperless Classroom Initiative (May 12), with Nik's and Harold's charts
Nik Alston described how Symantec has shifted from delivering printed course materials to electronic course materials based on geography and delivery method. His presentation included how iPads are provided in classrooms to students to access the digital course materials, how digital content is protected with Safeguard from LockLizard, and how digital content is managed when authorized training partners deliver the courses. Following that, Harold Henke, SIG chair, led a discussion of vendors like Gilmore Global who provide fulfillment services including eBooks, tools that can be used to create eBooks, and a discussion of how you can create interactive (or super) lab guides using FrameMaker, Captivate, and Acrobat.
e-Learning and Virtual Classroom SIG, May 29, 2012

A proposal for Changing the Demographics of Surveys and Benchmarks
(May 12)
- charts here

Dirk Braune CEdMA Board Programs Trustee described the new approach to all surveys to create a list of demographic questions, which becomes part of the membership profile. Based on the member approval, some answers become part of the public membership profile, available to all members, while other parts will be 100% confidential and kept anonymous, used solely for surveys. We took the approach to include in the profile all key areas which likely don´t change for Education teams or only change long term. This way we could create such a repository for surveys, which will massively shorten the survey itself, and also allows us to filter survey data by many different criteria. Another spin off is that other members can always look up peer companies via the public profile to contact them directly, and we can use it during conferences to avoid a long introduction. Training Metrics and Benchmarking SIG, May 16, 2012

How Training can help create a sticky customer base (May 12) - charts here
Christine Souza, AppDynamics, led the following discussion and invited attendees to contribute their own experiences. “We all know that an educated/trained customer is likely to use more features and buy more products, thus making them “sticky” to our technologies.  Typically, we sell training at the time of product sale, re-certification or turnover. What are other ways we can market directly to our customers to extend their learning and make them “more sticky” to our technologies/companies?” Sales and Marketing SIG, May 8, 2012

HTML5 and Mobile e-Learning (May 12) -  minutes which include the audio recording
Harold Henke, SIG Chair, facilitated a lively discussion on this topic and engaged about half of the audience, making sure that the two people with most experience (names withheld to protect the guilty) had plenty of air time. e-Learning and Virtual Classroom SIG, May 1, 2012

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And, Finally.....





The preacher and the farmer story (understanding the needs of your people, caring for minorities and individuals, looking deeper than the mainstream)

An old hill farming crofter trudges several miles through freezing snow to his local and very remote chapel for Sunday service. No-one else is there, aside from the clergyman.

"I'm not sure it's worth proceeding with the service - might we do better to go back to our warm homes and a hot drink?.." asks the clergyman, inviting a mutually helpful reaction from his audience of one.

"Well, I'm just a simple farmer," says the old crofter, "But when I go to feed my herd, and if only one beast turns up, I sure don't leave it hungry."

So the clergyman, feeling somewhat ashamed, delivers his service - all the bells and whistles, hymns and readings, lasting a good couple of hours - finishing proudly with the fresh observation that no matter how small the need, our duty remains. And he thanks the old farmer for the lesson he has learned.

"Was that okay?" asks the clergyman, as the two set off home.

"Well I'm just a simple farmer," says the old crofter, "But when I go to feed my herd, and if only one beast turns up, I sure don't force it to eat what I brought for the whole herd..."

From which we see the extra lesson, that while our duty remains regardless of the level of need, we have the additional responsibility to ensure that we adapt our delivery (of whatever is our stock in trade) according to the requirements of our audience.

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Feedback, please!


I would really like to get input from you, the readers.  Please give me your feedback and point me towards any article or source that you think the rest of the membership might enjoy. Thank you.

Mike Dowsey
Executive Director

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