CEdMA-Europe Members' Newsletter - August 2012

Welcome to the August edition of the CEdMA-Europe Members' Monthly Newsletter, which is sent to CEdMA Europe members and to European colleagues of CEdMA USA members.

As usual, you will learn about updates to our forthcoming programme of events, and there is the collection of recent articles whose content is consistent with the important topics that you our members voted to cover in our recent Conferences.

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Invitation to the workshop on 26 September at IBM Staines (Lotus)
"How to Demonstrate the Value of Training"





The late Spring CEdMA Europe half-day Workshop will take place on Wed 26 Sep 1300-1700 UK time at IBM Staines (Lotus).

How to Demonstrate the Value of Training
led by

Phil Lawman, formerly EMEA Director of Training, HP
Philip Bourne, Worldwide Director of Curriculum Development, Symantec

How often have we heard senior leadership state that 'people are our greatest asset', followed by the inevitable requirement to cut training costs because human capital continues to be seen as an expense rather than an investment. In the ever demanding world we find ourselves, we need to show that training courses and enablement activities should be viewed in the same way as capital investments.  Using techniques like ROI and value to the business this workshop will provide you with ideas, methods and approaches to justify the training expense – something you should consider with more economic turmoil on its way in Europe.


The agenda will be available in August.


In the meantime, please let Mike know if you or any of your colleagues will be attending, so that we can make sure we have enough seats, coffee, biscuits, and so on.

We shall send out joining instructions around 19 September.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Mike Dowsey, Executive Director,
on behalf of the Board of CEdMA Europe

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Preliminary Information for the 7-8 November Autumn Conference
at the Bournemouth Marriott




The Autumn
CEdMA Europe conference will take place on Wed-Thu 7-8 Nov at the Bournemouth Marriott.

The past 4 years has seen many challenges especially in Europe which have had varying degrees of impact on our ability to invest, grow and provide that all important business result – success. The November conference will focus on 5 important areas that have to be considered in difficult and unpredictable economic times.
Business-based training trends - assessing CEdMA member barometer feedback, including an understanding of what customers really want leading to the development of a framework of constructive actions to aid members to move with the times

Role of technology in today’s changing training landscape - Insight into corporate priorities and trends and what new training solutions are being developed and deployed

Channel Partners - love them or hate them - A comprehensive look at how they sell and deliver including the pros and cons of driving success

Resourcing in the current climate - Whether its offshore, outsource, publisher production or any other variant how do we decide when the time is right to adopt change?

Transactional and Consultative selling - How do you drive a successful RTM within a product based organisation?

IMPORTANT REQUEST - We are looking for members to present or facilitate sessions at the conference. You don't have to be the expert; you only need to want get the audience to contribute its experience, whether good or not so good, and best practice.

The detailed agenda will be available in early September.


I look forward to seeing you at the conference,

Mike Dowsey, Executive Director,
on behalf of the Board of CEdMA Europe

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Recent Articles from the Education and Training Press



Worldwide Training Industry News (Jul 12)
Abstract News ©2012 Information Inc

IT Training Press Releases (Jul 12)
©2012 Training Press Releases

Industry News Headlines from CLOmedia (Jul 12)
©2012 Media Tec Publishing

E-Learning Market Update (Jul 12)
©2012 Kineo

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Reviews and Current Trends

Key Trends for 2012 - Mid-Year Review (Jul 12)
In January of this year, the Annual Trends report outlined a new age emerging for the training industry: The Era for Personal Learning, a time where learners are taking control of their own learning experience. Many believe this new era is more about the growth in social learning styles. What we have found is the shifts are not as much about how learners gain knowledge from others in social environments, but more about how they personalize their learning experience by getting relevant information when, how and where they want it.  © 

Learning Executives Confidence Index 2Q12 (Jul 12)
Q2 showed an overall decrease in positivity despite the record high score of Q1. In the second quarter of 2012, the LXCI was at its lowest point since Q4 2010, and was similar to the Q3 2011 score of 65.9. This shows that despite a strengthening economy, learning executives’ sentiments still vary. ©2012 ASTD

Blended Learning is better than Instructor-Led or Online Learning Alone (Jul 12)
Every time a new technology emerges, trainers wonder if learning would be more effective using that technology compared to traditional instructor-led training. Communities of Practice: Learning & Development, ©2012 ASTD

Spending for E-learning Soars (Jul 12)
Mobile e-learning, e-learning development and social learning networks lead adoption, ELearning!, ©2012 B2B Media Co

Learning and Talent System Buying on the Rise, Again (Jul 12)
But our annual readership survey notes a decreasing satisfaction in system performance; users craving broader features, ELearning!, ©2012 B2B Media Co

From Physical to Digital - the Need for 21st Century Learning (Jul 12)
As the global PC market flattens and revenue streams become harder to sustain, education becomes the next big thing for IT hardware manufacturers, ELearning!, ©2012 B2B Media Co

Technology Making an Impact on Human Relations Functions (Jul 12)
Blended becomes more blended; recruiting becomes more social; and more, ELearning!, ©2012 B2B Media Co

I want a Job There (Jul 12)
Employee engagement secrets from companies on Fortune's "Best Companies to Work For" and Training's "Top 125" and "Hall of Fame" lists, Training, ©2012 Lakewood Media Group

Legends in Learning (Jul 12)
Ten of the training industry's most successful professionals reveal their success drivers and talk about how to effectively motivate and develop employees, Training, ©2012 Lakewood Media Group

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Training Manager/Director Development

Is Your Workforce Ill-Prepared? (Aug 12)
Employers continue to lack vital skills necessary to compete. Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

Let Go of Resistance (Aug 12)
The first step to reinvention is moving past yesterday’s breadwinners.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

The Re-Skilling Renaissance (Aug 12)
Investment in learning is a bellwether of good things to come, says Josh Bersin.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

The Other 90 Percent of Learning (Aug 12)
The only way to keep up is to work and learn with others, says Jay Cross.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

Integrating Training and Performance Appraisal (Jul 12)
Training and performance appraisal can work hand in hand if the appraisal looks ahead at what can be done to approve employee performance, says Don Kirkpatrick,
Training, ©2012 Lakewood Media Group

Training Across Time Zones (Jul 12)
While time zone problems seem clear, being aware of the difference in time and reaching compromises to reconcile those differences will help make your training more effective, Training, ©2012 Lakewood Media Group

Less Teaching....More Learning (Jul 12)
To engage your learners and ensure knowledge transfer, incorporate a four-pronged approach in your training sessions, Training, ©2012 Lakewood Media Group

7 Tools for Creating Visual Presentations that Engage (Jul 12)
"With a bit of creativity and some effective tools, you can keep your audience glued to the screen and attentively listening to your dialog. ©2012 Tom Bunzel

How to Use the Remove Background Option in PowerPoint (Jul 12)
The Remove Background option is among PowerPoint's newest and most wonderful features. It lets you remove the background from an inserted picture, which can be a great feature if you want to remove a sky, a wall, any backdrop, or something else in a photograph so that the slide background shows through as transparent within the removed parts of the picture. ©2012 Indezine

6 Big Don'ts for Ending Your Presentation (Jul 12)
Even the strongest speakers can undercut a whole presentation with three seconds of wobbly indecision at the end. Those few seconds amount to the last impression you leave with your audience – it’s the last picture people will remember of you. You’ve spent your whole presentation building credibility for yourself and your idea, and that last impression has everything to do with how you hold yourself. ©2012 Decker Communications

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Selling and Marketing Education
No articles this month.

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Learning Methods and Media

Why I Hate Instructional Objectives (Jul 12)
Ever since Bob Mager popularized instructional objectives more than 40 years ago, they have been part of the Holy Grail for instructional designers and the training industry. But are they as valuable as we think they are? Marc Rosenberg suggests a way to add value to the learning objective. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

Why I LOVE Instructional Objectives (Jul 12)
Are instructional objectives overused? As our understanding of learning evolves to include social media, mobile technology, informal learning, the cloud, PLEs (Personal Learning Environments), and LITTFC (Life in the Twenty-First Century), many instructional design elements once taken for granted are under reconsideration. But Allison Rossett urges, “Don’t skip the instructional objectives!” Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

4 Steps to High-Powered SME Relationships (Jun 12)
Sometimes, it seems like "SME" is a four-letter word. Love 'em or hate 'em, though, you need your subject-matter experts. Whether they're just content providers or also lead learning opportunities, working with SMEs can be challenging. Your priorities aren't theirs. Missed deadlines, inadequate facilitation skills, and “interesting” ideas about what effective learning looks like are common. Even if some are dedicated and know what they're doing, the result is inconsistency for learners. Sound familiar? Communities of Practice: Learning & Development, ©2012 ASTD

Working with Subject Matter Experts (Jul 12)
Instructional designers are adult learning experts, learner advocates, and system thinkers. They rely on subject matter experts to provide the specific nuggets of content that they can use to create a meaningful learning experience. Communities of Practice: Learning & Development, ©2012 ASTD

Six Ways Cloud Technology will Impact Learning (Aug 12)
Learning in the cloud is not just the latest industry technology fad. It has marked long-term benefits if companies are willing to make short-term investments to leverage the technology.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

Are you the CBT Lady? (Jun 12)
Last winter, I was on a Cub Scout camping trip with my son. Me and a bunch of dads. The inevitable “what do you do for a living conversation” came up over pancakes. I hadn’t gotten too far into the “I design corporate training programs that people take online” description before one of the dads started hissing at me. Literally. He formed his fingers into a cross and said, “You’re the CBT Lady!” Learning Circuits, ©2012 ASTD

Building eLearning for the Net Generation - Seven Tips (Jul 12)
The makeup of the workforce is changing dramatically, and this requires some adjustments in the way we design eLearning. Here is a septuplet of tips for aligning your learning application to the preferences of Generations Y and Z. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

62 Tips on Graphic Design, UI-UX Design, and Visualization for eLearning (Jul 12)
We’ve all seen eLearning courses that confuse learners because of poor design, a non-intuitive interface, and confusing navigation. Even without a professional graphic designer, we can apply basic principles to blend good graphic, user interface (UI), and user experience (UX) designs. Take the first step to successful outcomes for your learners with these tips from today’s design experts. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

Captivate 6 Review (Jul 12)
Paul Johns of Kineo gives his views.
©2012 Kineo

Adobe Captivate 6 - Strong out of the Gate (Jun 12)
From HTML5 output to high definition screen-casts to new pre-test and branching capabilities, plus numerous other important improvements, Captivate 6 is a huge step forward from the prior version, with new additions and features that make it easier to create engaging eLearning and let you do it even faster. Here’s an early look at the release. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

Mobile Learning Insights (Dec 11)
At the start of 2011, it was widely thought that this was the year when mobile learning or m-learning would reach a tipping point and become part of mainstream learning solutions. So what actually is the reality at the end of the year? What is its role in the learning mix? What are the key opportunities and challenges in the adoption of mobile learning technologies? ©2011 Elearnity Limited.

Creating an HTML5 Mobile App with PhoneGap (Jul 12)
As mobile devices continue to become the display targets of choice for learning and performance support applications, practitioners are working to break out of the Flash-in-frame paradigm to create true cross-platform solutions. Fortunately, this is not difficult, as demonstrated here! Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

Ten Seconds - Performance Support in Two Clicks (Jul 12)
Effective Performance Support requires a well-thought-out approach to filtering information and a strategy that supports rapid access. Here are the keys and best practices for both! Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

Four Considerations Before You Buy Your Next LMS (Jul 12)
Do your homework before you commit to a direction, and determine how you want to invest your staff's time. ELearning!, ©2012 B2B Media Co

Insights into Corporate Moodle (Jun 12)
Moodle has been in the market place for a few years now, and through some innovative packaging it has started to gain traction as a potential Learning Management System within a corporate environment. But, what is the truth? Is Moodle REALLY an enterprise LMS? Can you embrace it as the perfect LMS partner, or should you be thinking “Caveat Emptor” or buyer beware? Elearnity has researched the reality of the use of Moodle in a corporate environment. This insights paper examines what Moodle really is and how it is being applied. It also examines the key limitations of Moodle as a corporate LMS and how it is evolving to address those issues. ©2011 Elearnity Limited.

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Social Media for Learning

Social Media - Learning's New Ecosystem (Aug 12)
The emphasis on employee development is as strong as ever, but how workers obtain, share and use knowledge is changing. Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

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Case Studies and Projects

True Learning Transfer (Jul 12)
One training organization discovers that learner-centric design enables performance and drives results.  T+D, ©2012 ASTD

Inside Story - PepsiCo’s Finance University (Jul 12)
Four years ago, PepsiCo found it needed an advanced skill development program for its global finance team of 2,700+ mid-level finance associates. The need was especially acute given the challenge of a workforce growing rapidly in emerging markets and the mission-critical demand to grow advanced finance and analytical skills across the enterprise. The opportunity was to create a challenging and robust learning program to enable these associates to develop the advanced, analytical skill sets necessary for their and the corporation’s success in the 21st Century global economy. Communities of Practice: Senior Leaders & Executives, ©2012 ASTD


EMC Sales, Presales, and Sales Partner Accreditation (Dec 11)
Learn how EMC moves knowledge by providing information infrastructure solutions for their 10,000+ sales, presales, and selling partners needing a broad understanding of the complete EMC product set and in-depth understanding within their sales specialty. ©2012 Brandon Hall


Modernizing Military Training at MOD (Aug 12)
In response to requests within government, Great Britain’s Ministry of Defence developed a plan to increase training efficiency at a reduced cost to revamp technical and group training. Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing


IBM Focusing on Community Colleges with Free, Open Initiative for Faculty to Teach and Learn about Latest Products and Technologies (Jul 12)
The Academic Initiative is a global membership organization available to higher education faculty members and research professionals at accredited institutions. It provides members with access to IBM software and courseware materials for teaching, learning and non-commercial research.
©2012 Training Industry Inc

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Measuring Education Value

How to Effectively Evaluate E-Learning (Jul 12)
Being able to ascertain the quality of a learning module helps to ensure the highest return-on-investment and perpetuates a positive perception of the value of online learning. T+D, ©2012 ASTD

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Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing

Redefining Outsourcing - Setting the Parameters for a Successful Business and Training Relationship (Apr 12)
For “middle market” organizations – companies with 2,000 to 15,000 employees and revenues from $20 million to $100 million – business process outsourcing (BPO) can provide a number of benefits. ©2012

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On Demand Webinars

The free Learning and Skills Group Conference (26 - 28 June 2012) ran for the first time as a virtual event and there were some great sessions, participation, collaboration and interaction.

Over three days there were 11 online sessions from great speakers including; Clive Shepherd, Jane Hart, Nigel Paine, Steve Wheeler, Jane Bozarth, Karen Hyder, Laura Overton, David Wilson, Charles Jennings, Jay Cross and Mark Oehlert.

All the session recordings and resources are now available.

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Skills Gap/Technical Certification

Guess Who's Planning to Increase IT Spending? (Jul 12)
Innovations in IT continue to transform the retail sector, with digital signage, payment processing, customer engagement and other solutions playing increasingly important functions, according to new research by CompTIA, the non-profit association for the IT industry. CertMag, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

IT Workers, Watch Your Back! (Jul 12)
As athletes from around the world prepare to compete in London, workplaces in the U.S. appear to be hosting competitions of their own, a new OfficeTeam survey suggests. CertMag, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

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Special Interest Groups

EMC Proven Professional Program - Benefits, Communication Strategies, Metrics (Jul 12) - plus charts and brochure
Denis Garcia described EMC’s certification program which is targeted at multiple audiences, each with its own view of the program’s value. He explained how EMC segments its audiences and positions benefits for each, how the program measures results, and how the program manages communications to these various audiences. Certification SIG Meeting, 27 Jul 2012

Taking Virtual Classroom Delivery Global (Jul 12) - plus charts
Mike Dowsey described how Oracle had become successful with VILT in Europe, as they concentrated on breadth of offerings, quality of the student experience, selling to the customer’s pain points, and the new role of producer. Both during and afterwards, several members described their own experiences. E-Learning and Virtual Classroom SIG Meeting, 17 Jul 2012

CEdMA Pricing Study - What do we need to know about pricing and discounting (Jul 12) - plus charts
CEdMA is planning for H2/12 a pricing and discounting study. As a first step we need to define what needs to be covered in such a survey. As an example, do we want to cover pricing by country or region, or by pricing areas? Do we want to see pricing for different delivery modes like ILT, VILT, e-Learning; list and/or street prices? Do we need prices for open class per student versus dedicated per instructor day? For which other learning services do we want to know the pricing? Dirk Braune presented ideas, requirements and thoughts, the session was highly interactive and attendees added input for the first ever CEdMA Pricing Study. Joint Training Metrics and Benchmarking plus Sales and Marketing SIGs Meeting, 11 Jul 2012

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And, Finally.....




The Fairy Story (strategic alliances, tactical awareness, ageism, sexism, being careful about what you wish for and how you go about getting it)

A couple was dining out together celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary.

After the meal, the husband presented his wife romantically with a beautiful very old gold antique locket on a chain.


Amazingly when his wife opened the locket, a tiny fairy appeared.


Addressing the astonished couple, the fairy said, "Your forty years of devotion to each other has released me from this locket, and in return I can now grant you both one wish each - anything you want.."


Without hesitating, the wife asked, "Please, can I travel to the four corners of the world with my husband, as happy and in love as we've always been?"

The fairy waved her wand with a flourish, and magically there on the table were two first-class tickets for a round-the-world holiday.


Staggered, the couple looked at each other, unable to believe their luck.


"Your turn," said the fairy and the wife to the husband.


The husband thought for a few seconds, and then said, with a little guilt in his voice, "Forgive me, but to really enjoy that holiday of a lifetime - I yearn for a younger woman - so I wish that my wife could be thirty years younger than me."


Shocked, the fairy glanced at the wife, and with a knowing look in her eye, waved her wand.....


...and the husband became ninety-three.

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Feedback, please!


I would really like to get input from you, the readers.  Please give me your feedback and point me towards any article or source that you think the rest of the membership might enjoy. Thank you.

Mike Dowsey
Executive Director

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