CEdMA-Europe Members' Newsletter - November 2012


Welcome to the November edition of the CEdMA-Europe Members' Monthly Newsletter, which is sent to CEdMA Europe members and to European colleagues of CEdMA USA members.

As usual, you will learn about updates to our forthcoming programme of events, and there is the collection of recent articles whose content is consistent with the important topics that you our members voted to cover in our recent Conferences.

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Future Events





Online EDUCA Berlin 2012 (OEB)

The conference takes place from November 28 – 30, 2012, in Berlin ( OEB is the International Conference on Technology Supported Learning and Training. As the overall theme for the conference 2012, 'Reaching Beyond Tomorrow,' will investigate how we get from our present situation in the midst of a crisis, to a brighter, better and more inclusive future in which technology enables everyone to improve and enrich themselves.


As part of an Association Partnership, OEB offers CEdMA Europe members a discount on the normal attendance fee for the conference. The very special rate will be 600 euros (excl. VAT) instead of the standard 790 euros.


To register for the conference, visit Manually type "600" into the field marked "Special Rate" in the "Conference Participation - Payment" section. Please enter the term AC 107 in the field "Association Code", which you will find under the "Personal Details" section. The term AC 107 in the field "Association Code" will automatically validate the 600 Euro special rate.

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Invitation to the 7-8 November Conference at the Bournemouth Marriott
"Adapting the business in difficult and unpredictable economic times"




The Autumn
CEdMA Europe conference will take place on Wed-Thu 7-8 Nov at the Bournemouth Marriott.

The past 4 years has seen many challenges especially in Europe which have had varying degrees of impact on our ability to invest, grow and provide that all important business result – success. The November conference will focus on 5 important areas that have to be considered in difficult and unpredictable economic times.
Business-based training trends - assessing CEdMA member barometer feedback, including an understanding of what customers really want leading to the development of a framework of constructive actions to aid members to move with the times

Role of technology in today’s changing training landscape - Insight into corporate priorities and trends and what new training solutions are being developed and deployed

Channel Partners - finding a Win-Win Relationship - Feedback from the recent member survey then a comprehensive look at how they sell and deliver including the pros and cons of driving success

Individual Learning Reports - Telling students what they really need - Capturing learning requirements in real time during class and providing a report at the end of the course

Transactional and Consultative selling - How do you drive a successful RTM within a product based organisation?

We still have places left - contact Mike. You may get an incredible offer.


I look forward to seeing you at the conference,

Mike Dowsey, Executive Director,
on behalf of the Board of CEdMA Europe

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Recent Articles from the Education and Training Press



Worldwide Training Industry News (Oct 12)
Abstract News ©2012 Information Inc

IT Training Press Releases (Oct 12)
©2012 Training Press Releases

Industry News Headlines from CLOmedia (Oct 12)
©2012 Media Tec Publishing

E-Learning Market Update (Oct 12)
©2012 Kineo

Technology Trends for October 2012 (Oct 12)
Among the latest technology headlines for October 2012: Ambient Insight Research Says North American E-Learning Market to Reach $27.2B by 2016, New Grant Helps PAR Framework Bring Big Data to Online Learning, iPad Use Becoming Pervasive Says New Brainshark Survey, Multiple Acquisitions Hit the Market, Study Shows Hybrid Meetings Deliver Results. Learning Technologies, ©2012 ASTD

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Reviews and Current Trends

ASTD Salary Whitepaper (Sep 12)
In the 2012 ASTD Salary Whitepaper ASTD and collaborated to examine compensation for the learning and development (L&D) industry from the employer perspective. ASTD examined L&D industry salaries using’s database of employer reported salary data covering more than 29 million individuals working at more than 16,000 U.S. companies. ©2012 ASTD

ASTD Best Learning Organizations (Oct 12)
For its 10th year, the ASTD BEST Awards continue to epitomize excellence in workplace learning. T+D, ©2012 ASTD

ELearning Trends According to Google 2012 (Oct 12)
Reading reports and going to conferences is one way of finding out what's happening in the market - but is there a better way? We had a play with Google Trends to see how some of the buzzwords in our little industry have fared. Turns out it tells you a lot about what's hot and what's ...well, not. ©2012 Kineo

HR in the Cloud (Jul 12)
In the current turbulent business landscape, a key emerging trend is the adoption of cloud-based technologies such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in order to reduce costs, accelerate business transformation, and create new business value.  ©2012 Workday

Educational Options Growing Swiftly (Nov 12)
Innovation and technology are mixing up traditional practices, says Brandon Hall.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

Stressed Out (Oct 12)
Stress levels at work are higher than they’ve been in years, according to recent data from the Kenexa High Performance Institute. T+D, ©2012 ASTD

Going Global (Oct 12)
It’s unanimous: High-performing companies agree that they will maintain or expand their global workforces in the coming years. T+D, ©2012 ASTD

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Training Manager/Director Development

How to Train your Customers (Nov12)
Offering external customers development options is an inexpensive way to boost company loyalty, reduce dependence on help desks and generate revenue. Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

Learning Intensity (Nov 11)
Design around intensity to grow skills and competencies, says Elliott Masie. Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

The Course that needs to be finished yesterday (Oct 12)
We have all been there. You are given a project. All seems to be going well. There appears to be a specific business purpose and a well-defined target audience. There are a multitude of resources both internal and external to pull from; graphics already exist and there is even equipment available for training. Suddenly, however, the lovely bliss you existed in is shattered as your stakeholders explain that everything will need to be complete next week. Learning and Development, ©2012 ASTD

Diminishing Shelf Life (Nov 11)
Redesign offerings to match the realities of today’s pace of business, says Bob Mosher.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

Four Presentation Strategies for a C-Level Audience (Oct 12)
The rules for presenting to a C-level audience are unique. Learn how to capture top leaders’ attention quickly and gain their support for your training and development initiatives. T+D, ©2012 ASTD

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Selling and Marketing Education
No articles this month.

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Learning Methods and Media

The Next Step for Learning - Practical Contextualization (Oct 12)
Computing devices—especially mobile ones—continue to add sensors, to store and process more and more personal information (contacts, schedules, tasks, goals), and to connect more widely to other devices and to the Web. This context awareness opens huge learning opportunities. Are you ready? Here are some things to think about. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

Research for Practitioners - Nine Ways to Reduce Cognitive Load (Oct 12)
How much is too much when it comes to multimedia? How can you best use media other than text to support learning? This month, consider what research has taught us about the ability of the human mind to deal with attractive competition! Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

Is Content Curation in Your Skill Set - It Should Be (Oct 12)
“Curation” has become something of a buzzword, but different people seem to mean different things when they use the word. At the same time, curation is fast becoming a key skill for anyone who develops content. Explore the concept and the tools with an expert curator in this article! Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

Unlock the Next Wave of Productivity (Nov 12)
Only by enabling informal learning will organizations meet demands for greater flexibility and more learner-driven content. Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

Is it eLearning or Something More (Oct 12)
Imagine a world where the tools we use remove complexity rather than add to it, and are so intuitively easy to use that we can operate them—correctly—the first time, precisely when we need to use them, with minimal risk. The possibilities for this are here. Are you ready for them? Marc Rosenberg talks about performance support, training, and saving lives. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

How to Succeed in a MOOC - Massive Online Open Course (Oct 12)
Massive online open courses (MOOCs) are attracting a great deal of attention, but they require effort on the part of participants who want to be successful in them. Here is a guide to success in a MOOC. You may find it useful for yourself if you try a MOOC out, or you may want to provide these guidelines to learners if you are using MOOCs as part of your organizational strategy for learning. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

We are All New at This (Oct 12)
Because we’re all new at self-directed learning, we have to accept that we’re going to fall short. When we realize that, it’s the opportunity we give ourselves to figure stuff out. The future is not some downloadable app—defined for us and packaged tightly. The future is what we make, as we make it. Learning Technologies, ©2012 ASTD

Building a Performance Ecosystem (Nov 12)
By combining the power of the human brain with technology in a way that facilitates work, collaboration and communication, leaders can turn learning into multifaceted performance support. Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

HTML5 and eLearning - What Managers and Practitioners Must Know (Oct 12)
This report discusses what you need to know about HTML5 and eLearning: what it is and how it works, the advantages it has for eLearning (on tablets, laptops, and desktops), its capabilities, considerations for delivery, development, and design, the available authoring tools, and case studies.
©2012 Media Tec Publishing


Five Tips for Success when using Games in Training (Oct 12)
Games break the ice, energize, and most importantly, reinforce and review learning. Game-based learning activities build confidence, lift morale, spark enthusiasm, and ultimately, achieve results. When you’re considering whether or not to use a game in training, ask yourself if the game will provide social interaction, energize the group, or reinforce learning. If a game you are considering does not meet one of these crucial requirements, rethink your selection. Learning and Development, ©2012 ASTD


61 tips on mLearning - making learning mobile (Oct 12)
Here are 61 tips from nine practitioners that focus on topics ranging from making the most of the times when the mobile users have access to the Internet to the advantages of using an open format such as XML to the benefits of iter­ative development to making your mobile interfaces naturally intuitive. ©2012 eLearning Guild


Designing Content for Multiple Mobile Devices (Oct 12)
In the BYOD (bring your own device) world, users expect mobile learning to work—all the time, every time—on whatever device they are holding. To meet this challenge, it is more important to focus on the user first and then on the technology. Here are some key requirements and best practices that mobile learning designers must understand in order to be successful.  Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild


The Complete Mobile App Developer Playlist (Sep 12)
With rapid growth in Android and iPhone usage, it seems like everyone is jumping on the mobile app development bandwagon. For every developer eager to dive head first into mobile apps and create the next Instagram or Angry Birds, there is some good news and some bad news. Learning Technologies, ©2012 ASTD


Scan and Learn - Using QR Codes as Part of your Learning Solution (Oct 12)
QR Codes can give learners in the virtual and physical classroom immediate access to learning materials through mobile devices. T+D, ©2012 ASTD


Make Your LMS Learner-Driven (Oct 12)
Keeping the learner’s experience with an LMS up to expectations while also meeting the needs of training administrators is a challenging assignment. The answer is to find out what the learner wants from the LMS. Here are some suggestions that may help you deliver a successful experience for all concerned. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

What to do With a Broken LMS (Nov 12)
Dated learning and management systems may seem to be more trouble than they’re worth, but deciding whether to buy or build a new system requires leaders to consider all the angles.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

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Social Media for Learning

Harness Personal Connections for Purposeful Development (Nov 12)
Promote a higher level of commitment to a community to reap the most benefits from social networks. Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

A Little More Conversation (Oct 12)
Texting, multitasking, and social media are fast becoming the primary ways we communicate. Here are some tips to keep good conversation - a key to building trust - from becoming a lost art. T+D, ©2012 ASTD

The Noise of Training and Learning (Oct 12)
We are faced with social lifestyle changes creating noise that we must overcome or eliminate. Learning and Development, ©2012 ASTD

Assessing the Value of Online Interactions (Oct 12)
There is no magic formula for assessing the value of social interactions; no formula like “two hours on LinkedIn + four comments in groups = tangible outcomes for the organization.” So how do you know time spent using social media isn’t wasted? Jane has some ideas you can use.  Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

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Case Studies and Projects

Crowdsourcing Development (Nov 12)
The senior vice president of HR at First Data Corp., got a little help from his learning friends to build a virtual corporate university to address employee needs. Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

Harnessing the Zeal of the Millennial Generation (Oct 12)
Self-driven employees propel a learning culture that builds careers and satisfies clients at India’s NIIT Technologies. T+D, ©2012 ASTD

The Consumerization of Learning - Vendors Must Step Up Their Games (Oct 12)
Corporate technology buyers and users have learned to expect a host of challenges when installing any enterprise application. Isn’t it time to update the standards for enterprise software from the 1990s to meet 21st century demands for usability and mobile access? A vendor challenges other vendors to help fix what isn’t working. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2012 eLearning Guild

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Measuring Education Value
No articles this month.

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Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing

Show Me the Money (Nov 12)
CLOs are focusing their investments on items that support efficiency and relevance. Chief Learning Officer, ©2012 Media Tec Publishing

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On Demand Webinars

Developing Single-Source Learning - Online Workshop (Sep 12) and charts plus link to course materials
Bryan Chapman has used LCMS technology to publish his highly-sought after single-source workshop into a course that can be output to multiple formats – print, eLearning, tablet, and smartphone apps. During this online workshop, he showed first-hand how’s he’s done it.  In addition, there’s a link to access and use (under Creative Commons) Bryan’s entire single-source course. You are able to download the materials in any or all desired formats. Xyleme Webinar, Sep 12, 2012

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Skills Gap/Technical Certification
No articles this month.

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Special Interest Groups
No sessions this month.

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And, Finally.....



The Cowboy Boots (establishing the facts, asking the right questions)

Did you hear about the Texas teacher who was helping one of her kindergarten students put on his cowboy boots?

He asked for help and she could see why. Even with her pulling and him pushing, the little boots still didn't want to go on. By the time they got the second boot on, she had worked up a sweat.

She almost cried when the little boy said, 'Teacher, they're on the wrong feet.' She looked, and sure enough, they were. It wasn't any easier pulling the boots off than it was putting them on. She managed to keep her cool as, together, they worked to get the boots back on, this time on the right feet. He then announced, 'These aren't my boots.'

She bit her tongue, rather than get right in his face and scream, 'Why didn't you say so?', like she wanted to. Once again she struggled to help him pull the ill-fitting boots off his little feet. No sooner had they gotten the boots off when he said, 'They're my brother's boots. My Mom made me wear 'em.'

Now she didn't know if she should laugh or cry. But she mustered up what grace and courage she had left to wrestle the boots on his feet again.

Helping him into his coat, she asked, 'Now, where are your mittens?' He said, 'I stuffed 'em in the toes of my boots.'

She will be eligible for parole in three years.

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Feedback, please!


I would really like to get input from you, the readers.  Please give me your feedback and point me towards any article or source that you think the rest of the membership might enjoy. Thank you.

Mike Dowsey
Executive Director

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