CEdMA-Europe Members' Newsletter - April 2013


Welcome to the April edition of the CEdMA-Europe Members' Monthly Newsletter, which is sent to CEdMA Europe members and to European colleagues of CEdMA USA members.

As usual, you will learn about updates to our forthcoming programme of events, and there is the collection of recent articles whose content is consistent with the important topics that you our members voted to cover in our recent Conferences.

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CEdMA Europe Barometer Report for 12Q4 Available





29 companies completed the barometer covering 12Q4 actual results and a forecast for 13Q1. These are compared to the same quarter 12 months earlier.

The unweighted total training revenue grew 3.0% in 12Q4 against a forecast in the last report of 1.0%. When considering the weighted numbers, there was a rise of only 0.3% against a forecast of 1.0% decrease last time. The forecasts for 13Q1 show a 3.3% increase for unweighted and a 0.3% increase for weighted. The logarithmic moving averages show a steady fall in the revenue increase, just going negative when size of company is taken into account.


The unweighted total training profit grew 2.2% in 12Q4, slightly better than the forecast in the last report of 1.9%. But, with the weighted numbers, there was a decrease of 1.4% against a forecast of 0.5% increase last time. The unweighted forecast for 13Q1 is 2.4%. However, the weighted forecast stays negative at 1.0%. The moving averages for profit also show a steady decline in the size of increases, steeper when size is taken into account.


The full report covering ILT and VILT (both public and private), e-Learning and training support plus certification, headcount and contractors has been sent to those companies who completed the survey. Contact your member main contact for further information.

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Spring Conference on 17-18 April




The CEdMA Europe Spring Conference will take place at the Heathrow/Windsor Marriott on Wed 17 and Thu 18 Apr
with the theme Next Generation Learning for Next Generation Employees”.

Here's the final agenda. 

There'll be plenty of time for networking, so that attendees can share experiences both within and outside the sessions.

We have 45 attendees enrolled from 28 companies but there's still room for a few more.

Contact me for further information.

Mike Dowsey

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Recent Articles from the Education and Training Press



Worldwide Training Industry News (Mar 13)
Abstract News ©2013 Information Inc

IT Training Press Releases (Mar 13)
©2013 Training Press Releases

Industry News Headlines from CLOmedia (Mar 13)
©2013 Media Tec Publishing

E-learning Market Update (Mar 13)
©2013 Kineo

Technology Headlines for March (Mar 13)
which includes the Dark Side of MOOCs Infographic
Technology headlines for March 2013 include: New Leadership for Saba, Infographic on Dark Side of MOOCs, E-Learning Revenues in Africa Will Double to $512.7 Million by 2016, New FREE Simulations Resource: The Clark Chart, Fast Company Article Explores Global Growth of MOOCs. Learning Circuits, ©2013 ASTD

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Reviews and Current Trends

Salaries 2013 - Feeling Flat. You're Not Alone (Mar 13)
The eLearning Guild’s Global eLearning Salary & Compensation Report always attracts a lot of attention. Here is an overview guide to the report itself, which is a free download (linked in article). Take a look, see what the excitement is about, and use our official Guild Research Salary Calculator! Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2013 eLearning Guild

The Educational Mismatch (Apr 13)
There's a missing link between education and employers' needs, says Josh Bersin.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

The Changed Role of L&D - Evolve Now or Become Extinct (Mar 13)
Donald Taylor based this assertion on some intriguing research he had conducted on the skills L&D professionals need to have versus the ones that they actually possess. Inside L&D, © 2013 ASTD

Winning Hearts and Minds in the Global Classroom (Mar 13)
Despite the injection of e-learning, plus other technologies and self-learning initiatives, classroom training is the most widely known, broadly preferred, and commonly used method of training for many of us. And training employees across the globe is an enormous challenge, marked by an abundance of ambiguity and cultural differences. Inside L&D, © 2013 ASTD

What's Your Gig? (Mar 13)
So-called “slasher” careers that combine two or more jobs are becoming more common. Trainers are part of this trend. T+D, ©2013 ASTD

Don't Take This Sitting Down (Apr 13)
Teach and encourage workers to stand when working, says Jay Cross.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

Analyst Perspectives Consensus Report (Jan 13)
Another year, another year inundated with analyst forecasts. This document is a compilation of all the 2013 predictions we could gather from hundreds of analysts from 46 analyst firms. © 2013 Skillsoft

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Training Manager/Director Development

Why Measure? (Apr 13)
Innovation leads to improvement only when it's measured.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

How to Optimize Company Performance (Apr 13)
Create a relationship between learning and financial results.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

How to Analyze and Address Your Organization's Learning Needs (Mar 13)
As training and development professionals we realize that training is not a cure all, so we shouldn’t say yes to all training requests. But how do we determine when to say no? T+D, ©2013 ASTD

Challenge the Status Quo with a Smarter Approach to the Global Talent Crisis (Feb 13)
To help organizations find a smarter way out of the talent crisis, the Director of Research at the world’s leading learning analytics firm, KnowledgeAdvisors, compared the results of Skillsoft e-learning to classroom and internally developed e-learning benchmarks. ©2013 Skillsoft

How to Insert Audio Clips in PowerPoint 2010 (Mar 13)
When you insert an audio clip into a PowerPoint slide, you can control its volume, set it to play looped, or even hide the audio icon. These are some of the advanced options available for any inserted audio clip in PowerPoint. Remember that these advanced options only exist so that you can use them when they are required, rather than using them just because they exist! ©2013 Indezine

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Selling and Marketing Education

Learning to Sell, Selling to Learn (Mar 13)
I never realized how important sales and marketing skills are to the L&D professional. Inside L&D, © 2013 ASTD

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Learning Methods and Media

How Do People Learn Best (Apr 13)
Use real-life scenarios to turn learning into a more powerful engine.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

A Dose of Positive Reinforcement Can Go A Long Way (Mar 13)
Get the most out of training by recognizing employees before, during, and after a learning event. T+D, ©2013 ASTD

End User- and SME-created Content - Good Strategy, but Risky (Mar 13)
Delegation is a key skill for instructional designers, especially when turning content development over to end users and subject matter experts. However, just as in any other management effort, it is vital to delegate with control. Here are some key errors you want to avoid. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2013 eLearning Guild

Choosing the Right Tool for the Job - 2013 Update (Mar 13)
Of all the tools available, how can you find the ones that will help you meet the needs of your staff’s talent, your eLearning topics, and the techniques and best practices you have adopted? In this update, Joe will help you discern the differences between the top tools that are available now, and he will give you an idea of what’s coming next! Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2013 eLearning Guild

Insight Guide - E-Learning Compliance (Mar 13)
Regulatory e-learning, license to practice, compliance e-learning: you can call it what you want - but you know you need to do it. It's never had the most shining of reputations in the e-learning firmament. It's easy to get it wrong. In this new guide, Kineo takes a fresh look at how to put it right. ©2013 Kineo

5 Strategies for Designing and Delivering High-Quality Online Instruction
(Jun 12)

Learn how to take advantage of the online learning landscape from a university professor. White Paper,
©2012 Citrix Online

My Top 15 Tips on Hosting Virtual Meetings (Jun 08)
Using Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional,
©2008 Jacqueline D. Beck

Bring Your Own Device BYOD and mobile learning - the perfect partnership? (Mar 13)
In 2012, one of the major talking points in the learning community was mobile and a number of those conversations featured BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device. ©2013 Towards Maturity

Should You Break Up with your LMS? (Apr 13)
Relationships with technology are by necessity temporary, and upgrades are part of the package. But when it's an LMS that needs replacing, one must consider cost, performance and vendor support before switching.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

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Social Media for Learning

What is Social Learning Anyway? (Apr 13)
Social learning has evolved from buzzword to business imperative, but there is no industry-wide definition; it means different things to different companies.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

Using Social Media for Learning Gets Better Foothold in Workplace (Mar 13)
Large US firms tripled their spending on social tools such as internal blogs, wikis and communities of practice in 2012, a new report says. Workforce, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

Obstacles Abound When Adding Social Media to Corporate Learning (Feb 13)
In 2007, I attended a learning conference that dedicated many of its sessions to the introduction of social media tools. I noted that the presenters’ focus was on the features of the tools; however, the strategies for integrating these technologies effectively into the learning function were not being addressed.
L&D, © 2013 ASTD

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Case Studies and Projects

Game-Based E-Learning Produces Results (Mar 13)
Organizations utilize game-based e-learning to increase the performance impact of business skills training. Training Magazine, ©2013 Lakewood Media Group.

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Measuring Education Value

Show Me the ROI! (Mar 13)
How are you validating the transfer of learning from training events to the workplace? The majority of organizations still rely on measuring learner reactions and learning mastery, not the results. There is an answer: integrated performance support. In this article, read about two basic steps that put your organization on the path out of the mire of murky measurement! Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2013 eLearning Guild

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Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing

Tech Support (Mar 13)
Providing proper training will prevent expensive mistakes when implementing an IT change initiative. T+D, ©2013 ASTD

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On Demand Webinars

Empowering learners with cloud-based personalized learning (Nov 12)
In today’s fast-paced business environment, learners must be able to access learning that is relevant to them: when, where and how they need it. Alcatel-Lucent is answering this challenge with “My Personal Learning Experience” (MyCloudPLE), a high-impact approach that enables individuals to create learning programmes specifically geared to their job roles and development needs. Dirk Braune explains how this approach shifts traditional learning by empowering students to chart their own paths to professional excellence. Learning and Skills Group Webinar, Nov 23, 2012

How to Design Your Training for Multiple Channels (Mar 13) plus charts
The days of single-channel training are coming to an end. Learners now want access to opportunities and resources both online and off, so how do you create classes with multiple channels in mind? This webinar explored how to design classes that drive engagement and retention, no matter the training format. ASTD Webinar, Mar 6, 2013

How to Deliver Excellent Training Every Time (Mar 13) plus charts plus 13 ways to inspire your audience
Being a great trainer is like being a great performer. You need to be on top of your game, and your audience needs to feel as though you made the class just for them. And when the training really connects, you'd better be ready for an encore. This webinar described how to balance learning content with just the right amount of interaction to set the stage for training success. ASTD Webinar, Mar 13, 2013

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Skills Gap/Technical Certification

Five Skills Gaps Worth Filling This Year (Mar 13)
Focus efforts on filling five critical project management training and development skills gaps in the coming months. T+D, ©2013 ASTD

Boost Talent Development With Certificate Programs (Mar 13)
An internal certificate program can help organizations fill skills gaps and develop talent strategically. T+D, ©2013 ASTD

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Special Interest Groups

What metrics do we now need? (Mar 13) plus charts
This discussion, led by Ashish Tanuku, SIG Chair, and Mike Dowsey, looked at what DBRs we have done over the last few years, what we’re currently working on (yes, a sneak preview of the Pricing and Discounting Survey Summary Spreadsheets) and asked attendees what we should be doing in the next year. Training Metrics and Benchmarking SIG, March 19, 2013

Developing a Performance-Based Board Review Test – Factors and Considerations (Mar 13) plus charts
Karen Petrini, Manager, Exam Design, Delivery & New Product Development, HP ExpertOne Program and Kim Thayn, VP of Client Services and Senior Psychometrician, Certification Management Services discussed ramifications of the challenges in developing a performance based board review test. These challenges included technical presentation skills, task-driven situations, time and investment costs, candidate perspectives and preparation, scoring rubrics, rater training and calibration, case-study development, exam delivery and observation, and candidate processes. The session also discussed implications on validity and reliability and avoiding subjectivity. Certification SIG, March 15, 2013

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And, Finally.....




Measuring by averages story (analysis, measurement, statistics)

Three statisticians went hunting in the woods. Before long, one of them pointed to a plump pigeon in a tree, and the three of them stopped and took aim. The first fired, missing the bird by a couple of inches to the left. Immediately afterwards the second fired, but also missed, a couple of inches to the right. The third put down his gun exclaiming, "Great shooting lads, on average I reckon we got it..."

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Feedback, please!


I would really like to get input from you, the readers.  Please give me your feedback and point me towards any article or source that you think the rest of the membership might enjoy. Thank you.

Mike Dowsey
Executive Director

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