CEdMA-Europe Members' Newsletter - May 2013


Welcome to the May edition of the CEdMA-Europe Members' Monthly Newsletter, which is sent to CEdMA Europe members and to European colleagues of CEdMA USA members.

As usual, you will learn about updates to our forthcoming programme of events, and there is the collection of recent articles whose content is consistent with the important topics that you our members voted to cover in our recent Conferences.

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Workshop at Assima near Moorgate on Tue 11 Jun, “Members’ Experiences in Developing, Managing and Delivering Course Materials”





The late spring CEdMA Europe half-day Workshop will take place on Tue 11 Jun 1300-1700 UK time at Assima, Citypoint, near Moorgate.

Feedback from the April conference identified that the most requested subject for the June workshop is “Members’ Experiences in Developing, Managing and Delivering Course Materials”.


Six members will describe:

  • Their techniques in content development which aid in translation and/or localisation

  • Whether they use hardcopy or electronic delivery and why

  • If it makes a difference whether it’s partner or own delivery

  • Which vendors they use and experiences they’ve had

  • How they deliver e-learning materials

  • What business model they use for e-learning


Here is the printable agenda.


Please let Mike know if you or any of your colleagues will be attending, so that we can make sure we have enough seats, coffee, biscuits, and so on.


We shall send out joining instructions around 31 May.


I look forward to seeing you there!

Mike Dowsey, Executive Director,
on behalf of the Board of CEdMA Europe

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Spring Conference on 17-18 April




The CEdMA Europe Spring Conference took place at the Heathrow/Windsor Marriott on Wed 17 and Thu 18 Apr
with the theme Next Generation Learning for Next Generation Employees”.

42 members from 27 companies attended. Here are the conference materials.

You'll get a flavour of the event from the following attendee comments:

"Yet another awesome CEdMA conference. As always, networking invaluable and great sessions/breakout sessions. "

"I really liked the variety of this conference and the different kinds of "

"For me, it was the first time to attend this conference. It was very interesting to meet people from other companies who work in the same business and are confronted with the same challenges, and to hear about their ideas and solutions. "

"Another great conference, everyone seemed delighted and very engaged. Good dialogue going on. "

"Facilities were good, staff was excellent. "

"Reluctant to give a 5 to a hotel but I did think it was a good hotel and served the purpose well."

Look out for the next conference on 16-17 Oct! Save the date!

Mike Dowsey

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Recent Articles from the Education and Training Press



Worldwide Training Industry News (Apr 13)
Abstract News ©2013 Information Inc

IT Training Press Releases (Apr 13)
©2013 Training Press Releases

Industry News Headlines from CLOmedia (Apr 13)
©2013 Media Tec Publishing

E-learning Market Update (Apr 13)
©2013 Kineo

Technology Headlines for April 2013 (Apr 13)
which includes
Asia Mobile Learning Market Soared to $2.6 Billion in 2012; Infor Announces Agreement to Acquire CERTPOINT Systems; and Adobe Study: Is Paper Now on the Endangered Species List?;  IT Growth Outlooks and Trends in 2013; New Survey Examines Why App Deployments Fail. Learning Circuits, ©2013 ASTD

News from Elearning Magazine (Apr 13)
©2013 B2BMedia Company

Trendlines from Elearning Magazine (Mar 13)
Elearning!, ©2013 B2BMedia Company

Trendlines from Elearning Magazine (Apr 13)
Elearning!, ©2013 B2BMedia Company

New Products - Virtual Learning, LMS, Social-Mobile (Mar 13)
Elearning!, ©2013 B2BMedia Company

New Products - Collaboration, Tools, Content, LMS (Apr 13)
©2013 B2BMedia Company

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Reviews and Current Trends

How Learning is Evolving (Apr 13)
Annual survey shows that e-learning continues to grow among both corporations and the public sector. Elearning!,
©2013 B2BMedia Company

Global E-learning Growing, Sometimes Faster than US (Apr 13)
Fortune 500 companies are apparently relying more on e-learning. Elearning!,
©2013 B2BMedia Company

Learning Trends - A Conversation with Elliott Masie (Apr 13)
The learning industry veteran and CEO of The Masie Center takes on mobile learning, telework and why the LMS should be more like Amazon., ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

Learning Executives Confidence Index 1Q13 (Apr 13)
The first quarter in 2013 is off to an extremely strong start, with the highest confidence seen since 2009; reporting a score of 68.1. Both 2011 and 2012 also commenced with strong optimism from learning executives (67.1 and 67.3 respectively), but confidence waned later in each year. Confidence has been restored or renewed as this year brings new opportunities, new budgets, and strong positivity toward learning and development. ©2013 ASTD

The Face of the Future Workforce (May 13)
The U.S. is rapidly becoming a “majority minority” country, and the shift will impact the educational system, labor force and the job market. Talent Management, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

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Training Manager/Director Development

Throwing the Baby Out with the Bath Water - Should instructor-led training be tossed (Apr 13)
Instructor-led training has been badmouthed, maligned and outright threatened of extinction for a number of years. Not because it is bad at its core, but due to the many problems surrounding it. But, is the criticism warranted? Not really. Read on. ©2013

Help Combat IP Theft (May 13)
The “bring your own device” movement is sweeping through corporations, increasing productivity and collaboration. But figuring out how to secure devices remains a top concern for HR departments. Talent Management, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

The Telework Evolution (May 13)
Learning leaders should play a strategic role in creating the future workplace, says Elliott Masie. Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

Practice Makes Mastery (Apr 13)
How do people become high performers, asks Marc Rosenberg. Here are three ideas from one of the keynote speakers at the last eLearning Guild Learning Solutions Conference. Plant these ideas into your programs and watch your learners grow! Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2013 eLearning Guild

How to Create an Imagination Station (May 13)
Fortune’s Business Person of the Year credits success to inventiveness, says Brandon Hall. Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

Long-Term Learning - Invest now or Pay Later (May 13)
Buying talent comes with pros and cons. to determine whether it’s best to develop or hire talent, consider how development aligns with strategy and present options to make them work together. Chief Learning Officer,
©2013 Media Tec Publishing


Partnering With the C-Suite (May 13)
The CLO is strategically positioned to focus on business objectives, outcomes and costs. Partnering with line of business leaders is a natural next step. Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing


The State of Extended Enterprise Learning (Mar 13)
Just five years ago, making a profit from a learning system was unheard-of, no more.
©2013 B2BMedia Company


Online Presentations for Dummies (Mar 13) (8Mb)

This book  shows you how to take advantage of the latest tools so that you can reuse, repurpose, and reinvent many of your existing assets into compelling online experiences. This information will make sure your organization’s story will reach your desired audience in a way that’s clear and memorable. ©2013 John Wiley and Sons

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Selling and Marketing Education

Lead with Marketing, not Learning (Apr 13)
If you're in learning, you also need to be in marketing. Here’s a look at the emerging trend of content marketing. It brings learning and marketing closer together than ever. If you're a learning professional, you need to know how marketing can do more for your engagement plan. ©2013 Kineo

What's Your Brand? (Apr 13)
It’s important to discover, enhance, and market your training department’s areas of distinction. LINKS, ©2013 ASTD

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Learning Methods and Media

Inside the Learning Brain (Apr 13)
Cognitive neuroscience will shape the future of corporate learning practices. T+D, ©2013 ASTD

Build a Dream Team for Your eLearning Project (Apr 13)
Do you long to have an eLearning Dream Team for your development projects? Because of the mix of skills and experience available to you, this may be a tall order to fill, so what can you do? The ideal and the real are often far apart, but here is an analysis to help you use the staff talent you have. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2013 eLearning Guild

Take the Pain Out of Writing Training Materials (Apr 13)
Use this four-step process to get your ideas in order and create effective training materials quickly and easily. T+D, ©2013 ASTD

Informal Learning's Many Shades of Gray (May 13)
Give informal learning the attention it deserves, says Bob Mosher. Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

Accessible Online Courses - Techniques and Tips (Apr 13)
Online courses open up a wealth of possibilities for many learners. Ensuring the accessibility of courses, including accessibility for users with physical or sensory challenges, takes advantage of eLearning’s flexibility and maximizes the potential of the learning experience. Here are five tips that show you how to remove barriers from your content. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2013 eLearning Guild

Keys to Successful E-learning Implementations (Mar 13)
E-learning initiatives can start with all the right intentions, but the momentum can falter, and with it any real positive impact. Elearning!,
©2013 B2BMedia Company

Planning for a multi-device world with HTML5 (Apr 13)
This report covers how to plan for a multi-device world, what to do with all of the content you already have; and how HTML5 can move you forward. ©2013 Kineo

A SCORM Evolution (Apr 13)
Here comes a new approach to distance learning and tracking data with the release of the Experience API version 1.0. T+D, ©2013 ASTD

How Technology Is Moving Mobile Learning (Mar 13)
"What would you like to learn today?" Elearning!,
©2013 B2BMedia Company

The Challenges of M-Learning (Apr 13)
They have very little to do with technology, more with traditional learning philosophy. Elearning!,
©2013 B2BMedia Company

129 Tips on Using Technology in Virtual and Physical Classrooms (Apr 13)
There are often two reactions to the idea of virtual classrooms—utter excitement, fearful apprehension, or both. The virtual environment may intimidate instructors accustomed to physical classrooms. But it doesn’t have to be intimidating! Learn more in the latest free eBook from The eLearning Guild! Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2013 eLearning Guild

Virtual Reality (Apr 13)
Immersive learning simulations are more than game play. They offer many benefits both to the learners and the organization. T+D, ©2013 ASTD

Five reasons you Can't Ignore Gamification (May 13)

Learning leaders have found that integrating gaming elements into development offerings can increase productivity, employee engagement and retention, and promote innovation. Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing


Video Captures the Imagination of Designers and Learners Alike (Apr 13)
Videos can be fun but businesses really care about how video learning can impact real organizational goals. Elearning!,
©2013 B2BMedia Company


From Scattered Information to Transformational Performance Support - Where Are You? (Apr 13)
Targeted performance support enables effective performance in the workplace. It helps people do what the organization needs them to do to continuously accomplish strategic objectives. Here’s a look at a system that provides this kind of support and significant benefits. The results can be transformational! Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2013 eLearning Guild


Learning and Talent Systems Core to Driving Performance (Apr 13)
Investments increase as well as "must have" features. Elearning!,
©2013 B2BMedia Company

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Social Media for Learning

The More, the Better (May 13)
The idea of crowd-sourcing is not new, but using it to engage employee knowledge to solve a business problem is still rare. Talent Management, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

The Future of Work - Are You Ready (Mar 13)
The "Social Enterprise" is not enough, because it does not always have a specific purpose or goal. Elearning!,
©2013 B2BMedia Company

Capturing Business Value with Social Technologies (Apr 13)
As these powerful technologies shake up productivity and growth across industries, they will create new organizational imperatives.

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Case Studies and Projects

There's no Business like the Learning Business (May 13)
Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Martin Lowery has brought traditional and experiential development initiatives to bear in a creative industry that is largely unfamiliar with many of the players in learning. Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

HP is playing games (May 13)
HP created metaphor-based games to increase engagement and improve the problem solving and critical thinking skills necessary to sell its products. Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile (Apr 13)
How Cricket devised an e-learning strategy that played on the company's strengths. Elearning!,
©2013 B2BMedia Company

7 tips for managing training projects to support business transformation
(Apr 13)

Tips for managing your training project successfully during the Initiation stage,
 ©2013 Brightwave

How Mobile Learning is Done - 9 Case Studies (Apr 13)
In this report, author Imogen Casebourne examines how mobile learning works. She uses nine international case studies to explore the many forms that mobile learning can take and what to consider, what to avoid, and how to prepare to make the most of your mLearning. ©2013 eLearning Guild

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Measuring Education Value

Slowly, Steadily Measuring Impact (May 13)
Measurement is a challenge for learning executives, but many are striving to do it better, says Cushing Anderson. Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

Predictive Evaluation (Mar 13)
Predict, monitor and continuously improve training to drive substantial business impact. Elearning!,
©2013 B2BMedia Company

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Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing
No article this month.

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On Demand Webinars

Seven Ways to Know You Need Help with Content Development (Mar 13)  and  charts
This session explored the issues that signal you may need help with your content development strategy. Webinar, Mar 19, 2013

Designing e-Learning for iPads (Mar 13) and charts
This webinar discussed tablets from a different perspective and their common usage, how eLearning on iPads (tablets) can open doors to Mobile Learning, and the key factors to be kept in mind while designing new eLearning for iPads or while ‘mEnabling’ your existing courseware into a tablet compatible format. Upside Learning Webinar, Mar 20, 2013

Leveraging Technology For Social Learning (Mar 13) and charts
This session covered the difference between social learning and social media, current trends in social learning technology, the possibilities of social and mobile, and examples of social learning environments. Training Magazine Network Webinar, Mar 20, 2013

The Hottest Trends in Mobile Learning (Apr 13)
This webinar explored trends in mobile and wireless technology; the use of smartphones, tablets, and other technologies in learning and performance support; and mobile learning applications. It covered  ways to integrate with business processes and business applications; approaches to productivity; and methods for blending traditional and mobile learning. Best of LearnCon, Apr 24, 2013, ©2013 eLearning Guild

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Skills Gap/Technical Certification
No article this month.

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Special Interest Groups

e-Learning Customization - New Options for Self-Service (Apr 13) plus charts
Spencer Cutting and Adrian LaSala, PTC and Rissella Weiss, IBM, described and demonstrated their approaches and discussed their experiences. There was extensive discussion throughout.
E-Learning and Virtual Classroom SIG, April 18, 2013

Paradigm Shifts in Exam Scoring (Apr 13) plus charts from Juniper/Symantec and Teradata
Traditionally IT certification programs have provided immediate scores (pass/fail, scaled score, and so on) to test-takers at the end of the exam.  However, a few adventurous programs are moving away from that approach in the interest of protecting the value and integrity of their certifications.  Two new techniques, resulting in delayed scoring for candidates, are becoming more popular in our industry because they allow 1) data forensic analysis of exam results to identify exam fraud BEFORE a pass is awarded and 2) programs to keep their exam answer key out of testing centers where they often are stolen.  Liz Burns, Juniper Networks, Beverly van de Velde, Symantec, and Julie Huber, Teradata presented on their approach to “delayed” or “provisional” scoring – what works, what does not work and how to evaluate which approach, if any is right for you.
Certification SIG, April 26, 2013

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And, Finally.....




et in the wheelbarrow (belief, trust and commitment)

Upon completing a highly dangerous tightrope walk over Niagara Falls in appalling wind and rain, 'The Great Zumbrati' was met by an enthusiastic supporter, who urged him to make a return trip, this time pushing a wheelbarrow, which the spectator had thoughtfully brought along.

The Great Zumbrati was reluctant, given the terrible conditions, but the supporter pressed him, "You can do it - I know you can," he urged.

"You really believe I can do it?" asked Zumbrati.

"Yes - definitely - you can do it." the supporter gushed.

"Okay," said Zumbrati, "Get in the wheelbarrow....."

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Feedback, please!


I would really like to get input from you, the readers.  Please give me your feedback and point me towards any article or source that you think the rest of the membership might enjoy. Thank you.

Mike Dowsey
Executive Director

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