CEdMA-Europe Members' Newsletter - July 2013


Welcome to the July edition of the CEdMA-Europe Members' Monthly Newsletter, which is sent to CEdMA Europe members and to European colleagues of CEdMA USA members.

As usual, you will learn about updates to our forthcoming programme of events, and there is the collection of recent articles whose content is consistent with the important topics that you our members voted to cover in our recent Conferences.

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Moving to a New Website





Dear Member, I am delighted to inform you that CEdMA in the USA has kindly offered to share the use of its website with CEdMA Europe. You can see it "from the outside" at but in the next couple of months you will be able to use it with your own username and password.

It's "off-the-shelf" association software but customised to CEdMA usage and terminology. For a start, it's secure and you need a username and password. Then, it's focus is collaboration with forums, special interest groups and much more. Here's a very quick tour of the facilities.

I'll be contacting member main contacts during July to confirm who should have access. But it will be strictly available to members only.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Mike Dowsey

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Dates for your Diary




We have changed the structure of our programme in 2013.

Conferences are a month earlier to avoid May's holidays and November's other attractions.

So the next conference will be on 9-10 October. A quick poll of member main contacts uncovered as many as eight member companies who couldn't make the original date, so we've changed it!

The venue is the Marriott in Bristol City Centre and theme is yet to be determined (but someone did suggest "Making the Most of the New Technologies"! But save the dates! Members have pre-paid places and we wouldn't like you to miss out!

We've kept workshops in January, March and June, but owing to feedback from you, we've moved the September date back to 3 December, again venue and subject yet to be determined. But please save the date!

Mike Dowsey

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Recent Articles from the Education and Training Press



IT Training Press Releases (Jun 13)
©2013 Training Press Releases

Industry News Headlines from CLOmedia (Jun 13)
©2013 Media Tec Publishing

E-learning Market Update (Jun 13)
©2013 Kineo

Technology Headlines for Jun 2013 (Jun 13)
Technology headlines for June 2013 include: Learning Technology Excellence in Practice Awards, Mobile Learning to Reach $2.1 Billion in North America by 2017, Microsoft Survey: Employees Want Social Tools at Work, McKinsey Global Institute Identifies 12 Disruptive Technologies.  Learning Circuits, ©2013 ASTD

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Reviews and Current Trends

Why Corporate Training is Broken and How to Fix It (Nov 12)
The times, they are a-changin’ and training needs to get back in with the times, says Jay Cross. ©2012 CloserStill L&D

Throwing the Baby Out with the Bath Water - Should instructor-led training be tossed?
Part 1 (Apr 13)
Part 2 (May 13)
Part 3 (Jun 13)

This article is in three parts. The first segment discusses how the idiom “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water” is analogous to threats to instructor-led training. Additionally, the seven problems inherent in using traditional instructor-led training today and how ILT’s problems impact training’s stakeholders were discussed. Part Two discusses four of the six attributes of a revolutionary systems approach to ILT that fixes its problems and how to make it more workable and impactful in today’s workforce. The final part discusses the final two attributes to fix ILT’s problems and make it more workable and impactful for today’s workplace. ©2013 Training Industry Inc

Knowledge Transfer - Can we really be that bad at it? (Mar 13)
By efficiently capturing a company’s wisdom, we can preserve knowledge for the next generation of employees. Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2013, ©2013 Training Industry Inc

Live Face-to-Face Training Still Leads the Way (Jun 13)
Even with advances in technology, live face-to-face training is still leading the way for soft skills training. Training Industry Quarterly, Summer 2013, ©2013 Training Industry Inc

Going Mobile - Creating Practices That Transform Learning (May 13)
This whitepaper is a summary of a report which is based on analysis of a survey conducted by ASTD and i4cp. It examines how organizations are implementing mobile learning and developing their mobile strategies in the current technology-based landscape. ©2013 ASTD

Seismic Shifts that Herald the Workplace of the Future (Nov 12)
Dr Karie Willyerd shares many years of research to alert you to major changes coming your way. ©2012 CloserStill L&D

The Profits of Happiness (Dec 12)
Happy customers create profits. Happy employees create happy customers. Jay Cross investigates. ©2012 CloserStill L&D

Large Scale, Blended Learning Development - Benchmark (Apr 13)
We had 188 respondents who graciously shared information about their development practices including development times, costs, deliverables produced during the process, team structure and itemized information about each task in their work flow. ©2013 Creative Commons from Chapman Alliance

What's in Your Toolbox (Jul 13)
While many learning leaders choose their offerings based on cost and convenience, others are staying true to costlier traditional methods, says Cushing Anderson. Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

The ROI of Online Events for 2013 and Beyond (May 13)
Why online events are now the default event choice for marketing, training, and internal communications.
©2013 Quantum Leap Marketing

What Business are we in - Training or Learning? (Oct 12)
A decade ago the job we did was called training and we worked in a training department. Then the name changed to learning and development. But did the job really change? More importantly, did our customer’s expectations change? Barry Sampson deliberates.  ©2012 CloserStill L&D

Eight Key Technologies that will Change your Business (Apr 13)
What does the future hold for L&D and HR professionals? Rob Caul outlines the latest technology trends. ©2013 CloserStill L&D

Learning Technologies in the Cloud - Are You Asking the Right Questions (Apr 13)
What are the pitfalls of evaluating SaaS? Ray Ruff gives a brief analysis of the key technical aspects leading to a successful implementation. ©2013 CloserStill L&D

The Six Laws of E-Culture (Jun 13)
How to be a learning organization in the digital age. Elearning!,
©2013 B2B Media Co

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Training Manager/Director Development

3 Things Every Worker Needs in Order to Learn and Develop (Jun 13)
Collect all three and win! Elearning!, ©2013 B2B Media Co

Address to the Next Generation of Learning Professionals (Oct 12)
He’s taught it, digitized it, virtualised it, videoed it, printed it and mp3’d it. He’s definitely e-learninged it. Think of a delivery medium and Bob Mosher has crammed training through it. He shares what he’s learnt with the new kids on the block. ©2012 CloserStill L&D

Meeting the Needs of Gen Y Learners (Jun 13)
With a sense of immediacy and technologically-driven, the millennial generation is wired to learn at a rapid pace. Training Industry Quarterly, Summer 2013, ©2013 Training Industry Inc

The Millennials Are Coming - Proven Engagement Strategies (Jun 13)
Millennials, people born between 1981 and 1999, are entering the workforce in strong numbers, the largest group since the Baby Boomers. Learning and development organizations ask, “What strategy does it take to reach Millennials? How do we use mobile, games, and video-based training to engage Millennials? What about the whole learner audience, not just the Millennials?” Here are some answers. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2013 eLearning Guild

Gender Communication in the Workplace (Jun 13)
Men and women work differently. Understanding these differences is key to managing organizational talent. Training Industry Quarterly, Summer 2013, ©2013 Training Industry Inc

Innovation Requires Stopping (Jul 13)
Putting an end to programs could start a new wave of business success, says Elliott Masie. Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

All the World's a Stage for Learning (Jul 13)
To help make the connections between theory and practice, some learning leaders are taking top talent out of the office and into alternative leadership development arenas. Chief Learning Officer,
©2013 Media Tec Publishing

What if the Problem is You? (Dec 12)
Barry Sampson pulls no punches as he reflects on a decade of change and asks: “Why has L&D stayed the same?” ©2012 CloserStill L&D

Cultural Differences in Training (Jun 13)
It’s critical for trainers to have a high level of cultural awareness to ensure that learners receive a valuable training experience. Training Industry Quarterly, Summer 2013, ©2013 Training Industry Inc

'Lean In' Revisited (Jul 13)
Challenges, lessons learned by up-and-coming female leaders, says Brandon Hall. Chief Learning Officer,
©2013 Media Tec Publishing

The Missing Link in Learning (Mar 13)
Long-term learning grows out of experience and action, not the transfer of information from one brain to another. Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2013, ©2013 Training Industry Inc

Extracting Learning from Work (Mar 13)
Reflecting on learning experiences in the workplace is an effective way to improve performance on a daily basis. Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2013, ©2013 Training Industry Inc

Beyond Training (Jun 13)
There is a growing need for learning leaders to step beyond the training solution to support employees. Training Industry Quarterly, Summer 2013, ©2013 Training Industry Inc

Learning at the Speed of Change (Dec 12)
Does a faster rate of change need a faster way of learning? Bob Mosher and Conrad Gottfredson say, “You bet it does!” ©2012 CloserStill L&D

10 Habits of Highly Effective Learning Professionals (Dec 12)
Stephen Walsh shares key trends from the Learning Insight Report 2012 and creates a 2013 e-learning To-Do List based on the findings. ©2012 CloserStill L&D

Four Skills Needed in the Future Workplace (Jun 13)
Knowledge is power. Help employees thrive in the future workplace by focusing on four types of skills. Training Industry Quarterly, Summer 2013, ©2013 Training Industry Inc

Learning Laggards - Are Trainers Slow to Adopt Technology (Nov 12)
Trainers are sometimes accused of dragging their heels when it comes to adopting technology. Martin Addison fights their corner and highlights some breakthroughs in learning. ©2012 CloserStill L&D

Younger Boss, Older Worker (Jun 13)
Learning how to communicate with a mix of generations will be essential to effectively working together. Training Industry Quarterly, Summer 2013, ©2013 Training Industry Inc

10 Career-Tanking Phrases to Avoid Using in the Workplace (Jun 13)
Reframe and reword these 10 common phrases to improve workplace communication and professional outcomes. T+D, ©2013 ASTD

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Selling and Marketing Education

Neuroscience, a Revolution in Selling (Jun 13)
Correctly identifying the customer’s buying preference and responding to it appropriately is critical.  Elearning!,
©2013 B2B Media Co


6 Tips to Conquer the Latest Marketing Challenge (Oct 12)
You can build a perfect learning programme using the latest learning architectures. But if it doesn’t attract and engage learners, it will not succeed. Andrew Joly shares his top tips for success. ©2012 CloserStill L&D

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Learning Methods and Media

The Psychology behind Learning (Jul 13)
Learning doesn’t always need to be cut and dried. Consider using competitiveness to rouse human motivators and enhance development. Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

What the Latest Brain Research Tells Us about Designing Learning that Sticks (Mar 13)
Examining the science behind how we learn can translate into more effective methods for learning and development. Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2013, ©2013 Training Industry Inc

From One Brain to Another - What We've Learned about Learning (Mar 13)
The learning process is complex. Understanding how the brain works enables trainers to design more effective programs. Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2013, ©2013 Training Industry Inc

Coming to Grips with Reality - Multiple Learning Modes (Jun 13)
Things don’t always work out the way the instructional designer expects. There may be organizational dysfunction that the needs assessment did not discover. Unanticipated constraints appear. Here’s the story of what happened on one project, and how the designer built a blended, technology-enabled solution that brought results far beyond what the sponsors expected. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2013 eLearning Guild

Motivation - The Key to Learning Transfer (Mar 13)
When training fails to motivate, a learning opportunity is lost. Designing engaging programs is critical to learning transfer. Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2013, ©2013 Training Industry Inc

Improving Learning Outcomes with a Bite-Sized Strategy (Mar 13)
To maximize learning, trainers must streamline the delivery of content in a way that resonates with the learner. Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2013, ©2013 Training Industry Inc

Adult Development - Predicting Learning Success (Mar 13)
By understanding adult development, organizations can identify the talent needed to achieve business goals. Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2013, ©2013 Training Industry Inc

Designing Blended Solutions (2012)
In four parts, Clive Shepherd shares the critical aspects of designing effective blended learning.
©2012 CloserStill L&D
Designing Blended Solutions - Getting Started (Oct 12)
Designing Blended Solutions - Learners and Logistics (Nov 12)
Designing Blended Solutions - Selecting Learning Methods (Dec 12)

How to Make BYOD Work (Jul 13)
Employees increasingly expect to use their personal devices at work. To meet this demand and protect proprietary information, companies have to ensure IT departments can support a BYOD infrastructure. Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

How to Design Engaging Training Programs (Mar 13)
To be successful in developing a training program, we must engage our learners in their learning. Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2013, ©2013 Training Industry Inc

Formalizing Informal Learning (Mar 13)
Organizations are becoming curators of content, ultimately gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2013, ©2013 Training Industry Inc

68 Tips for eLearning Engagement and Interactivity (May 13) (4Mb)
In this eBook, 11 experts provide 68 tips for driving engagement in eLearning and mLearning. We’ve grouped the tips into five categories, each looking at a different element or approach for engagement: content, interface, interactivities, media and visual design, and games. We finish with a sixth category on measuring en­gagement and the resultant learning. ©2013 eLearning Guild

Putting Out Fires, Part 2 - What's In the Source Files? (Jun 13)
Creating effective online instruction requires consideration of many factors if it is to lead learners to ac In the first part of this series on picking up someone else’s project, Joe and Jennifer provided a checklist to use before accepting the job. Now they alert you to the things you should look for in the project files, especially when the tool that created them was either Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline. This article could save you a lot of work! Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2013 eLearning Guild

HTML5 has Fast-Tracked E-Learning to the L&D Party (Dec 12)
HTML5 has opened the floodgates for delivering learning via mobile devices. Rob Caul identifies five critical steps for L&D. ©2012 CloserStill L&D

Synchronous or Asynchronous? How to Pick Your Training Delivery Method (Jun 13)
Creating effective online instruction requires consideration of many factors if it is to lead learners to achieve the desired skills and knowledge. It must match the characteristics of the learners and the content and it must fit the circumstances of the learner. How is it possible to meet all these requirements? There are best practices, and this article gives a succinct summary. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2013 eLearning Guild

Authoring tools for multi-device mobile delivery (Jun 13)
You know we like to talk about and use authoring tools. Oh, do we ever. But what about choosing the right authoring tools for mobile and multi-device learning? With Flash a no-go on most mobile browsers, HTML5 and native apps are the new focuses for mobile platforms. More and more of you are looking for tools that enable you to publish one version that works on multiple platforms, including smart phone and tablets. Most roads lead to HTML5. ©2013 Kineo

Look before you Leap into Mobile Learning (Jun 13)
Mobile learning has become the new trend, but don’t make the investment without first thinking it through. T+D, ©2013 ASTD

Pave the Way for mLearning with mSupport (Jun 13)
Workers today are on the move, and mobile un-tethers them. We are fascinated by mLearning, but mLearning barely taps the ability of mobile technology to deliver business benefit. Adding mSupport to your strategy delivers immediate and measurable business impact, paves the way for a more sustainable mobile learning strategy, and offers three critical outcomes to organizations. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2013 eLearning Guild

At the Moment of Need - The Case for Performance Support (Jun 13) (4Mb)
Today, the need for performance support is stronger than ever. The changing nature of learning and work, new advances in technology, and new economic realities make a compelling case for this new framework. That is the heart of this white paper by Marc Rosenberg. ©2013 eLearning Guild

Performance Support holds the Strategic Key for L&D (Nov 12)
Studies show the most common methods of learning don’t deliver the desired strategic result for L&D. Ali Parkinson argues the case for performance support. ©2012 CloserStill L&D

Don't Let Training be Half-Baked (Mar 13)
Learning doesn’t survive without support. The five moments of need addresses the entire learning journey. Training Industry Quarterly, Spring 2013, ©2013 Training Industry Inc

Survive and Thrive with Performance Support (Jun 13)
To survive and thrive in today’s world, organizations must be able to learn at or above the speed of change. Training Industry Quarterly, Summer 2013, ©2013 Training Industry Inc

Google Glass as Wearable Performance Support (Jun 13)
Google Glass is getting a lot of attention, but will we use it, and if so, how? It has features that might make it a viable performance-support technology in many settings, and it also creates some significant concerns. Read about the pros and cons here, with Marc Rosenberg. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2013 eLearning Guild

Evaluating and Selecting an LMS (Jun 13)
This report offers data and information to assist learning organizations in selecting the right LMS for their organization’s current and future needs. To this end, the report provides data on the LMS marketplace and its segmentation, the types of products that are available, typical LMS features, and best practices for evaluating and selecting an LMS. ©2013 eLearning Guild

What Type of LMS Hater are You? (Apr 13)
Janet Clarey, co-author of The Definitive Buyer’s Guide to the Global Market for Learning Management Systems, reveals some surprising insights of this billion-dollar market. ©2013 CloserStill L&D

BYOD - Untrained Employees Pose a Bigger Security Risk than Hackers (Dec 12)
Daragh Scaife outlines the benefits and the risks of Bring Your Own Devices. ©2012 CloserStill L&D

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Social Media for Learning
No articles this time.

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Case Studies and Projects

How a Serious Game Transformed a Business (Dec 12)
Samuel Sawian outlines the impact of serious games and shows how one technically-oriented sales-force shifted from selling products to selling solutions. ©2012 CloserStill L&D

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Measuring Education Value

ROI - It's All About Proximity (Jul 13)
Embrace a more robust approach to measuring learning outcomes, says Bob Mosher. Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

Determining the Maturity Level of Your Learning Organization (Jun 13)
How about adding a new level to the Kirkpatrick/Phillips Model? Elearning!,
©2013 B2B Media Co


How to Prove and Improve your ROI (Dec 12)
Testing and assessment is the best way to demonstrate the link between learning and success. Robin Martin explains. ©2012 CloserStill L&D

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Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing

One of These Services is Not Like the Others (Jul 13)
To ensure learning services investments meet business requirements, the role of the purchasing agent, and the knowledge required, are evolving. Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

The Tripwires between You and the Perfect E-Learning Partner (Dec 12)
David Perring shows you how to avoid the pitfalls, rat-holes and dead-ends, to reach your ideal bespoke content development partner. ©2012 CloserStill L&D

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On Demand Webinars

Microlearning - Size does matter (Jun 13)
This webinar defined and described the concepts of microlearning., identified strategies to enable workforce performance using microlearning., and identified enabling technologies to support microlearning development and deployment. Human Capital Media Webinar, Jun 20, 2013

Going Mobile - Creating Practices That Transform Learning (Jun 13) plus charts
This webinar explored the recently published report, Going Mobile - Creating Practices That Transform Learning (see whitepaper with executive summary). This brand new report looks at the current landscape from the perspective of what high-performance organizations are doing today and plan to do in the future with mobile learning.  ASTD Webinar, Jun 21, 2013

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Skills Gap/Technical Certification

Open Badges will Future-Proof Your Learning (Apr 13)
When the New York Times and Harvard Business Review are talking about a learning technology trend, you know it’s got merit, says Stephen Walsh. ©2013 CloserStill L&D

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Special Interest Groups

Getting to a Light Weight Authorized Training Partner Program - To Charge or Not To Charge (Jun 13) and charts
Christine Souza of AppDynamics led a discussion around creating a “light” ATP program.   This first session focused on Pricing. A number of informal polls led to the key component to driving adoption and what is the right program to build that encourages the same behaviors within our partners. Using Training Partners SIG, June 6, 2013

Leveraging the results of the recent Pricing and Discounting Survey for your business (Jun 13) and charts
Dirk Braune of Alcatel-Lucent
reviewed what data are available, how to access, and some highlights such as price points by country and business, and general pricing approaches. Joint Metrics and Benchmarking SIG and Sales and Marketing SIG Meeting, Jun 7, 2013


A Research-Informed Study on the Use of Technology in Technical Training (Jun 13) and charts

Harvey Shaw, post-graduate student at Harvard, SIG member, and formerly with Brocade, discussed the research he carried out with CEdMA member PTC to investigate how learning theory and principles can be applied to different parts of their training business. e-Learning and Virtual Classroom  SIG, June 17, 2013

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And, Finally.....




The Gandhi Shoe Story (selfless compassion, generosity without strings)

Mohandas [Mahatma] Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948), the great Indian statesman and spiritual leader is noted for his unusual humanity and selflessness, which this story epitomises. Gandhi was boarding a train one day with a number of companions and followers, when his shoe fell from his foot and disappeared in the gap between the train and platform. Unable to retrieve it, he took off his other shoe and threw it down by the first. Responding to the puzzlement of his fellow travellers, Gandhi explained that a poor person who finds a single shoe is no better off - what's really helpful is finding a pair.

Separately, Gandhi was once asked what he thought of Western Civilisation. Gandhi replied: "I think that it would be a very good idea."

The notion still applies.

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Feedback, please!


I would really like to get input from you, the readers.  Please give me your feedback and point me towards any article or source that you think the rest of the membership might enjoy. Thank you.

Mike Dowsey
Executive Director

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