CEdMA-Europe Members' Newsletter - August 2013


Welcome to the August edition of the CEdMA-Europe Members' Monthly Newsletter, which is sent to CEdMA Europe members and to European colleagues of CEdMA USA members.

As usual, you will learn about updates to our forthcoming programme of events, and there is the collection of recent articles whose content is consistent with the important topics that you our members voted to cover in our recent Conferences.

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Conference on 9-10 October in Bristol




The CEdMA Europe Autumn Conference will take place at the Bristol City Centre Marriott on Wed 9 and Thu 10 Oct. While we don't have session descriptions yet, there will be:

  • "Making the Most of Emerging Technologies", Steve Rayson, MD of Kineo

  • "Emerging Technologies in SAP Education", Mike Honer, Education Director, SAP

  • "Role-based Training in a Distributed Learning Environment", Philip Bourne, WW Education Development Director, Symantec

  • "Benchmarking - how organisations use technology to support both formal and informal learning", Laura Overton, MD of Towards Maturity

  • Market Barometer Update

  • "More Creativity and Innovation from Training", Richard Lane, Training and Performance Consultant

  • Lots of break-outs and opportunities for networking.

Invitations will be sent out by Fri 9 August to member main contacts who will allocate their pre-paid places.

If you have any questions, please ask. But, in any case, save the dates!

Mike Dowsey

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Recent Articles from the Education and Training Press



Worldwide Training Industry News (Jul 13)
Abstract News ©2013 Information Inc

IT Training Press Releases (Jul 13)
©2013 Training Press Releases

Industry News Headlines from CLOmedia (Jul 13)
©2013 Media Tec Publishing

E-learning Market Update (Jul 13)
©2013 Kineo

Technology Headlines for Jul 2013 (Jul 13)
Tech headlines for July 2013 include: Hybrid Learning Models Will Continue to Grow in Higher Ed, Mobile Learning to reach $2.1 Billion in North America by 2017, New Study Examines Use and Performance of LMSs and TMSs, Federal Mobile Workforce Appreciates Mobile Devices, and Yahoo Acquires Blogging and Gaming Platforms. Learning Circuits, ©2013 ASTD

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Reviews and Current Trends

Learning Executives Confidence Index 2Q13 (Jul 13)
The second quarter in 2013 saw a decline in confidence between Q1 and Q2, with an almost three point decrease from 68.1 to 65.3. As seen previously for 2011 and 2012, both years commenced with strong optimism from learning executives (67.1 and 67.3 respectively), but confidence waned later in each year. By the second quarter of the year, organizations see a clearer picture of the year’s opportunities and budget usage, which can bring confidence levels down. ©2013 ASTD

The Bluffer's Guide to the most important Learning and Development Surveys (Jun 13)
This survey of learning surveys from Good Practice draws collectively on research with over 2,500 learning professionals. ©2013 Good Practice

Mobile Learning Soars in Asia (Jul 13)
Market conditions for mobile learning are extremely positive in Asian nations. T+D, ©2013 ASTD

Learning and the Older Worker (Aug 13)
Many workers are choosing to delay retirement. Learning leaders must employ tact and strategy to keep baby boomers engaged and their skills up to date. Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

Manager Meetings and Motivation (Jul 13)
Are employees’ needs being met by one-on-one time with their managers? The answer is, “No,” according to a survey conducted by Training magazine and The Ken Blanchard Companies. Training Magazine,
©2013 Lakewood Media Group

A Feel for the Job (Jul 13)
You can teach technical skills such as how to use software or machinery, but can you train employees to be intuitive? More companies are exploring how to help their workforce intuit customer needs. Training Magazine,
©2013 Lakewood Media Group

2013 Grads Expect Employers to Develop their Skills (Jul 13)
A new study shows that many recent graduates don’t feel college was enough, and are looking to companies to fill the gap.
T+D, ©2013 ASTD

eBooks for Learning - A Quick Survey (Jul 13)
Here are the results from 445 organizations about the current and future plans for using eBooks for Learning! Could learning groups take a printed manual, shift it to an eBook version - and possibly add video, assessment, social commenting and even performance support?  Could we change an eBook into a L(learning)Book? ©2013 The MASIE Center

EMC EduCares about Its Customers (Jul 13)
EMC’s EduCare is value-added informal and service-based learning to support EMC storage and information infrastructure solutions for its customers. ©2013 Training

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Training Manager/Director Development

Fuel Innovation (Aug 13)
Innovative learning organizations can merge business and people information to provide diverse, consumable learning within the context of daily work and use technology to support real-time collaboration. Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

Can Knowledge Sharing transform Learning (Aug 13)
Create structure around expert-to-expert learning to take advantage of its potential, says Josh Bersin. Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

Drunk Tank Pink (Aug 13)
Environmental factors have a significant impact on how well people learn, says Jay Cross.
Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

Feel-Good Training (Jul 13)
Learner self-esteem often is overlooked in training programs. Remember to look for ways to build participants’ confidence, as well as their skills and knowledge. Training Magazine,
©2013 Lakewood Media Group

Motivating Learners to Learn (Jul 13)
Inspiring people to learn and get the most from the learning experience is a multifaceted task. Training Magazine,
©2013 Lakewood Media Group

Talk to the Elephant - How to Attract and Maintain Your Learners Attention (Jun 13)
We can’t expect learners to pay attention if we’re relying on their willpower alone. Here are nine attention-grabbing techniques from Julie Dirksen. Inside Learning Technologies and Skills, ©2013 CloserStill L&D

Personalising Learning (Jun 13)
Learning professionals must prepare for learners, managers and behavioural shifts to move us toward increased personalisation of our learning, training and performance resources, says Elliott Masie. Inside Learning Technologies and Skills, ©2013 CloserStill L&D

Riding the Technology Wave (Jul 13)
How to align the force of technology with the right people strategy to thrive in The Human Age. Training Magazine,
©2013 Lakewood Media Group

Is Learning Getting Better? (Jun 13)
Technology provides the means to convince management that learning produces change for the better. Vaughan Waller provides the proof. Inside Learning Technologies and Skills, ©2013 CloserStill L&D

Harness Disruptive Innovation for Learning (Jun 13)
Does your organisation have the courage to disrupt the status quo? Lars Hyland says it’s time to put technology at the heart of your learning strategy. Inside Learning Technologies and Skills, ©2013 CloserStill L&D

It is All About the Manager (Jul 13)
How do corporations maximize the return on their training investment so they have the talent to successfully compete in the marketplace? Much of the answer lies with the manager/direct report relationship. Training Magazine,
©2013 Lakewood Media Group

At a Distance (Jul 13)
Managing a remote team? Here’s how to get (and keep) them engaged.
T+D, ©2013 ASTD

No More Revolving Door (Jul 13)
Turnover is still one of the greatest challenges facing Human Resources and Training teams. Once recruited and educated, how do you keep your winning team in place? Training Magazine,
©2013 Lakewood Media Group

MIA - Women in the Executive Suite (Jul 13)
Women with leadership capabilities are abundant. Why aren’t they getting the top jobs?
T+D, ©2013 ASTD

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Selling and Marketing Education

Let's Get Engaged (Jun 13)
Are you in learning? You’d better be in marketing too, or your content might fly under the radar, says Stephen Walsh. Inside Learning Technologies and Skills, ©2013 CloserStill L&D

A Partnership between L&D and Marketing could be a Match Made in Heaven (Jun 13)
What would it be like to work on the other side of the fence? Learning departments and marketing teams can learn a lot from one another. Rob Clarke explains. Inside Learning Technologies and Skills, ©2013 CloserStill L&D

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Learning Methods and Media

Create a Training Infographic (Jul 13)
Infographics typically have larger fonts than the old training job aids and are limited to one or two pages. Training Magazine, ©2013 Lakewood Media Group

T&D Transformation (Jul 13)
Learning today is a continuous process, delivered through just-in-time training and other techniques that maximize value. Training Magazine,
©2013 Lakewood Media Group

Turn Education Into a Lifelong Experience (Aug 13)
MOOCs ensure development remains relevant. Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

The Heck with the Check (Aug 13)
Checking boxes isn’t enough. Without a solid connection to the business and appropriate follow-up to support learning, initiatives will not produce sustainable, long-term behavioral change. Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

Rolling the DICE (Jul 13)
Learning how to Design “In-Context” Experiences. Training Magazine,
©2013 Lakewood Media Group

Design with the User's Needs in Mind (Jul 13)
Apply this approach to designing an effective mobile user experience.
T+D, ©2013 ASTD

Five Red Flags - Warning that You Have Outgrown Your Learning Solution (Jun 13)
Your learning solution of the past may not be what your organisation requires today or in the future. It’s time to re-evaluate, says flag-waver Jon Drakes. Inside Learning Technologies and Skills, ©2013 CloserStill L&D

Blended Learning - Current Use, Challenges and Best Practice (Jul 13)
The survey looked at how organisations are really using blended learning, and what results they are producing. The report explores the current use, challenges and best practices being faced by organisations. ©2013Kineo and The Oxford Group

Unwrapping Experiential Learning (Oct 12)
Interest in online Experiential Learning solutions has increased markedly recently. Sarah Frame explains what it is, what differentiates it from e-learning, and shares the characteristics of a successful implementation. Inside Learning Technologies and Skills, ©2012 CloserStill L&D

Take the Strain out of Complex and Sensitive Subjects (Dec 12)
Sarah Frame illustrates why Online Experiential Learning is particularly successful in delivering highly sensitive or complicated content. Inside Learning Technologies and Skills, ©2012 CloserStill L&D

Putting Out Fires, Part 3 - eLearning Project Documentation (Jul 13)
In part one of this series, we discussed 10 questions to ask before you start to modify someone else’s eLearning project. In part two, we discussed what to look for once you open the files. In this article, we’ll discuss what you should document when you finish the revisions, as well as at the end of every eLearning project. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2013 The eLearning Guild

The Future is RED for Multi-Device Delivery (Nov 12)
Responsive E-learning Design (RED) is helping leading organisations get to grips with multi-device, multi-screen delivery. Stephen Walsh explains. Inside Learning Technologies and Skills, ©2012 CloserStill L&D

10 E-learning Tips for iPads (Jun 13)
Whether you’re developing new content for iPads or m-enabling your existing e-learning, Alan Samuel shares some practical advice. Inside Learning Technologies and Skills, ©2013 CloserStill L&D

What Can Tin Can Do for Me? (Apr 13)
April saw Tin Can API formalised as an Open Specification. Andrew Downes and Mark Aberdour look at what this means for learning technologists and practitioners. Inside Learning Technologies and Skills, ©2013 CloserStill L&D

Tin Can and a New Class of Study (Apr 13)
Tim Martin, one of the creators of the Tin Can API, explains how this new open source specification will make amazing things possible. Inside Learning Technologies and Skills,
©2013 CloserStill L&D

Tin Can in Practice (Apr 13)
Jonathan Archibald tackles the question: ‘How can Tin Can work in practice to support individual learners?’ Inside Learning Technologies and Skills,
©2013 CloserStill L&D

How Tin Can Supports Communities of Learners (Jun 13)
And  Paul Burns follows up and describes how it underpins communities. Inside Learning Technologies and Skills,
©2013 CloserStill L&D

Best Practice for Mobile Devices Course Development (Jun 13)
BYOD, social applications and mobile devices are gaining ground. Peter Barrett outlines the best approach to creating a learning and performance content strategy. Inside Learning Technologies and Skills, ©2013 CloserStill L&D

ABCs of Game Design (Jul 13)
Not really sure what it takes to create an instructional game? No problem, here are four suggestions for getting started, says Karl Kapp. Training Magazine,
©2013 Lakewood Media Group

Gameful Design for Learning (Jul 13)
The features that make games fun are exactly what need to be incorporated into workplace training.
T+D, ©2013 ASTD

The Gamification of Retail Safety and Loss Prevention Training (Jul 13)
This is the first in a series of articles by Karl Kapp highlighting the impact gamification can have on organizations from a learning and development perspective. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2013 The eLearning Guild

Five simple steps for adapting your multi-device strategy (Jun 13)
Incorporating mobile devices into your learning provision may well address learner needs that have previously gone unmet and so lead to significant returns on investment. ©2013 Epic Learning Group

Mobile Learning 101 (Jul 13)
If you’re just getting started with mobile learning, here are the basics you need to know. T+D, ©2013 ASTD

Five Reasons to Use Performance Support (Jul 13)
Performance support can be as simple as a job aid that reminds us of the things we have to do, in the order we have to do them, so we don’t have to memorize everything. Recipes and assembly instructions are classic examples. Performance support can be an online information resource that helps us find quick answers to questions. Here are five reasons to use it.  Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2013 The eLearning Guild


MOOCs Filling Private-sector Skills Gaps (Jul 13)
Aquent has placed more than 200 candidates in new positions and is building a course catalog of MOOCs to offer free professional education throughout the year and better connect talent with employers. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2013 The eLearning Guild


MOOCs in Higher Education - Options, Affordances, Pitfalls (Jul 13)
This article covers MOOC pedagogy, technologies, and the role of the instructor, the role of assessment, credentialing, copyright, and some MOOC principles.  Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2013 The eLearning Guild


Video Compression Secrets - Smaller Files, Better Quality (Jul 13)
Last year, YouTube reported that users were uploading 48 hours of video to the service every minute. That’s over 69,000 hours of video a day, every day. Petabytes of video, every day (a petabyte is a million gigabytes). The only way this works is because YouTube compresses all that video during upload. But you aren’t dealing in petabytes of video so why does this matter to you? Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2013 The eLearning Guild


Five Mistakes Trainers Make when Shooting Video with Smart Phones (Jul 13)
The technology that most of us carry in our pockets today provides training professionals with opportunities that they’ve never had before. ©2013 Training Industry Inc


Moodle - The Corporate Reality Uncovered (Oct 12)
Moodle is migrating from academia to corporate. But is it up to the job of an enterprise LMS? Adrian Jones reveals the answer. Inside Learning Technologies and Skills, ©2012 CloserStill L&D

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Social Media for Learning

A Plan For Implementing Social Learning In Your Organization (Jun 13)
While social learning is gaining in momentum among chief learning officers, chief talent officers, and heads of human resources, there are a number of barriers to adopting social learning for an organization. To implement social learning, one has to understand the larger trends affecting the changing workplace, as well as key barriers that prevent the adoption of social learning inside the organization. ©2013 Future Workplace

Social Learning and Self-Organised Spaces - How to Engage Learners (Jun 13)
Steve Wheeler examines the ever-widening landscape of self-organised spaces and appreciates their value in the global learning environment. Inside Learning Technologies and Skills, ©2013 CloserStill L&D

Demonstrable Results with Social Learning (Mar 13)
While social learning is still a hot topic in the training industry, our profession is still attempting to show its value. C-suite executives want to know how social learning affects the bottom line, not how many people visited our online community. Whitepaper, ©2013 Q2 Learning

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Case Studies and Projects

Wipro's Unconventional CLO (Aug 13)
Wipro Ltd’s CLO has made unconventional approaches to learning and development the norm at the India-based IT and consulting company. Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

Improve Quality of Life with Virtual Learning (Aug 13)
Sodexo’s virtual learning provides training to new hires, communicates progress and defines the manager’s role in executing corporate strategy. Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

Setting the Gold Standard (Jul 13)
It took a few setbacks and subsequent tweaks, but the resulting global leadership development program has led to measurable success.
T+D, ©2013 ASTD

A Management 180 Degrees (Jul 13)
Samsung flipped its focus from quantity to quality, of both talent and products, leading to a revolution.
T+D, ©2013 ASTD

Jet Blue's Learning Analytics Leverages Big Data (Jun 13)
In this case study Teri Schmidt, Shawn Overcast and John R. Mattox II assess the impact of strong data measurement principles at a leading airline.  Inside Learning Technologies and Skills, ©2013 CloserStill L&D

Comfortable Migration for Furniture Giants (Jun 13)
Jenna Smith explains how Herman Miller reduced training hours and cuts costs with performance support. Inside Learning Technologies and Skills, ©2013 CloserStill L&D

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Measuring Education Value

How Effective are your Training Dollars (Aug 13)
Training can offer companies tangible returns on investment, or it can become a great organizational cost and source of inefficiency. How learning leaders approach implementation, measurement and communication will determine success or failure. Chief Learning Officer, ©2013 Media Tec Publishing

Evaluation and the Gift of Performance Support (Jul 13)
Effective evaluation improves the quality of what we do, increases the efficiency of how we do it, determines the degree to which we can consistently achieve what we set out to do, and measures the strategic value of it all. Performance support (PS) plays a vital role in enabling all of this. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2013 The eLearning Guild

Small Lessons from Big Data (Jun 13)
With learning analytics you can build a case for return on investment that is realistic yet impressive. Nigel Paine shows you how. Inside Learning Technologies and Skills, ©2013 CloserStill L&D

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Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing

Develop RFPs That Produce the Best Outcomes (Jul 13)
A well-designed request for proposal makes it easy for suppliers to give you the information you need to choose the best solution. T+D, ©2013 ASTD

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On Demand Webinars

Creating a Smarter Workforce for Market Leadership (May 13)
IBM executives, clients and industry experts discussed how leading companies are building a smarter workforce and why it is key to an organization's growth and competitiveness - "A Smarter Workforce is a Social Workforce". IBM Webinar, May 2013

How to implement and adopt a Social Learning strategy (May 13) and charts
Clive Shepherd described how to adopt a Social Learning approach and best practices in getting started with a Social Learning strategy. Learning and Skills Group Webinar, May 23, 2013

Learning Engagement Strategies - An Introduction to Gamification (Jun 13)

This webinar gave an overview of game-enabled learning environments and moved through simple game mechanics, then presented several cases for successful implementation of gamification efforts in today’s learning environments. Elearning! Webinar, Jun 6, 2013


Protecting Your Tests Using Copyright Law (Jun 13) and charts
US copyright laws can be used to protect the integrity of your tests and ke
eps your exam from being copied. And when your exam content winds up online, the US Copyright laws can also be used to remove that content from infringing web sites. A lawyer discussed key issues on this important topic. Caveon Webinar, Jun 19, 2013

Learning Everywhere - How Mobile Content Strategies are Transforming Training (Jul 13)
This webinar first provided practical advice and real-world examples of how to create best of breed mobile experiences that increase performance. Then, Carol Cohen of HP described how to easily create “instant,” short learning modules that give sales reps information at the moment of need, and how to make them accessible to a mobile workforce. Training Industry Webinar, Jul 18, 2013

Learning Marketplace 2013 (Jul 13)
Elliott Masie explores trends in how organizations are shifting how they buy learning systems, content, services and products. MASIE Center Webinar, Jul 30, 2013

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Skills Gap/Technical Certification

Step Up! (Jul 13)
How best to motivate employees and organizations to work together on career development and skills training. Training Magazine, ©2013 Lakewood Media Group

Retaining and Motivating Skilled Labor (Jul 13)
The solution likely will be a mixture of incentive planning, cultural changes, and ongoing training and development programs. Training Magazine,
©2013 Lakewood Media Group

Certification Blog from (Jul 13)
This blog spanning 18 months has several articles on certification. Future newsletters may contain individual posts.
©2013 Training Industry Inc

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Special Interest Groups

Getting to a Light Weight Authorized Training Partner Program - Certifying Instructors (Jul 13) and charts
Christine Souza of AppDynamics led a discussion around creating a “light” ATP program.   This second session focused on Certifying Instructors and asked the following questions. What would a light weight train the trainer look like? Recommended T3 formal classes? Attend as a student? Video record presentation and submit with CV supporting training knowledge? Pass product certification level? Warning: as it’s audio only, it is recommended to have the charts open first. Using Training Partners SIG, July 11, 2013

Getting the Most out of our Information Sources (Jul 13) and charts
Mike showed where to get information on the website and how to use ClickTools to customize that information for your own needs. Important Note: On the question of where you can use information derived from CEdMA surveys, it is fine inside the member company, but not outside, since our services are for members only. Erratum: In the description of the barometer bar charts, it was suggested “1” is a >10% decrease, “2” is a 5-10% decrease, and so on, whereas in fact it is the reverse.  “1” is a >10% increase, “2” is a 5-10% increase, and so on. Training Metrics and Benchmarking SIG, July 30, 2013

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And, Finally.....




The Thief and the Paintings Story (planning, preparation, resources, project management)

A thief was caught after stealing some paintings from the Louvre in Paris, when his getaway van ran out of fuel.

Given bail at his first hearing, a reporter asked him on the steps of the courthouse how he forgot such a vital part of his plan.

"Simple," said the thief, "I had no Monet for Degas to make the Van Gogh."

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Feedback, please!


I would really like to get input from you, the readers.  Please give me your feedback and point me towards any article or source that you think the rest of the membership might enjoy. Thank you.

Mike Dowsey
Executive Director

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