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ber 2015


Welcome to the October edition of the CEdMA-Europe Members' Monthly Newsletter, which is sent to CEdMA Europe members and to European colleagues of CEdMA USA members.

Certification SIG - Growing the Ecosystem Fri Oct 16, 12-1pm EDT
A session focused on university programs, veteran's programs, and reaching the IT professional. Here are the details to join the meeting: session number 792 684 551, password "sig2015".

Subscriptions SIG, Fri Oct 30 12-1pm EDT
The last meeting started the research phase to examine models, attributes and metrics for successful subscription businesses. Here are the details to join the meeting: session number: 790 495 371, password: "sig2015"

CEdMA Europe Conference on 20-21 Oct with a workshop on 19 Oct
The CEdMA Europe Autumn Conference at the Heathrow/Windsor Marriott at Langley, on Tue 20th and Wed 21st Oct. The theme is “Engaging and Partnering with Alliances”. While we don't have final session descriptions yet, there will be:

Keynote: "Applying new models of learning in practice"
Panel session with three guest speakers: “How can CEdMA members assist in addressing the IT skills gap?”
Breakout: “How do we as CEdMA members respond to the panel?”
Member Case Study: “Red Hat Academy – Reaching into new markets”
Innovation Award Winner Presentation
Breakout: “What other innovations are taking place within members?”
Keynote: “What is an Alliance and what you should expect from the relationship”
Case Study: “An alliance in action”
Breakout “Key considerations regarding establishing a successful relationship”
“The CEdMA 2015 Pricing Study”
Breakout: “Customer Advisory Boards – How useful?”
Lots of opportunities for networking.

ease click here if you are interested to attend..

As an “appetiser”, there is also a joint CEdMA Europe/British Computer Society workshop the day before on Mon 19th at 1600, “Can we address the IT skills gap through industry engagement with educational standards and qualifications?” The venue is a boat on the nearby River Thames at Windsor and there’ll be post-event drinks.


CEdMA Fall Conference, Nov 3-4, at MathWorks in Natick, MA
We now have the complete list of sessions:


Multipliers: How to Tap the Intelligence of Your Customers and Workforces - KEYNOTE SESSION
Case Study - How ForgeRock Implemented a 100% Cloud Solution
How Academic Alliances can Drive More Education Business
Women in Education Leadership - Career Success Stories
Gamification Processes in Education
CEdMA Impact Award Session - Bringing Training Back into the Conversation
Sales Enablement & Onboarding Training – Part Deux
Competency vs. Consumption:  How to Balance the Need for Micro-Learning with In-Depth Technical Training
Rapid Content Development in an AGILE World
Education Services Marketing & Services Credit Programs
"It Takes a Village" - Open Case Profile Workshop

Click here to get further information. You can enrol from the main menu on the website or from here.


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Recent Articles from the Education and Training Press


Reviews and Current Trends

Trendlines (Aug 15)
Elearning!, ©2015 B2B Media Co

Elearning! Top 100 (Aug 15)
©2015 B2B Media Co

Merging More Than Companies (Oct 15)
As learning technology companies merge, there are fewer big players but more opportunity for better content and delivery. Chief Learning Officer, ©2015 Media Tec Publishing

Learning in the Cloud (Sep 15)
A forecast for the future of learning includes micro-learning and learner-created learning paths. Training Magazine,
©2015 Lakewood Media Group

Rethinking IT Development (Sep 15)
Today's organizations need a new breed of business-focused IT professionals with an expansive education and broader view. Training Magazine,
©2015 Lakewood Media Group

Back to School - Asking Schools about Learning Technology (Sep 15)
The new school year has started in many countries, and that means it is also time for parents to take an interest again in how the massive industry called public education is using learning technology. Here are a dozen questions to ask. Listen carefully to the answers you get, including the non-verbal responses, when you hold educators accountable.
Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2015 eLearning Guild

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Training Manager/Director Development

Yes, Enterprise Software Training can Increase Product Sales (Sep 15)
Today's leading enterprise software companies are offering training to potential buyers as a means for helping them learn as much as they can about the problem and possible solutions. Companies that are doing this and are being rewarded with faster sales cycles and higher product sales. ServiceRocket Webinar, Sep 1, 2015

How to Consumerize the Enterprise (Aug 15)
Two experts discuss the impact of consumer applications on enterprise software, and how learning leaders can leverage the concept. Elearning!,
©2015 B2B Media Co

How to Tackle External Audiences (Aug 15)
There's no one answer, since audiences are diverse, but there are pitfalls. Elearning!,
©2015 B2B Media Co

Working with Subject Matter Experts - The Ultimate Guide (Sep 15)
Relationships are a key to success and, during your eLearning course development one of the most challenging relationships you will ever have will be with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). In this article, I'll share some information about how to work closely with Subject Matter Experts, build a respectful working relationship with them, and facilitate your eLearning design and development process. ©2015 eLearning Industry

Put Context into the SME Role (Sep 15)
Six things to share with subject matter experts when working on a training project, so they can sift through their vast and deep knowledge base to present just the right information. Training Magazine,
©2015 Lakewood Media Group

9 Key Players You Need on Your eLearning Dream Team (Sep 15)
Behind every successful eLearning project is a winning eLearning team. In this article, I'll highlight the 9 key players that you need to have in your eLearning dream team, so that you can produce extraordinary eLearning experiences. ©2015 eLearning Industry

4 Reasons You Need To Build A Software Training Partner Network (Jul 15)
If partner programs are so vital to the success of software company growth, why do they predominantly include technical implementation help when there is such a huge opportunity to help customers adopt the software and get the most out of it? ©2015 ServiceRocket

Top 9 Tips to Boost Collaboration within Your eLearning Team (Oct 14)
In this article, I will present you 9 tips to boost collaboration with your eLearning design and development team. These tips and techniques can offer you and your eLearning team the chance to improve communication, streamline your efforts, and effectively handle any challenge that an eLearning project throws your way. ©2015 eLearning Industry

For Women, Perception Is Everything (Oct 15)
To smash the glass ceiling, women can rely on their personal brand, Chief Learning Officer, ©2015 Media Tec Publishing

Avoid Technology as a Tool for Rudeness (Sep 15)
Be aware of these four ways technology can hurt rather than help. Training Magazine,
©2015 Lakewood Media Group

Toxic Employees in the Workplace (Mar 15)
Hidden costs and how to spot them,
©2015 Cornerstone On Demand

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Selling and Marketing Education

4 Reasons Learning Should Embrace Branding (Sep 15)
Learning is like any product or service delivered by a company, so why not brand it that way?
CLOmedia, ©2015 Media Tec Publishing

How to Write a Million Dollar Proposal for Training in Three Hours (Sep 15) plus handout
You get a phone call. A client wants a proposal by close of business today - just three hours from now. You are competing for a dream assignment with two other groups. Can you create a compelling proposal? Training Magazine Network Seminar, Sep 8, 2015

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Learning Methods

Get RESPECT for Quality Instructional Design (Sep 15)
You know how to appreciate well-designed training, but how can you get senior leaders to share that appreciation? TD, ©2015 ATD

Designing Thoughtful Learning (Sep 15)
You need brains!
Technology Enabled Learning Excellence, ©2015 HR.com

Global Workforce Training (Sep 15)
5 challenges to overcome,
Technology Enabled Learning Excellence, ©2015 HR.com

Localized E-Learning for Global Audiences (Sep 15)
How to roll out a multilingual e-learning program. TD,
©2015 ATD

Integrating the Bigger Picture of Learning (Sep 15)
Workplaces are becoming increasingly ambiguous and unique,
Technology Enabled Learning Excellence, ©2015 HR.com

Not Your Mother's Blended Learning (Oct 15)
Made up of communities, cohorts and pairs, this is not the blended learning you know so well. It’s a different breed, one focused on people, that today’s companies likely need. Chief Learning Officer, ©2015 Media Tec Publishing

10 Tips to Improve your Visual Design Skills for Non-Designers (Sep 15)
Is it possible to create great visual design when you are not a designer? In this article, I'll share 10 simple tips to improve your visual design skills and ensure that, despite your lack of knowledge or experience, you can create your own high quality visual design eLearning environment. ©2015 eLearning Industry

10 Big Mistakes in eLearning Design and Development to Avoid (Sep 15)
While the eLearning industry is experiencing rapid evolution and organizations have seen massive cost and time saving through it, there are still issues like learner boredom, lack of interactions, lack of relevance, and inadequate real-world problem solving. How can you make sure that you don’t face these challenges during the design and development process of your eLearning courses?  ©2015 eLearning Industry

eLearning - Millennials Are Calling The Shots (Sep 15)
Be ready!
Technology Enabled Learning Excellence, ©2015 HR.com

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Learning Technology Paves the Way for Change (Sep 15)
Technology-enhanced learning will progressively evolve in the years ahead. We must be prepared to maximize that learning’s impact in the workplace. Training Magazine, ©2015 Lakewood Media Group

6 Marketing Techniques to Apply to Training - How eLearning Professionals Get What They Want (Sep 15)
In this article I would like to share with you some simple marketing techniques that can be applied to the training field to get your learner do what you want them to do. ©2015 eLearning Industry

The Art of Aesthetic eLearning (Sep 15)
5 principles to follow when pruning courses,
Technology Enabled Learning Excellence, ©2015 HR.com

8 Important Reasons Why YouTube Should Be Part of Your eLearning Course (Sep 15)
YouTube is not only the kingdom of digital entertainment but it can also be a great environment for learning. In this article, I'll share 8 important reasons why you should use YouTube in eLearning and I'll explain how making it part of your eLearning course can truly benefit your eLearning audience. ©2015 eLearning Industry

Top 10 Tips on eLearning Localization that Actually Add Value (Sep 15)
Localization of eLearning courses to reach the global audience is a well-established practice. However, successful localization needs to look at the entire development process (rather than see this as a translation exercise) and plan for several other factors that will help you succeed. In this article, I will outline top 10 tips on eLearning localization that actually add value to your mandate. ©2015 eLearning Industry

Flash - Is it Time we Mourn its Demise in eLearning (Sep 15)
The King is dead, long live the King! As HTML5 jockeys for Flash’s coveted top spot as eLearning darling, we take a look at what the inevitable demise of Flash means for eLearning professionals. ©2015 eLearning Industry

8 Tips to Convert Flash to HTML5 that will Help your Business (Sep 15)
Particularly over the last 4+ years, most organizations have evaluated mobile learning solutions integrating tablets and smartphones into their learning delivery. Mobile learning solutions are based on HTML5 technology. While it is fairly straightforward to create new courses using HTML5 that are mobile ready, there are several aspects that you need to watch out for when converting Flash to HMTL5. ©2015 eLearning Industry

Images in eLearning - 6 Best Practices to Choose Images for your eLearning Course (Sep 15)
We all acknowledge the power that lies in images. The question how can you be sure that you choose the right images for your eLearning course? In this article, I'll share 6 best practices to choose images in eLearning so that you can make sure the pictures you select in your next image search are ideal for your eLearning deliverable. ©2015 eLearning Industry

Games and Simulations - Special Section (Sep 15)
Trends, technologies and case studies, Training Magazine,
©2015 Lakewood Media Group

The Psychology of Gamification in Education - Why Rewards Matter For Learner Engagement (Sep 15)
One only has to have a fleeting knowledge of the eLearning industry to see how much of an impact gamification is having. There are countless articles out there telling us that that it is the future of learning -and it is-, but what is it about gamification in education, or other areas of life, that really makes us want to progress? This article will explore some of the psychology behind what motivates us to learn, and what makes us retain that crucial knowledge. ©2015 eLearning Industry

Wearables at Work (Sep 15)
Are your employees ready to wear smartwatches, glasses, and more on the job? And are you ready to train them on it? Training Magazine,
©2015 Lakewood Media Group

Practical Video Production for eLearning - Do It Right (Sep 15)
You’re probably making video for your eLearning, but are you making the best use of video? Here are ways to think about video and video production (including tips on equipment and location shooting) that make it practical and give it that big- budget look (on a shoestring)! Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2015 eLearning Guild

How To Effectively Use Videos In eLearning (Sep 15)
There are more than 1 billion active users on YouTube, and every minute close to 400 hours’ worth of video content is uploaded to this platform. With the advent of mobile devices, people are spending more and more time in watching videos – for entertainment as well as for education. Per mobile session, the average time spent on YouTube is 40 minutes! The eLearning industry has no option but to adapt to these changing habits of the learners. The supporters of interactive eLearning are vouching for videos in eLearning courses as one of the most prominent trends. ©2015 eLearning Industry

Reaping Benefits of Virtual Training (Sep 15)
Virtual training supports green and cost-saving initiatives,
Technology Enabled Learning Excellence, ©2015 HR.com

Reinventing the LMS Market - Again (Oct 15)
A big, disruptive shift may be afoot that will change existing products, says Josh Bersin, Chief Learning Officer, ©2015 Media Tec Publishing

Latest Trends in the LMS-LP Industry (Sep 15)
Are we there yet?
Technology Enabled Learning Excellence, ©2015 HR.com

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Social Media for Learning

How @Twitter Handles #Learning (Oct 15)
For a social media platform like Twitter, technology is everything, right? Wrong. When it comes to learning, Melissa Daimler says face-to-face interactions and feedback trump digital every time. Chief Learning Officer, ©2015 Media Tec Publishing

Mobile Technologies and Social Learning (Sep 15)
A quick look around your workplace (or even the grocery store) tells you that most of us are always connected. Not only that, we also now know much more about the benefits of combining social and mobile technology for learning. Here are the background and the tips you may need to help you get started!
Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2015 eLearning Guild

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Case Studies and Projects

Community Involvement Spurs Innovation and Collaboration at Salesforce (Aug 15)
“Collaboration with our customers, partners and employees has been a hallmark of Salesforce since the beginning, and the Success Community is the hub for that collaboration,” says Wayne McCulloch, senior vice president of Salesforce University. Elearning!, ©2015 B2B Media Co

Collaboration Is Just One Way That IBM Is Improving Corporate Learning (Aug 15)
 IBM Learning now addresses skill and performance gaps that cannot be closed by existing methods alone. Elearning!,
©2015 B2B Media Co

ISTE at the Forefront of EdTech Learning (Aug 15)
At the end of this year, ISTE members will have collaborated on the creation of 200 sample lessons, artifacts and resources. Elearning!,
©2015 B2B Media Co

A Pragmatic Approach to mLearning (Sep 15)
A case study from BMC Software demonstrates how to make the leap from talking about mLearning to going live with an effective program. Training Magazine,
©2015 Lakewood Media Group

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Measuring Education Value

Hope Is Not a Success Strategy (Oct 15)
We need to redefine learning success, Chief Learning Officer, ©2015 Media Tec Publishing

Tracking Informal Learning (Sep 15)
Observation, collaboration, and interaction with others are key ways employees learn their jobs and company culture, but can you measure how well it works? Training Magazine,
©2015 Lakewood Media Group

Derive Hard Numbers from Soft Skills (Sep 15)
It is possible to measure the impact and ROI of soft skill programs. TD,
©2015 ATD

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Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing
No articles this time

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Skills Gap/Technical Certification

Tester Beware (Sep 15)
Psychometric testing is a multibillion-dollar enterprise, but has the predictive power of these tests grown with their popularity? TD, ©2015 ATD

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Special Interest Groups

Marketing your Program (Sep 15) plus deck

  • External marketing
  • Internal marketing
  • Marketing plan.

Certification SIG, Sep 18,2015

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And, Finally.....



The Jewels Story (enjoyment, fulfillment, possession, wealth, materialism, greed)

Once there was a very rich and greedy man. He loved and hoarded jewels.

One day a visitor asked to see them.

So the jewels were brought out, amid much expensive security, and the two men gazed at the wonderful stones.

As the visitor was leaving he said, "Thank you for sharing your jewels with me."

"I didn't give them to you," exclaimed the rich man, "They belong to me."

"Yes of course," replied the visitor, "And while we enjoyed the jewels just the same, the real difference between us is your trouble and expense of buying and protecting them."

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I would really like to get input from you, the readers.  Please give me your feedback and point me towards any article or source that you think the rest of the membership might enjoy. Thank you.

Mike Dowsey

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