CEdMA-Europe Members' Newsletter - Novem
ber 2015

Welcome to the November edition of the CEdMA-Europe Members' Monthly Newsletter, which is sent to CEdMA Europe members and to European colleagues of CEdMA USA members.

CEdMA Fall Conference, Nov 3-4, at MathWorks in Natick, MA

We are so close to the CEdMA Fall Conference and look forward to seeing you there!

You'll be networking with over 60 leaders from over 30 companies.

You won't want to miss:

  • The Rob DeLange Keynote on how to turn yourself into a "multiplier" of customer and employee potential
  • The SVP of PTC University, Jon Stuart, on how Academic Alliances can increase your Education business
  • A lively panel discussion on balancing the need for micro-learning with more in depth technical training
  • How advocacy marketing and gamification can stimulate Education sales
  • Perspectives on Education leadership
  • A case study on a complete cloud training solution executed by member
  • How to define strategies for online learning
  • Other timely, provocative topics!

Join your colleagues for the conference most pertinent to our industry and responsibilities as training leaders. It's a "do not miss!"  And don't forget that non-CEdMA members may attend our conference to see how the organization can benefit them.


Looking forward to your registration!  Find details at:




Subscriptions SIG, “Models, Attributes and Metrics”, Fri Oct 30, 12-1pm Eastern
The last meeting started the research phase to examine models, attributes and metrics for successful subscription businesses. This meeting will discuss further and decide which must be modified or eliminated and which, if any, are missing.
WebEx session number: 790 495 371, password: "sig2015".


Using Training Partner SIG, "A fast-paced hour with three favored topics", Thu Nov 12, 12-1pm Eastern

  • Training Partner Instructor certification practices – What do you do? How is it working?
  • Avoiding direct and indirect business conflicts – What are you doing? How is it working?
  • Virtual Training and Training Partners – How to manage the geo overlap?


WebEx session number: 790 965 829, password: "sig2015".


Certification SIG, “Another fast-paced hour with four favored topics”, Fri Dec 4, 12-1pm Eastern

  • Remote test writing - best practices and overcoming obstacles
  • Online proctored testing - updates and latest news
  • Re-certification rules - what are programs calling for?
  • CEdMA fall conference highlights

WebEx session number: 799 404 121, password: "sig2015".


CEdMA Europe Workshop, “Subscription Models - Members' Experiences UPDATE”, Tue 8 Dec 1-5pm GMT

This will take place at Assima, Citypoint, near Moorgate in London. To reserve your place click here.


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Recent Articles from the Education and Training Press


Reviews and Current Trends

Combining two of the world's largest technology franchises (Oct 15)
Dell Inc. and EMC Corporation have signed a definitive agreement under which Dell, together with its owners, Michael S. Dell, founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Dell, MSD Partners and Silver Lake, the global leader in technology investing, will acquire EMC Corporation, while maintaining VMware as a publicly-traded company. © 2015 Dell

HR Technology for 2016 - 10 Big Disruptions on the Horizon (Sep 15)
The HR technology landscape is changing more rapidly than ever before, with game-changing transformations just beyond the horizon. As you plan for 2016, it is important to consider how these trends might affect your organization. © 2015 Deloitte Development LLC

Global Human Capital Trends (Feb 15)
Global organizations today must navigate a “new world of work”—one that requires a dramatic change in strategies for leadership, talent, and human resources. © 2015
Deloitte Development LLC

Global outlook - China (Sep 15)
Understanding the trends driving the China training market can help buyers find the right provider. Training Industry Magazine, Fall 2015, ©2015 Training Industry Inc

The State Of Training Industry (Oct 15)
It’s quite different from the reports you typically read! Technology Enabled Learning Excellence, ©2015 HR.com

Acquisition of Lynda.com furthers Linkedin's mission of creating economic opportunity (Sep 15)
Training Industry Magazine, Fall 2015, ©2015 Training Industry Inc

Marketo CEO - Customer Education Single Biggest Growth Limiter (Oct 15)
In a recent post on diginomica, Marketo CEO, Phil Fernandez, was quoted as saying, "I believe the single biggest growth limiter for our market at large, in fact, is customer education." ©2015 ServiceRocket

Global eLearning Market slows to $50.4 Billion by 2020 (Sep 15)
© 2015 FreshNews.com

Virtual Learning Trends Survey (May 15)
Infographic, Elearning!,
©2015 B2B Media Co

eLearning Trends (Oct 15)
What consumers are seeking; plus video and mobile data, Technology Enabled Learning Excellence, ©2015 HR.com

The Top 10 eLearning Content Development Companies for 2015 (Oct 15)
This is our third year of publishing the list of top 10 eLearning content development companies. This year’s list is particularly interesting, with quite a few position reclassifications and dynamic new additions, so we are very excited to share it with you.
©2015 eLearning Industry

Whose Job Is Corporate L&D (Oct 15)
It’s a collective responsibility,
Technology Enabled Learning Excellence, ©2015 HR.com

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Training Manager/Director Development

Where Do You Find Your Data (Nov 15)
Our methods to gather data could use some work, says Elliott Masie, Chief Learning Officer, ©2015 Media Tec Publishing

How To Create Courses On Shoestring Budgets (Oct 15)
Here’s a 5-step plan,
Technology Enabled Learning Excellence, ©2015 HR.com

Why I Hate LMSs (Oct 15)
Modern-day LMSs were born out of the new transactional capabilities of the Internet in the late 1990s. They are as much eCommerce as eLearning. LMSs can offer many products, process thousands of transactions, handle payments and delivery, and keep track of it all. This is a great value of LMSs. Without a good LMS, there would be chaos in the eLearning world. Why does Marc say he hates them? Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2015 eLearning Guild

Start With a Performance Mindset (Nov 15)
To succeed, strategic learning leaders can’t think of learning first, says Bob Mosher, Chief Learning Officer, ©2015 Media Tec Publishing

Craft Tomorrow's Workers Today (Nov 15)
To shape workers’ futures, companies need to start training them earlier, Chief Learning Officer, ©2015 Media Tec Publishing

Seven Tips for SME Interviews - Overcoming the Lack-of-Curiosity Blues (Oct 15)
Interviewing subject matter experts (SMEs) can be a chore, especially when you don’t have any real interest in the subject matter itself or when it’s hard to establish rapport with the expert. But here are seven simple tips that will save the day! Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2015 eLearning Guild

Top 7 Tips to be a Successful Webinar Host (Oct 15)
Many learning professionals are unwilling to host their own webinars, as they assume that being a successful webinar host requires skills they do not have. Here are the top 7 tips to help you through this process and make sure that you become a webinar host who highly engages and captivates their attendees, whoever they are. ©2015 eLearning Industry

Gender Representation in eLearning (Oct 15)
The issue of how to represent gender in eLearning in a way that is authentic and helpful is not an easy one. The answers are not simple, and even considering the questions can be uncomfortable for many. In this article, you will find some excellent guidelines, and ideas to spark productive conversations within our industry and your department. Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2015 eLearning Guild

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Selling and Marketing Education

Marketing Tips to Boost your eLearning Course Sales (Feb 15)
Here are a few marketing tips to boost your eLearning course sales that you may want to keep in mind when launching your next eLearning course. ©2015 eLearning Industry

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Learning Methods

This Is Your Brain On Training (Oct 15)
Why classroom-based ILT is still popular, Technology Enabled Learning Excellence, ©2015 HR.com

Access trumps knowledge (Sep 15)
Learners need a map to access knowledge quickly and efficiently, says Charles Jennings. Training Industry Magazine, Fall 2015, ©2015 Training Industry Inc

Let's get serious about live instructor-led training (Sep 15)
Training programs must be relevant and useful to appeal to today’s learners. Training Industry Magazine, Fall 2015, ©2015 Training Industry Inc

Blended Learning Advantages and Disadvantages in Corporate Training (Oct 15)
Does blended learning really offer the best of both worlds? More importantly, is it the right approach for your corporate training strategy? Here, we'll answer these key questions by exploring the benefits and drawbacks of blended learning on-the-job. ©2015 eLearning Industry

Tips to use Blended Learning in Corporate Training (Nov 14)
Here we'll explore how to use blended learning in corporate training in order to create an immersive and engaging blended learning experience for your learners. Also you'll find out about the 4 blended learning models and the 4 sub-models, as well as, how to apply each one of them in your corporate training course. ©2015 eLearning Industry

Using a blended approach when crafting a training delivery strategy (Sep 15)
A blended approach to learning can meet the needs of all learners, says Karl Kapp. Training Industry Magazine, Fall 2015, ©2015 Training Industry Inc

Just what employees ordered - personalized adaptive learning (Sep 15)
Harnessing analytics and big data can lead to improved learner engagement. Training Industry Magazine, Fall 2015, ©2015 Training Industry Inc

Accelerating expertise with simulations (Sep 15)
Simulations can accelerate the learning curve and enhance knowledge transfer. Training Industry Magazine, Fall 2015, ©2015 Training Industry Inc

Play to Learn (Nov 15)
Fun’s effect on learning doesn’t fade with age. Learning leaders can use exploration and socialization to their advantage by taking employees back to play school. Chief Learning Officer, ©2015 Media Tec Publishing

Games v Game-based Learning v Gamification (Sep 15)
A simple example of "Hopscotch" explains the difference between three seemingly similar yet distinct terms.
©2015  Upside Learning

Planning, developing, implementing serious games (Sep 15)
Serious games and gamification are all the buzz in our industry. But do we understand what they do for our training needs? The use of serious games can change behaviors and ultimately relieve pain points within an organization. Training Industry Magazine, Fall 2015, ©2015 Training Industry Inc

Leave Learning to Employees (Nov 15)
Employees can share knowledge more rapidly and widely than ever before, which means learning leaders have a new challenge ahead — letting go. Chief Learning Officer, ©2015 Media Tec Publishing

Please, Take it Personally (Nov 15)
Personalized learning may take more time and resources to create upfront, but the returns on the back end in engagement and knowledge retention make it more than worthwhile. Chief Learning Officer, ©2015 Media Tec Publishing

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The hidden risks of BYOD in corporate training, and how to mitigate them (Sep 15)
While it is a simple, cheap way to ensure learners have mobile access to corporate training apps and performance support resources, there are definite security risks for companies practicing BYOD.  ©2015 Information Age

eLearning Intake Form (Oct 15)
What every form needs to include, Technology Enabled Learning Excellence, ©2015 HR.com

What Do Novice eLearning Developers Think about Rapid eLearning Development Programs (Oct 15)
Which features of rapid eLearning development programs would novice eLearning developers likely use and which ones they would be less likely to use? Here is a case study conducted to answer that question and to learn what components of the rapid eLearning development programs novice eLearning developers do value, and why.
Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2015 eLearning Guild

What Is Interactive eLearning (Oct 15)
The 4 different ways to approach it, Technology Enabled Learning Excellence, ©2015 HR.com

How To Battle eLearning Project Concerns (Oct 15)
5 tips,
Technology Enabled Learning Excellence, ©2015 HR.com

Converting eLearning to mLearning (Sep 15)
So how do you do it?
©2015  Upside Learning

The Role of Mobile in Learning (Oct 15)
The challenge of mobile learning isn’t about getting learning content onto mobile devices. It’s about getting that content to employees where they are and capitalizing on their digital content consumption habits. Mobile content consumption is more about finding things out and preparing to perform than about learning. Here are some insights into executing mobile learning strategy at scale.
Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2015 eLearning Guild

Video Compression Secrets - Smaller Files, Better Quality UPDATED (Oct 15)
This is an update to the original article published in Learning Solutions Magazine July 8, 2013. That article has had over 170,000 page views, so evidently readers are finding it useful! However, technology changes, so we decided to revise and re-publish.
Learning Solutions Magazine, ©2015 eLearning Guild

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Social Media for Learning

Anti-social learning (Sep 15)
Keeping people connected with each other increases the speed to proficiency. Training Industry Magazine, Fall 2015, ©2015 Training Industry Inc

Measuring the ROI of social media within your organization (Sep 15)
Building use cases can help measure the ROI of social media. Training Industry Magazine, Fall 2015, ©2015 Training Industry Inc

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Case Studies and Projects

Choosing a Venue for Your Training Program (Sep 15)
Infographic, ©2015 MicroTek

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Measuring Education Value

Let the Assessment Begin (Nov 15)
With stable and sometimes increasing budgets, learning leaders are cautiously but optimistically investing in technology, assessments and content to meet organizational objectives. Chief Learning Officer, ©2015 Media Tec Publishing

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Processes/Managing Costs/Outsourcing

Helping buyers of training services become more savvy (Sep 15)
Training suppliers are not all created equal, nor do they all have the capabilities they claim to have. Training Industry Magazine, Fall 2015, ©2015 Training Industry Inc

6 Point Checklist for Choosing the Right eLearning Outsourcing Development Partner (Oct 15)
Developing eLearning in house is a very expensive option. Maintaining an internal team of Instructional Designers, content developers, and eLearning creators not only adds to the costs, but also adds to the management headaches. Therefore, with access to experienced eLearning content development talent, rapid completion, quicker turnaround, less management headache and cost savings are some of the common reasons why organizations consider outsourcing as an option. ©2015 eLearning Industry

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Skills Gap/Technical Certification
None this month.

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Special Interest Groups

Growing the Ecosystem (Sep 15) plus deck
Peter Manijak introduced the following topics in turn and each of them provoked a highly interactive discussion:

  • University Programs
  • Veteran's Program
  • Reaching the IT Professional.

Certification SIG, Oct 16, 2015

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And, Finally.....



he sergeant major and the rude parrot story (examples of management styles)

A retired sergeant major inherited a talking parrot from a recently departed relative who had run a busy dockside pub. For the first few days in his new home the normally talkative parrot was distinctly shy. The old major, despite his stern and disciplined ways, felt sorry for the bird, and gently encouraged it with soft words and pieces of fruit. After a week or so the parrot began to find its voice - a little at first - and then more so. Responding to the kind treatment, the parrot's vocabulary continued to recover, including particularly the many colourful expressions it had been taught in the dockside pub.

The old sergeant major began to be quite irritated by the parrot's incessant rudeness, and after a few more days of worsening profanities, decided action was required to bring the bird under control. The sergeant major tried at first to incentivise the parrot with the promise of reward for good behaviour, but to no avail. He next tried to teach the bird a lesson by withdrawing its privileges, again to no avail; the parrot remained stubbornly rude.

Finally the old major flipped into battleground management mode; he grabbed the bird, clamped his hands around its beak, and thrust the struggling, swearing parrot into the top drawer of the freezer, slamming the door tightly shut. The swearing and struggling noises continued inside the freezer for a few seconds and then abruptly stopped. The sergeant major listened for a while and then, concerned that the parrot's shock might have been terminal, carefully opened the freezer door and opened the drawer to look. The parrot slowly clambered out of the drawer and perched on its edge.

"I must apologise for my rude and disrespectful behaviour," said the parrot, "I promise never to use bad language again. And by the way, what did the turkey do?"

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I would really like to get input from you, the readers.  Please give me your feedback and point me towards any article or source that you think the rest of the membership might enjoy. Thank you.

Mike Dowsey

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