Day 1 Ė Thursday 18th Nov 2004



Coffee and Welcome



Mike Dowsey, CEdMA Europe


Introduction and Pulse of the Industry

Please come prepared to share your current hot topics, and to give a quick summary of the state of your business, and the key issues you face today. This session is intended to help introduce everyone, and help with networking during the event, as individuals explain what their key interests are. It will also help to identify potential topics for future conferences.




1130 Jim Wigg
Epicurian Associates

Why should Customers Buy our Training?

This introductory session will set the scene for the whole conference. In asking the question "Why should customers buy our training?", Jim will consider why we sometimes underachieve when it comes to getting customers' real commitment to our programmes. He will introduce ideas about the value of what we sell, the people we sell to, the process that we use, the traps along the way, and ways to avoid them. Come prepared to contribute your thoughts and be challenged on the ways you deal with your customers.




Simon Maskrey,

Up-selling - How do we grow the opportunity?

We talk about "big ticket" sales but how can we enlarge the sales order with our customers and gain a more significant commitment upfront? What does it mean to create "high-value" offers and can we achieve it through the bundling of multiple educational deliverables. Will educational consultancy enable us to engage earlier in the sales cycle and grow the scale of the opportunity? We shall explore the groupís experiences.



1530 Phil Lawman
Hewlett Packard

Who is our Sales Force?

We all rely on some form of marketing. But do we need a sales force? Should we have our own? Or should we use our colleagues who sell the hardware and/or software? Either way, how do we make them effective? Letís look at the possibilities.






Evening social event

Tin-pin bowling then dinner



Day 2 Ė Friday 19th Nov 2004


Jeremy Keohane Tidal-Wave

Marketing to 21st Century Customers

This session is lead by the UK's largest independent creative marketing and design agency, Tidal-wave, evaluating the relative merits of traditional and new media marketing techniques. The session will consist of presentations from Tidal-wave, plus audience interactivity to explore the return on investment of local and regional campaigns. Come prepared to share your experiences and learn what direction agencies are trying to move our marketing techniques.





Lisa Clark

Web-based demand generation and capture

We know it's cost effective and it should be easy, but capturing the imagination of our customers and driving them to buy on line is not as it might at first appear.  What has worked?  Where could we do more?





Phil Lawman
Hewlett Packard


Planning the next conference, Web-site update, Membership update

1415 Mike Dowsey, CEdMA Europe

Pricing of Training

Price is an important aspect of our offer to customers. This session will examine how we arrive at our prices and our pricing approaches. What is the "right" price for a course place? What about for a piece of eLearning? What signals does our price send to our customers - both positive and negative? How do you determine the price of an on-site course? Example pricing from IT and non-IT companies will be considered for what they can teach us.




18-19 Nov 2004

Hewlett Packard

Bristol, UK