Nov 2011 Conference "Education Delivery Methods"



Day 1

Welcome and Introduction

Market Barometer 11Q3 Actual and 11Q4 Forecast

Hot Topics - Discussion and Breakouts, which includes:

    Increase in onsite technical and
       decrease in public scheduled
    Promoting e-Learning
    What if the eurozone collapses?
    Partner models for resale/delivery
    Selling value into the organisation

Bring a richer learning experience to your clients, wherever they are - no charts

Evolutions and revolutions in Software Simulations

The e-Learning Generation Game




Day 2

Selling the "right" delivery method

A Distribution Model for ATCs

A winning proposal for development/delivery

CEdMA USA Business Metrics Survey Summary

Conference Summary


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Other Information


Attendees and Cancellations

Feedback Summary

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