Nov 2012 Conference "Adapting the business in difficult and unpredictable economic times"



Day 1

Welcome, Introduction and AGM

Market Barometer 11Q1-12Q3 Actual and 12Q4 Forecast

Hot Topics - Discussion and Breakouts, which includes:

  • Income per delegate decrease
  • Staffing/resourcing
  • Change in customer focus to entry-level courses
  • Budget
  • Product sales attach

Innovation and Creativity 3MB
     Hovercraft Mark 1

The Role of Technology in Today's Learning Landscape 5MB

SAP Learn Now - Mobile Learning 3MB




Day 2

Transactional and Consultative Selling

Channel Partners finding a Win-Win Relationship

Individual Learning Reports Telling students what they really need

Conference Summary


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Other Information



Feedback Summary (including comparison of locations)

Pictures 4MB