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The New Generation of e-Learning Delivery (Mar 10)
Training Industry Webinar, 30 Mar

New Skills for Instructional Designers (Mar 10) - charts here
eLearning Guild 26 Mar 2010

Rapid Development at the BBC
(Mar 10)
- charts here
Learning and Skills Group Webinar, 18 Mar 10

How Companies are Getting the Most from Moodle (Mar 10) - charts here
Learning and Skills Group Webinar, 4 Mar 10

The Role of Collaborative Technologies in Your 2010 Learning & Development Strategy - Fact or Fiction (Mar 10)
CLOmedia Webinar, 4 Mar 10

Introducing GoToTraining (Mar 10)
Citrix Online Webinar, 3 Mar 10

How To Optimize Your Training Using Flexible Delivery Resources (Mar 10) - whitepaper here
Training Industry Webinar, 2 Mar 10

Harnessing Moodle to Deliver Customer Training at Kronos (Feb 10) Kineo Webinar 25 Feb 10

Performance Support - Are we missing a huge opportunity (Feb 10)
Bob Moser, IITT Webinar 24 Feb

The ROI of Software as a Service (Feb 10) - report here
Plateau Systems Webinar, 22 Feb

Cloud Computing - The Next Generation of Learning (Feb 10)
Training Industry Webinar, 22 Feb

Spending and Staffing Trends for UK Training Organizations (Feb 10) - charts here
Bersin Webinar, 22 Feb 10

Spending and Staffing Trends for US Training Organizations (Jan 10) - charts here, handout here
Bersin Webinar, 12 Jan 10

Getting Serious - Games for Corporate Training (Jan 09)
Training Industry Webinar, 8 Jan 10

Social Media - 7 Stories of Success (Dec 09) - charts here
Taleo Webinar, 17 Dec 09

Third Dimension Learning - Formalizing Informal Learning (Dec 09) - charts here
Elluminate Webinar, 17 Dec 09

Achieving Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times (Dec 09) - charts here
Virtual Training World, 10 Dec 09

Successfully Integrating Training Management With Corporate Culture (Dec 09) - charts here
Virtual Training World, 10 Dec 09

Implementing Social Media - Beyond The Hype (Dec 09) - charts here  Elluminate Webinar, 2 Dec 09

Anheuser-Busch using Content as a Service for an e-Learning Advantage (Dec 09) Plateau Webinar, 2 Dec 09

Turning good e-learning into great e-learning (Nov 09) - charts here, chat here
Learning & Skills Group,19 Nov 09)

Bridging the e-learning skills gap (Nov 09) - charts here, chat here
Learning & Skills Group,19 Nov 09)

Isolating Program Effects - The Ultimate Link Between Your Program And Results (Nov 09) - charts here
(Training Mag Network, 17 Nov 09)
And you may like to watch the 'prequel' here:
Show Me the Money - How to Measure the ROI in People, Projects and Programs (Jul 09) - charts here
(Training Mag Network, 22 Jul 09)

What every IT Hiring Manager needs to know about Cisco Certifications and Training (Nov 09)
(Training Industry, 11 Nov 09)

How to teach users to operate within a virtualized IT environment (Nov 09) - charts here
(Training Magazine, 10 Nov 09)

Social media behind the firewall - the paranoid organisation's guide to going social (Nov 09)
(Learning & Skills Group, 5 Nov 09)

How to Make the Most of your Training Resources (Oct 09)
(Training Industry Inc, 8 Oct 09)

Five Influences on the Future of Learning Technologies (Sep 09) - charts only here
(Training Magazine, 8 Sep 09)

Working with SMEs to Generate Great E-learning (Sep 09) - charts only here
(Learning and Skills Group, 10 Sep 09)

Making the Most of Mobile Learning (Sep 09) - charts only here
(Learning and Skills Group, 10 Sep 09)

Increasing Virtual Learning And Webinar Effectiveness With Your Social Learning System (Sep 09) - charts only here
(Training Magazine, 11 Sep 09)

Creating a Web 2.0 Marketing Strategy (Aug 09) - charts only here
(Training Industry Inc, 25 Aug 09)

Using Social Media Tools to Improve Workplace Learning (Aug 09) - charts only here, chat here
(Brandon Hall Webinar, 19 Aug 09)

The Classroom as a Learning Technology (Aug 09) - charts only here, chat here
(Brandon Hall, 12 Aug 09)

Using Second Life for Employee Training (Aug 09) - charts only here, chat here (Brandon Hall, 5 Aug 09)

Exciting New Possibilities with Mobile Learning 2.0 (Jul 09) - charts here (Brandon Hall, 22 Jul 09)

Designing Practice-Centric Learning (Jul 09)
(eLearningGuild, 21 Jul 09)

Leveraging User-Generated Content and Social Media Tools (Jul 09) - charts here
Training Industry Inc, 16 Jul 09)

Using Google for Online Learning (Jul 09) -  charts here
(Brandon Hall, 15 Jul 09)

Modern Enterprise Learning Index (Jul 09)
(Bersin and Associates, 14 Jul 09)

Making Sense of Social Media in Workplace Learning (Jul 09)
(Learning and Skills Group Webinar, 9 Jul 09)

Improving Your Online Presentation Skills (Jul 09) - charts here
(Adobe, 9 Jul 09)

Learning Management Systems - Trends and Issues (Jul 09)
(Brandon Hall, 8 Jul 09)

Rapid e-learning Project Management (Jul 09) - white paper here
(Mohive, 8 Jul 09)

Structured Authoring and Information Reuse (Jul 09)
Training Industry Inc, 7 Jul 09)

Managing Virtual Teams (Jul 09) - charts only here, chat here
(Brandon Hall, 2 Jul 09)

Introduction to Mobile Learning and Performance Support (Jun 09)
(Outstart, 30 Jun 09)

Engaging eLearning - Five Essentials and Three Surprises (Jun 09) - charts only here, white paper here
Training Industry Inc, 23 Jun 09)

SUN Microsystems - Managing Learning as a Profit Center (Apr 09) - charts only here
(Elearning! Summit, 30 Apr 09)

Learning Technologies - Past, Present and Future (Jun 09) - charts only here (Brandon Hall, 17 Jun 09)

Moving Training Online - Benefits and Best Practices (Jun 09)
Training Industry Inc, 12 Jun 09)

Learning To Survive In Tough Times (Jun 09) -  charts only here (Neilsen Business Media, 10 Jun 09)

Roadmap to the LMS Market
(Jun 09)
(©2009 Bersin and Associates, 2 Jun 09)

Global Learning Deployments - The Challenges, Value and Results (May 09)
(CLO Webinar, 28 May 09, ©2009 Media Tec Publishing)

Formalizing Informal Learning (May 09) - charts only here.
©2009 Bersin and Associates, 21 May 09)

Learning Operations on a Shrinking Budget (May 09) - paper only here. (©2009 Expertus)

Successful Training - Making it Stick (Apr 09) - charts only here
(Neilsen Business Media, 14 Apr 09)

Genesys Finds Maximum ROI with Virtualized Online Training (Apr 09)
(Surgient, 8 Apr 09)

Best Practices for Delivering Engaging Virtual Training (Apr 09) - white paper only here
(Training Industry Inc, 2 Apr 09)

Death by PowerPoint - Web 2.0 Version (Mar 09)
(LX Briefing, ©2009 ASTD)

How to Reduce Costs and Improve Quality for your Learning Delivery (Training Industry Inc, 26 Mar 09)

Ten Test Security Lessons from ATP 2009
(Caveon, 25 Mar 09)

As Interactive and Effective as In-Person Training (Handout here, CLO BI Report 2009 - Summary here) (TrainingIndustry Inc, 12 Mar 09)

Secrets of Lead Generation Webinars (charts only here)
(Adobe 25 Feb 09)

Ensure the Life of your Enterprise System after Go-Live (charts only here) (CLOmedia, 19 Feb 09)

Learner-Focused Learning - The New Organizational Perspective, with Elliott Masie
(CLOmedia, 5 Feb 09)

Mohive Enterprise Rapid E-Learning
(Mohive, 14 Jan 09)

2009's Top Trends to Track in Learning, presented by Elliott Masie
(TrainingIndustry Inc, 13 Jan 09)

Do You Really Need an Enterprise LMS? (Dec 08) (charts only here) (Bersin and Associates, 18 Dec 08)

The New Wave of e-Learning Technologies (Dec 08) (charts only here)
(Centrax Corp, 11 Dec 08)

Numbers Donít Lie: The Four Universal Truths for Learning Measurement Success (Dec 08)
(TrainingIndustry Inc, 11 Dec 08)

Creating an Effective Learning Environment through the Use of Technology (Nov 08)
(Chief Learning Officer, 20 Nov 08)

ASTD 2008 State of the Industry Report (Nov 08) (charts only here)
(ASTD, 18 Nov 08)

Show Me the Money - Moving from Impact to ROI (Nov 08)
(KnowledgeAdvisors, 11 Nov 08)

Sustaining a Culture of Excellence in Continuous Learning (Sep 08)
(Chief Learning Officer, 18 Sep 08)

How to Market Training - Four Principles of Effective Online Learning (Sep 08) (HR and TrainingZONE, 18 Sep 08)

The Legal Defensibility of Data Forensics (Sep 08)
(charts only here) (Caveon, 17 Sep 08)

Impact of Mobile Learning on Employee Development (Sep 08)
(KnowledgeShift, 16 Sep 08)

Customer Training - Five Ways to Fast-Track your Programs in a Slow Economy (Sep 08) (Chief Learning Officer, 4 Sep 08)

Has your Learning System Really Impacted your Learning Outcomes? (ELearning! Magazine, 26 Aug 08)

Elliott Masie - Learning Strategies - A Fresh Look
(Chief Learning Officer, 21 Aug 08)

Best Practices for Virtual Training (ELearning! Magazine, 21 Aug 08)

50 Ways to Cheat on Tests   (charts only here)
(Caveon, 20 Aug 08)

Leveraging Learning 2.0 - Challenges and Benefits of Web 2.0 Application Adoption    (charts only here)
(Training Magazine, 12 Aug 08)

Better Business Results with Performance-Based Learning
(Chief Learning Officer, 7 Aug 2008)

The Truth about Turning Technical Training into Performance
(Training Industry Inc, 16 Jul 2008)

Trends and Technology in Testing and Assessment (May 08) (charts only here)
(KnowledgeAdvisors, 23 May 2008)




Design Flaws in E-learning (Mar 10)
©2010 Kineo

Training in a Changing World - Outsourcing, Managed Services and other Business Models (Feb 10)

The Josh Bersin Interview (Jan 10)
©2009 Sift Media

Three minute interview - Donald Taylor, chair of Learning Technologies (Jan 10)
 TrainingZONE, ©2009 Sift Media

Challenges and Misconceptions of Collaborative and Social Learning in the Workplace (Nov 09) Part 2 of 5 Part 3 of 5 Part 4 of 5 Part 5 of 5

Creating A Successful People Development Business (Nov 09)
(The Trainers Training Company)

How to Generate Clients Through Building Your Trainer Network
(Oct 09)

(The Trainers Training Company)

How Personal Branding Can Build Your Training Business (Sep 09)
(The Trainers Training Company)

Points to consider when creating e-learning material (May 09)
(BCS IT Training)

How To Overcome Your Fear of Selling (Jun 09)
(The Trainers Training Company)

Points to consider when creating e-learning material (May 09)
(BCS IT Training)

How can Freelance Trainers Survive and Thrive in the Recession (Apr 09)
(The Trainers Training Company)

How is Training Facing Up in the Recession (Feb 09)
(BCS IT Training)

Wikis, Blogs, Performance Support Tools and Podcasts (Jan 09)
(BCS IT Training)

Roll-Out of New IT Systems (Aug 08)
(BCS IT Training)

Changes to the Training Company Landscape (Jun 08)
(BCS IT Training)






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USA SIG Meetings 2008

Social Content Relationship Management:  An approach to facilitate informal learning (Mar 10) - charts only here
(Brett Strauss, Media Defrined)

LSI Remote Systems Project Update (Jan 10) (charts only here, membership list here)
(Andy Woodgate, LSI))

Virtually Qualifying an Adobe Brick and Mortar Instructor for an Instructor Led Course (Nov 09) (charts only here, membership list here)
(Reed Chavez, BD Biosciences)

LSI Remote Systems Project Update (Nov 09)
(Andy Woodgate, LSI)

Building communities of learning with Moodle (Oct 09) (charts only here, membership list here)
(Dave Cohen, PTC, and Tonya Witherspoon, LSI)

Driving REAL Revenue from VIRTUAL Classrooms (Aug 09) (charts only here, membership list here)
(Terry Vyas, BMC Software)

Twitter, Blogs and Forums within a Certification Program (Jul 09) (charts only here, membership list here)
(Joan Lee, Genesys)

Top Synchronous Training Myths and Their Realities (Jul 09) (charts only here, membership list here)
(Mike Dowsey, CEdMA)

How is Genesys Tackling the No Fly Policy? (Jun 09):
Presentation part 1
Presentation part 2
Charts only
(Jennifer Christiansen, Genesys)

Blending Online Training with ILT at Citrix Education (Apr 09) (charts only here)
(Adam Pallesen, Citrix Software)

Enhancing the Kronos Virtual Learning Experience with Interaction and Hands-On Practice (Apr 09) (charts only here)
(Mary-Beth Carstensen and Scott Severn, Kronos)

Battling IP Theft (Mar 09) (charts only here)
(Joe Cannata, Brocade, 26 Mar 09)

Symantec's Use of Trojan Items (charts only here)
(Beverly Van de Velde, Symantec,
12 Mar 09)

Starting Up Virtual Classrooms at LSI/Engenio (charts only here)
(Patty Crowell and Andy Woodgate, LSI, 3 Mar 09)

Remote Learning - Virtually Impossible (charts only here)
(Helen Lautenschlager, Brocade,
3 Feb 09)

Developing Training Offerings for iPods (charts only here)
(Leslie Kirshaw, Web Advantage,
28 Jan 09)

The Use of Virtual Classrooms at BD Biosciences (charts only here)
(Dan Garrett, BD, 6 Jan 09)

Using DITA for e-Learning (charts only here)
(Spencer Cutting, PTC, 10 Dec 08)

Certification Best of Program (charts only here)
(Liz Burns, EMC, 4 Dec 08)

Inaugural Meeting of the Virtual Classroom SIG (charts only here)
(Ken Hirsohn, salesforce.com 25 Nov 08)

Baking QA into e-Learning Development from Step 0 (charts only here)
(Jason Eden, VMware, 18 Nov 08)

Localization Experience at PTC (charts only here)
(Dave Cohen, PTC, 15 Oct 08)

Developing Custom Online Assessments
(Carrie Anderson and Kevin Davis, Oracle, 13 Aug 08)

Using On-line Virtual Labs and Performance Assessment
(Jeff Ries and Pat Steadman, Juniper, 31 Jul 08)

Really Rapid Content Development
(Ken Hirsohn, salesform.com, 16 Jul 08)


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